^ Micky Mossad

WikiLeaks has never been as simple as 2 + 2 = 4 or ‘it was leaked, WikiLeaks published it and the damage was done.’ Too often the intelligence math just doesn’t add up. There should be more than a healthy suspicion concerning WikiLeaks. Seven assessments:

Kid Gloves (2)

From Behind: RollingStone Bends Its Readers Over

Agent Assange

WikiLeaks & Spy Agencies

Incompetent Espionage & WikiLeaks

Litmus Test

The Arab Spring, A Modern Fable

“Assange … had MOSSAD connections” -Robert Steele, former CIA clandestine services officer


Something Stinks About Wikileaks by William Engdahl

Akamai Tree covering for the assassins of Seth Rich

Pentagon Papers, CIA and the Lies of Daniel Ellsberg