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Between NATO Hammer & EU Anvil, Serbia is Beaten into Conformity

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I have reservations about this article as ‘edited’ by Covert Action Magazine (CAM.) I did authorize CAM to publish it under my name BUT with the caveat I could not really recognize it as my work. My submission was the immediate preceding article at this site, which the CAM editors claim is unreadable even as they mangled the article on multiple occasions in the submissions process. The largely rewritten (by editors) CAM edition, reproduced here, conceals the larger social psychology at play in the Serbian corruption scene, the fact Serbia is largely conservative, populist (similar to the philosophical alignment of this author) and the fact democratic principles (especially Marxist ones) simply are not a good fit. If by chance you discovered this blog due to the article at CAM, are literate beyond the modern standard (don’t have a handicapped attention span) I recommend the pre-edited original.

Essentially the editors at CAM have a cultural bias-based myopia, this is attended by a smug arrogance based in ‘cults of personality’ or their ‘who’s who’ list of contemporary big-shot heroes of the left and not least, an absolute inability to honestly examine how it is an article submission could be repeatedly rendered unreadable ON THEIR END (e.g. italicizing paragraphs that were not and vice-versa, rendering quotes & context into mixed-up confusion) and then act as though it were the author’s fault (despite the submission was not mangled in this way.) The author is worn down like this, repeatedly, until the CAM editors (dishonestly) get what they want – when you throw up your hands and tell them ok, publish your rewrite; with large portions not written in the author’s style, puts words & ‘facts’ in the author’s mouth, and strips out elements ‘someone’ at CAM doesn’t want the public to see, rendering the CAM article (below) less informative & accurate. That’s the KIND interpretation of my experience.

Nevertheless many articles at CAM are valuable and informative excepting (especially) those by ‘ex’ CIA Kiriakou (my opinion), exercise caution for the fact Kiriakou remains in love with the agency & sources who without a doubt will feed him disinformation. Kiriakou isn’t the brightest bulb in CAM’s inventory but then it were never a perfect world.

An anti-EU and anti-Nato mural in Belgrade, Serbia.
A mural opposing NATO and the EU in Belgrade, Serbia. [Source:]

Serbia is one of the key battleground countries in the New Cold War that is being cajoled into the Western orbit.

During the 1990s, the Clinton administration orchestated a regime change in Serbia targeting the socialist Slobodan Milošević, first by bombing and military attack, and then by sponsoring a “color revolution” and having Milošević arrested and put up for a “show trial” at the Hague.

Two decades later, Washington is reaping the fruits of Milošević’s downfall as Serbia is leaning towards the West in the new Cold War and spurning its traditional ally, Russia.

U.S. ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, is pushing for Serbian accession into the European Union (EU), stating that “there is only one path for Serbia, which is the West and EU.”[1]

Serb President Aleksandr Vučić, a one-time ally of Milošević who in 2008 formed the conservative, pro-European Serbian progressive party, admits that a majority of Serbians are against joining the EU—44 percent compared to 35 percent who support EU accession.

Vučić stated that as the President of the Republic of Serbia, it was his job to hear and understand public opinion, “but it is also [his] job to do what is best for Serbia. My message to everyone is that Serbia is on the road to Europe [he means EU accession] and will continue down that road more strongly.”[2] Spoken like a true authoritarian.

A person standing at a podium Description automatically generated
Aleksandar Vučić with EU symbol and Serb flag in the background. [Source:]

Serbia’s Minister for EU integration Jadranka Joksimović claimed that “the development assistance of the United States is extremely important to us. It is concrete, implies more opportunities for employment, learning and following modern trends in the economy, health, social policy, and democratization of society.”[3]

A person wearing glasses and a suit Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Christopher Hill [Source:]

Insofar as “Father Vučić” knowing what’s better for his Serbian “children,” maybe the kids aren’t so dumb as he thinks:

“The poll showed that 82.1 percent of Serbians do not support sanctions against Russia over the war in Ukraine while just 6.9 percent support sanctions and 11 percent are undecided. According to NSPM, 49 percent said that Russia is in the right, 6.1 percent said Uraine [sic] is right, 24 percent said they have no opinion and 21 percent said no one is to blame. ‘We asked who was to blame for the conflict in Ukraine and 68.7 percent said NATO, 7.4 percent blamed Ukraine, 5.6 percent blamed Russia and 18 percent have no opinion’”[4]

Say “adios” to the exports to Russia of cheeses, fruits, and other commodities.

Do Serbians own and drive Ladas? The Lada Niva is the most popular four-wheel drive in Serbia. Other Lada models are used by car rental agencies, the Russian made Lada is everywhere in Serbia and has been for decades. Sanctions will say bye-bye to Lada spare parts when the junkyard supplies are exhausted.[5]

Lada Niva 4x4 Is Still Alive And Has Been Updated For 2020
Lada Niva. [Source:]

That is just the tip of the Serbian domestic nightmare that imposing sanctions on Russia would bring. Putin promised Serbia very cheap natural gas and “I know best” father-figure Vučić assured Serbians that these supplies would be secure via a pipeline through Bulgaria but the EU (the EU’s Siamese twin NATO, actually) promptly sent Vučić a “not so fast” message when it pressured Bulgaria (together with other states that surround Serbia) to close its airspace to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, preventing his visit to Belgrade.

If Bulgaria is not allowed to open its airspace to a Russian diplomat’s travel to Serbia, what are the chances Serbia’s Russian natural gas supplies are secure? Slim to none.[6]


U.S. military intervention in the Balkans in the 1990s was packaged as being designed for humanitarian purposes and to help usher in democracy in the region.

However, the fact that 80%+ of Serbs oppose sanctions on Russia, and 44% oppose versus 35% favor joining the European Union (with the other 25% too beaten down to care) shows the huge democratic deficit in Serbia today.

The government led by Vučić is completely unaccountable to its people—which is evident not only in his blithe dismissal of public opinion about Russia, sanctions and the EU but also its advancement of economic austerity measures that triggered mass protests.

Serb government officials meanwhile continuously steal from the treasury. A recent example was the appropriation of millions of dollars from the Ministry of Family Care to organizations that lack an official website and provide zero information about the projects they supposedly implemented with the government money. [7]

Vučić’s designated successor, Siniša Mali, the current finance minister and former mayor of Belgrade, has been involved in several scandals—from the destruction of the Savamala quarter in Belgrade to allegedly owning 24 apartments in Bulgaria. The University of Belgrade stripped him of his doctorate after it was confirmed that he had plagiarized his thesis.[8]

The Mayor's Hidden Property - OCCRP
Siniša Mali [Source:]

Reporters from the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) learned in 2015 that Mali—then Belgrade’s mayor—was the director of two offshore companies that owned 19 resort apartments worth more than U.S.$5 million on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Mali also directly owns another large apartment in the same resort.[9]

In some of Mali’s apartments, masked men shook down and intimidated residents with impunity.[10]

Mali, however, has never been censured and is poised to become Serbia’s next president [sic, prime minister, not president] because he plays ball the way the powers that be want—that is he advances conservative economic policies that favor U.S. and other foreign investors and supports integration with the West and U.S. aid while turning his back on Russia.

In more examples of corruption, Serbia’s current Health Minister, Zlatibor Lančar confessed that while working at the Clinical Centre of Serbia, he gave a lethal injection to the Montenegrin criminal Veselin Božović Vesko who died shortly thereafter on September 7, 2002.

A person in a suit sitting at a desk with a microphone Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Zlatibor Lančar [Source:]

As a reward, the head of the criminal group Dušan Spasojević who also had interest in Božović’s death, gave Lančar an apartment in New Belgrade.

Officially, ten days after Božović’s death, Lončar bought the apartment from the wife of Zemun Clan hitman Sretko Kalinić for 30,000 euros only to re-sell it months later.[11]

No Truth or Justice

Vučić claimed in a recent address that he will “always fight for truth and justice, because there is nothing harder, neither more honorable than that.”[12]

But there is little truth or justice when corruption proliferates under his leadership and when Vučić goes against Serb public opinion, betrays a traditional ally (Russia), and aligns with the countries that are in the process of provoking World War III.

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Serbia: The New Cold War’s Lynchpin in the Balkans
(a cautionary tale of an autocrat running a kleptocracy)

“The US Ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, said that choices must be made in life and that this is such a moment, adding that there is only one path for Serbia, which is the West and the European Union (EU) […] “Serbs should decide that, and I think they have decided that their future is in the West, and not in some undefined East. I’m saying all of this based on what I hear every day from people but also based on the statements by President of (Serbia Aleksandar) Vucic,” said Hill” [1]

[Serbia’s President Aleksandar] “Vučić stated that the latest research showed that for the first time we have a clear majority of citizens who are against joining the EU – 44 percent, while 35 percent support EU accession

“”As the President of the Republic of Serbia, it is our job to hear and understand public opinion, but it is also our job to do what is best for Serbia. My message to everyone is that Serbia is on the road to Europe [he means EU accession] and will continue down that road more strongly”, he said” [2]

A common sense interpretation of the preceding statements would be; USA Ambassador Hill’s “I’m saying all of this based on what I hear every day from people” actually means ‘the people who count’ (i.e. the American controlled personalities in Serbia’s power structure) and President Vucic’s “it is our job to hear and understand public opinion, but it is also our job to do what is best for Serbia” means ‘the will of the Serbian people is in my opinion infantile’ (i.e. ‘Serbia’s father figure’ Vucic knows what’s best for Serbia, more so than most Serbs.)

Insofar as Hill’s ‘people who count’ (excludes the will of the greater Serb population) the CIA’s USAID front [3] presents another character in this geopolitical muppet show:

[Serbia’s] “Minister for EU Integration Jadranka Joksimovic said: “I am convinced that Serbia will progress more and more towards its goal, which is EU membership. In support of this commitment of our country, the development assistance of the United States is extremely important to us. It is concrete, implies more opportunities for employment, learning and following modern trends in the economy, health, social policy, and democratization of society, and is the more important given today’s political and economic environment in Europe and the world”” [4]

Insofar as ‘Father Vucic’ knowing what’s better for his Serbian ‘children’, maybe the kids aren’t so dumb as he thinks:

“The poll showed that 82.1 percent of Serbians do not support sanctions against Russia over the war in Ukraine while just 6.9 percent support sanctions and 11 percent are undecided. According to NSPM, 49 percent said that Russia is in the right, 6.1 percent said Uraine [sic] is right, 24 percent said they have no opinion and 21 percent said no one is to blame. “We asked who was to blame for the conflict in Ukraine and 68.7 percent said NATO, 7.4 percent blamed Ukraine, 5.6 percent blamed Russia and 18 percent have no opinion”” [5]

Serbs know sanctions mean saying ‘adios’ to the exports of cheeses, fruits, and other commodities to Russia.

Do Serbians own and drive Ladas? The Lada Niva is the most popular four wheel drive in Serbia. Other Lada models are used by car rental agencies, the Russian made Lada is everywhere in Serbia and has been for decades. Sanctions will say say bye-bye to Lada spare parts when the junkyard supplies are exhausted. [6]

Lada Niva []

That’s just the tip of the Serbian domestic nightmare imposing sanctions on Russia would bring. Putin promised Serbia very cheap natural gas and ‘I know best’ father-figure Vucic assured Serbians that these supplies would be secure via pipeline through Bulgaria but the EU (the EU’s Siamese twin NATO, actually) promptly sent Vucic a ‘not so fast’ message; when it pressured Bulgaria (together with other states surrounding Serbia) to close its’ airspace to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, preventing his visit to Serbia’s capital, Belgrade. If Bulgaria is not allowed to open its airspace to a Russian diplomat’s travel to Serbia, what are the chances Serbia’s Russian natural gas supplies via Bulgaria are secure? Slim to none. [7], [8]

Then one further wonders what 80%+ opposing sanctions on Russia, and 44% opposed versus 35% in favor of joining the European Union (with the other 25% too beaten down to care) has to do with “Serbia will progress more and more towards its goal, which is EU membership” except for the USA, NATO, & EU ‘kompromat’ (blackmail) demands made of the Serbian kleptocracy; a kleptocracy that is so low it steals the lion’s share of money intended to socially advance disadvantaged women…

“…none of the organizations that received millions from the Ministry of Family Care competition has an official website, nor can anyone find information about the projects they had implemented that relate to the competition’s objectives […] The Ministry of Family Care and Demographics has allocated more than 630,000 euros to these organizations following the competition. In contrast, much less money, about 150,000 euros, has been allocated to associations that are transparent, have an official website and have been dealing with the advancement of women’s position in society for years” [9]

…in circumstance where the USA insists these (in the case of Serbia) anti-democratic demands (pressured to join the EU) must be met, never mind the will of the Serbian people. Clearly it all comes down to ‘kompromat’ and what, how and when the Serbian players in the Russia vs the West tug-of-war (rapidly progressing towards beaten into conformity between NATO’s hammer & the EU anvil) might be exposed.

A general principle of this kleptocracy is for Vucic’s mid-level cadres to be awarded a second job that is salaried by the state but you never have to show up for work:

“Prisic discovered that more than one hundred EPS employees have been receiving salaries [for years] despite never showing up for work” [10]

Other scintillating examples of ‘kompromat’ (blackmail potential) include but are not limited to, Serbian Finance Minister Sinsa Mali, the EU intelligence agencies’ top (upcoming, August 2022) choice for Serbian Prime Minister:

“The paper [intelligence assessment] states that the future prime minister will come from the ranks of the SNS party. Sinisa Mali, the current finance minister and former mayor of Belgrade, is mentioned first as a possible candidate. He is one of Aleksandar Vučić’s closest associates and has been involved in several scandals – from the destruction of the Savamala quarter in Belgrade to allegedly owning 24 apartments in Bulgaria. The University of Belgrade stripped him of his doctorate after it was confirmed that he had plagiarized his thesis” [11]

About the EU intelligence agencies’ favorite pick Sinsa Mali’s role in the illegal destruction of a neighborhood whilst handing off ‘urban renewal’ contracts:

“…a group of about 30 masked men armed with baseball bats knocked down multiple buildings in Belgrade’s riverbank neighborhood, Savamala, using heavy equipment. The brutality of the operation, which allegedly involved residents being tied up and otherwise mistreated, shocked Serbia…” [12]

In short other words, in order to keep onto one’s ill-gotten gains and stay at the top in Serbia, while keeping this sort of story out of ‘mainstream’ news, there is an unwritten EU demand of ‘play ball our way or we will show you the door to some very unpleasant consequence.’

Organized crime ‘playing for keeps’, whether it is the ‘transcendent corruption’ (legalized) organized crime of the European Union, or the more local mob scene, is certainly nothing new when it comes exploiting geopolitical blackmail potential in Serbia, here’s a short profile of Serbia’s Health Minister:

“According to the 2004 testimony of the cooperative witness Dejan Milenković Bagzi (who was an important member of the Zemun Clan) in the Zoran Đinđić trial, in Serbian Special Court for Organised Crime: on 5 September 2002, Belgrade-based Rakovica Clan tried to eliminate the Montenegrin criminal Veselin Božović Vesko, but he survived the assassination and was transferred to the Clinical Centre of Serbia in which at that time worked Lončar. Allegedly, he had good chances to survive and his condition was stable. According to Milenković, head of the criminal group Dušan Spasojević who also had interest of Božović’s death, asked one of his insider doctors Risović to finish him in the hospital, but he was having second thoughts. Later, allegedly, another Spasojević’s insider doctor, Lončar confessed to Spasojević that he gave him lethal injection and Božović died shortly after, on 7 September 2002. For the reward, Spasojević gave him apartment in New Belgrade. Officially, ten days after Božović’s death, Lončar bought the apartment from the wife of Zemun Clan hitman Sretko Kalinić for 30,000 euros only to re-sell it months later. Miladin Suvajdžić, another cooperative witness and former important member of the Zemun Clan, in his 2006 testimony confirmed the story of Milenković; one of the main roles of Suvajdžić was to buy properties, vehicles for various of reasons” [13]

Serbia’s Vucic is easy to expose as a two-faced hypocrite for the simple matter the Serbian people and institutions have not (yet) been entirely cowed, suborned, propagandized or otherwise rendered socially impotent ignoramuses (via social engineering, e.g., World Bank ‘child education’ programs.) Honest Serbs still speak out and know what and who they are talking about.

The other side of that coin is, in the (majority) conservative Serbian nature there is a strong subliminal desire for a wise king, a 1,000 years old yearning in the Serb DNA predating the Ottoman occupation. Today, this yearning is a social-psychological foible milked by Vucic and his minions.

If we survive World War Three, and the USA, NATO & EU ‘democratic principles’ are close to bringing this on, perhaps we’ll be so fortunate as to see this yearning morph into a positive social phenomenon devoid of snake-oil salesmen like Vucic and his associated politics of giving lip service to empire.

Meanwhile, what does Serbia’s President, the ‘father-figure’ Vucic, have to say on the subject of morality?

“Today, perhaps more than ever, the whole world longs for truth and justice. The same justice that is woven into the words of our beautiful national anthem and which still stands as an imperative without which there is no progress for a dignified man or the whole world. I will always fight for such truth and justice, because there is nothing harder, neither more honorable than that” -Aleksandar Vucic [14]

“…there is nothing harder…” for criminals, this is true. Let Vucic’s words come back to haunt him.


Further reading on geopolitical intrigues in Serbia:

Serbia’s Leaders: Obvious ‘johns’

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Christopher R. Hill, U.S. Ambassador.jpg

Ambasador SAD-a u Srbiji, Kristofer Hil

Srbija: Oslonac novog hladnog rata na Balkanu
(upozoravajuća priča o autokrati koji upravlja kleptokratijom)

„Ambasador SAD-a u Srbiji, Kristofer Hil, izjavio je da u životu moraju biti pravljeni izbori i da je ovo takav trenutak, a da za Srbiju postoji samo jedan put i to je Zapad i Evropska unija (EU). […] „To treba Srbi da odluče, a ja mislim da i jesu odlučili da im je budućnost na Zapadu, a ne na nekom nedefinisanom Istoku. Sve ovo govorim i na osnovu onog što čujem svakog dana od ljudi, ali i na osnovu izjava predsednika (Srbije Aleksandra) Vučića“, rekao je Hil. [1]

[Predsednik Srbije Aleksandar] „Vučić je naveo da su poslednja istraživanja pokazala da prvi put imamo jasnu većinu građana koji su protiv ulaska u EU – 44 odsto, dok 35 odsto podržava ulazak u EU.

„Kao predsednik Republike Srbije naše je da čujemo i razumemo javno mnjenje, ali je naš posao i da radimo ono što je najbolje za Srbiju. Moja poruka svima je da će Srbija biti snažnije na evropskom putu”, rekao je. [2]

Zdravorazumsko tumačenje prethodnih izjava bilo bi: „Sve ovo govorim na osnovu onoga što svakodnevno čujem od ljudi“ ambasadora SAD-a, Hila, zapravo znači „od ljudi koji se računaju“ (tj. ličnosti koje kontrolišu Amerikanci u strukturi vlasti u Srbiji), a reči predsednika Vučića „naše je da čujemo i da razumemo javno mnjenje, ali je naš posao i da radimo ono što je najbolje za Srbiju“ znače „volja srpskog naroda je po mom mišljenju infantilna“ (tj. „očinska figura Srbije“ Vučić zna šta je najbolje za Srbiju, bolje nego većina Srba).

Utoliko što Hilovo „ljudi koji se računaju“ (isključuje volju većeg srpskog stanovništva), CIA-in front USAID [3] predstavlja još jednu ličnost u ovoj geopolitičkoj predstavi „Mapet šou“:

[Srpska] Ministarka za evropske integracije Jadranka Joksimović izjavila je: „Uverena sam da će Srbija sve više napredovati ka svom cilju, a to je članstvo u EU. Kao podršku ovoj posvećenosti naše zemlje, razvojna pomoć Sjedinjenih Država nam je izuzetno važna. Konkretna je, podrazumeva više mogućnosti za zapošljavanje, učenje i praćenje savremenih trendova u privredi, zdravstvu, socijalnoj politici i demokratizaciji društva i značajnija je s obzirom na današnje političko i ekonomsko okruženje u Evropi i svetu“ [4]

Utoliko što „Otac Vučić“ zna šta je bolje za njegovu srpsku „decu“, možda deca i nisu toliko glupa koliko on misli:

„Istraživanje je pokazalo da 82,1 odsto građana ne podržava uvođenje sankcija Rusiji zbog rata u Ukrajini, 6,9 odsto podržava, a 11 odsto građana nema stav. Prema istraživanju NSPM, oko 49 odsto smatra da je Rusija u pravu, 6,1 misi da je to Ukrajina, stav nema 24 odsto, a za 21 posto građana niko nije kriv. „Kada smo pitali ko je najviše kriv za sukob u Ukrajini, čak 68,7 odsto reklo je da je to NATO, Ukrajinu krivi 7,4, Rusiju 5,6, a nema stav oko 18 odsto građana“. [5]

Srbi znaju da sankcije znače „pozdravite se“ sa izvozom sireva, voća i druge robe u Rusiju.

Da li Srbi poseduju i voze Lade? Lada Niva je najpopularniji pogon na sva četiri točka u Srbiji. Ostale modele Lade koriste rent-a-car agencije, Lada ruske proizvodnje je svuda u Srbiji i postoji već decenijama. Sankcije će reći zbogom rezervnim delovima Lade kada se potroše zalihe na otpadu. [6]

To je samo delić srpske domaće noćne more koju bi donelo uvođenje sankcija Rusiji, Putin je Srbiji obećao veoma jeftin prirodni gas, a „ja znam najbolje“ Vučić je uveravao Srbe da će te isporuke biti bezbedne gasovodom kroz Bugarsku, ali je EU ( zapravo, Sijamski blizanac EU, NATO) odmah poslao Vučiću poruku „ne tako brzo“ kada je izvršio pritisak na Bugarsku (zajedno sa drugim državama u okruženju Srbije) da zatvori svoj vazdušni prostor ruskom ministru spoljnih poslova Lavrovu, sprečivši njegovu posetu glavnom gradu Srbije, Beogradu. Ako Bugarskoj nije dozvoljeno da otvori svoj vazdušni prostor za putovanje ruskog diplomate u Srbiju, koje su šanse da snabdevanje Srbije ruskim prirodnim gasom bude bezbedno? Slabe do nikakve. [7], [8]

Čovek se dalje pita kakve veze ima to što je više od 80% ljudi protiv sankcija Rusiji, a 44% protiv 35% za ulazak u Evropsku uniju (sa ostalih 25% previše utučenih da bi ih bilo briga) sa „Srbija će napredovati sve više ka svom cilju, a to je članstvo u EU” osim što su „kompromati” (ucenjivanje) SAD-a, NATO-a i EU napravili od srpske kleptokratije, kleptokratije koja je toliko niska da krade ogroman deo novca namenjen socijalnom unapređenju žena u nepovoljnom položaju. …

„…nijedna od organizacija koja je dobila milionske iznose na konkursu Ministarstva za brigu o porodici nema sajt niti se mogu naći informacije o organizovanju događaja ili sprovođenju projekata u vezi ciljevima konkursa. […] Ovim organizacijama Ministarstvo za brigu o porodici i demografiju dodelilo je preko 630 hiljada evra. Za razliku od njih, za udruženja koja imaju zvanične internet prezentacije i koje se godinama bave pitanjima položaja žena opredeljeno je višestruko manje novca, ukupno oko 150 hiljada evra. [9]

…u okolnostima u kojima SAD insistiraju da se ovi (u slučaju Srbije) antidemokratski zahtevi (pritisak da se učlane u EU) moraju ispuniti, bez obzira na volju srpskog naroda. Jasno je da se sve svodi na „kompromat“ i na to kako, kada i koji srpski igrači u nadvlačenju konopca između Rusije i Zapada bi mogli biti razotkriveni (brzo napredujući ka tome da budu saterani u konformizam između NATO-vog čekića i nakovnja EU).

Drugi sjajni primeri „kompromata“ (potencijala za ucenu) uključuju, ali nisu ograničeni na, Sinišu Malog, koji je prema obaveštajnim agencijama Evropske Unije favorit u predstojećoj (jul 2022.) trci za premijera Srbije:

„U dokumentu (oceni obaveštajnih službi) se navodi da će budući premijer biti iz redova SNS. Kao mogući kandidat na prvom mestu pominje se Siniša Mali, aktuelni ministar finansija i bivši gradonačelnik Beograda. Reč je o jednom od najbližih saradnika Aleksandra Vučića, čije se ime provlačilo kroz više afera – od Savamale do 24 stana u Bugarskoj. Univerzitet u Beogradu oduzeo mu je titulu doktora, nakon što je potvrđeno da je plagirao doktorski rad.“ [10]

O ulozi favorita obaveštajnih službi EU, Siniše Malog, u ilegalnom uništavanju susedstva dok je delio strancima ugovore o „obnovi grada“:

„…grupa od oko 30 maskiranih muškaraca, naoružanih bejzbol palicama srušila je više zgrada u beogradskom naselju Savamala, koristeći tešku opremu. Brutalnost operacije, u kojoj su stanovnici navodno bili vezani i maltretirani, šokirala je Srbiju. [..] Reporteri Projekta izveštavanja o organizovanom kriminalu i korupciji (OCCRP) i KRIK-a saznali su 2015. godine da je [tadašnji] gradonačelnik Beograda [Mali] bio direktor dve ofšor kompanije koje poseduju 19 apartmana u odmaralištu vrednih više od 5 miliona američkih dolara na bugarskoj obali Crnog mora. Mali takođe direktno poseduje još jedan veliki stan u istom odmaralištu“ [11]

Ukratko, drugim rečima, da bi zadržao svoj nezakonito stečen dobitak i ostao u vrhu Srbije, dok se ovakva priča drži van „mejnstrim“ vesti, postoji nepisani zahtev EU „igraj na naš način ili ćemo ti pokazati vrata koja vode ka nekim veoma neprijatnim posledicama.“

Organizovani kriminal „ide do kraja“, bilo da se radi o „transcendentnoj korupciji“ (legalizovanom) organizovanom kriminalu Evropske unije, ili lokalnoj sceni, svakako nije ništa novo kada je u pitanju iskorišćavanje geopolitičkog potencijala za ucene u Srbiji, evo ukratko profila ministra zdravlja Srbije:

„Prema iskazu svedoka saradnika Dejana Milenkovića Bagzija (koji je bio važan član Zemunskog klana) 2004. godine, u Specijalnom sudu za organizovani kriminal u Srbiji na suđenju za ubistvo Zorana Đinđića Klan iz Rakovice pored Beograda pokušao je 5. septembra 2002. godine da eliminiše crnogorskog kriminalca Veselina Božovića Veska, ali je preživeo atentat i prebačen je u Klinički centar Srbije u kojem je tada radio Lončar. Navodno, imao je velike šanse da preživi i njegovo stanje bilo je stabilno. Prema rečima Milenkovića, šefa kriminalne grupe Dušana Spasojevića, koji je takođe imao interesovanje da Božović premine, zatražio je od jednog od njegovih insajderskih lekara, Risovića, da ga dokrajči u bolnici, ali se dvoumio. Kasnije je, navodno, još jedan Spasojevićev insajder, doktor Lončar, priznao Spasojeviću da mu je dao smrtonosnu injekciju, i Božović je umro ubrzo nakon toga, 7. septembra 2002. godine. Kao nagradu, Spasojević je Lončaru dao stan na Novom Beogradu. Zvanično, deset dana nakon Božovićeve smrti, Lončar je kupio stan od supruge ubice Zemunskog klana Sretka Kalinića za 30.000 evra da bi ga samo ponovo prodao nekoliko meseci kasnije. Miladin Suvajdžić, još jedan svedok saradnik i bivši važan član Zemunskog klana, u svom iskazu iz 2006. godine potvrdio je Milenkovićevu priču; jedna od glavnih uloga Suvajdžića bila je kupovina nekretnina i vozila iz različitih razloga.“ [12]

Srpskog Vučića je lako razotkriti kao dvoličnog licemera iz jednostavnog razloga što srpski narod i institucije (još) nisu u potpunosti zastrašeni, potčinjeni, zaglupljeni, propagirani ili na neki drugi način učinjeni društveno nesposobnim neznalicama. Pošteni Srbi i dalje otvoreno iznose svoje mišljenje i znaju o čemu i o kome govore.

Druga strana te medalje je, u (većinski) konzervativnoj srpskoj prirodi postoji snažna subliminalna želja za mudrim kraljem, hiljadu godina stara čežnja u srpskom DNK koja datira od pre otomanske okupacije. Danas, ova čežnja je socijalno-psihološki fenomen, koji muzu Vučić i njegovi poslušnici.

Ako preživimo Treći svetski rat, a „demokratski principi“ SAD-a, NATO-a i EU samo što nisu doveli do njega, možda ćemo imati sreće da vidimo kako se ova čežnja pretvara u pozitivan društveni fenomen lišen prodavaca magle poput Vučića i s njim povezane politike praznih priča (pružanja „političkih felacija“) imperiji.

U međuvremenu, šta predsednik Srbije, „očinska figura“ Vučić, ima da kaže na temu morala?

„Danas je možda više nego ikada ceo svet željan istine i pravde.Iste one pravde koja je utkana i u reči naše prelepe nacionalne himne i koja još uvek stoji kao imperativ bez kojeg nema napretka ni dostojanstvenom čoveku, ni celom svetu. Za takvu istinu i za pravdu uvek ću da se borim, jer nema težeg, ali ni časnijeg puta od toga“ -Aleksandar Vučić [13]

„…nema ničeg težeg…“ za kriminalce, to je tačno. Neka se Vučićeve reči vrate da ga proganjaju.

Povezani članci:

Obrazovanje i špijunaža

Privatizacija za lakoverne

Srpski lideri: Očigledne „mušterije“


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“We hold that it is substantially likely that social media companies — even the biggest ones — are private actors whose rights the First Amendment protects” –11th Circuit Court of Appeals: NetChoice, LLC v. Attorney General [1]

This will be succinct. The USA Constitution’s preamble’s first words are “We the People”

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”

There is no ‘we the people & the oligarchs, shareholders, one percent’ and whatever future what-have-you entities such as the propaganda arm of USAID underwriting color revolution.

In the governing of political lies, are ‘private’ corporate parties allowed to decide whose & which lies they’ll feed you, and what truths ‘the people’ must be protected from, under the ‘protected’ rubric of free speech? According to the democratic principles of modern empire, given example of failed attempt to penalize political lies, the clear answer is yes:

“The notion that the government, rather than the people, may be the final arbiter of truth in political debate is fundamentally at odds with the [free speech protecting] First Amendment” -Rickert vs the State of Washington [2]

In the aforementioned case, the hypocritical (equal to Huxley’s ‘war is peace’) legalese translated into common sense speech would read: ‘Because it would be too dangerous for the government to motivate truth (allow prosecutions or lawsuits concerning false statements), the voter base should purchase crystal balls to determine whether, how and when they’re being lied to.’

It follows, our judiciary hands this ‘right to lie to the people’ to the non-living-legal-entity called the corporation:

“A corporation is simply a form of organization used by human beings to achieve desired ends. An established body of law specifies the rights and obligations of the people (including shareholders, officers, and employees) who are associated with a corporation in one way or another. When rights, whether constitutional or statutory, are extended to corporations, the purpose is to protect the rights of these people” -Citizens United [3]

Or, in short other words, democracy ‘protects’ the ‘rights’ of, example given, war mongering corporate profiteers to purchase and shape reality via mass media.

We will come back to ‘free speech’, but meanwhile, when & how did this ‘legalized corruption’ usurping our constitution’s ‘the people’ begin? This following, directly related, ‘color of law’ (pretense of constitutional authority) matter of government immunity from suit, has consumed the American constitution from our republic’s inception.

To understand the American founding era argument between the Federalists (lobby for empowered central government) and the anti-Federalists (lobby for dis-empowered central government) was never resolved, rather the Federalists (essentially today’s corporate America) have played dirty ever since, one only need examine the history of the 11th Amendment and the associated, patently fraudulent, idea the USA has rightfully asserted the doctrine of Sovereign Immunity:

“The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State” -11th Amendment to the United States Constitution

In short other words, no person shall be empowered to, for reasons of upcoming example given, sue the state of Georgia via a Federal court in South Carolina. There is nothing more than this in the language of the 11th Amendment. You need to sue Georgia? Initiate the lawsuit against Georgia in Georgia’s state courts. The federal option is taken away. There is nothing else there. Nada. Zip. Zero.

What had happened, is a contractor from South Carolina was owed a Revolutionary War debt by the State of Georgia, which didn’t want to pay up. The Supreme Court had ruled there was no such thing as state sovereign immunity, in the case of Chisholm v Georgia.

“Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 U.S. (2 Dall.) 419 (1793), is considered the first United States Supreme Court case of significance and impact. Since the case was argued prior to the establishment of judicial review by Marbury v. Madison (1803), there was little available legal precedent (particularly in U.S. law). The Court, in a 4-1 decision, ruled in favor of Alexander Chisholm, a citizen of South Carolina, stating that states did not enjoy sovereign immunity from suits made by citizens of other states in federal court” (bold RTW) [4]

Nearly all of the states freaked out at the prospect of having to pay up on their war debts in courts they had no control over (likely motivated from an underlying corrupted jurisdictional issue or matter of ability to influence outcomes) and the 11th Amendment was passed, posthaste, with consequence that should defy belief:

“To this day, Chisholm stands as one of only a handful of Supreme Court rulings that have been overturned by constitutional amendment. Even more important, the Supreme Court has built on the repudiation of Chisholm to hold that the Eleventh Amendment exemplifies a sovereign-immunity principle that sweeps well beyond the amendment’s text” (bold RTW) [5]

No matter the 11th Amendment is narrow & specific to jurisdiction (limits initiating suits against states to the state court system of the state being sued), and doesn’t so much as mention Sovereign Immunity, the legendary English Common Law expert William Blackstone’s Sovereign Immunity doctrine is reinstated in the former colonies:

“The King moreover is not only incapable of doing wrong, but even of thinking wrong; he can never mean to do an improper thing: in him is no folly or weakness.”  [6]

Only now, it is no longer the ‘King’ can act with impunity, but the institutions of government in the United States:

we have understood the Eleventh Amendment to stand not so much for what it says, but for the presupposition of our constitutional structure which it confirms: that the States entered the federal system with their sovereignty intact…” –Blatchford v. Native Village of Noatak (1991), Antonin Scalia writing for the Supreme Court of the United States (bold RTW) [7]

And there you have it, from the early days of the Supreme Court saying sovereignty of the state over citizens (i.e. citizens cannot sue the state, or what became known as sovereign immunity) is a non existent thing in USA constitutional law, to the several states’ legislatures passing the 11th Amendment which doesn’t so much as mention Sovereign Immunity, to escape war debt cases being decided in courts outside the jurisdiction of the state being sued, to the modern Supreme Court stating the language of our constitution’s 11th Amendment absolutely does not mean what it actually says, but instead means what they want it to say, with states (and the USA federal government) consequently able to decide when, how, and even whether they can be sued in matters of manipulating information, political speech, and a plethora of other things; essentially deciding ‘we will extend ‘the King’s prerogative‘ as far as we please, and we will use the 11th Amendment to absurdly assert what amounts to a claim the King’s Sovereign Immunity (impunity) was never a point of the American Revolution.’

This, my friends, is the short of it; the history of ‘legally principled behaviors’ (that’s irony) ultimately leading to ‘color of law’ (a pretense of lawful authority) run amok, supplanting the constitution and now so far removed from the actual ‘original intent’ that, example given, in matters of ‘free speech’, so called ‘equally privileged’ citizens (oligarchs, actually) like Elon Musk (twitter shares acquisition), Bill Gates (foundation) George Soros (foundation) and Mark Zuckerberg (meta) can ‘regulate speech’ (read: buy, produce, reject and/or otherwise disseminate false or undermine true information) as ‘protected’ private corporate entities no matter:

Twitter is a publicly traded, but ‘protected private’ entity (whether Musk takes it private or not), when disseminating and/or deciding which political lies passed off as  ‘truths’ should shape entire cultures’ perceptions. Soros ‘Open Society’ foundation can do the same, ditto Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, all empowered to manipulate or shape reality, simply due to the power of their ‘incorporated’ wealth possessing a citizen’s so-called ‘protected constitutional rights’ when it comes to the employ of political lies via mass media. Toss in the military-industrial complex & corporate owned press, add fascist corporate lobbies along the lines of ‘The Federalist Society’, include government social engineering projects (e.g. CIA via USAID) and you see the result; propaganda serving a world-wide havoc threatening World War Three.

‘All men are created equal’ methinks is just another political lie of empire. It is a lie, and can only be a lie, that, or the very idea should expose the lie of American ‘exceptionalism.’ You can’t have it both ways. Moreover, any American with a current passport can read these ‘exceptional’ lies in the visa pages like counting sheep going to sleep.

That’s it.


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[6] Note: the 11th Amendment came into force in early 1795, the British legal principle ‘sovereign immunity’ is not entered into the record of (wrongly applied in) American law until 1812. from

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Ronald Thomas West taught American Constitutional Law as a layman (for English credit) at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany, Summer semester 2008.

Had an interesting conversation with Richard Silverstein the other day concerning legitimate comparisons of the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians to the behaviors of the Nazis and relevant censorship. His article “Jerusalem Day = Nuremberg Day” is well worth a read (as well as follow-up article of recent days.) It was 2012 I was banned by the UK’s Guardian for daring to point out Israeli (especially ‘settler’) behavior towards Palestinians resembles a decades ongoing “kristallnacht” or the 1938 German pogrom terrorizing Jews with murders, arson, looting and so on. My admiration is extended to Richard for daring to make a similar comparison. We did NOT discuss this following piece I had written over ten years ago taken down (censored) by Scribd, and Richard cannot be held accountable for anything having to do with my work. But our conversation recalled [to myself] this piece and in my view this work is as relevant today as when first written:

The Enemy of my Enemy

Cognitive Dissonance/Grotesque Reflex: How the philosophy ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ makes for ludicrous bedfellows & twisted agenda:

About this absurd religious right ‘the Jews murdered Jesus’ thing .. if that were the case, shouldn’t they rather be grateful for being “Covered in the blood” of Jesus [St Paul quote] as they make money hand over fist covering the planet in blood with war profiteering, all the while in swoon over misogynist hate monger Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ”, the church made myth of a man they love to pretend is ‘God’ incarnate so they can engage in cannibalism every ‘Sabbath’ with a ‘Communion’ of eating Jesus flesh and drinking Jesus blood? Y’know, if people really knew how to think for themselves, there would be no such necrotic fantasies and resultant criminal civilization .. just a thought, but meanwhile:

The paranoid Jewish Zionists embrace rabid anti-Semitic Christian Zionists who fully intend the Jewish Zionists will become extinct one they’ve finished the dirty work of retaking the West Bank for the Christian Zionists necrotic vision of a road to Armageddon, meanwhile the Jewish Zionists label the non-Jewish anti-Zionist as anti-Semitic when in fact most of the non-Jewish anti-Zionists are the bitter foes of the rabid anti-Semitic Christian Zionists momentarily embraced by the Jewish Zionists

Now, in the mix of all of this, the anti-Zionist Jewish personalities are in an impossible state of being forced to play a game of ‘shut the fuck up’ or get blasted by all Zionists, Jewish and Christian, while the non-Jewish anti- Zionist is attacked by the paranoid Ashkenazi, who became paranoid and Zionist, on account of the pogroms of anti- Semitic Christian Zionists. These people bite the hand of people who’re actually doing them a favor by taking on the rabidly anti-Semitic Christian Zionists, personalities who intend as soon as the partnership of convenience is over, all those clinging to Judaism will be tossed into a lake of what will almost certainly amount to man-made nuclear fire

Meanwhile, the Sephardic Jews who’d lived for nearly one and a half thousand years in peace and tranquility in the world of Islam (notably excepting that period when they’d fought on the side of the Muslims during the Crusades) have become an extinct species in the Arab countries, not in the least because of both Jewish and Christian Zionism via policy and settlement in the West Bank and the incredibly nasty treatment of the Arabs there. Israeli Zionists have enabled this social injustice together with American Zionists, including countless conservative Christians, have bankrolled these policies abusing the Palestinians. All this came about because of Jewish Zionist paranoia of living in countries with a majority Christian Zionists and history of pogroms, yet are (for reasons of the social psychology phenomena of inter-generational violence) behaving towards the Arabs like the Christian Zionists had treated them, in turn setting up the present cycle of anti-Palestinian pogroms, based on behaviors Jews learned from Christians, now approaching a scale of nukes & nations

It only gets more ridiculous:

The Sephardic Jews who’d relocated to Israel as a result of fallout in the Arab world from Zionist policies are absolutely 2nd class citizens- pointing to the anti-Semitic tendencies of the conservative Ashkenazi Jews, a race based oxymoron of Jewish anti-Semitism. This is obviously as clear as it is ludicrous and self destructive, when a Jewish person in Israel cannot be equal, because this Jew has the appearance, language and customs of an Arab

I think a moral to this story could be: Any Zionism that is literal Zionism (unlike the benign Zionism of Bob Marley) is a loser. Perhaps this could be the idea behind the UN Resolution equating Zionism with Racism?

Inter-generational hate and violence is a known and understood phenomena of social psychology. Many people have not risen above this malevolent infection of the psyche that is imbued in a very literal sense of the Torah or Pentateuch: ‘the child inherits the sin of the father’ (or the sins of a xenophobic & nationalist stepfather)

In the larger picture of nations, relating to this inter- generational violence, should it not be the responsibility of several national leaders to stand up and state to the Israelis, whether the leaders of Russia, Spain, or (especially) Germany, examples given, ‘do not treat the Palestinian as our Christian has treated the Jew’

If only because it is the responsibility of leadership to demonstrate responsible attitudes in relation to the acts of nations. And crucial, is that nation which had transgressed most egregiously in historic times should demonstrate this courage to again confront the worst of these infantile and irrational behaviors, if only to remind the USA, not only Israel, do not dare to go down this road, do not dare to become the Nazis…

The Israeli ‘nationalist step-father’ (based on the principle of “inter-generational violence”)


Raphael’s Paradox

Ron’s Conspiracy Theory

On Israel collection


From Mel Brooks ‘Space Balls’

Cultural Myopia or New Study Challenges The Beginning Of Civilization

“Following the transition from foraging to farming, hierarchical societies and, eventually, tax-levying states have emerged. These states played a crucial role in economic development by providing protection, law and order, which eventually enabled industrialization and the unprecedented welfare enjoyed today in many countries”

Yep. In short other words, rich nations versus poor nations.

“Only where the climate and geography favored cereals, was hierarchy likely to develop. Our data shows that the greater the productivity advantage of cereals over tubers, the greater the likelihood of hierarchy emerging”

The lowly sweet potato, turnip, beet, carrot -these stayed in the ground until time for preparation and consumption- none of which led to the ‘hierarchy’ crucial to the rise of civilization where people like Elon Musk dream of leaving a ‘hierarchical development’ called a trashed Earth behind (with all of its’ poor, doomed schmucks abandoned by the elites once enough stupid people have been sacrificed to sort the technical aspect.) They ‘hope’ for ‘escape’ before the war-mongers weapons sales propping up billionaires bring on World War III (noting if weapons sales were halted tomorrow, the Western economies would collapse.)

“We challenge the conventional productivity theory, contending that it was not an increase in food production that led to complex hierarchies and states, but rather the transition to reliance on appropriable cereal grains that facilitate taxation by the emerging elite. When it became possible to appropriate crops, a taxing elite emerged, and this led to the state”

Yep again. In short other words (again) when the theft of foodstuffs became an option, this enabled the sociopath rise to rule.

“Suitability of highly productive roots and tubers is in fact a curse of plenty, which prevented the emergence of states and impeded economic development”

Right. In effect, this “curse of plenty” amounted to a ‘pre-civilized’ clean environment without means of mass destruction, no oligarchs, no 1%, no world wars, and no need to escape a trashed planet (an escape that is little more than a fantasy in any case.)

“The extension of the empire has meant the growth of private fortunes. This is nothing new, indeed it is in keeping with the most ancient history” -Gaius Asinius Gallus (from Tacitus, The Annals of Imperial Rome)

Don’t miss this one: Loos In Space

* Jesus Loves Nukes *

The once upon a time, hardened nuclear command mega-bunker, built inside of Cheyenne Mountain, outside of Colorado Springs, USA, drove the adversarial intelligence agencies crazy. So, what was up with that?

The nuclear command and control system had been moved out of the mountain and onto exposed ground where it was vulnerable to first strike. WTF?? was the reaction of those pesky Russkies, it not only baffled them but the Chinks too… oh, and a few allies and the domestic front. What secret new system, world mayhem, Satanic DARPA project, might be taking shape in this vacated NORAD space? (a reasonable question.)

NOT TO WORRY asserted our Christian Taliban Air Force generals; the Pentagon and Saint Augustine have our back, oh and by way of explanation for those secular infidels, you see, it’s all a command and control redundancy; we need two systems, one exposed so, if or when we miss our ‘first strike’ at the ball and the exposed system gets blown away, there is no problem (they sent this excuse out on Radio Liberty.)

^ “You’re telling me 30% of our military want 8 billion people to die?” “The answer is affirmative”

Meanwhile, at the Pentagon Bible Study:

Question: “Is the ‘just’ in Saint Augustine’s ‘just war theory’ an adverb rather than the widely assumed adjective?”

Answer: “It’s easy to correct the misconstrued interpretation, for the fact our righteous Augustine was a Roman, it can only be ‘just’ the adverb.”

Who Would Jesus Bomb?

At our next lesson, we’ll have a look at how we’ll be lodging the Air Force Academy leadership of the ‘144,000 Chosen‘, here’s a quick preview:

^ Our repurposed Cheyenne Mountain

Nah. Nothing were ever so simple as an apocalyptic military doomsday cult needed a bit of NORAD’s ‘survival’ space, you think? APRIL FOOL! (for all incapable of wrapping their heads around the point of this ‘satire’)

The longer read:

It Is NATO’s Nazis in Ukraine: It’s Not Rocket Science

By Erwan Castel

Women at the heart of the battles

Seen from the Donbass

Today March 8 is celebrated Women’s Day, and allow the heart of this burning topicality this message of love and admiration for those who are in my eyes in the heart of human storms the high guardians of Life, Traditions and Human Hope.

Calling Women “the weaker sex” is certainly one of the worst nonsense conveyed by this Western monotheistic phallocracy which has infected European mentalities despite a few exceptions (which confirm the rule) such as the Marian cult and the myth of Joan of Arc for example .

Often relegated in the history of Western wars to a passive or ignored role, women on the contrary turn out to be combatants in their own right, and more! because their feminine and maternal dimension gives them the symbolic power of what Man fights for until the supreme sacrifice, for his sanctuary and his freedom!

Since I arrived in the Donbass, the women I met in the bombarded neighborhoods or in the trenches have not only impressed me with their natural elegance but above all with their courage and their love for this black land too often reddened with the blood of its children, and I understand why the Greek myths at the origin of this founding myth often situate the people of the Amazons on these northern shores of the Black Sea where for eight years the daughters of the Novorossiya have resuscitated their legend with a bravery that has never not to be ashamed of that of their elders of the Red Army having already risen only 3 generations ago against the madness of Nazism.

The land of Novorossiya cradle of the legendary Amazons
Hercules against the Amazons, Greek vase 6th century BC

If war is often considered as a “men’s affair”, we must not however neglect the place of women in the military history of peoples… On the contrary because the Woman is not only the living symbol of the forbidden sanctuary, mother, companion or daughter of the warrior, but also proves to be an essential participant in the war effort. And when we look closely at revolts, revolutions and wars, not only do we see women there, but many of them play a decisive and symbolic role in the writing in letters of blood of the heroic pages of a human adventure, unfortunately painful.

In 2014, when the war fell on the Donbass, there were many mothers, sisters and daughters who from Donetsk and Lugansk went to pick up a weapon, a first aid kit, a bag of ammunition and food and carry themselves, unblinking to the Ukrainian armored madness destroying their homes.

Ilona Bonevich, callsign “Bonja” in 2014, this woman commands a unit
special, injured in the fire, twice decorated… with the group of Commander Givi and a workforce of only 120 militiamen, she will defend the city of Iliovaïsk, attacked  by several Ukrainian armored battalions supported by shelling. Faced with the fierce resistance of this handful of lovers of their land, the enemy, vexed, ended up beating a retreat, estimating their forces… at 3,500 men!
Workers, nurses, paramedics, messengers, but also combatants, these women of honor are often present in the turmoil, from the back of the front to the heart of the battles, and their actions have nothing to envy to the courage and the heroism of their brothers in arms alongside whom are  courageously defended the values, traditions and freedoms of a people of Europe threatened for 8 years by an ethnocentric and genocidal dictatorship under the orders of a foreign power.

And at a time when the towns of the People’s Republic of Lugansk, Severodonetsk and Lisichansk are about to be finally liberated by the republican forces supported by the “north wind”, my thoughts go out to these teenagers of the “Battalion of the young self-defense” who, in August 2014 sacrificed themselves to allow the militias to escape the encirclement and retreat to a front line that they will hold until today:

This teenager had volunteered with her classmates to defend  their city of Lisichansk in August 2014: 72 young people, and without military training, aged 16 to 18, of whom 24 girls had trained the “Young Self-Defense Battalion”. They will achieve the unthinkable: resist for 2 days against 2000 Ukrainian soldiers supported by armor and artillery. 18 of them will die for their land including this heroic young girl, many others will be injured and some will even manage to escape the encirclement and join the ranks of the Luhansk militia. Eternal memory for these heroes!

Today the women of Donbass, like their Palestinian, Syrian,  Yemeni, Armenian, Kurdish sisters… are in their fidelity to the past a universal example for the future of the peoples, of their dignity and freedom.

Indeed, since the dawn of time, the Woman has been in the front line to defend this hearth that she embodies even in her womb, and thus to enter the heroic legend of nations: from the Egyptian Ahhotep, to Geneviève de Galard, the angel of Dien Bien Phu, via Zenobie the Syrian, Bodicea the Celtic, Hangaku Gozen the Japanese, Joan of Arc the French, Anne Bonny the English, Animatou de Zaria the African, Calamity Jane the American, Phûlan Devî, the Indian, Sophie Magdalena Scholl the German, Laskarina Bouboulina the Greek, Rosa Luxembourg, Louise Michel, Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier; Lucie Aubrac, Marie, Dolores, Anne, Françoise, Greta and so many other known or unknown fighters but so numerous in history that there would be a lack of

But here, in this Donbass at war, I admit that women are exceptionally courageous, selfless and sacrifice for their country and their people, resisting with incredible resilience 8 years of war and genocidal bombardments.

Perhaps they are also carried – and certainly – by this heritage of Slavic women in general and Russian women in particular, who engaged massively alongside men during the wars of their History and in particular in the 20th century when complete units were even consecrated, such as the “death battalion” and its 2000 volunteers deployed on the German-Russian front during the First World War.

But it was especially during the Great Patriotic War from 1941 to 1945 that, responding to the principle of Marxist-Leninist equality of equal citizenship, thousands of Russian women enlisted from 1941 in the ranks of the regular Red Army. but also in those of the partisans. These women enlisted as auxiliaries of course, but also tankers, snipers, airwomen, and they were more than 1 million to fight on the Russian front to defend the Motherland, that is 8% of the total troops engaged during the conflict!

Today the girls of Novorossiya have proved that they are worthy of the mythical amazons or the heroic fighters of the Red Army; defending with exemplary courage the land of their ancestors and their children!

Some smiles have faded but their eyes continue to shine in the sky of our memories:

On this day of March 8, I address my admiration to all the women who are the true heart of men and in particular to those who are at the heart of the fights led for their land of which they are the eternal guardians!

I wanted to offer all these girls, sisters, companions, mothers and “babouchkas” of Novorossiya, this tribute, but I realize with sadness that my words are only the miserable echo of the admiration I have for their courage. and their dignity… So I withdraw, letting my heart send them in silence my eternal gratitude for the noble example they offer us…

Erwan Castel

“What we fight for is worth more than our lives!” -Alexander Zakharchenko, 1st President of the Donetsk People’s Republic

Wounded Amazon by Franz von Stuck, 1903.

U.S. Department of State spokesman Ned Price makes his case, claiming his statement (shameless lie, actually) is in and of itself declassifying evidence while actually refusing to provide evidence and when that becomes too stupid he goes to ‘trust me, we have it’ and finally claims any evidence (that likely doesn’t exist, keep reading) must be protected.

Then have a read of the disclaimer buried in the (now thoroughly debunked) ‘Russian hack’ report by “joint US intelligence agencies”

”Judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact. Assessments are based on collected information, which is often incomplete or fragmentary, as well as logic, argumentation, and precedents” –ICA 2017 01 [pdf] Annex B’s “estimative language” also known as the ‘we make this shit up’ disclaimer buried in the ‘Russian election hack’ report authored by the “joint US intelligence agencies”

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