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2020 Year End Stats & Observations

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Vođstvo u vreme krize

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Navalny: When Useless Idiots Become Useful (Dead) Idiots

Rope-a-Dope Israel, Iran & the Beirut explosion

Propaganda & Corona Virus

On Butt-Hurt Big-Heads

Pompeo vs Bolton

The Other Side of Color Revolution

Natural Selection for Autistic Traits

Derek Chauvin: Upgrade the Murder Charge

^’s stats history ^

The numbers dropped for 2020 which was expected; the work output had been less prolific, it still doesn’t matter if the blog insults either party to the duopoly and very likely my turning attention to attempt translating ancient Native American concept to modern put some readers off. Well, this last is the tooth fairy culture’s thin skin.

Lost Shadow is the year’s most read piece, I have to laugh at this because I’ve sorted it is on account of some cheesy Western TV drama, ‘Godless’, generating the hits. Probably the writers (this is a guess) had stumbled across my “Modern Indian Society” piece a few years back (the search term ‘lost shadow’ relative to Native Americans had been directed to this) and mentioned the idea in their script. Not realizing this, I decided to expand on the brief mention of the concept of ‘lost shadow’ in the Modern Indian Society piece with a new piece named exactly that (Lost Shadow) that now is the most read article these past two years and I discover it is a soap-opera driven popularity. What a great cosmic joke!

Alfreda Bikowsky & the Definition of Stupid  is the second most read piece for 2020, that is important for the mere fact the piece devastates the argument for torture in the so-called ‘war on terror.’ It uses known so-called ‘information’ derived from actual torture, combined with government statistics, to prove the absolute impossibility of the CIA’s (failed) conclusions that had been (unbelievably) acted upon from the torture derived ‘information’, in a satirical format. Talk about stupid!

If this were a X-Rated blog when it comes to satire, I’d put torture fans Alfreda Bikowski & Gina Haspel in a CIA honey trap’s lesbian porn video scene, produced for intra-agency blackmail purpose and…

Bill Barr: Whoa!! Look at the size of Haspel’s [redacted] !!!

Liz Kimber: Ooooh…

Mike Pompeo: Holy Jesus! What do you call one that big?!

Ricky Prado: Nuestra Señora de Atocha!

Pompeo: What’s that?

Kimber: A sunken Spanish treasure galleon, good call! Bikowsky’s face will require a diving bell with oxygen line to find Haspel’s [redacted], er, I meant the pleasure jewel in that!!

The immediate preceding has been made into a stands-alone piece, BCHP, meanwhile, rounding out the top ten for 2020:

3. The Powell/Haspel CIA/USA Election News (2)

4. The Powell/Haspel CIA/USA Election News

5. Chip Tatum & His Odd Internet Afterlife

6. Agent Assange

7. The Coe Cult & ‘The Donald’ Election Scam

8. Trump’s DNI – A Dire Wolf for Jesus

9. Saint Chester

10. Pentagon Papers, CIA and the Lies of Daniel Ellsberg

All time most read 2012-present:

1. Alfreda Bikowsky & the Definition of Stupid

2. Black Boxes, Dark Arts & Geopolitics

3. Lost Shadow

4. The Coe Cult & ‘The Donald’ Election Scam

5. Sociopaths & Democracy

6. Modern Indian Society

7. Trump’s DNI – A Dire Wolf for Jesus

8. Agent Assange

9. A Whistle-Blower’s Odyssey of Survival

10. Military Sock Puppets, NSA Trolls & CIA Shills

Per always, it is not necessarily how many read but who reads, is important. As well, greetings to the spooks, be certain to check out the quotes on the front page, if  you’d spend the rest of your lives dedicated to learning how not to lie, it be a better endeavor on behalf of humanity than just about anything else you could do… it’s long past time (and probably too late) to insist on an international convention governing the criminal behaviors of spies –

2019 End of Year Message & Notes

FISA Misc. Order 19-02  on secret FISA warrants

False Flag Flatulence Syria & sarin

Impeachment Derangement

Divination radical ethnography

The Trickster in Equilibrium radical ethnography

Sabbatical from geopolitics

9/11 Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

Geoff Bozos Awards & Queer-Anon satire

CIA-Mossad Cluster-F**k: Neutralizing the Epstein Case

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Ayatollah Ratcliffe’s Theocratic Republic DNI Ratcliffe

Gina Haspel & Wild Indians  satire

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Privatization for Dummies the Dulles brothers’ legacy

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Leadership in Time of Crisis on the politics of ‘hope’

Mental Midget Macron & The Straw-Man sex with a scarecrow

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Israel & The Right to Exist creating and un-creating states

Zion is for Jesus who really empowers Bibi’s insanity?

Reality Check cross-cultural exam

Kid Gloves (2) on Russian Propaganda

Kid Gloves (1) on Russian propaganda

MAGGOT™ Make America Great, Get Over Trump

Obscenity Hymn of the Republic on the USA’s culture war

Just Another Geopolitical Head Louse Trump’s new AG

A + B = C Part Two d’Espagnat vs Plato

A + B = C Pythagoras can kiss my butt

End of Year Message 2018 will bear down on 2019 (heavily)

With a bit of front page (too cluttered) reorganizing, stuff I’ve not given a lot of attention to updating has been moved here. Nonetheless, it is still an opportunity to explore a lot of this sites important works of the past 5 years up to recent times, as most of the material continues to be relevant. Some of these topics will be brought back to front page as opportunity to reorganize and update them presents itself (as I overcome distractions and a bit of laziness.)


In these following collections you will find overlapping open source analysis (some analysis repeated in different collections.) The reason is, there is a lot of overlap in geopolitical events. For instance there are ‘deep state’ elements pursuing similar, or even near identical operations, ongoing in separate parts of the world. Some collections are specific to certain regions, others to wider but related social and political phenomena. The idea is to provide multiple perspective for persons with differing interests and focus.

NATO’s Turkey

Example par excellence of what happens when the ‘national security state’ upsurps the rule of law; where megalomania, corruption and murder run amok on colossal scale.

On Trump

The three ring circus imploding DC as Trump’s foes out-do ‘The Donald’ himself when it comes posturing, pomposity, hypocrisy and underhandedness (if that were to seem possible.)

On the FBI

Some criminal examples of cases the FBI either doesn’t touch or actually shields. The agency has needed cleared out with a broom from the top through mid-management for a  very long time.

On WikiLeaks

This small collection (above link) does what you won’t find in either mainstream or alternative news; scrutinizing WikiLeaks from a professional intelligence analysis perspective employing a healthy scepticism or, perhaps better said, looks for, finds and explores holes in the WikiLeaks myth. WikiLeaks is accused of releasing the DNC mails via a Russian hack and that organization denies Russia was the source but declines to offer proof, allowing the false perception to persevere. Why? Is it because Assange’s currency as an intelligence agency asset isn’t yet entirely exhausted? Consider this: certain alternative media stars either fail to realize or selectively black out the fact Julian Assange was a critical gear in the intelligence agency (primarily CIA & MOSSAD) information operations responsible for the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ … leading to not only revolution and counter-revolution in Egypt but also the overthrow of Gaddafi and the Syrian ‘civil war.’ How do Chris Hedges, Caitlin Johnstone, Vanessa Beeley and Raul Ilargi Meijer (among others), when defending their perception of Assange as a hero, drive that square peg into the round hole of wikileaks supported the intelligence agency geopolitical engineering called the Arab Spring? A case of ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it too.’

The NAZI Meme

The Nazi meme collection (above link) is open source analysis collection detailing the effect of Dominion Theology on world events:

Dominion theology refers to a line of theological interpretation and thought with regard to the role of the church in contemporary society. Dominion theology is also known as Christian reconstructionism and theonomy. Dominion theology states that biblical Christianity will rule all areas of society, personal and corporate. Christian reconstructionism reasons that society will be reconstructed by the Law of God as preached in the gospel and the Great Commission. Theonomy is a post-millennial view believing that all of the moral laws contained in the Old Testament are yet binding today”

This related video exposé of the facts of the Pentagon & ‘Dominion Theology’ by Mikey Weinstein, former military officer, White House lawyer and founder of the seven time Nobel nominated Military Religious Freedom Foundation, may be the most important video you will ever watch:


“You’re telling me 28 to 34 percent of our military want 7 billion people to die” [believe in literal Armageddon] … “The simple answer is affirmative”


Deep State Exposés (GLADIO)

Employing open source intelligence analysis method, this ‘Deep State’ series explores the inter-relationships of corporate boards to politics, corrupt law enforcement, organized crime in intelligence agencies, military and military contracting. Here you will find threads between powerful corporations and associated personalities to the bottom line (profit) and death squads, international organized crime, arms & narcotics trafficking, connecting the dots from the CIA special activities division to heroin and cocaine funding the Tea Party and much more.



Palace of Cowards

Various communications of mine to several politicians and institutions on organized crime in government, political assassinations and more.


CIA & Covert Coup d’état

Assembled analysis offering alternative perspective, with explanations of how the USA’s criminal security apparatus, and the CIA particularly, is pursuing miscreant, necrotic behaviors, endangering and usurping democratic institutions in a larger geopolitical and social context.

The Plot To Capture The White House

Series on behind the scenes machinations where neoliberal Zionists and authentic Nazis programs merge to a point of seeming indistinguishable.


On Israel

Implications of CIA-MOSSAD joint ventures (and more)


Ukraine for Dummies

Open source intelligence analysis on events in Ukraine


The Arab Spring for Dummies

Open source intelligence analysis on events called ‘The Arab Spring’



Analysis that do not neatly fit other categories at this site


Noteworthy (dis)Information Operations

Examples of false-flag journalism & associated personalities


Military Sock-Puppets, NSA Trolls & CIA Shills

External links to government disinformation exposés


A Gentleperson’s Guide to Forum Spies

Public service educational exposé


General Irreverence

My rants on political subjects; informative and often not ‘nice’ reads



Uncategorized essays on subjects I find interesting, my ‘cosmology is the conspiracy’ theory, my take on European mentality, stories and so forth



history (links)


The Christians

Essays on the crimes and hypocrisies of Christians and associated personalities in a cultural context


Spy Novel & Book Reviews

My take on some of what I’ve read


Alternative News (links & more)

updated time to time

End of Year Message 2018 will bear down on 2019 (heavily)

A Don Rumsfeld & Dick Cheney Christmas

USA Really & Robert Mueller free speech? not.

December Notes (2) geopolitical soup du jour

Robert Mueller’s Dystopia or how to get away with murder

Nation vs State; Midget Macron & Mini-Merkel as Paris burns

Pearl Harbor Day a short reflection

From Behind: RollingStone Bends Its Readers Over on Assange

Syria Chlorine Reprise, Act 27 …here we go again…

November Notes (3) NATO-UN geopolitical soup du jour

November Notes (2) geopolitical soup du jour

German Press, Lying Silence covering for institutional nazism

November Notes Trojan Horse geopolitical soup du jour

The Gift Horse intelligence chiefs & international blackmail

The Khashoggi Murder Howls false flag information warfare?

Assangemania pictorial

John Bolton’s Criminality his Federalist Society policy speech

A Breaking Point in Geopolitical Torsion law vs spies

October Notes (1) geopolitical soup du jour

NATO’s Takfiri Laundromat on Syria’s Idlib province

38 North’s Korea Problem Trumanite vs Madisonian

Loos in Space float-out versus fall-out

Forgiveness psychopathy & American babushki

Russian Meddling in Macedonia Mina Report

2018 Fall Notes ‘Russians did it’ geopolitical soup du jour

Russian Propaganda’s Rank Fail on MH17

The Plot To Capture The White House series

2018 Summer Notes Assange, Israel, Russia, Trump & more

The left ones think I’m [on the] right, the right [wing] ones think I’m wrong -Leon Russell

To start, my message of what’s happening that’s important in its bearing on the new year, the USA animus towards Russia and all of its implications, we begin in a historical context with this screenshot naming the author of a patent lie:

Mueller_Lockerbie - 1

Insofar as 2018 stories, of the several geopolitical events of considerable importance, in my estimation it is the deep state’s Robert Mueller role-as-mole or charade as ‘special counsel’ should draw the necessary attention to underline the so-called ‘Trumanite’ network embedded in the USA’s security structures. Of the MANY exposures (in the public domain) of this man as a fraud devoted to what amounts to an anti-constitutional order that has stepped itself up and above the rule of law, there are three that stand out to degree to disqualify him as anything other than corrupt; 1) in his role as deputy attorney general during the Bush 41 administration, Robert Mueller headed up the USA end of the Lockerbie investigation that was later exposed by a Chief of Scots police as a frame-up of Libya due to false evidence and testimony provided by the USA, 2) it was Robert Mueller had been exposed by a United States Senate investigation (that was never acted on) showing the United States Department of Justice sandbagged the criminal case against Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) and subsequently 3) it was Robert Mueller’s FBI for a decade refused to arrest a serial killer, Enrique Prado, despite more than ample evidence (a proverbial ‘mountain’ of evidence) provided to the Department of Justice by both state and federal law enforcement.

The common thread in these events? It is the Central Intelligence Agency. The USA end of the Lockerbie investigation was tied to false physical evidence planted by the CIA and the FBI provided the ‘expert’ testimony of Thomas Thurman (exposed as a fraud) upholding the same under Robert Mueller’s watch, BCCI was all about the CIA’s Iran-Contra international arms and narcotics money laundering investigation Mueller worked to contain (damage control) and Enrique Prado is not only a serial killer responsible for multiple drug cartel related murders that Mueller’s FBI failed to act on, but also happens to double as a high ranking CIA official who moved on to Blackwater where the CIA’s own contract killings became outsourced (Prado remains free & has never been prosecuted.) Of the many instance of Robert Mueller’s dirty work for CIA, these three cases are remarkable for the fact they are reasonably indisputable. [1], [2], [3]

It follows, when Robert Mueller is assigned to support ‘the Russians did it’ forgone conclusion at the trial by Western media, it demands investigation of Mueller’s endeavors and it cannot come as a surprise there are numerous, major holes in ‘the Russians did it’ story replete with CIA fingerprints (Bruce & Nellie Ohr, Fusion GPS and Crowdstrike.) It follows, these are the 2018 stories that bear on what will follow in the new year:

These preceding stories concern a social poison that could morph into WWIII when you think about in certain terms; The USA’s deep state/intelligence agencies framing Russia as a criminal with (excuse me) ‘trumped up’ charges is not like falsely accusing your local rival mobster. The difference is tremendous and what is frightening is, the small mentalities who believe they can produce a stool pigeon, e.g. Christopher Steele, to give false testimony and expect the result will be a conviction, are creating a very big problem for all of us, because you cannot simply lock Russia up … and the falsely convicted are not prone to be especially friendly towards their prosecutors. When the Russians see opportunity to rectify this injustice, because the perpetrators almost certainly will never admit their fraud, likely result will not be pretty. You and I dear reader, could pay for that. In a more radical scenario, with continuing pressure and tensions piled on, everyone could pay. Sans bullshit happy greetings, welcome to 2019.

Relevant to the CIA’s vested interest in ‘the Russian’s did it’ information operation pursued by Robert Mueller, here is my related, thumbnail metadata history of false-flag terrorism as pursued by the liberal democracies intelligence agencies…

…and the related complaint to the International Criminal Court seeking precedent for expanded jurisdiction:

Moving on, 2018 is remarkable for the fact I’d finally jelled my personal philosophy into print in the English language. This was exceptionally difficult because the pre-Western civilization that has shaped my views is not conducive to translation to Western thought and language per se. In fact I’m prepared to state almost all past anthropological endeavors in this regard are hopelessly flawed, especially those stemming from so-called ‘native studies’ programs (and their academic progeny) for the fact color of skin creates a pseudo or deceptive perception of validity. ‘Native studies’ is a politically correct euphemism for Western anthropology dressed up in red skins in a society which seems hopelessly trapped into lying to itself. Here is my attempted work-around:

A related critique of American society produced here in 2018 is:

My modest blog’s projected performance for 2018: 116 hits daily (on average for a bit under 3,500 per month.) This is up from 2017, but 2014 had been a stronger year, due to Ron Unz linking his assessment of the MH17 false-flag Malaysian airliner shoot-down over Novorossiya (the Donbass area of Ukraine) to my assessment of that same event.

Started in mid-2012, following Alternet discontinuing (and eventually deleting) my ‘soapbox’ blog, began to get a bit of traction in 2013, with 2014 the blog’s strongest year, pulling in 45,000 hits. 2015 had about 40,000 (a lingering effect of Ron Unz linking to the MH17 piece), 2016 was at 26,000, 2017 bumped up to 36,500 views and 2018 is up to just over 42,000 reads. Over the lifespan of this blog, we are nearing 200,000 hits.

Alfreda Bikowsky and the Definition of Stupid, lampooning CIA renditions to torture with real statistics, is the most steadily read article over time (since it had been published in December 2014), and has consistently gained on the MH17 assessment and is this site’s most popular and enduring satire. As things stand, it is on track to become this sites all time most read piece in 2019.

The following ‘top ten’ are not all published in 2018 but were the most read for the year. The numbers are probably a bit higher than reflected in these stats as of 26 December; as there are approximately 3,000 reads for 2018 in the category ‘homepage/archives’ some of which probably are hits of articles in the following list. Amazingly, works in relation to my Native American experiences are the top two.

Finally, I continue to hold that sheer numbers are not necessarily the best marker for a blogs importance, who reads can be as important or more important. In regards to this, greetings to the spooks, some of you I admire and know, others I despise but nevertheless know you read here (and know who some of you are.)

Most read top ten for 2018

Modern Indian Society 2,945
Lost Shadow 1,994
Alfreda Bikowsky & the Definition of Stupid 1,198


Agent Assange 807


Pentagon Papers, CIA and the Lies of Daniel Ellsberg 745


The Coe Cult & ‘The Donald’ Election Scam 666


A Whistle-Blower’s Odyssey of Survival 490


What Can Be Known vs What Will Be Known 461


Black Boxes, Dark Arts & Geopolitics 422


Bob Manson & Charlie Mueller 390


The all time top 25 (since mid-2012)

Black Boxes, Dark Arts & Geopolitics More stats 5,937


Alfreda Bikowsky & the Definition of Stupid More stats 5,077


Sociopaths & Democracy More stats 3,908


Modern Indian Society More stats 3,741


Trump’s DNI – A Dire Wolf for Jesus More stats 2,958


Francis Bacon More stats 2,603


America’s Deep State More stats 2,537


Military Sock Puppets, NSA Trolls & CIA Shills More stats 2,520


A Whistle-Blower’s Odyssey of Survival More stats 2,505


COUNTERFEIT COIN More stats 2,374


Lost Shadow More stats 1,994
Obama’s Ukraine More stats 1,842


The Coe Cult & ‘The Donald’ Election Scam More stats 1,722


Heroin, Bags of Cash & the CIA More stats 1,701


Intelligence Agencies & Wikipedia More stats 1,560


Pentagon Papers, CIA and the Lies of Daniel Ellsberg More stats 1,552


Saint Chester More stats 1,499


Ukraine for Dummies More stats 1,389


On Edward Bernays & Propaganda More stats 1,389


Germany’s Martyrs of the Maidan More stats 1,359


Liberals More stats 1,241


Reminiscing Life In Blackfoot Country More stats 1,148


Raphael’s Paradox More stats 1,146


Agent Assange More stats 1,131


Hillary Clinton In Two Short Paragraphs More stats 1,020


A former Special Forces Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald is published in International Law as a layman (The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole) and has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.


Albania’s spy service SHISH gets ‘kebabed’ by its own finance ministry in the interest of EU ‘openess’ … apparently the intelligence service provided expenses details together with employee records and the entire business was published online by the finance ministry. A safe presumption might be LOTS of people know who Albania’s spies are:

A short timeline of CIA geopolitical engineering in Macedonia:

The preceding “USAID” involvement of is old as the marriage of organized crime to CIA:

And then Wikileaks gets used by the agency to dispose of a CIA (hereafter unwanted) asset, huh, that sounds familiar:


This next, breath-taking hypocrisy, would win the world liars contest if only the USA didn’t exist; NATO’s Turkey [pun intended] says nations should consider working with Assad “if he wins a credible election”

…recalling Sultan Erdogan’s election conferring godlike dictatorial powers on his ambition to resurrect the Ottoman empire looked something like this:

massive electoral fraud … the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Council of Europe (COE), issued scathing reports on the referendum … The referendum occurred … under state of emergency … Erdogan arrested 45,000 oppositionists and dismissed 130,000 civil servants … “No” campaigners threatened and called “terrorist sympathizers” … 150 journalists in jail … 160 media outlets shut down … half a million Kurd voters disenfranchised … Kurdish members of parliament jailed … 5,000 Kurdish ‘no’ activists arrested … Supreme Electoral Council, controlled by Erdogan appointees, abruptly changed the legal criteria for certifying ballots on election day, removing an important safeguard against voter fraud … qualified judges replaced with Erdogan loyalists

Man, that sounds almost as bad as Chicago. But that’s NATO democracy in action, bringing up this next:

Trump bends over his second least favorite babysitter/general, Mattis, and orders a complete withdrawal from Syria…

…opening the door to NATO’s Turkey [pun intended] to go after the Kurd units there, which is an interesting development. Putin wanted the USA out but he also has warned Erdogan against funneling Idlib’s Salafi militants to Syria’s Kurdish region, something Erdogan has been keen to do. Actually Erdogan will go for it anyway, and small wonder at that, considering Erdogan’s intelligence chief, Hakan Fidan, is a bona fide member of al Qaida. Is Putin ready for Erdogan to back-stab Russia again? This has to be the biggest geopolitical soap opera of the moment:

“The third disagreement is related to the fate of extremists as Turkish officials want to transfer them to Kurdish-controlled areas while Russian officials insist on “terminating them””


So, then Trump’s detractors (includes Mattis) will point the finger at Trump (not Turkey) when Syria’s east is reinfected with Salafi militants but secretly pleased Erdogan has reopened the terrorism pipeline into Syria if only because it will cause Assad and Russia problems. Of course this also could point to taking the USA’s Syria contingent out of harms way in any planned, upcoming military action confronting Iran. And, so it goes…

Well, my friends, with 2018 nearly out the door, forget Oliver Stone & that rank, skank Megyn Kelly, when  it comes to understanding the man NATO, USA and EU are contending with, here’s the Putin interview you should care to watch:

^ with English Subtitles

President Putin flat out says there will be no world without Russia even as the West’s liberal retards push Russia to the brink. Then, compare the preceding lucid expressions to the USA’s more typical political leadership with this highly relevant satire:

^ It’s perhaps not what you might expect from the title…


A former Special Forces Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald is published in International Law as a layman (The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole) and has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.


December’s notes begin in the Far East with a look at empire’s stunning hypocrisy… we don’t arrest our own corporate officials for crimes of the corporation, rather the habit has been to penalize the corporation. Never was there a ‘too big to fail’ banker prosecuted. Throw that idea out the window in relation to China and the Trump administration’s rather dangerous trade war provocations on top of recent saber rattling:

Would Russia send a warship into Puget Sound? Ok, so Peter the Great Bay is a bit bigger but wtf, it’s little different when it comes to (these days habitual) provocations as the USA sends a warship to the vicinity of Vladivostock:

Russia_East - 1


Recall that 21st Century medieval kingdom called North Korea? Maybe it’s not altogether the crumbling state the propagandists tell us, here’s the narrative of the Scotsman who ran a foreign law firm there for 12 years:

Part one

Part two

The criminal mentality Alex Younger (MI6 boss) slips up and spills how the UK is pursuing 21st Century clandestine information warfare:

Maria Butina caves in and cops a guilty plea, probably to escape intolerable conditions of confinement. What is interesting is, the USA claiming the Russian state showing interest in her case, in and of itself, points to Butina being a spy:

If Russia’s interest in supporting their citizen, Butina, points to her guilt, what does that say about ‘Pastor Brunson.’ Oops:

In fact the CIA’s habit of employing missionaries in the spy games is hardly new:

I doubt Butina was anything more than naive, I don’t see anything dramatically changed since I’d written about her case in July:

Meanwhile, in Strasbourg, the European Parliament apparently can’t stand the thought ethnic Russians might actually decide for themselves who should represent them, so what, elections are anti-democratic? Ohhh, its that ‘Minsk Accord’ thing where the liberal democracies nazi lap-dogs in Kiev are allowed to absolutely ignore upholding their end of the deal but when it comes to the ‘rebels’ pesky aspiration to democratic ideals, that’s a BIG no-no:

CIA promotes a woman to top hit-man position, her hair-style indicates a stunted maturity that’d never graduated beyond a 1970s high school year-book-look:

Meanwhile, in the realm of an aging Governor Moonbeam, the corruption surrounding water is breath-taking, forget all of those evaporating waste-holes of greater Los Angeles called swimming pools, this shit is unreal:

Catalan separatists, who I’m normally somewhat sympathetic to (if only because they’re poking a finger in the eye of fascist Spain) get this months hypocrisy award … better they had torn down the immense monument to Columbus in Barcelona prior to looking for Native Americans interested in political fellatio:

Another piece future politically correct historians will damn this author for, a social assessment of the ‘yellow vests’ degenerates into a satire where Brigette Macron is the undead Simone de Beauvoir, consort of the President of France, who is loved by the German state because he’s necrophiliac. Oh well.

Speaking of dead things, I’d had unusually excellent sleep (for an old soldier’s tired bones) the night of 30 November and woke up to news ‘Bush 41’ had died. I seem to recall (was it a dream?) a jingle that went ‘ding-dong that Bush is dead’ … recalling Ross Perot was blackmailed into dropping out of his presidential run against Bush 41 with high quality photo-forgeries of Perot’s daughter in porn scenes, apparently including beastiality. Perot believed it was the work of GHWB’s CIA connections. It may well have been. No obituary I’ve seen mentions the elder Bush 20 years CIA association (officer? Certainly he had access to and moved in Alan Dulles’ circles) prior to his becoming CIA Director for Gerald Ford. Was Bush Sr in Dallas in November 1963? Some put him there. As well, what happened to any mention of the 1980 October Surprise? It’s not like that was never in the news. Then, there’s Iran-Contra. Finally there’s his criminal spawn, ‘dubya’ and Saddam’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’, Neal Bush (9/11) and Jeb & the quashed Novation case where two DoJ attorneys appear to have been murdered to cover up a massive Bush related fraud. The man smells (worse now, considering he’s a corpse) and has always smelled of a world class criminal. Perhaps America’s greatest ever, were the truth to become fully known. That’s what received a state funeral. This is one f’d up world.

I suppose I could have penned a satirical obituary but I was up and about other things. So, here’s the satire/obituary I’d done on former Bush ally & CIA international narcotics trafficking partner Manuel Noreiga instead, note the photo of George HW Bush sitting together with Noreiga in ‘better days’ (before the American crime boss stabbed his business partner in the back)

Almost through 2018? I didn’t think I’d live to see 2000 (career/lifestyle)

A former Special Forces Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald is published in International Law as a layman (The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole) and has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.



Greetings Folks

As Russia attempts to stabilize Syria and eliminate Al Qaida from Idlib, I’m certain the Russians are under no illusions of who they’re doing business with in their ‘partner’ Turkey; but what the rest of us should know is, this NATO ‘ally’ run by Erdogan, with his habit of stabbing everyone in the back at different times, has for his intelligence chief a longtime member of Turkish al-Qaida. Small wonder Turkey had been so friendly with al-Qaida splinter group ISIS, you think? Great for multiculturalism in Europe too, with Germany’s open door and EU refugee quotas shoved on other EU states (that’s irony.) Where do you suppose more than a double fistful of ISIS people (if they can be called ‘people’) ended up? Actually that’s precisely why Russia is determined al-Qaida has to be STAMPED OUT in Syria, better that than see them funneled towards Russia (and yeah, that raises a question, why are certain NATO states so concerned about protecting the civilians in the Idlib al Qaida bastion from Russians, civilians hardly seemed to matter when McDonnell-Douglas and General Dynamics products were flattening Fallujah, Ramadi and Mosul. This following assessment is as relevant today as it was two years ago:

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Speaking of NATO states coddling al-Qaida in Idlib province of Syria, you actually have to go to Russian media to see what a USA Congresswoman has to say about it:

Meanwhile, the soup is sticking to the bottom of the pot and someone on the Western side had better turn the fire down; the Russians aren’t going to ‘turn the other cheek’ forever, bringing up the propaganda wars and associated dirty tricks in live theater. The question I would be asking the Russian MOD if I were a reporter? How is it a state of the art Russian electronic warfare plane can’t deflect a dated Russian S200 SAM system? Maybe that’s not what actually happened … in a case of ‘chickens come home to roost’ for Bibi Netanyahu’s geopolitical fellatio involving a state of the art French frigate. Joaquin Flores at Ft Russ makes a credible case it was the French, not the Syrians, downed the Russian plane off the coast of Syria but Israel will pay for it:

Propaganda is tricky stuff, and the Russians aren’t lily white choirboys (per the preceding example) … however there might be understanding of, and reason for, certain despicable acts (professional lies) this ethicist (yours truly) draws a line at this next (and my thanks to Ft Russ News for picking up my work)

Speaking of Ft Russ News picking up my work, this following series might hold some clues on why Donald Trump has been left out on a limb by Jeff Sessions, a case of ‘et tu Brute’ … where neoliberals, neocons and the cult behind the National Prayer Breakfast, the intelligence agencies & Pentagon all contest for control:

As if all of the preceding were not enough, NATO pushes a massive air drill in Russia’s face, if you haven’t watched Dr Strangelove in awhile, it might be time to rent the DVD:

Oh, and about that Bill Browder guy (behind the Magnitsky Act)…

Quote of the month: “US Defense Secretary James Mad Dog Mattis is arriving in Macedonia to, the way he described it, “save us from the Russians”. The real question is who is going to save Macedonians from the Yanks considering it isn’t the Russian Ambassador who is bribing judges, visiting Courts or seating with Election Officials on the eve of elections… it’s the US Ambassador”

And… because it is September: James Corbett on the “9/11 war-games”

24 September special addendum: With Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS, or SCROTUS, (reader’s choice) appointment heating up across the phony divide of the duopoly, here’s what neither side will dare admit is underlying history of the nominee:

Finally, the complimentary satire, but, relevant to our Western political class, today’s is a guest artist, James LaFond, on street IQ – the smart-ass-dumb-ass scale – Enjoy!


A former Special Forces Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald is published in International Law as a layman (The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole) and has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.


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