So, WikiLeaks has begun releasing the ‘Saudi Cables’ and wouldn’t you know it, that comes the very next day after Saudi Arabia has begun a serious process of ‘entente cordiale’ with Russia. A truly ‘whaddaya know’ moment. I could leave the entire subject there but, some people would appreciate the facts spelled out.

Per part two of a recent, preceding post at this site, Truth Jockeys, it is noted there had been a sea change in the ruling family of Saudi Arabia this past year, where at the beginning of 2014, with the rise of Islamic State, the Prince Bandar Sultan (American neocon aligned) faction that had long controlled Saudi Arabia’s intelligence and external security apparatus, after decades of doing CIA dirty work, had finally begun to be put out of business. The CIA’s brain-child (what became Prince Bandar’s pet project) and asset but now seriously compromised al-Qaida, represents a functional relationship that suddenly vanishes like a vapor evaporates. By now, the CIA no longer has Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency to launder its operational objectives incorporating Salafist militia, a habit finally having gone horrifically wrong with the birth of Islamic State, a very real existential threat to the Saudi kingdom.

This not so small development combines with another recent geo-political change, Obama’s beginning thaw with Iran (initially, the nuclear issues to be set aside.) Obviously the Saudis have had an up close and personal encounter with reality, face to face as they are rounding up returned Salafist veterans of Iraq & Syria, for execution:


“the royal orders were a clear message to Saudi fighters, civilians and military alike, principally in Syria, but also in Iraq, Lebanon, and other places. It meant that a harsh fate awaits them if they decided to come back home. To avoid the grim destiny and severe punishment, they had to remain outside the borders and continue their mission until they perish or get dispersed in other fighting arenas, much like the first contingent of Arab Afghan fighters and those who emerged in Iraq after 2003, in Lebanon after the Nahr al-Bared war at the end of 2007, and those currently in Syria following the agreement between Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan and former CIA chief David Petraeus in the summer of 2012″ [the link may be slow loading via internet archive]

What would the Saudi king’s message have been to Putin? ‘Ok, so we understand we cannot trust the USA to have our back, it’s a bitter lesson. We’ll help you kill off the CIA’s Salafist insurgencies (uh, sorry for facilitating that) plaguing Russia and its border states and you will work to keep a resurgent Iran off our back, understanding there is no love lost there .. and by the way, how can we help with the Iranians killing off Islamic State in Iraq?’ Or something along those lines.

And the very next day, following this meeting, WikiLeaks begins releasing the ‘Saudi Diplomatic Cables’ and one of the first picked up in the Western press concerns Saudi dirty tricks campaigns in Iran. Huh. Whaddaya know bout that.

The litmus test will be, whether the Saudi cables released detail the Petraeus-Brennan CIA cooperation-coordination with Prince Bandar’s Saudi intelligence, utilizing Salafist militia (since 2012) to undermine Assad with resulting rise of Islamic State and blow-back into Iraq:


“Frequently the man who carried out dirty jobs, Bandar bin Sultan surrounded himself with strict regulations in relation to the royal family and its allies, especially the US. It should be remembered that Bandar was absent from major political decisions on more than four occasions since being appointed as general secretary of the National Security Council in 2006. His absence each time was due to a conflict within the royal family or the failure of a mission warranting the suspension of his political activity. His return in July 2012, alongside former CIA Director David Petraeus, was his final bet on the success of his political future

“Bandar had been bold enough to invest all his cards, including al-Qaeda, to win the deal of his life by overthrowing the Syrian regime. However, a royal order issued on February 3 criminalizing all Saudi fighters, civilians and military, was an indirect announcement of the failure of Bandar’s mission and the need to get him entirely out of the picture. The period following the royal decree concerning the fighters was merely in preparation for the royal decree ending his political career”
[the link may be slow loading via internet archive]

If these facts are not revealed in the released cables, the finger can be pointed squarely at WikiLeaks for implementing a USA intelligence (or possibly MOSSAD) post-Putin meeting retaliatory attack on Saudi Arabia, as a warning against mending relations with Russia (never was there a greater empire stooge in this one man’s assessment, than WikiLeaks’ Assange.)

Update 30 January 2017: What had the Saudi cables revealed concerning the CIA-Petraeus-Saudi intelligence-Bandar bin Sultan known cooperation with al Qaida in Syria nearly two years on WikiLeaks publishing? Answer: Nothing. Let me spell it out: N O T H I N G.



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