This is where Russell Bentley’s contributions will be posted. Russell is a native Texan with dual Russian/American citizenship. He is married to an ethnic Russian and lives in the city of Donetsk, Donetsk People’s Republic. Russell is veteran of the civil war (on the ‘separatist’ side) in (what was) Eastern Ukraine. These days his time is invested heavily in charity (volunteering services to orphanages, ect) and documenting the crimes of those forces in the service of the USA putsch installed government in Kiev. Read Russell’s philosophy on good versus evil in brief HERE. Order the kindle edition narrative of his experiences HERE.

A Message From The Grave 18 October 2021

Russia’s Response 1 November 2021

War Criminals. Presstitutes and Drug Dealers 23 November

For those of you locked into diehard stereotypes, try to digest this: Russell is a committed communist and a sincere member of the Orthodox Christian faith. Godless communist? Life were never so simple.

Although we differ in some respects (philosophy) I have great respect for Russell as a principled man with incorruptible ethics and straightforward honesty. His voice is a valuable one and the story he has to tell is not only important but a story vanished from mainstream press not only in the Western democracies but is also under-reported in Russia for the fact the Russian state is not altogether immune to a Machiavellian realpolitik (for the fact the Russian state would prefer the persecutions of ethnic Russians by the putsch regime in Kiev, in effect the reality of the ongoing Donbass conflict, doesn’t create unrest in Russia itself with a domestic pressure put on the Kremlin to commence to outright war.)