With nearly 1,000 American military bases scattered across our planet and USA special operations forces in more than 130 countries, how does much of the world perceive the USA and Pentagon?

If you watch closely, you’ll get a brief glimpse of a world famous clown (and there should have been a photo-shopped, clown montage of our generals, Petraeus & Odinero particularly, not only the ‘National Prayer Breakfast’ General James ‘the reverend jim’ Jones & his side-kick Condoleezza, as well, Obama would make a good clown.)

A more complete (but by far from comprehensive) roster of criminal clowns subject to arrest & prosecution in the USA if there were a rule of law enforced:

George H.W. Bush, Barack Obama, George W Bush, Joe Biden, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Ed Meese, Condoleezza Rice, Susan Rice, Robert Gates, Jeh Johnson, Douglas Feith, Frank Gaffney, John Bolton, William Graham, William McRaven, Mike Sulick, Stephen Kappes, Valerie Caproni, James O’Dea, William Kristol, Mark Grossman, Michael Morrell, Eric Holder, David Addington, John Rizzo,  Michael Mukasey, Sabrina DeSousa, Erik Prince, Peter King, Sylvia Maruffi, Stephen Hadly, John Brennan, Keith Alexander, Victoria Nuland, Spencer Abraham, Gale Norton, John Ashcroft, Theodore Olson, Alex Acosta, Bradford Berenson, Ralph Boyd, Michael Chertoff, Paul Clement, Daniel Collins, Viet Dinh, Noel Francisco, Sarah Hart, Brian Jones, Brett Kavanaugh, Thomas Sansonetti, Eugene Scalia, Larry Thompson, Edward Whelan, James Comey, Antonin Scalia, John Kerry, James Woolsey, Clarence Thomas, Diane Feinstein, Cofer Black, Dennis Blair, Donald Rumsfeld, General James Jones, David Barron, Michele Bachmann, John Kerry, Tom Donilon, David Walter, Vince Langan,  David Patraeus, James Clapper, Robert Mueller, Gary Berntsen, Jose Rodriguez, Ted Cruz,  Alfreda Bikowski,  Chuck Grassley, Jack Quinn, Bobby Inman, Russ Robinson, Jason DeYonker, Dean Bosacki, Tom Katis, Jim DeMint, Lindsey Graham, James Inhofe, John Thune, Pete Domenici, Don Nickles, Joe Pitts, Frank Wolf, Zach Wamp, Robert Aderholt, Ander Crenshaw, Todd Tiahrt, Marsha Blackburn, Jo Ann Emerson, John R. Carter, Mike McIntyre, Mark Pryor, Charles Schumer, Joe Lieberman, John McCain, George Tenant, Samuel Alito, Michael Hayden, John Yoo, Jay Bybee, Shannen Coffin, Samatha Power, John Roberts, Nancy Pelosi, William Burns, Orrin Hatch, Richard Epstein, Frank Easterbrook, Kenneth Starr, and many more, for conspiring in, aiding and abetting, ordering, facilitating and/or covering up Color of Law (extra-judicial) murders .. as well conspiring or aiding and abetting in the subversion of the USA’s constitutional order –


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