Mr Chan was living homeless outside of West Glacier, Montana one summer in the 1990s. He had been trying to hitchhike East, I had noticed for quite sometime, and one day I went looking for him. I found his camp off U.S. Highway 2, about 25 yards (meters) or so and we had a talk

Chan was either mildly retarded or slightly insane, his limited English made it difficult for me to tell. I’m guessing his IQ was less than 90 but certainly he was more handicapped by social circumstance than anything else. He was wishing to hitch a ride to Portland and I thought he was disoriented as he was pointed East

I brought Chan home because he agreed he would split my winter firewood for a train (Amtrack) ticket to get him to his desired destination

We gave Chan an old YCC cabin to stay in, I had bought the cabin surplus and had it hauled to my property to refurbish as an art studio for my then wife. We let him shower and use our laundry. We fed him

Mr Chan, about 50 years old, had a bad tooth infection, we took him to our dentist who examined him and told us that other than a major rework we could not afford, he could use antibiotics until he was able to find help through some social services where he was headed to. The dentist donated the exam and we bought Chan the antibiotics

Chan split my wood for over three weeks by hand, everyday. He was slow because he did not have physical form. But he was steady and faithful. He did not shirk and I did not need to do anything more than show him how it was done

As it came time to buy Chan his train ticket it was Portland, Maine!! (not Oregon), three times the price I had thought. I did not bat an eye, paid for the ticket and still gave him $300 pocket money I had said I would, on top of that

The historical Jesus taught by example. He expected us to be the Good Samaritans and there are those times in our lives we are in a position to live the example. In that case it is a good thing and I thank Mr Chan for this story, the credit is his. Because he did as asked, kept his word and gave to me the opportunity to help and feel vindicated in giving a lifting hand. I would wish if ever my loved ones were in difficult circumstance, the same opportunity would be extended to them

I look back at the time I was a homeless Vietnam Veteran and will always remember the waitress who took me in and fed me with her tips. I think there is something to Jesus saying ’As you sow, so shall you reap.’ It can be positive, it is a matter of how you invest. It came around for Mr Chan

We both have a waitress to whom we can say ‘thank you’