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First the et ceteras, and yes, I butchered the title, but I sometimes enjoy playing with the language. Coming sea change at this site?

sea change |ˈsi ˌtʃeɪnʤ|
a profound or notable transformation.
from Shakespeare’s Tempest ( i. ii. 403)

Following my recent ‘short tome’ (7,000+ words), Beware the Perception, some introspection occurred; having to with whether my overall approach might be made more useful/effective. To now, I’ve mostly worked to put small but bright spotlights on sundry aspects of the criminality of those who would presume to rule us. Now, with that wealth of thumbnails to draw upon, I’m looking at delving into the dilemma; where to go/what to do with a larger or developing focus. The inclination is to produce the less frequent, but longer and more thoughtful work, building on themes of social psychology in our [altogether failing] geopolitics. Not only where we are, but how we got here from a point of view via human behavior integrated analysis; applied to the now with certain historical perspectives. Restated in a common vernacular, from a point of view of woodsmanship, if you would like to make a course correction, having become misdirected in the forest, it is critical one know how to backtrack and understand the mistake, how it is one is on the wrong track. I don’t see a lot of that sort of capable thinking in today’s leadership.

My thinking is to lay Beware the Perception as a foundation stone in what should become a series of social-psychological articles in the geopolitical context with the next title “Real Politik is Dead”, a natural next step/theme that has been simmering in the back of my mind for some time. What has become clear is, at least in the Western liberal democracies, Statesmanship is a thing of the past, we simply don’t produce quality leadership anymore, instead we simple elevate psychopaths to power. This is result of organic deficit in the system of liberal democracies where ‘freedom’ has come to mean free to take advantage of those lesser than oneself, whether those of lesser wealth & power, those lesser gifted, those lesser ambitious or those simply lesser inclined to behave aggressively. It’s just not possible to have a secure, simple and honest life, this is something our ‘leaders’ can’t deliver. The bottom line is, it would appear they actually don’t know how.

In any case, I have time to think this through while rehabilitating a bit of burned out farmland, developing seed and generally learning how to organically farm (2nd season!) which is (at least in part) responsible for the slowdown in producing recent articles at this site. Last season was what amounted to a very large garden, this season is a reprise of the same. Of the property’s two fields, the field with commercial potential (enough area) is probably 4-5 years away from production; it had poor quality soil to begin, and what little life was in that soil has been exhausted, constituting a major rehabilitation project. The  second, smaller field, is in better shape and there has already been progress improving the soil since last fall. It is enough area to both; develop seed and take a solid step towards self-sufficiency (feed oneself) while on the learning curve. The property was contracted for purchase, the first season, it is since paid for and there is no debt whatsoever. The fine print for adversarial types: I’d arranged to hand it all off and become what amounts to a squatter with an understanding landlady who admires my retirement hobby. You won’t find me in the tax records.

I wish we could produce leaders in a system providing opportunity where everyone desiring self-sufficiency could be in circumstance to unplug from the grid. It is as simple as greed, and associated impulse to control, prevents this.


A former Special Forces Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence, Ronald Thomas West is a retired paralegal/investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption and human rights. Ronald is published in International Law as a layman (The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole) and has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s educational background is developmental & social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.

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brought to you by the free speech clown

Craig Murray is a former United Kingdom ambassador turned whistle-blower. He’d discovered censorship by facebook with paying attention to simple statistics. I had also noticed what appears to be facebook censorship, the tip also coming from statistics; my satire Alfreda Bikowsky & the Definition of Stupid collecting nearly 3,500 reads but only 13 Facebook shares:




The Bikowsky piece is not entirely satire, however, it crunches serious numbers demonstrating the social unreality of the CIA and its’ actors. I’d also noticed my site’s twitter numbers seemed to have entirely vanished sometime back. Ambassador Murray’s article on Facebook censorship is reproduced in full here:

So far 564 people believe they have shared on Facebook my article conclusively refuting the CIA’s invention of lies about Russia hacking the DNC, using the share button on this site. Another 78 have tried to share it from my Facebook page. Between them those 650 people will have, according to the Facebook average, about 200,000 friends. The total amount of incoming traffic from these 200,000 friends? 22 people. Almost nobody can currently reach this site through Facebook, as the “came from” interface on my statcounter below shows. Nothing from Facebook. Facebook are actively colluding in preventing social media from contradicting the mainstream media lies about Russian involvement in the US election campaign.

Don’t believe me? If you think you shared the article on Facebook, phone one of your Facebook friends and ask if it appeared for them.

The only way to defeat this is to republish the article yourself. I waive any copyright. If you have access to a blog, copy and paste it there and post a link to that blog on Facebook. Or simply cut and paste my whole article and copy it to your Facebook page, in sections if required.

I am similarly ghost banned on twitter. The work round to this, which plenty of people have found, is to create a new tweet yourself with a link to my site, rather than retweet one of my tweets. As with the Facebook share, if you do retweet you will be unaware it doesn’t work.

There are profound implications for society in the compliance of the major social media corporations with establishment demands to prevent social media from effectively challenging the mainstream media narrative – and I cannot think of a more classic example than this case. I do urge you to take action as described above, to show that the people will not stand for it.


Calling Facebook out worked, we have just been unblocked! If you contrast this new came from log with the above, you will immediately see the difference – and just how important social media is to a dissident website like this one.

As I bail out of the game, here is the gift of all (or nearly all) of the articles in a single page of links; beginning with stories of travels through India, then, my personal life adventures largely centered in Native America, if only because I believe this is my most under-appreciated work and deserves greater exposure. Following these accounts are things I personally find interesting, next are external links to books authored by myself and then my satire. Lastly, scroll down to find that work I most detest, the work which had inspired the satire (a sort of therapy) – to discover the real evils of geopolitics.

My Madcap Adventure (tales of a journey to India)

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My Madcap Adventure, Episode 9 Katmandu

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My Madcap Adventure, Episode 11 Chitwan National Park

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My Madcap Adventure, Episode 13 Back to Hotel Imperial

My Madcap Adventure, Episode 14 The riots begin

My Madcap Adventure, Episode 15 To the Taj Palace Hotel

My Madcap Adventure, Episode 16 Out of Delhi!

My Madcap Adventure, Episode 17 Cairo-London-New York

My Madcap Adventure, Episode 18 Aftermath

My Madcap Adventure, Epilogue (Notes) corrections/disclaimers


Life in Indian Country:

Life in Blackfoot Country Learning to go hungry

Keeping a Pipe On forgotten knowledge

Pipe Maker A story with a moral

The Novice A story with a moral

The Stick Game Native quantum mechanics (the witches)

The Legend of the Blackfoot Titan Mik-api

Happy the Indian Guide Indian stereotypes

Raven and Thunder Blackfoot Law of Matriarchy

Strawberry Medicine Men and a Stellar Jay

Napi in the New Age A ‘red apple’ story (satire)

Essay on Native American Humor Why I’m not politically correct

Junípero Serra On house breaking dogs (Catholic style)

The DIA and Shamanism Failed exploitation of indigenous knowledge

Native Americans and Race Race is BS to authentic Indians

Michele Bachmann & Wild Indians Satire

Apple Indians & Anthropology Anthropology as a faith-based initiative

Modern Indian Society A short history of cultural transition

Losers A Native perspective of Plato & western science

The Legacy of Russell Means ‘think twice’

New Age Homicide for $MONEY$ ‘think thrice’


Just stuff:


Condensed for the Absolutely & Truly Dense

Thomas Paine

French Peacekeepers

Raphael’s Paradox

Brownie, a Weimaraner A folk story

Original Sin is a Hate Crime Abuse of women & nature

The Gospel According to Ronald On the historical Jesus

To Forgive is a Crime To excuse the inexcusable

Ron’s Conspiracy Theory Cosmology is the conspiracy

You’ve Got Apes! European cultural mentality

A Spy in the House of the Unloved Refuting Anias Nin

A Coward Called Machismo Observations on Machismo

How I rose from the dead (40 years after)

The More Important Blessing Quotes

Mr Chan A true story of real charity

Bruno the Bear Animal stereotypes

Recreating a Hot Spring in Your Bathtub A memory of Yellowstone


My Books (external links)

Penucquem Speaks 30 years life with Blackfeet Indians

Napi Mephisto on cross-cultural encounters

Queer Chicken Dinner refuting Jack Kerouac

Cosmos & Consciousness on reality


The Satires

March of the Tickle Dicks pictorial

The Logic Behind The American Vote thumbnail satire

Moot Court The Donald vs Ted Cruz

Whereas the Enemy of Your Friend is Your Favorite F**K

Urolagnetics On Scientology

Junípero Serra On house breaking dogs (Catholic style)

MERGE On Chomsky’s theory

People Who Behave As Stupid As They Look Uh-huh

Who Punked the Cardinal? On Vatican Fashion

Opus Dei creavit monitor lacertae Charlie Hebdo & satire

Alfreda Bikowski & the Definition of Stupid Only at the CIA

Obama’s Speech at Queensland Parody

Liberals On multiculturalism

Obama’s Speech to Skull & Bones A parody of his UN address

Teleprompter Forget it, you don’t want to go there

Thuck Norris Rated ‘S’ for SICK (parental advisory)

Democracy Now! State secrets & the war in Liberacestan

Michele Bachmann & Wild Indians Kerouac in drag

Dick Cheney’s Rottweiler Dog butt-sniffing rituals

Maison de l’Histoire de France Fellatio, Sarkozy & French history

The Great Phuc Uuus Massacre Propaganda trained CIA lizards

Bozo’s Handcock U Speech George Bush & Tony Blair in love

My Life as a Joke Personal Ad (women only please)

The Pachuco Stare Decisis SCOTUS = SCROTUM

The Moron Bernard-Henry Lévy He truly is a moron

How Jesus Gets Kicked Out Of Heaven Naughty George Carlin

NOT My Last Tango in Paris The NSA & cyanide suppositories

Demons Anonymous Addiction to destructive fantasies

Saint Chester Prince of the Church & patron saint of boys

A Conversation With Jon Stewart Barack Obama is a White man!

Scooby Doo is Lyndon LaDouche ‘Rut a retard’

Saki & Barf: killer women of the State Department Just rude

Salinas vs Texas U.S. Supreme Court self inflicted lawyer joke

Life’s Little Surprises A devil teaches law

Happy the Indian Guide On stereotypes

Napi in the New Age A ‘red apple’ Indian story

Mother’s Day and Male Dopes Moms & cannabis

Breakfast at a Pizzaria The German ‘I hate my life’ philosophy

Our Gang rascals too big for their breeches

World Cup Scribbles Rabies & dog muzzles

English Football International competition

Sardonism Adults Playing Cowboys and Indians

The Gospel According to Ronald On the historical Jesus

The Islamic State for Dummies The K.I.S.S. principle

NATO’s Three Chihuahuas Small dog syndrome

Essay On Native American Humor ‘Napi Eats His Butt’ (Best satire)

Perverts of Western Philosophy Locke to de Sade (and more)

A Cheesey Detective Story (the short lived series)

Episode 1

Episode 2

Guest Satire:

Raghead Political satire by Bill Purkayastha

Admiral John Kirby Comedy straight out of the Pentagon

About Clowns DJ Rankin


The NAZI Meme

Deep State I

Deep State II

Deep State III

Deep State IV

Deep State V

Deep State VI

Hillary Clinton in Four Short Paragraphs

Intelligence Agencies & Wikipedia

The CIA And Nonviolent Resistance

God’s Chosen is a Dumb Idea 

The Secret Team is The Family

Profits of War

Fear of Minor Debris

The Alpha Chronology

Reorganizing Murder Incorporated 

Square Pegs in Round Holes:

“We Tortured Some Folks”

Fear of Minor Debris

Intelligence Agencies & Wikipedia

Laura Poitras’ Myopia

Death of a MOSSAD Agent


On Ukraine:


Stratfor Chief

Winning Ugly

Reuters & A Fixed Verdict

Kiev’s Nazis

Black Boxes, Dark Arts & Geopolitics

If Russia Were To Back Down on MH 17 ?

Elliot Higgins on MH 17

Poison Fruit Encore 1

Obama’s Ukraine

The New Great Game

USAID & Chevron

Victoria Nuland’s Wedding

Germany’s Martyrs of the Maidan

John Kerry’s neo-nazi snipers

The CIA and a Liar’s Fastrack

Dominionism’s Fingers in Kiev

The Washington Post & Double Think

The Disinformation Nation

The Ascension of The Morons

Poison Fruit Encore 2

People Who Behave As Stupid As They Look

Admiral John Kirby

Mutti, Piggies and the Minsk Peace Accord

The Intercept Takes A Dive 

The Intercept Takes A Dive Episode 2


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Arab Spring:


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Syria Part Four

The Islamic State for Dummies

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Litmus Test

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Throwing Stones From Glass Houses Social-political commentary

Vice and MI6

Seymour Hersh & Mythology

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Médecins Sans Frontiéres

USAID in Central Africa

Reuters & A Fixed Verdict

Truth Jockeys

Why NSA Wants Your Metadata

Farewell to the Black White-Man

Boris Nemtsov

Chevron & USAID

Alfreda Bikowski & the Definition of Stupid

Paranoia of Dianne Feinstein

In the Shoes of an Insurgent

Square Pegs in Round Holes

Metadata & Panorama

Reorganizing Murder Incorporated

Votes and Vanishing Acts

Poison Fruit

The Left’s Anti-Federalist Urban Legend


The Navy Yard Reporting Smells Wrong

MOSSAD and Jews for Jesus

“We Tortured Some Folks”

Hillary Clinton in Four Short Paragraphs

Stupid is as Stupid Does


Military Sock Puppets, NSA Trolls & CIA Shills

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Noteworthy Information Operations


More stuff:

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Holocaust & Narrative Perversion

See’s Sampler

Stupid is as Stupid Does

NATO’s Three Chihuahuas

Evil Cynics, Stooges & Dupes

Empire & Blow-back

Erik Prince & Pedophile Priests

The NSA’s Egregious Liar

Robert Seldon Lady, CIA Slime-Bag

Cheap Tricks for Jesus

The Economics of Moonshine Whiskey

Celebrating the Anti-Christ

Enlightenment: The Automated Death Machine

Napi Mephisto

Snowden & Snooping

Uncle Sam, Dominionist Puppet

Of Nukes, Courage and Cowards

Outline of a Snowden Legal Defense

Color of Law, Star Chamber, FISA & PRISM

The Greatest Criminal Endeavor

Our Vital National Interests

How to Make Powerful Enemies in Three Short Paragraphs

How to Make Powerful Enemies In a Few Paragraphs

If  The Left Are Sheep, The Right Are Fish

The (No) ‘Establishment’ Clause

North Carolina’s 2nd Secession From the Union





Post Modern Teutonic Vision

The USA vs The Teutons


A little more about books:


Profits of War


David Ignatius’ Body of Lies

John Le Carre’s A Delicate Truth

Robert Littell’s The Company

No Snowflake in an Avalanche

Dirty Wars

Should I be a Spy Novelist?

To The Far Right Christian Hater

A Report to an Academy


My blog had begun attracting readers in mid 2014, when I’d been giving it real attention for several months. This upcoming week of 21 March 2016, coinciding with withdrawing from giving sustained attention, it will pass the 100,000 hits mark (it stands at 99,685 as I write this.)

Hardly some mega-phenomena but not bad either. Now, it’s just another internet archive –



All original material copyright Ⓒ 2015 by Ronald Thomas West: For profit & mass paper media redistribution prohibited


23 August 2016 update: Finally, this week it’s off to the farm! Had been stuck in what seems like endless bureaucratic limbo while establishing residence in the country I presume to a retirement hobby of micro-scale organic farmer. Hopefully I’ll be planting in April, but meanwhile I’d been a bit impatient with certain entities and punishing then with some of the meanest stuff I know how to inflict (certain CIA aligned people should ‘get a life’ and quit throwing up impediments to my pursuit of happiness.)

In a month or so I’m initiating a process of unplugging from the grid, something I’ve working to pull together for over a year. There will be an intermediate stage where I’ll be searching out the future farm I’ll be giving attention to; in an off-beaten area whose general environs has already been selected. This transitional stage will not allow for much attention to ‘things’ other than preparing for a whole new (and entirely different) life. You won’t see much of me here.

After the transitional stage, I’ll be a small farmer in nowhere and desire nothing more than that. Other than immediate family and intimate friends of many years, those perchance inclined to visit, those ‘friends’ I will be giving my attention to will be my maize stalks, chili peppers, pinto beans, butternut squash, potatoes and tomatoes.

There is no plan to have internet, no TV, no cell phone, no radio, none of it. Concerning my email, it’ll be checked once a month, downloaded from a wifi cafe. Any reply will be composed offline and sent the following month. After awhile, I might not even do that. will last as an archive so long as my credit card continues to automatically renew it or through 2019. Or my credit card is cancelled. Or the banking system collapses. Or I’m dead. Or the madmen who run NATO push us into a civilization ending war with Russia. Or whatever. I was never a really happy camper at this website, it’s crossed my mind I could go to hell for some of my satire. What’s more is, this line of work is not what I’d have chosen to do and I’m not altogether happy with the development of my personality; having to do with immersing in the social-septic infection called geopolitical intrigue. But that’s the hand the gods dealt me and I’ve tried to make the best of it.

It’s been a wild ride. The craven behaviors of their political bosses notwithstanding, my sincere thanks are extended to those low and mid level police of Germany and Spain who have been most helpful over these several years, with informal cooperation developing information on assassination linked to organized crime in NATO and other institutions (and special thanks to the brave woman agents in Spain who saved my life on two occasions.)

Ok, so this announcement has been a long time coming. In a week or so I reach the bonafide retirement age of 65 years. I’ve earned it. I really see little more can be done from this end. If people are content to allow the sociopath morons who have risen to rule take us all to Armageddon, led like sheep to slaughter, that’s precisely what’ll happen. And simply to be consistent, I’ll sign off in true assholio style (nom de guerre ‘penucquem’) and state people deserve the fruits of their cowardice –

C’est la vie (or c’est la mort, as the case may be…)

fuck yeah, it’s about time
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