Someone I can see eye to eye with on Ukraine:

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Mainstream Media Dereliction of Duty in Ukraine

Did anyone read this major news in the US or British mainstream media yesterday?  Of course not.  It was released in the Chinese press: .

This story exposes the danger / foolishness of US foreign policy and the attempted / failed isolation of Russia…which only adds fuel to the growing fire of our own international isolation.

“Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for enhanced relations with Russia”.  “Bilateral relations are at their best and have not only benefited both countries and their people, but also have an irreplaceable role in maintaining world peace and stability, said Xi.  Xi asked Lavrov to convey his greetings to Putin, noting that he attaches great importance to the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination and cherishes the mutual trust and friendship shared with Putin.  He said the two sides should transfer their high political mutual trust…

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