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neoliberal nationalist‘ is my new name for the American empire faction that can hardly be distinguished from their sometimes neoconservative adversaries. This is on account of the ‘neoliberal nationalists’ insatiable lust for control over every detail of the American people & nation/state, right down to who can express what perceptions, particularly when someone might have made salient points exposing ‘neoliberal nationalist’ lies. Example given, Twitter shutting down any links to the Hunter Biden laptop story by The New York Post. Can’t have a truthful counter-narrative of Ukraine corruption, Joe Biden and Burisma in circulation, now, can we? At least not from the ‘neoliberal nationalist’ point of view.

Following on the previous post, pointing to divisive rhetoric, the ‘neoliberal nationalist’ aligned intelligence apparatus continues piling on with further propaganda seeding division and violence. These following quotes are from a single so-called ‘analysis’ at a ‘professional intelligence’ blog:

“WITH DOWNTOWN WASHINGTON RESEMBLING a large military encampment, a repeat of last week’s shocking assault on the Capitol Complex is highly improbable. But America could witness escalating levels of violence across many states, as supporters of the January 6 insurrection continue to organize themselves into a coherent armed movement…”

“Supporters of the nationalist insurrection that shook the nation on January 6…”

“The militants who will descend on Washington in the coming days are unlikely to engage in all-out hostilities against as many as 20,000 members of the US National Guard…”

“…the insurrectionists will engage the forces of the government asymmetrically -that is, by resorting to strategies and tactics of unconventional warfare…”

“…in these rural red states the insurgents will be more likely to be met with sympathy from some members of law enforcement”

“…these militants are increasingly reaching out to each other, convinced that their leader was unjustly removed from power in a fraudulent election. The possibility that these militants will begin to engage in an armed insurgency in the service of an organized, nationwide insurrection, is very real…” [1]

Recalling there was a single death by gunfire in the initial Capitol “insurrection”, and that weapon was fired by Federal security, notice in a context of armed “insurgents” & “militants” organizing “insurrection” Trump has just been named “their leader” as though he accepts and is fully complicit in extreme armed nationalist “insurgency” in a sense of hands on directing an armed insurrection. Never-mind Trump, although blinded by narcissism leading to poor judgement, is likely not nearly so bigoted and ignorant as proposed in the ‘neoliberal nationalist’ rhetoric.

In fact, rightly or wrongly, given indisputable history and facts suppressed in corporate media, reasonable people could suspect the election had been ‘stolen.'[2]

The excerpted quotes are, at best, simply ignorant & highly irresponsible or, at worst, resemble classic psyops integrated to propaganda.

To the title of this article is why: a lynch mob mentality is a highly defective intelligence that points (a metaphor) to the brain’s (or the collective brain) having been stimulated to archaic & primitive feedback loop or a negative ‘meme’ reinforcing an aggravated panic. This is easily achieved across a wider spectrum with the stimulus of modern media. This defective mentality is not science fiction, little different to Mary Shelley’s monster cannot be construed ‘science fiction’ in context of the many consequent caricatures or portraits of horror it had inspired.

Just now, it is the ‘neoliberal nationalist’ exercising a much more intense manifestation of this mob mentality than Trump ever had. The impeachment ‘lynch mob’ at the Capitol is a microcosm of what is being ‘seeded’ in the greater populace with potential for immense negative consequence needing only a trigger on a wide scale, whether by Trump’s partisans or, in easily flipped circumstance, the anarchist antifa.

In fact (noticing the Department of Defense has been engaged quite closely in unfolding events) it would only take an organization like the Defense Intelligence Agency to determine, and the Pentagon to act on, the plausible possibility Dominion voting machines had fraudulently turned key states and the electoral college into a Biden ‘victory’, for the 20,000 National Guard ‘securing’ the inauguration find themselves enforcing a Trump swearing in as President. That’s how razor thin we could be away from the ‘neoliberal nationalist’ side’s insurrection and the insurgency of antifa. It is here we should all give attention to a recently ‘politically corrected’ historical artifact, that is General Robert E Lee.

If Lee alone (by might of his military genius) sustained the 1860s Southern military endeavor at least 2 years beyond it’s otherwise expected lifespan, it was also Lee, after his surrender at Appomattox, was the man of stature in a Southern collective mentality that prevented the feared decades of ‘post-war’ Southern partisan insurgency by both his words and example. Today’s neoliberal politicians (and their minions) should take the example set by General Lee employing principle of conciliation, rather than behave like a lynch mob going after Trump.

America would appear to have learned nothing from those short antebellum years of political history where conciliation was discarded prior to an armed convulsion commencing in April, 1861.

But, all of the preceding ignores the nation having transformed from ‘rule of law’ to ‘color of law’ since the National Security Act of 1947. In fact, in today’s United States, ‘saving the constitution’ (whether asserted by either side) is little more than political sloganeering; where (for decades) constitutional principles cannot be squared with ‘national security’ laws as made and applied in fact; and consequently,  the ‘oath to uphold’ the Constitution is patently meaningless, no matter who does the swearing.

Where there clearly can be no legitimate President of the United States in a state of division not seen since the election of 1860, this reporter is ready to move on to other subjects, away from American politics, rather than take sides in what amounts to a preliminary stage of civil war.


The Capitol Convulsion                 part 1

Ronald’s 2021 State of the Union part 2

Sedition & Insurgents                    part 3


A former Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence for Special Forces, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald had lived over thirty years in close association with Blackfeet Indians (those who still speak their language), and is published in international law as a layman: The Right of Self- Determination of Peoples and It’s Application to Indigenous People in The USA or The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole. Ronald has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.


“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with the good” -Mahatma Ghandi




The ‘national security state’s’ political rhetoric describing the Washington DC pro-Trump protests and Trump’s so-called ‘complicity’ in events unfolding over the 2020 election has been quite socially irresponsible.

This language is inflammatory and further divisive in case where a very large section of the body politic (however naively) see Trump as being crucified for the ‘fact’ of attempting to ‘drain the swamp’ or end ‘business as usual’ in national politics perceived as intolerably corrupt.

Referencing the USA’s Supreme Court decision “Citizens United” which has allowed what amounts to unlimited money influencing American election outcomes through Political Action Committees (PACs, see preceding article) it is ‘refreshing’ (HA!) to note corporations abroad (!) are coming out of the closet (moronically publicizing) the fact they have a history of pumping money into the political agendas in Washington:

“Danish Pharmaceutical [giant] Novo Nordisk is taking a stance on the political situation in the US as it halts its payments to US politicians. For now” [1]

This follows other mega-corporations (e.g. Wall Street colossus Charles Schwab) have been ditching donations until (no doubt) their lawyers can sort the direction and end game of the present controversy. Why? Liability potential due to the rhetoric of “sedition”, “Insurgents” and “inciting armed rebellion.”

In short, there is a fear of prosecution and/or lawsuits for having potentially donated to what will be categorized as treasonous acts within the United States, including acts by members of Congress. These are the superficial worries of a corporate state sans any deep understanding of the developing, untenable social dynamic where such rhetoric only grows a greater instability and wider potential for violent civil strife.

What we are actually witnessing is corporate deep state internecine war where the two opposing factions, the allied “Israel First!” neoconservative & “Prosperity Gospel” apocalyptic Christian Zionist corporate board personalities have been behind Trump/Pence, and the opposed ‘police state of empire’ neoliberal corporate board personalities who’ve been aligned with Pelosi/Shumer (prior to the ‘election’.)

As this plays out (in the common political vernacular) the neoliberal wing of the corporate ‘deep state’, represented in the Democrats, are piling on, smelling blood and opportunity to break the Republican party in pieces which is entirely possible but not a very far sighted strategy.

In fact Trump is not only a manipulated naif (by the numerous quislings that have surrounded him) but also represents (however misguidedly) a VERY REAL & BIG piece of a desperate electorate only wanting ‘business as usual’ in DC to finally be countered. This piece of the electorate will likely get that but not in any good way … Biden/Harris is enlisting a who’s who of empire and police state personalities that point to a highly vindictive administration across the spectrum and, the ‘dims’ Pelosi & Shumer, will be right there, egging it on. In short ‘other words’, the game has been taken to the next level and here’s how:

Western intelligence professionals working media are taking up & promoting knee-jerk, self-fulfilling reactionary propaganda by several means including ‘joint intelligence agencies’ reports pointing towards a future era of McCarthy-like witch-hunts…

“DOMESTIC EXTREMISTS, MOTIVATED BY conspiracy theories and opposed to mitigation measures against the coronavirus, pose “the greatest domestic terrorism threats” against the United States in 2021, according to a new government report. The report, dated January 13, is contained in a Joint Intelligence Bulletin, which is produced jointly by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security, and the National Counterterrorism Center” [2]

…further radicalizing a large segment of the electorate should propose a moment of ‘let’s all pause and consider the actual trajectory.’

The “DOMESTIC EXTREMISTS motivated by conspiracy theories” in an ‘intelligence report’ released in the context of the moment, takes aim squarely at Trump’s ‘talking points’ of election fraud and his ‘counter-covid narrative’, and just lumped one half of the American or the conservative electorate (never-mind antifa) into a talent pool of suspicion creating opportunity for police state persecution little different to the ‘red scare’ political witch-hunts of the 1950s. Shortly it will come to promoting any belief the election had been stolen by fraud is ‘sedition’ and makes anyone asserting this a potential “insurgent” (keep reading.)

The USA’s election fraud history can be made succinct; it would appear it had gone on for a very long time, from at least since Lincoln’s 1860 nomination at the Republican convention in Chicago where his organization printed counterfeit tickets to admit his people (extra delegates) to take the seats of William Seward’s delegates. [3]

Skip forward to 1948 and LBJ’s election to the Senate and you have a stuffed ballot box tipped the scale for Johnson and a primary player in that fraud, Abe Fortas, was later rewarded with a Supreme Court seat when Johnson became president. [4]

Fast forward to 2004 and the intrepid Bev Harris (somehow gone missing for the 2020 election, warned off?) who discovered & documented the Diebold computer vote tabulation fraud resulting in the HBO documentary “Hacking Democracy”…

…and went on to establish where it has been further established the old Diebold GEMS system (hack malware, actually) had been incorporated to the Dominion system as recently as 2016:

So, the now ‘seditious’ belief the 2020 election may actually have been stolen has a rational basis in fact whether it were Trump believes this or the one half of the electorate that supports Trump. Seditious belief? Well, yes, that’s what has been put into the article of impeachment:

“He [Trump] also willfully made statements [concerning the election] that encouraged — and foreseeably resulted in — imminent lawless action at the Capitol,” the article states. “Incited by President Trump, a mob unlawfully breached the Capitol, injured law enforcement personnel, … and engaged in violent, deadly, destructive and seditious acts” [5]

Never mind Trump, after asking the crowd to “walk” to the congress as part of a legal protest, repeatedly asked the crowd to behave respectfully, peacefully and be law-abiding when elements of the crowd broke into the Capitol. There was no stated desire by Trump pointedly inciting violence. [6], [7]

Now, to the use of the language of “insurrection” and “insurgents.” In the election riots of 1968, the descriptions by the police state elements of that era characterized their opponents “radical anti-war demonstrators.” Even as recently as the George Floyd protests, some of which were quite violent, the demonstrators are labeled “protestors.” [8]

But now, suddenly American protestors (who happen to be conservative) are “insurgents” pursuing “insurrection.” [9], [10]

This will see much of America, that America that happens to be conservative and Trump supporters (a VERY BIG piece of the electorate) having become suspect (in their perception) with the state using terminology more often associated with terrorism along the lines of al Qaida and this rhetoric will indeed breed some very intense resentment in the larger part of the armed populace (conservatives.)

‘Please excuse my French’ but employing this terminology conflating Trump and his supporters with terrorism is nothing short of incredibly fucking stupid. Recalling the “Joint Intelligence Bulletin” referenced towards the beginning of this article, one is tempted to compare this ‘language describing terrorists’ to the disclaimer in another ‘joint intelligence’ production that had turned out to be totally worthless:

”Judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact. Assessments are based on collected information, which is often incomplete or fragmentary, as well as logic, argumentation, and precedents” –ICA 2017 01 Annex B’s “estimative language” a.k.a. the ‘we make this shit up’ disclaimer buried in the ‘Russian election hack’ report authored by the “joint US intelligence agencies”

Only now, we can lampoon this preceding with a rewrite:

”Judgments are intended to piss people off to a point that we will have proof when they begin shooting at us they’ve become terrorists in fact. Assessments are based on our collective ill-informed ignorance, which is entirely narcissistic, consequent badly flawed logic justifying our employ as ‘peace-keepers’, and, of course, COINTELPRO precedents” [11]

With highly credible evidence the Dominion vote tally machines are “designed for fraud”, it follows any denial of a national forensic exam of the 2020 election only adds to the conviction of the Trump electoral base the vote had been stolen and grows the FBI’s talent pool of suspected “insurgents”, an ‘insurgency rhetoric’ reinforced with the deployment of (an absolute message of ‘No dialogue!’/de facto preparation for civil war) 20,000 soldiers to Washington, DC for Biden’s inauguration. [12], [13]

But, of course, none of this matters to the neoliberal wing of the corporate deep state, ceding power back to the people via the ballot box is not in the cards; nor would it be in the cards of the opposed corporate neoconservative/prosperity gospel Christian Zionist faction if they were to prevail. For a sense of balance, check out the Republican dirt in the elections process with the reporting of Greg Palast:
















The Capitol Convulsion                 part 1

Ronald’s 2021 State of the Union part 2

Mary Shelley’s ‘Intelligence’         part 4


A former Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence for Special Forces, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald had lived over thirty years in close association with Blackfeet Indians (those who still speak their language), and is published in international law as a layman: The Right of Self- Determination of Peoples and It’s Application to Indigenous People in The USA or The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole. Ronald has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.


“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with the good” -Mahatma Ghandi


The King turns to his Vizier and poses a question:

The European League proposes for us to join their economic alliance and adopt their money. What are the benefits versus the detractions?

The Vizier, a European League spy, was uncomfortable, certainly not able to speak freely. To escape the question he said:

Let us ask the Jester.

The Jester:

A king’s corrupt accountant raises a sum from 2,000 to 3,000 and calls this a 50% increase. Then, this same person cuts the sum of 3,000 by one half to arrive at 1,500 and this is called a 50% decrease.

But the 50% increased number can be cut 33-1/3% to arrive at the initial sum of 2,000? Suddenly, like magic, 500 has vanished? Where did it go?

A 50% increase cannot be reversed and equal a 50% decrease in this problem without a deceit, no different to altering the method where reducing 3,000 by 50% equals 1,500 and increasing the 1,500 by 50% equals 2,250; wherein to make the percentages match in actuality and keep the lie out of the numbers should require a 50% increase of 1,500 is 1,500 because the sum of 1,500 becomes precisely 50% of the 3,000.

Would not the more honest approach beg to work with the end sums (actual outcomes) only, where 2,000 can only become 3,000 by a 33-1/3 percentage increase of what had been 2,000 becoming 3,000? In this case a 50% reduction can actually amount to 1,500 without a lie.

If indeed, in practical applications, 50% should bring us to 3,000 from 1,500 but the 50% is labelled 750, arriving at 2,250, into whose pocket did the other 750 potentially vanish? Is the problem semantics only? Or does the European League’s “Transcendent Corruption” accounting math work in a manner similar to method this problem identifies when, for instance, making their fiat currency’s ‘amount in circulation’ grow and diminish or the public tax monies appear and vanish? The ‘assignment of percentage values’ in the European League’s math would appear to allow for nearly any chicanery presented to the King and his people to become a de facto ‘fait accompli’ in ‘good faith’ no matter the sum’s disposition!

The King:

Who can vouch for this?!

The Jester:

Why it is the European League’s spies, Your Majesty, as they state so clearly for you in their many reports’ disclaimer:

“Judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact. Assessments are based on … information which is often incomplete or fragmentary, as well as logic, argumentation, and precedents”

The King:

Turns a murderous expression towards The Vizier…




Illustration: Rand Paul, er, I meant Danny Kay in the film The Court Jester (Paramount)

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^’s stats history ^

The numbers dropped for 2020 which was expected; the work output had been less prolific, it still doesn’t matter if the blog insults either party to the duopoly and very likely my turning attention to attempt translating ancient Native American concept to modern put some readers off. Well, this last is the tooth fairy culture’s thin skin.

Lost Shadow is the year’s most read piece, I have to laugh at this because I’ve sorted it is on account of some cheesy Western TV drama, ‘Godless’, generating the hits. Probably the writers (this is a guess) had stumbled across my “Modern Indian Society” piece a few years back (the search term ‘lost shadow’ relative to Native Americans had been directed to this) and mentioned the idea in their script. Not realizing this, I decided to expand on the brief mention of the concept of ‘lost shadow’ in the Modern Indian Society piece with a new piece named exactly that (Lost Shadow) that now is the most read article these past two years and I discover it is a soap-opera driven popularity. What a great cosmic joke!

Alfreda Bikowsky & the Definition of Stupid  is the second most read piece for 2020, that is important for the mere fact the piece devastates the argument for torture in the so-called ‘war on terror.’ It uses known so-called ‘information’ derived from actual torture, combined with government statistics, to prove the absolute impossibility of the CIA’s (failed) conclusions that had been (unbelievably) acted upon from the torture derived ‘information’, in a satirical format. Talk about stupid!

If this were a X-Rated blog when it comes to satire, I’d put torture fans Alfreda Bikowski & Gina Haspel in a CIA honey trap’s lesbian porn video scene, produced for intra-agency blackmail purpose and…

Bill Barr: Whoa!! Look at the size of Haspel’s [redacted] !!!

Liz Kimber: Ooooh…

Mike Pompeo: Holy Jesus! What do you call one that big?!

Ricky Prado: Nuestra Señora de Atocha!

Pompeo: What’s that?

Kimber: A sunken Spanish treasure galleon, good call! Bikowsky’s face will require a diving bell with oxygen line to find Haspel’s [redacted], er, I meant the pleasure jewel in that!!

The immediate preceding has been made into a stands-alone piece, BCHP, meanwhile, rounding out the top ten for 2020:

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Per always, it is not necessarily how many read but who reads, is important. As well, greetings to the spooks, be certain to check out the quotes on the front page, if  you’d spend the rest of your lives dedicated to learning how not to lie, it be a better endeavor on behalf of humanity than just about anything else you could do… it’s long past time (and probably too late) to insist on an international convention governing the criminal behaviors of spies –

Brabonjak na engleskom dingleberry /ˈdɪŋɡ(ə)lbɛri/
im. (mn. dingleberries) sleng, vulg.
1 loptica govneta zakačena za dlake oko anusa kod životinje ili čoveka.
2 neformalno: budalasta ili nesposobna osoba: Taj blentavi brabonjak Slavoj Žižek koji manifestuje svoj narcizam u Lakanovom ogledalu.
POREKLO: nem. ding od Hegelovog „Ding-an-sich“ ili „stvar kao takva“+ berry. Der Narzisst Slavoj Žižek manifestiert sein Scheißkerl im Spiegel

„Žižekovo razumevanje političkog uverenja po uzoru je na Lakanovo shvatanje transfera u psihoanalizi. Uverenje ili „pretpostavka“ analizirane osobe u psihoanalizi je da Onaj drugi (njegov analitičar) zna značenje njegovih simptoma. Ovo je, očigledno, lažno verovanje, na samom početku analitičkog procesa

Drugim rečima, filozofski govoreći, oni koji se podvrgavaju analizi ne mogu znati razliku između sopstvene zadnjice i jednog ili drugog kraja šupljeg trupca.

Ali, tek držanjem ovog lažnog uverenja o analitičaru, posao analize može da se nastavi, a transferno uverenje može postati istinito (kada analitičar zaista postane sposoban da protumači simptome). Žižek tvrdi da je ova neobična intersubjektivna ili dijalektička logika verovanja u kliničku psihoanalizu isto [ono] što karakteriše politička uverenja ljudi“

Dakle, na kraju političkog „analitičkog“ procesa, analitičar Žižek je „Onaj drugi“ u „Ogledalu“ … „Izvođač Političkog Felacija Tevtoncima“ ili „IPFT“ (zvuči kao mačije šištanje), takođe poznatog kao „scheizkerl sindrom“ koji karakterišu međugeneracijski, psihološki brabonjci nasleđeni od francuskog Višijevskog lekara Lakana i ustajalog leša Hegelovog dela.

Pomalo je vijugav put kojim pratimo Žižekov slovenački kulturni zagrljaj Martina Lutera i Luterovih predaka (nemačko katoličanstvo) preko Francuske, ali zapravo nije teško.

Neofrojdovski junak Slavoja Žižeka, Žak Lakan, pomalo neprijatno miriše na Višijevsku Francusku. Tokom nacističke okupacije Pariza, čini se da je Lakan i dalje radio kao terapeut u vojnoj bolnici Val-de-Gras, a istovremeno, njegova privatna praksa se neprekidno odvijala bez ometanja i uznemiravanja. Čovek se samo može zapitati da li je ili, kada i kako je, maršal Peten ili možda Klaus Barbi predstavljen kao Lakanov „Onaj drugi“ u njegovoj psihijatrijskoj praksi.

Da li bi ovo trebalo da ukaže na temelj filozofije koja je neiskrena? Pa, to bi bilo „otvoreno za tumačenje“, jer je Lakan bio dovoljno pronicljiv da istakne da evropska tradicija socijalne razvojne psihologije podrazumeva stvaranje narcisa u svakom detetu sa njegovim konceptom „Ogledala“. Naravno, posledični „Onaj drugi“ koji se projektuje u čovekovo svakodnevno okruženje i susrete, zapravo je naknadna nesposobnost evropskog pojedinca (uključujući i Lakana) da shvati da bi mogla postojati bilo koja razumljiva stvarnost za samo jedan stepen izvan granica sopstvene percepcije sebe u granicama od 2 ili 3 stepena. Ukratko: „Ljudi toliko puni sebe su previše socijalno glupi da bi shvatili da su oblikovani u nešto krajnje glupo.“

Ovo se odnosi na Lakanovu vezu sa Džejmsom Džojsom; intelektualno nepošteni filozofi su poput buva koje se hrane na trbuhu kuje, u onim boemskim kafanama iz kojih nisu izbijali (iz sadašnje ere) iznureni klingonski pesnici Robert Blaj, leš Kena Kizija i Tom Robins (između ostalih). Ovu savremenu kafansku scenu mogli bismo nazvati post -intelektualni-pobedi-svoje-meso-izam. Evo Robinsovog pogleda na Džojsovu književnu monstruoznost „Fineganovog bdenja“

„Jezik u njemu je neverovatan. Postoji toliko mnogo slojeva igre rečima i referenci na mitologiju i istoriju. Ipak, to je najrealističniji roman ikad napisan. Upravo zbog toga je tako nečitljiv. Napisao je tu knjigu na način kako deluje i ljudski um. Inteligentan, znatiželjan um. A upravo je takva i svest. Nije linearna. Jedna stvar nagomilana na drugu. I sve vrste unakrsnih referenci. A on to dovodi do krajnosti. Nikada nije postojala takva knjiga i mislim da nikada neće biti još jedne takve knjige. I to je apsolutno monumentalno ljudsko dostignuće. Ali vrlo je teško čitati “

Robins je, takođe, između ostalog rekao:

„Potičem iz dugog niza propovednika i policajaca. Sada je opštepoznato da su policajci urođeni lažovi, a evanđelisti provode život pričajući fantastične priče na takav način da inače racionalne ljude uvere da su stvarne. Dakle, pretpostavljam da sam prirodno stekao svoje narativne sklonosti ”

Podelite prvi pasus sa drugim pasusom i pretpostavljam da će čitalac razumeti kompulzivnog lažova (ili „mrtvog pesnika“, u ovom slučaju) razumevajući Džojsa, dok je opijen LSD-om nalik na šarlatana (Lakana), koji prepisuje Frojda da bi postigao da se proslavi tvrdnjom da stvara nešto smisleno od besmislica. Narcisoidnost nikada nije poznavala veći fond talenata od onih koji tvrde da mogu razumno pročitati ono što se ne može razumno pročitati, ili smisleno ostvariti ono što se ne može smisleno ostvariti ili, uopšte, imati bilo kakav smisao onoga što je utvrđeno kao očigledna besmislica, ali to je zapadnjačka igra filozofa; zatrpavanje protivrečnosti svoje kulture u složenom, preopširnom izlaganju: tako da se te protivrečnosti nikada ne sretnu licem u lice. Ovo nas dovodi do kulturnog mentaliteta Slovenaca.

Sloven koji oponaša Nemca (kad to nije osmišljena komedija) je poput pačuka koji oponaša ideologiju skinhedsa; osim što je kulturno neprijateljstvo staro milenijumima i usađeno u DNK. Ovaj fenomen nije ništa drugo do kosmička satira izlivena u kalupu takozvanog „Stokholmskog sindroma“. A kada je to čitav jedan narod, to se može opisati samo kao parodija „kraja sveta“; narod, čiji je jezik bliski rođak staroslovenskog i koji ima puno značajnih Slovena, otvoreno se opredelio kao rasni „Untermensch“, podložan klanju prema nemačkoj kulturološkoj definiciji, u ne tako davnoj prošlosti (ne zaboravimo da projekat denacifikacije nije nikad sproveden u Adenauerovoj posleratnoj Nemačkoj, naprotiv, mnogi nacisti su „rehabilitovani“ ako se taj izraz može primeniti na organizaciju Gelen koja je postala tajna špijunska služba Nemačke), pak slovenački filozof trči u zagrljaj potomstva Martina Luthera i Hegelov „idealizam“. Hajde da se malo zabavimo u ovom formatu podsvesne kulturne metafore ili bajke:

Ova „postmoderna tevtonska bajkovita vizija“ mogla bi se nazvati „gasni napad“, gde bi u stvari „gasni napad“, drugačije od nacističkog koršćenja Ciklona B, podižući agoniju bolova izazvanih gasom na novi filozofski nivo, mogao biti jednako smrtonosan, tihi prdež, u uljudnom društvu. Na primer, niko ne bi želeo da vređa kuvanje nečije majke, ali u prethodnoj eri, nekada davno, izvesna frau Žižek je preuzela na sebe da, subotom uveče, redovno priprema za večeru jelo od šunke i velikog belog pasulja, baš uoči nedeljnih jutara, kada je malog Slavoja, paradnim korakom kao dobrog vojnika, otac vodio u crkvu.

Sada, iz nekog razloga, dogodilo se i jedno i drugo; mali Slavoj je žudeo za ovom poslasticom, ali se on NIJE svideo poslastici. Ali ovu nesrećnu telesnu disonancu, zasnovanu na biološkom principu, koja se uveliko dešavala, a da je oni veliki porodični autoriteti nisu otkrili. To je bilo zato što bi roditelji malog Slavoja odlazili na glavnu crkvenu službu, gde bi se predavanja o svemogućem odvijala na akademski način, dostojan kule od slonovače, dok bi puki podređeni kućni babuni, poput malog Slavoja, bili izdvojeni na „obuku“ u pravilnom luteranskom stilu… u nešto unapred stvorenom shvatanju budućeg raja gde deci nije dozvoljeno prisustvo u društvu dešavanja i / ili zbivanja odraslih, što takoreći ima svoje korene u Hegelovom shvatanju podele.

Tako se desilo, ovaj nesrećni mali Slavoj, više puta (na časovima zaredom i više puta na času), bio je nalik na mašinu koja je istiskivala veoma vlažne prdeže, krajnje tihe sorte i čija bi aroma topila metal poput topionice. Ili, srušila zgradu poput prirodnog gasa koji je iscurio i pronašao pilot svetlo grejača. Prdeži nalik na visoko sumporne ispusne vulkanske gasove, provučeni kroz gomilu svežeg stajskog đubriva njegovog rođaka, sakupljenog iz torova za ovce. Glave su padale na stolove, dečije oči su suzile, nastavnik bi poprimio zastakljen izgled, a tokom predugih pauza remetili su se planovi časova.

Budući da hegelovsko potomstvo Martina Luthera nikada ne govori ono što im je iskreno na umu kad je tema sramotna, vulgarna, a prdeži su sramotne, vulgarne teme u bilo kom nemačkom ili pseudo-nemačkom društvu, ova noćna mora je trajala, iz nedelje u nedelju, a vrata male učionice nisu mogla da budu čak ni odškrinuta, da uđe malo svežeg vazduha, jer bi ovo bilo prećutno priznanje da postoji neugodan problem.

Stoga, to se nastavljalo sve dok, iz nekog razloga (nijedan odrasli instruktor nije više bio voljan da trpi), jednog nedeljnog jutra nije bilo profesora koji bi odvojio decu. Kada se mali Slavoj zatekao kako sedi u glavnoj klupi na crkvenoj službi, sa svojim nominalno slovenskim, ali „teutonizovanim“ odraslim nadzornicima, usledila je preterana posledična reakcija; šunka i veliki beli pasulj bili su uzrok prelaska na marksizam u kući malog Slavoja, ali bilo je prekasno da se ostavi trajan utisak, već je samo preneta određena aroma u buduću analitičku političku filozofiju!

„Moralna pouka“ ove priče bila bi: Ako osetite miris, istražite ga, pre nego što vam okolnosti nalažu da morate da dišete na usta i okusite ga.

Tako je i bilo, mali Slavoj, uprkos svojoj zaluđenosti Višijevskim Lakanom i kulturnom indoktrinacijom u „idealnoj“ tradiciji tevtonskog Hegela, izrastao je u kontradiktornog, tevtonski oblikovanog, propagandnog licemera u ruskom vlasništvu; čijih nekoliko današnjih filozofskih brabonjaka uključuje „Asanžmaniju“, kojoj su jedino dorasli, samo određeni, predadolescentni obožavaoci Bitlsa Pola:

1 - 1

^ Jungova Anima Slavoja Žižeka ^

Prior to Alternet deleting my soapbox [blog] some years back, I used to post a special edition of this ‘story’ up as a Christmas tradition. Well, the tradition is back until (hopefully) I live to see the day I can run it as Dick Cheney’s obituary (Don Rumsfeld’s, as well) and be done with it.

Imagine Bing Crosby crooning “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…” ’24’ is on TV with the sound off. Don reaches over and places his hand softly on Dick’s thigh, chuckles, and says “Did you hear Ben Bonk’s sob story?” Cheney puts his hand over Don’s and gives an affectionate squeeze. “I laughed to tears.” The next day they went quail hunting.

Free speech clown series


The Story of Dick Cheney’s Dog

You all have heard of the first grade primer ‘Dick and Jane’? Well, as fate would have it, Dick did not grow up to love Jane, because Dick (like Don) matured into a homosexual in denial, or “RRR” (sounds like a Rottweiler growl), one of those closet morality, socially/sexually frustrated and consequently mean people known as a Religious Right Republican.

So, this has to be a adult repressed homosexual ‘dick’, or machismo porn variation, of the ‘Dick and Jane’ story. Consequently, the story of how Don Rumsfeld met his demise, because of Dick Cheney’s dog, is pretty screwed up. It’s called: Don & ‘dick.’

Rumsfeld was visiting ‘big dick’ Cheney at Cheney’s ranch in Wyoming, Cheney was wishing he could have shot George Bush in the face with his shotgun because the coward George flinched and did not pull the trigger on Iran…

While reminiscing missed opportunities at initiating Armageddon, wishing they could have shot more people in the face, especially more Arabs, and about their longing for certain fascists to be in their lives, past and present, secular and religious.. among other things, Rummy suddenly asked ‘big dick’ why his Rottweiler, “Machismo”, was always chained up at his kennel.

Mean people have mean dogs and, dick explained to Don that “Machismo” had an edge about him, Machismo simply could not be trusted around visitors. dick went on to explain how he wished it were otherwise and how he wished Machismo could be trusted to obey him and only tear apart people that he did not like, he’d tried dog trainers but they cost him money, too much money, because Machismo took a chuck of flesh out of all of them, every dog trainer he had tried. His insurance premiums had gone sky high, all on account of Machismo.

Rumsfeld: “Why don’t you get a different dog?”

Cheney: “Because I love my Machismo.”

Then Don had an idea.

Rumsfeld: “Hey dick, there is the Arapaho Indian Reservation right up the road, why don’t you get a Medicine Man to take the edge off your Machismo? I saw on the Discovery Channel the Indians can talk to animals, you know they are all devil worshippers, so maybe there is something to it.”

dick’s eyes brightened considerably, an amazing thing, as though a light had turned on upstairs, but then his brow furrowed back to normal, as though nobody were home.

Cheney: “That’s the problem. They are all devil worshipers, you know, Indians are sorcerers like the Old Testament forbid be ‘found among us.’”

So Don & dick discussed that and came up with a solution. If they were not at dick’s ranch while the medicine man worked with dick’s Machismo, the sorcerer would not be found ‘among them’ and it would all be ok in the end, because St Paul had said “All things work together for good” for Christians like Don & dick. So they sent a Secret Service agent to find a medicine man with an explanation of how dick would like the edge taken off of his Machismo, and then went quail hunting, so the Indian sorcerer would not be ‘found among them.’

The secret service agent found a medicine man, a Blackfoot married to an Arapaho and living in Wyoming, a typical dumb Indian, who with a look of stunned disbelief, kept asking the agent again and again “What!?” After the agent had identified himself four times and explained dick Cheney wanted the edge taken off his Machismo eight times, a light filled this Blackfoot Indian’s eyes, this agent was serious, and the devil was right at home.

Indians know when the gods deliver the opportunity of  a lifetime, and this was opportunity at redemption. It had been awhile since the medicine men had been noticed, that is, the now days scarce authentic ones, and the agent had stumbled onto the authentic shaman. First and foremost, this Indian believed in the Native law of reciprocity and well knew how it worked, something the Whitemen had not sorted out since Jesus had told them about it two millennia ago: “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

In this Indian’s world view, the opportunity was all about deliverance, and the attending attrition from any consequence, a sort of natural quantum mechanics shamanic death manifest by friendly fire, simply would have to be tolerated, because the medicine men are all about manifesting truth, and this native cultural idea taken together with the dogs name, set out the path to healing dick’s Machismo: The dog would have to be taught how to enjoy narcissistic sex, instead of biting people.

Initially, the medicine man realized he would have to endure Machismo’s instinct to hump his leg, that was disturbing, but to reach the goal beyond… The Indian told the agent, well, ok, he would do it for ‘dick.’ The agent missed the straight faced Indian humor… and utterly failed his agency’s chartered mandate.

Indians are observational people, primarily, and know the purpose of dog butt sniffing rituals, sort of like when a Blackfoot and Cree spot each other from across a boulevard in downtown Calgary, the hair goes up on both backs and both Indians are thinking to the other “You can sniff my butt” in a historical context, and it is not a friendly thought. The actual butt sniffing between them is purely psychic, preceding any challenge and fight, and the medicine man doctoring dick’s Machismo would need to circumvent this phenomena to achieve his aims. So sorcery came into play. He collected urine from a bitch in heat, rubbed a little of it on his knee, and bringing more along in a vial, he traveled to heal dick’s Machismo.

The dog was very happy to see him, no hostility or butt sniffing ritual encountered at all, the Indian told the agent ‘the spirits’ required he had to work with the dog alone, brought out a plastic baby rattle wrapped in leather with a few strings with beads, to look convincing, and dick’s fundamentalist christian body guard was more than happy to leave. Then this Indian, bringing out the vial of bitch urine, began to work with dick’s Machismo: “Now Machismo, my leg is a good beginning, but we have to show you something, you don’t need my leg or me at all, you can do this all for yourself- just follow her scent to where it feels so right….”

In Blackfoot language we have a word, I don’t know how to spell it in the Whiteman’s language, but it sounds something like oww-woe-tops and it means you are crazy and “everyone knows the Whiteman is crazy” is a Blackfoot proverb proven again and again, example given, ‘dick’ Cheney hiring an Indian that hates him, as every Indian should, to tame his Machismo. There is another Blackfoot word I dare not try to pronounce here, but it means “Dog Face.” It is about as bad as Blackfeet language profanity gets, and it is not as tame as it might seem, initially. The term refers to a certain facial expression…

Don & dick were headed back to dick’s ranch, the agent had called and told them the medicine man had pronounced dick’s Machismo healed and was leaving, and as fate would have it, the medicine man, and Don & dick passed each other on the dirt and gravel country road, the Indian pushing his 1968 Chevy pickup named the “Red Jet” as hard as he could, the worn out 327 V-8 boiling blue smoke into the dust storm he was whipping up behind him, windows down, braids flying, wild eyed panic combined with a maniacal mirth at his crime, co-mingled with prayers to all the gods that he WOULD escape… thinking when he saw Don & dick “you can sniff my butt” while trying to put on as many miles as he could, as fast as he could, to escape dick’s ‘spread.’ Don said “God Damn”, dick in the same moment saying “he must have brought along his whiskey”…

Then, ‘dick’ & Don, walking to the kennel, turned a corner bringing Machismo into view in that very moment Machismo was swallowing it, gulping himself down with a certain facial expression… Don had a sudden epiphany, and he exclaimed “Machismo sucks!”, and dick’s perpetual grimace of hate torqued down to the point it actually broke his primitive semblance of a mind, he pulled his permitted concealed weapon…

The camera pans away to the beautiful red rock cliffs of Wyoming, there was a first shot echoed together with Machismo’s dying yelp, Don shouted “NO!” and the second shot was heard… a pause.. the third shot sounded and America never heard ‘dick’ Cheney say “Terror” again.

In the here-after, for all of eternity, Don repeated “Look Dick, look. See Machismo suck!” And for all of eternity Dick shot Machismo and Don, again and again and could not kill them or himself (because they were already dead.)

The Secret Service agent kept his mouth shut about his role in the cause behind the Rumsfeld/Cheney murder/suicide, and no one came after the medicine man who laughed for years, again and again like a child, every time he recalled:

“you can sniff my butt”




^ Bellingcat, er, Bill the Cat

Navalny poses as a higher ranking ‘apparatchik’ within Russia’s security services, scrambling to understand what went wrong with the plot to murder (himself) with the nerve agent novichok. He (Navalny) ostensibly has reached one of the foot-soldiers (a Russian intelligence services officer, at his home phone) tasked with carrying out Navalny’s assassination (I would have said you can’t make this shit up except for someone clearly did.) The hoax is audacious.

The 1st problem with Navalny’s ‘hoax call’ reported by Bellingcat is the dates. The 2nd problem is Bellingcat is the reporter. Or, you can switch the order, these are co-equal problems, followed by a 3rd problem that is the call itself.

1) The poisoning happened on 20 August, the ‘hoax call’ is made on 14 December, and released by Bellingcat on 21 December. Now, wait a minute. The context of the call, a desperate demand for answers of what went wrong (Navalny didn’t die) for a report to higher up authority, is something you would expect within the first 48 hours, not nearly three months later. By the time this call was made, that dust should have settled and been vacuumed up by Russia’s intelligence services, everyone would have been debriefed by this time, including the target of the hoax call.

2) Bellingcat is an organization on the point of ‘the Russians did it’ (or the Russians should be held responsible, even if they didn’t do it) world information warfare stage from Syria chemical warfare crimes to MH17 to the Skripal poisoning to (now) Navalny (and whatever else escapes my memory at the moment.)

Every reasonably competent intelligence officer from either side of the ongoing state of warfare between the NATO & NATO associated intelligence agencies, and Russia, perfectly assumes Bellingcat is a front for British intelligence, if they are honest, which is forbidden in this case, if you work for Western intelligence (as well, the CIA might easily request a favor from MI6 and its proxy Bellingcat, time to time.) Of course, if you are Russian, it is not permitted in the liberal democracies to believe anything you have to say (whether truthful or not.)

3) The recorded call itself requires you to believe Russian intelligence officers assigned to assassinations are 85 IQ troglodytes in eternal state of drunk or hungover. That works, if you are a Robert Littell (CIA disinformation) spy novel fan or, alternatively, a 007 freak where Russian intelligence operatives, when it comes to assassinations, are so muscle-bound around the head, there is no space left for brains (having been all squeezed out by steroids, obviously.) But the propaganda ploy works for precisely the subliminal stereotype created in the Western media audience; at many levels we all are conditioned (or attempted to be conditioned) to believe the stereotypes.

At 14 minutes in, there are real questions. He’s too slow & dumb (the FSB guy) he should have been wide awake by now, this all seems scripted. Do we know it is actually the Russian officer on the other end? Rather, is it a MI6 or CIA actor? In the very early stages (long before the 14th minute), the ‘Russian’ intelligence officer should have demanded to make the call himself, calling back from a secure phone to his interrogator (after confirming with his own chain of command), at the least. I can’t believe the Russians are without strict protocol training in this regard. The so-called ‘Konstantin Kudryavtsev’ (a real person but certainly not the person in the call) is too stupid, by far, to demand this obviously important security protocol, and that stupidity is covered by the very fact of discussing ‘a secure line’ while posing him as half-awake & consequently ‘snookered.’ But even a hungover and half-awake 85 IQ (if such ever existed in the FSB, not likely) should grasp violating this protocol while running his mouth could find him hung upside down in chains in the basement of the Lubyanka (FSB Headquarters in Moscow) while his bosses decided what would become of him. This raises a related issue; why would someone who’d so famously screwed up a hit still be on the job? The entire business stinks from the beginning.

Then, at 18 minutes in, the ‘Russian’ troglodyte is volunteering via unsecured line a local investigative chief’s phone number to a ‘superior officer’ (Navalny’s alias) that prior to this call he has never even heard of:

It just goes downhill from there…

The concluding question should be, did Nalvany understand he had been talking to a Western intelligence asset/actor? The answer would be “probably not.” Narcissists are brilliant material for intelligence agency manipulations, in this case of Western intelligence engineering (from the outset) Nalvany being of greater value as an information operations asset in Berlin as opposed to a perpetually failed color revolutionary in Russia.


Related: Initial impression in the Navalny ‘poisoning’ (22 August)


A former Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence for Special Forces, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald had lived over thirty years in close association with Blackfeet Indians (those who still speak their language), and is published in international law as a layman: The Right of Self- Determination of Peoples and It’s Application to Indigenous People in The USA or The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole. Ronald has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.


Bank of America - 1

Možda je za ovaj esej najbolji uvod opis gde NEĆETE naći vođstvo i zašto. To je u američkom istorijskom kontekstu sa dodatim formatom pripovedanja koji potiče od američkih urođenika; gde su međusobno povezani metapodaci spojeni nitima, tako da osporavaju američki izraz zapadnih kulturnih pretpostavki. To će najbolje razumeti (i namerno im predstavlja izazov) oni prilično kompetentni u američkom istorijskom i društvenom kontekstu. Međutim, ovaj esej bi takođe mogao biti zanimljiv onim međunarodnim čitaocima koji žele da istraže bilo koji od nekoliko aspekata razvoja američkog karaktera (i stanje propadanja), a posebno bi ovaj esej trebalo da zanima Srbiju, imajući u vidu preuveličanu ulogu koju trenutno SAD igra u srpskoj istoriji.

O politici „nade“

„Nada je večita“ – cinizam je u obliku narodne poslovice. Zanimljivo je da su, prema iskustvu ovog autora, ovaj cinizam primenile ličnosti koje su uložile veliki trud i rad kako bi upravile američki državni brod u smeru sa lošom perspektivom. S tim u vezi, izraz se može posmatrati kao lična satira, uperena ka samom sebi, zasnovana na principijelnom delovanju; gde je nečija posvećenost traganju za onim što je ispravno i časno iz razloga odbijanja bilo kakvog kompromitovanja etike, u suštinskoj strukturi sopstvene države. Ova osoba, iako sigurno nije sama u tako principijelnom poduhvatu, izuzetak je, a ne pravilo.

Što se tiče drugog tipa ličnosti, onaj koji cinično iskorišćava „nadu“ jednostavnih, običnih ljudi, to jest sociopata u onome što predstavlja intrasocijalni odnos grabljivica-plen, „plen“ je taj kome je najpotrebnije da preispita gde se „vođstvo“ ukršta sa „nadom“. Ova misao je zasnovana na činjenici da smo stigli do mesta masovne manipulacije čovečanstvom, na dosad neviđenom nivou propagande, gde se vođe proizvode, bilo da bi prodavali „nadu“ ili u svrhu obojene revolucije (iskorišćavanje nade), između ostalog.

„Ogromna ekspanzija komunikacija u Sjedinjenim Državama dala je ovoj naciji najprodorniji i najefikasniji aparat za prenošenje ideja. Svaki stanovnik je neprestano izložen uticaju naše rasprostranjene mreže komunikacija, koja doseže u sve krajeve zemlje, bez obzira koliko su udaljeni ili izolovani. Reči neprestano udaraju u oči i uši Amerike. Sjedinjene Države su postale mala soba u kojoj se jedan šapat uvećava hiljadama puta“ – Edvard Bernajs, „Inženjerstvo saglasnosti“

Od Johana Gutenberga preko Markonija do Microsoft Explorer-a, za nešto manje od 600 godina, pozivajući se na sposobnost manipulisanja putem ljudske osobine, ateista Ričard Dokins je pokušao da objasni kao „mim“ (pojavni redosled razmene informacija koji se ne može odvojiti od ljudskog duha), moć alata sociopata za manipulisanje eksponencijalno se povećala.

Najobičnija „nada“ (običnih ljudi) je pogrešan naziv; trebalo bi je bolje izraziti kao „želju“ koja nije ni naročito novčana ni zlurada. To je želja za običnim, jednostavnim i smislenim životom, u kome čovek radi i biva nagrađen osećajem sigurnosti; životom, u kom bi trebalo da postoji mnogo malih zadovoljstava, koja su antiteza ličnom carstvu ili mnogim komplikacijama koje nosi dosezanje izvan zidova svog doma i granica svoje zajednice. Ova hipotetična osoba je (u modernoj zapadnoj mitologiji) opisana kao „so zemlje“ ili bi se moglo reći farmer, mlinar, pekar, prodavac … svi oni koji su poštovani u malom susedstvu, sa nekolicinom onih, ili ih čak i nema, koji teže državnim poslovima ili da sede u nekom senatu.

Zatim, manifestuje se „tamna strana“ pismenosti; poput kosmosa demonske kontrole gde „sloboda“ insistira na tome da slobodoumni (a ne slobodarski) korporativni neofeudalizam gura lice malih naroda u konzumerizam, dok se ne uguši duh, a sve što je razumno čini se da je van domašaja.

Počinje privlačnošću i zaljubljenošću; ideja „napretka“ je neizbežno stanje čovečanstva, i tako obični ljudi bivaju usisani u mašinu masovnih medija, gde zapravo neminovno postaju robovi dugova, zagrizavši mamac za samopoboljšanje kao svoju sudbinu.

Možda je najciničniji primer u istoriji kada su oslobođeni Crnci u Sjedinjenim Američkim Državama nagovoreni da se odreknu 40 hektara i mazge, kako bi se preselili na sever i radili u fabrici u kojoj je, u kratkom vremenskom periodu, za jednu ili dve generacije, kapital nestao iz upravo tih fabrika što je ove ljude ostavilo na cedilu, bez ikakve tržišne veštine, a samodovoljnost (lični suverenitet) sveden je na puko sećanje.

Vrlo kratko pre toga, tržišni krah 1857. godine koji je okrenuo naglavačke živote nebrojenih američkih belaca, koji su kupili „san“, a njihovu „nadu“ sveo na „veliko buđenje“ koje nije uspelo, osim da ubrza pretvaranje ekonomski raseljenih u nevoljni oslonac „Manifesta sudbine“. Ovaj osnovni temelj „Američke izuzetnosti“ („Američka izuzetnost“ američke imperije globalni je klon „Manifesta sudbine“ ili osvajanja urođenih naroda), gde je mim „nade“ nadahnute očajanjem, pogrešno nazvane „Veliko buđenje“ u društvenoj samoobmani, poslednji put viđen u hrišćanskim „preporodima“ koji su širili vojskom Konfederacije, koja je ubrzo potom poražena u agoniji građanskog rata; preteča onoga što bi lako moglo doći na globalnom nivou.

U proseku, oko sedamdeset i neku godinu, od Američkog rata za nezavisnost i kraha, preko reprize kraha i Američkog građanskog rata, do kraha berze 1929. i Drugog svetskog rata (američka istorija ne može da „poseduje“ Prvi svetski rat), do predstojećeg kraha i širenja ratova koji će spasiti imperiju 21. veka, još uvek nije viđena prava generacija „malih ljudi“ kojima je ispunjeno bilo koje obećanje u „potrazi za srećom“. Na kraju, svo bogatstvo, praktično sve, konfiskuje se u korist (profit) korporativnih ratnih huškača, više puta.

Prilike za trovanje stanovništva putem izuma Gutenberga, Markonija i Microsoft-a ne mogu se izbrojati, ali se mogu kvantifikovati u socijalnom smislu. Obični ljudi, koji žele samo poštenu priliku u jednostavnoj potrazi za srećom, upadaju, kroz nametnuta veštačka očekivanja koja se, jedno po jedno, iskorišćavaju zbog činjenice neizbežnog lažnog rezultata (zasnovanog na lažima), u dužničko ropstvo sa svim pratećim implikacijama, u okolnostima gde se obični, lakoverni građani instinktivno plaše za svoju budućnost, a mnogi od njih otupe ili još gore: postanu nasilno besni cinici. Pogledajte „preporod“ oličen u političkoj ličnosti Trampa i onoga šta će na kraju postati napredno-liberalni pokret, koji redovno truju oličenja „nade“ Baraka Obame, „opekotine“ Sandersa i politički korektnih zahteva (samoobmane) Aleksandrije Okasio-Kortez sa dve glavne baze (i nekoliko podbaza) kojima manipulišu do granice drugog američkog građanskog rata.

Konzervativci američkih crvenih država vođeni su dubokim (sujevernim) konzervativizmom iz daleke prošlosti zbog istinskog podsvesnog straha od nametanja „liberalne“ kulturne revolucije; liberali plavih država postaju radikalizovani (u netolerantnu „budnost“), jer percipiraju pretnju revanšističkim konzervativizmom, koji im zauzvrat nameće ono što smatraju arhaičnim društvenim vrednostima. Bez obzira na to koja strana prevlada, policijska država pobeđuje (dok se sve konačno i potpuno ne raspadne).

„Tiranin, da bi se držao svoje moći, potiskuje svakog nadmoćnog mislioca, uklanja dobre ljude, zabranjuje znanje i prosvetljenje, kontroliše svaki pokret građana i, održavajući ih u trajnom ropstvu, želi da se naviknu na podlost i kukavičluk, ima svoje špijune svuda da slušaju ono što se govori na sastancima, širi nesuglasice i klevete među građanima i time ih moralno osiromašuje, a dužan je da ratuje kako bi držao svoje podanike zaokupljenima i nametnuo im trajnu potrebu vrhovnog vođe “ –Aristotel

„Otkriće“ Dokinsa (mim) bilo je već odavno poznato u posmatranju ljudi; i za kratko vreme (u više navrata), zatrovani Gutenbergovim izumom, u primeru američkih generala Li i Džeksona, ciničnom manipulacijom verskim traktatom u moralne svrhe (podsticanje lažnog duha ili „veliko buđenje“) zlosrećnih vojski, koje su služile maltene samo za „preobraćanje“ južnjačkih vojnika SAD-a da postanu oni koji „veruju u Bibliju“, zagorčali su i uneli netrpeljivost u posleratnu društvenu atmosferu, što je postalo Kju Kluks Klan-ov Jug.

Ako je zapadno hrišćanstvo istorijski služilo za manipulisanje, postoji mali kontrast kada je „Prosvetiteljstvo“ poslužilo malo više od toga što je zatočilo običnog čoveka u samoiluzornu zamku lične slobode, zagarantovanu prevarama još od svog nastanka; ništa drugačije od farmera koji se ne može se osloboditi kiše, mlinara koji se ne može osloboditi farmera, pekara koji se ne može osloboditi mlinara, niti se male trgovine mogu osloboditi pekara. Svaka živa osoba u zapadnoj kulturi koja zamišlja da je nezavisna (ne uzimajući u obzir prethodno navedeno) ne primenjuje ništa više od onoga što je opisano u proteklih 2500 godina posmatranja:

„Njihov sud se zasnivao više na slepim željama, nego na bilo kakvom zvučnom predviđanju; jer je navika čovečanstva da nepromišljenoj nadi poveri ono za čim čezne i da suverenim razumom odbaci ono što im se ne sviđa“ -Tukidid

Vođstvo u vreme krize ne bi trebalo da potceni zlo kojem se čovečanstvo koje „napreduje“ pokorilo. Biti „osvešćen“ trebalo bi da bude sinonim za razbijanje iluzije o „nadi“, kada se radujemo onome što je mogućnost. Struktura koju je čovečanstvo izgradilo, posebno oni koji su usvojili zapadni model, daleko je od istinskog razumevanja šta znači zavisiti od kiše. Kada teret ove strukture dostigne tačku da slomi vlasnika prodavnice, i otkrije se da je potporna struktura prodavca (farmer-mlinar-pekar) nestala, u okolnostima kada farmeri, mlinari i pekari iz zajednica brzo postaju relikvije sećanja, inteligentno raskrinkavanje onoga što predstavlja opipljivu laž, trebalo bi da bude primaran fokus (pre propasti). Ako se kičma zajednice ne očuva netaknutom, a ne može se računati da će Bayer AG, Singenta i DowDuPont zaštititi ekonomski suverenitet bilo koje zajednice, a kamoli nacionalnu bezbednost hrane bilo koje nacionalne države, neće postojati kičma, jer multinacionalne korporacije nisu kičmeni stub, već više podsećaju na ljušturu.

Pravi lideri ne mogu biti lažovi, oni ne manipulišu običnim građanstvom suprotno od interesa zdrave zajednice i ne skrivaju stvarnost. Religija to čini, bilo da su to religije nauke i prosvetiteljstva, ili religija politike rimskog cara, koja oblikuje hrišćanstvo u instrument države, u kojoj je mudrost istorijskog Isusa hrišćanske kulture sahranjena Pavlovim izumima koji potiču iz grčkog paganstva, ili tačnije, krvnim žrtvama „misterioznih religija“ tog doba. Isus vas ne može spasiti, ali ako posvete pažnju njegovim autentičnim učenjima (npr. Beseda na gori), to može pomoći ljudima da se spasu.

I na kraju, vođstvo u vreme krize ne treba crpsti iz modela koji je proizveo krizu, to jest iz modela korporativne sociopatije. Ako postoji istinski duh koji će se manifestovati u takozvanom „dobu slobode“, koje je postalo medijsko igralište sociopata, to mora biti organski duh, koji neguje organsku inteligenciju po uzoru na poslovicu američkih urođenika:

“Duh nadahnjuje um čoveka, da bi znao šta da radi”

Razbijajući ljudima iluziju o „nadi“, pravo vođstvo će poslati Microsoft Explorer do đavola, ukazujući zajednici na inteligentno raskrinkavanje korporativnih struktura u procesu povratka na samodovoljnost; gde su napori izvan zajednice, čiju kičmu čine kiša-farmer-mlinar-pekar-prodavac na kraju neodrživi, naročito oni odvažni, „puste želje“ poduhvati korporativnog konzumerizma koji guše duh ljudi, u procesu razaranja kičme zajednice.

U procesu pristupanja Evropskoj uniji, koja je apsorbovala bivše socijalističke države, postoji „trik poglavlje“ koje se otvara, i odmah zatvara, kao puka formalnost. To je poglavlje 26 koje se tiče „Kulture i obrazovanja“, gde je dato obrazloženje zašto je ovo poglavlje samo formalnost:

“oblast kulture i obrazovanja ne podrazumeva zajedničke kriterijume za usklađivanje sa EU, a samim tim ni merila za zatvaranje.”

Ako kulturu ostavimo po strani, na prvi pogled bilo bi neobično što ne postoji merilo Evropske unije za usaglašavanje ili zahtev za određenim obrazovnim vrednostima ili standardom. Razlog postojanja ovog neobičnog izostanka nesumnjivo bi iznenadio (ili izazvao poricanje) kod onih koji se najviše bave obrazovanjem, češće bi iznenadio prosvetne radnike u manjoj zajednici, a izazvao poricanje kod akademika na nacionalnom političkom nivou. Kratko objašnjenje ovog neobičnog izostanka je, ako bi postojao standard Evropske unije sa kancelarijom i vezom sa onim političkim nameštenjima kojima je dodeljen zadatak obrazovnih vrednostih unutar različitih vlada nacionalnih država, ovo bi pružilo opipljiv cilj, koji je nepoželjan za plan zapadnoevropskih obaveštajnih agencija u nastojanju Evropske unije da te države prilagodi određenoj perspektivi; uz napomenu da su društvene perspektive značajan deo valute nekoliko profesionalnih propagandista obaveštajnih agencija.

Ova kratka obaveštajna procena detaljno opisuje nevidljivo (većini običnih građana) potkopavanje obrazovanja u evropskim, bivšim socijalističkim državama, od strane spoljnih špijunskih agencija, prvenstveno Nemaca, u njihovom naporu da povrate imidž i steknu uticaj.

Civilno društvo „nevladinih organizacija“ (NVO) ima dugu istoriju kao paravan kroz koji se sprovode razni oblici špijunaže. Obično se ova vrsta špijunaže sprovodi regrutovanjem „ćelija“ u okviru organizacija, u kojima mnogi ili čak većina zaposlenih u NVO nisu upućeni, ali naslućuju da postoji tajna organizacija namerno umetnuta unutar njihove organizacije.

Ove nevladine organizacije, koje deluju izvan zapadne Evrope, tesno su isprepletene tapiserije, gde su svi aspekti oblikovanja „političke kulture“ bivših socijalističkih država pažljivo i vešto izrađeni, da bi dobili podršku javnosti u pokretanju nacionalnih država putem povratne sprege, gde „kultivisanje“ i „oblikovanje“ stranog cilja nije jedini zadatak; već je i propaganda za stanovništvo država iz kojih potiče socijalna subverzija takođe važna za cilj. Model za postizanje ovoga je istorija evangelizacije u zapadnom hrišćanstvu; donošenje „dobrih vesti“ (jevanđelja) neverniku malo se razlikuje u socijalnoj psihologiji zapadne Evrope od „reformisanja“ bivših socijalističkih država.

Primer za to može se naći u nemačkoj nevladinoj organizaciji, N-OST, medijskom koncernu za „razvoj demokratskih medija u istočnoj Evropi“ koji je povezan sa pravim konglomeratom paravana špijunskih agencija, uključujući Nacionalni fond za demokratiju CIA-e, ne samo nemačko ministarstvo spoljnih poslova, već posebno Konrad Adenauer Siftung koji zajedno sa Hrišćansko-demokratskom unijom Angele Merkel čini politički aparat koji obučava i „rehabilituje“ nacistički SS slaveći antiruske radikale koji su srušili vladu Ukrajine 2014.

U špijunaži, postoje tri osnovna sredstva za prodor i / ili korišćenje neprijateljske organizacije u svoju korist:

1) Pridobijanje zaposlenog na neki način kao što je ucena, seks, podmićivanje ili pozivanje na psihološku slabost poput rada na nečijoj savesti ili ideologiji, i ubeđivanje da postane imovina vaše organizacije (agent / izdajnik)

2) Postavljanje vlastitog službenika u organizaciju kao zaposlenog (špijuna)

3) Korišćenje psihologije i dezinformacija kako bi ubedili osoblje organizacije da radi u vašu korist i / ili počine dela protiv sopstvenih interesa (lažna zastava / prodaja)

Uobičajeno bi bilo da se svaki od ovih pristupa procenjuje pojedinačno i u različitim kombinacijama i / ili varijantama prilikom planiranja operacije. Ova procena započinje trećom metodom, budući da se odnosi na obrazovanje i nastavnike u ciljanoj državi.

Prodor (i zaklon) strategije špijunske agencije nalazi se u praksi NVO-a da ciljaju na i manipulišu studentima i osobljem univerziteta koji nisu svesni toga i daljim (krajnjim, političkim) ciljevima kroz praksu empatije putem socijalizacije i srodne obrazovne „obuke“ koja zapravo manipuliše psihologijom, da bi se „oblikovale“ simpatije ljudi putem onoga što bi se moglo nazvati „mekim kultivisanjem“ predrasuda. Špijunskim jezikom, ovo je gajenje „agenata“ (koji nemaju ni najmanju predstavu šta im se događa) pod lažnom zastavom „rasprodaja“. Poenta je u tome, kada ste oblikovali nečiju psihologiju da postane sredstvo za vašu strategiju u, na primer akademskoj zajednici, imate savršenog „mandžurijskog kandidata“, bez obzira na to da li je taj diplomirani student tokom svog obrazovanja i karijere postao profesor ili činovnik, nevladina organizacija ga je oblikovala, a da on toga nije svestan, u radno sredstvo za stranu obaveštajnu agenciju.

Kada strani interes stvori dovoljno ovih „oblikovanih“ mentaliteta u ciljanim državnim institucijama, on postaje samoreplikujući društveni organizam, koji započinje svoj život i vremenom postaje sve veći fond talenata pomoću kojeg, na primer, univerziteti preoblikuju istoriju ili postižu druge ciljeve. Do nekog trenutka u ovom procesu, ako sve ide po planu, veći deo ključnog rukovodstva u obrazovanju, na vrhu socijalne strukture ciljane institucije, postaće strano sredstvo u svrhu manipulisanja interesima ciljane države.

Najskrovitije (i najvažnije) od ovih NVO su one koje se bave obrazovanjem, primenjujući „dugu igru“, idući za studentima univerziteta, gde se inteligentnija, ali i povodljiva omladina, izlaže uticaju i legalnom obliku podmićivanja putem stipendija i obrazovnih mogućnosti u inostranstvu, gde će ove buduće „ručno birane elite“ naučiti da služe spoljašnjim interesima, a suprotstavljenim njihovim sopstvenim nacionalnim interesima. Možete videti ove programe kako se oglašavaju putem izjava o misijama koje su od nedavno dostupne preko Konrad Adenauer Siftung (KAS).

„Sarađujemo sa državnim institucijama, strankama, organizacijama građanskog društva, kao i odabranim elitama, izgrađujući usput snažne partnerske odnose. Posebno stremimo da ojačamo političku saradnju u oblasti razvoja saradnje na nacionalnom i međunarodnom nivou na temelju naših ciljeva i vrednosti.“

„Kako bismo razgovarali o važnim društvenim pitanjima i stavili ih na politički dnevni red, KAS organizuje konferencije, panel diskusije i predavanja. Pored toga, organizujemo seminare, radionice i simulacione igre kako bismo ispunili naše ciljeve u vezi sa političkim obrazovanjem, konsaltingom i obukom.“

„KAS … deluje u čvrsto povezanoj mreži institucionalnih partnera. Među njima su [parlament], predsednička administracija, kao i … strukture političkih partija, nevladine organizacije, univerziteti i istraživački centri.“

To su pažljivo izrađeni programi „lažne zastave“ u kojima se buduća inteligencija ciljane nacionalne države pažljivo prilagođava kulturnim perspektivama, o čemu vode računa inicijativne agencije ili strane tajne službe.

Na primer, Konrad Adenauer Siftung ima kancelariju u Beogradu od 2001. godine. Ova organizacija gaji akademike u Srbiji već skoro dvadeset godina; gde je štićenik KAS-a koji je 2005. godine diplomirao na univerzitetu verovatno veteran sa 15-godišnjom karijerom jedne ili druge državne institucije, političke stranke, univerzitetskog akademika ili direktora. Sve ovo su ljudi čija je psihologija i perspektiva „oblikovana“ tako da odgovara perspektivi zapadne Evrope, sa „mekom predrasudom“ nastalom pozivanjem na „sofisticiranost“ i „superiornost“ zapadnoevropskog obrazovnog modela i postojećih univerziteta, na kojima će istočnoevropska akademska omladina biti zavedena stanovištem koje je štetno za njegov ili njen nacionalni interes.

Ukratko, ovo je vešt oblik zavođenja, tipičan za psihološke operacije tajnih službi, koje se igraju sa egom putem laskanja, začinjeno prilikama, kroz, između ostalih, formalna udruženja „jednakih sa jednakima“, navodnog odnosa vaspitač sa vaspitačem. Upletena laž je jednostavna; „Ovo je dobro za čovečanstvo, dobro je za vašu naciju i dobro je za vašu karijeru.“

Iz ovog pažljivo odgajenog „fonda talenata“ narcizma, biće urađena procena pojedinaca kako bi se utvrdilo ko će najbolje odgovarati određenim „gambitima“ koji će biti načinjeni u subverziji ciljanog većeg društva. Neki će biti skloni tome da iskreno „veruju“ u svoju „misiju“, bez obzira na to što simptomi ukazuju na obrnut slučaj u stvarnosti (poricanje). Drugi bi mogli pokazati slabost karaktera što ostavlja prostor da se u budućnosti ta osoba zarobi mitom ili drugim oblikom korupcije i zadrži potencijal za ucene. Seks je isprobana i potvrđena formula, posebno beleženje susreta neotkrivenih homoseksualca, gde se prilika da se jedan od njih uvede u seks sa maloletnim partnerom smatra „vrhunskim“ razvojem „talenta“. To su ljudi kojima će biti omogućen otvoreniji pristup “moći“, bilo pozivom na diplomatska društvena dešavanja ili drugim sredstvima.

Taj „premijum talenat“ će zatim biti postavljen što je moguće bliže vrhu političkih struktura; ali ne bi nužno trebalo da bude, na primer, „ministar“ ili njegov direktni pomoćnik. Ponekad je poželjno da ove položaje moći zauzimaju manje inteligentne (i intelektualno nesigurne) političke persone, na koje se može uticati, ali su i potrošne u slučaju kada, ako željeni ishod zakaže, sposobnost odgajenog talenta da utiče na događaje ostane netaknuta i dostupna za neku buduću poziciju uticaja i rada.

U slučaju da, na primer, srpski ministar obrazovanja postane meta običnih prosvetnih radnika (nastavnika i činovnika nižeg nivoa) zbog neke naizgled nekompetentnosti, kao što je istorijski revizionizam u udžbenicima koji su dostupni za kupovinu školama, uzeti zajedno sa novim kompjuterizovanim administrativnim alatima obrazovnog sistema nabavljenih od stranih preduzeća, kao što je to Sindikat prosvetnih radnika za Moravički okrug naveo kao slučaj u Srbiji u proleće 2020. godine. Da su razlozi prosvetnih radnika za pobunu bili potkrepljeni i pobuna bi bila uspešna s otpuštenim ministrom obrazovanja, a zapravo se dogodilo to da je samo jedna zmijska glava odsečena nečemu što predstavlja Meduzu; jer pobunjeni prosvetni radnici vertikalno posmatraju horizontalnu konstrukciju. Zbog ove činjenice, velike su šanse da će svaki sledeći politički subjekt koji stupi na mesto ministra zavisiti od istih sredstava povezanih sa ministarstvom ili ubačenih u njih, što dovodi do još jedne manifestacije glave iste Gorgone.

U međuvremenu, kontraobaveštajne službe biće uglavnom usredsređene na vojna pitanja, u okolnostima kada će obrazovanje, iako možda nadgledano u smislu klasične špijunaže (špijuni), uglavnom biti ostavljeno da funkcioniše „normalno“. Većina gajenih agenata u ovom sektoru u suštini nisu upoznati sa sopstvenim ulogama, a oni koji su ucenjeni i / ili dobrovoljne izdajice, smatraće se kao manja pretnja kada analiza troškova utvrdi da bi raščišćavanje i obezbeđivanje obrazovanja bili prevelika cena; jer će optužbe i rezultujući zakonski mehanizmi, o kojima bi se histerično izveštavalo u zapadnim propagandnim mašinama, biti prikazani u svetlu „političkih progona“ koji državu izlažu međunarodnim sudskim postupcima.

U osnovi, ono što su razradile tajne službe zapadnog sveta je uglavnom legalni metod oblikovanja budućnosti država poput Srbije; putem uticaja u obrazovanju u obliku zakonskog podmićivanja kroz socijalizaciju, stipendije i druge „privilegovane“ mogućnosti, negujući perspektive u akademskoj zajednici. Ruski metod rešavanja okolnosti ove prirode nedavno je zahtevao da se strane NVO registruju kao agenti i ograniče svoje aktivnosti; čak idući toliko daleko da zabrane neke organizacije. Ali Rusija nema pretenzije da se pridruži EU, a EU ima malo efikasnih alata za prinudu u Rusiji.

Kada je u pitanju istorijski revizionizam, to će biti na tanjiru u sve širem meniju oblikovanja buduće perspektive Srba; u tom slučaju treba primetiti kako je istorijski revizionizam oslonac zapadnoevropske strukture sa kratkim primerom nikoga drugog do samog Konrada Adenauera.

„Braća Dales su bili izdajnici“ – sudija Vrhovnog suda SAD Artur Goldberg

Džon Foster Dales, državni sekretar (ministar spoljnih poslova) Dvajta Ajzenhauera, i njegov brat, direktor koji je najduže služio u CIA, Alen Dales, bili su predratni (Drugi svetski rat) poslovni partneri sa Trećim rajhom.

U godinama neposredno posle rata, obojica su imala ključnu ulogu u rehabilitaciji mnogih najopasnijih ratnih zločinaca Rajha, u partnerstvu sa vladom Konrada Adenauera. CIA, u vreme Alena Dalesa, je spasila, u velikoj meri, obaveštajni aparat Istočnog fronta Trećeg rajha i zajedno sa angažovanjem najmanje stotinu bivših oficira SS-a i Gestapoa, stvorila „Gelen organizaciju“ (nazvanu po njenom komandantu, Rajnhardu Gelenu, Hitlerovom šefu antisovjetske obaveštajne službe i najvećem ratnom zločincu), koja je potom dodeljena Konradu Adenaueru kao nemačka posleratna tajna špijunska služba ili BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst). Konrad Adenauer je i sam bio saučesnik u pomilovanju osuđenog ratnog zločinca Alfreda Krupa, koji je je primenjivao robovske uslove rada (uglavnom Rusa) pod nadzorom Gestapo-a u svojim fabrikama, koje su snabdevale nacističku ratnu mašinu. Krup je pušten iz zatvora i vraćeno mu je lično bogatstvo.

„Poglavlje kolektivne krivice za militariste, zajedno sa aktivistima i korisnicima nacionalnog socijalističkog režima, mora biti završeno jednom i za svagda. Mislim da sada treba da završimo sa ovim raskrinkavanjem nacista“ – Konrad Adenauer

Ništa od ovoga nije štampano u zapadnoevropskim istorijskim knjigama, slučaj istorijskog revizionizma koji prikriva lažnu „rehabilitaciju“ nacista.

Istovremeno, „ambasador“ Arndt Frajtag fon Loringhoven, bivši pomoćnik direktora nemačke tajne špijunske službe (BND) i donedavni šef obaveštajne službe NATO-a, sin je Hitlerovog poslednjeg službenog obaveštajnog oficira Berndta Frajtaga fon Loringhovena. Više je nego ironična simbolika konteksta koji se provukao u onlajn obrazovanju koje je sprovela srpska država, da je NATO zapravo „mirovna organizacija“.

„Nema ni najmanjeg razloga poistovetiti nacionalizam, što je želja naroda da bude ono što jeste, sa imperijalizmom, što je želja naroda da spreči druge narode da budu ono što jesu“ – Siseli Izabel Ferfild

Uprkos pronicljivom zapažanju Ferfildove (u možda najboljoj obaveštajnoj proceni ikada napisanoj o Balkanu – Crno jagnje i sivi soko) u vezi sa stvarnom prirodom nacionalizma, savršeno je predvidljivo da bi svaki pokušaj srpskih prosvetnih radnika i političara da isprave ovu okolnost ispunio imperijalističke ambicije NATO-a i EU kojom dominira Nemačka, propagandnim optužbama za „nacionalizam“, oslikavajući sve srpske rodoljube jednim kistom, jednom rečju koja je postala oružje; bez obzira na karakter pojedinaca. Drugim rečima, trubeći reč „nacionalista“ i upirući prstom, zapadnoevropska propagandna mašina će poslati poruku sopstvenim narodima „ovi Srbi se ponašaju kao pavijani koje treba postaviti na svoje mesto“, odnosno oni koji su bliski pravim nacistima, prikrivajući sopstvenu istoriju i motivacije, optužiće Srbe da se ponašaju kao nacisti.

„Dajte mi dete do njegove sedme godine i nije me briga ko će ga posle uzeti“ – Ignasio de Lojola

Ova izjava, koja navodno pripada „učitelju“, osnivaču Društva jezuita, od najveće je važnosti za kontekst ove situacije. Ako Srbija, kao što je planirano zajmom Svetske banke od pedeset miliona evra, nastavi sa obaveznim državnim obrazovanjem od navršenih tri godine sa onom vrstom spoljne „stručnosti“ zabeležene u gore navedenoj proceni, osvajanje nacionalnih država od strane zapadnog carstva biće dovršeno. Kao posledica toga, sposobnost Srbije da proizvede genija biće ugašena. U dosadašnjem obrazovnom modelu, u kom dete započinje redovnu školu uzrasta 6-7 godina, iako sigurno nije dostupno svima prema porodičnim okolnostima, postoje deca predškolskog uzrasta koja će istraživati i razvijati um na načine koji ukazuju na buduće kreativne genije koji isključuje jednoobrazno obrazovanje koje počinje sa tri godine. Dete prirodno obdareno inteligencijom, koje tokom dana čuvaju bake i deke, što može, s vremena na vreme, nekako podsećati na metod Marije Montesori, ili na drugi prirodni razvoj pametnog dečjeg uma, mapiranje uma na način koji otvara vrata budućem geniju. Ova prilika im je otrgnuta.

Konačno, završni udarac obrazovanju u Srbiji već je u zamahu; gde je školama ukinuto pravo na disciplinsku metodu, a „liberalna“ metoda dopušta neposlušnost i nepoštovanje sa ciljem ometanja nastave, časova i kvaliteta obrazovanja, ne samo da pljačka pristojne učenike, već će oterati iz srpskog obrazovnog sistema mnogo budućih bistrih i posvećenih umova ili onih strastvenih profesionalaca koji su zaista posvećeni deci. Nakon toga, jedino kvalitetno obrazovanje biće ono privatno obrazovanje koje je dostupno eliti.

Za ponovo oživljeno Nemačko carstvo potrebno je neuko srpsko građanstvo.

Konrad Adenauer: Čovek koji je rehabilitovao Naciste (Nemački federalni arhiv)
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