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By (new) resident guest author Russell Bentley:

“Past is prologue” – William Shakespeare, The Tempest

First of over 200 bodies being exhumed from Lugansk mass grave.
17 October, 2021

I recently witnessed the exhumation of human remains from a mass grave that contains over 200 bodies. It was a profound and profoundly disturbing experience. Each body in this grave represents an unnecessary and unjust death, a murder, and each of these over 200 murders can never be forgotten or forgiven. There is a message that cries out from these bones that must be heard and understood, and acted upon by all good people in the world. Otherwise, history will repeat itself, and again, the killers and the killing will continue, and more mass graves will be filled.

After seven years of war, a war that continues to this day, these 200 bodies are being exhumed from the mass grave that the war forced them into back in the summer 2014, during the heaviest attacks and siege by the Ukrainian “punishers” against the people of Lugansk. In those terrible days and nights of constant shelling and ever present danger, there was no water or electricity, no safe place to process the bodies, no chance at all for a regular funeral. Only now are conditions and resources finally available to put these peaceful and innocent civilians, along with some of their heroic Defenders, to rest with a proper burial.

All decent people must ask how mass graves (this is not the only one) came to be here, in Donbass, on the edge of Europe in the second decade of the 21st century. They must ask exactly who did this and why, not just who pulled the triggers, but even more importantly, who gave the orders, and they must demand to see justice done, to respect and understand history, and to prevent more mass graves from being filled with innocent civilians, not just here in Lugansk, but throughout Europe and the world.

“There, but for the Grace of God, lay I”

When the Obama regime orchestrated the coup d’etat against the democratically elected Yanukovich government in Kiev in early 2014, they used a grisly assortment of secret agents, ultra violent neo-nazis and oligarch traitors to depose Yanukovich and install a quisling gang of collaborators, whose primary traits were boot-licking fealty to their US masters, swinish avarice, and a willingness to terrorize and murder their own civilians while ruthlessly suppressing even the slightest resistance or even peaceful dissent . And all these same vile traits are shared by the US gauleiter, the self-described “point man”, who from the very beginning was the man in charge of Obama’s “‘Project Ukraine”, the man giving the orders and calling the shots of the US occupation, and of course, taking the big dog’s share of the looted billions – none other than Joe Biden.

Though today Biden is simply a senile puppet, back in the days of his Vice-Presidency, he was a ruthless gangster and a very dangerous man. He ruled Ukraine with an iron fist, like a true warlord or mafia chieftain. His word was law, and his law was obeyed by the groveling parasites and bloodthirsty sycophants he put into power. His orders to crush the legitimate uprising in Donbass including by war crimes and mass murder gave his ukrop henchmen no pause, and they scurried to fulfill their master’s orders, just as the Bandera collaborators had done for their German nazi masters 70 years before.

Vice-President Biden personally made six trips to Ukraine, half of them in 2014. This was during the heaviest attacks of the Ukrainian armed forces and the neo-nazi battalions against the people of Donbass, and Biden’s visits preceded by only a few days or weeks, the worst crimes of the war. There can be no doubt these crimes were done not only with Biden’s permission, but on his orders. These crimes include the murder of over 100 protestors and unarmed Berkut police by snipers at the Maidan in Kiev, the mass murder by burning to death scores of peaceful protestors in Odessa on May 2nd, the airstrike in Lugansk on June 2nd, and the false flag attack that murdered 298 innocent civilians on MH-17 on July 17th.

From Nuland and Pyatt hand-picking the new, unelected Ukrainian government, to every legal, political, economic and military decision, Ukrainian lapdogs jumped every time their US masters said “jump”. The orders were clear – suppress the uprising in Donbass by every means, legal or illegal, and the more brutal and ruthless, the better. And the attacks were brutal and ruthless, and now, Biden is back again.

Although Biden’s recent mental deterioration has clearly made him unqualified to drive a bus, (much less be President of the USA) his hubris and hypocrisy and his absolutely immoral obeisance to his masters, continue to make him a truly evil and dangerous man. Not just for Donbass or Ukraine, but for the world, and naturally, that includes the citizens of the USA as well.

Biden’s abandonment of Afghanistan should be a lesson to Ukraine, not just to the common people, but to the marionettes he put in power there. Just like the Afghan puppets the US appointed, the Ukrainians too are absolutely expendable at the slightest indication they are no longer useful. And just as the fate of Afghanistan should be a lesson for Ukraine, the fate of Ukraine should be a lesson for the people and countries of the EU. The blatant hypocrisy and double-dealing self interest with which the USA has handled Europe is now clear for all to see, as are the fatal consequences for those who have allowed it.

And all of the above must be a lesson for US and UK citizens as well. What goes around, comes around, and here it comes, now it’s your turn. Unless you stop it. The crimes of empire your rulers have committed against other people around the world, with nary a word of protest from you, will look and feel much different when they are happening to you yourself, to your family and your friends. You will be astounded and dismayed by the deafening silence and indifference the world will show for your suffering, just as you did for theirs.

But, if you stand up for yourselves and for Humanity, all good people in the world will stand with you, and support your courage and effort every way they can. It is up to the American People to liberate themselves, we can’t do it for you. If you continue to willingly submit to fascist oppression and criminal misrule, you will deserve what you have coming. Stand up now, while you still can!

Names of 200 victims of US/EU/Ukrainian aggression 2014.
“We do not forget. We do not forgive”

People get the government they deserve, and EU, UK and US citizens, for decades too long, have turned a blind eye to the crimes of their rulers, both at home and abroad. And now the buzzards come home to roost. The choice is yours, and the time is now. Inaction, pretending things will be OK, this is also a choice, and a fatal one. Choose wisely.

The people of the USA can still save their country and themselves. Only you can redeem yourselves and your country. The rest of the world is watching and waiting to see whether you have the wisdom and courage to do so. We support you and wish you well, but the responsibility is yours. Do it! Or be lost as Germany was lost in 1945, and deserve it.

This message from the grave also speaks to the citizens of the Russian Federation. From here in Donbass, an area flooded with blood, many times over, and even again today, we send to you a lesson, a reminder and a warning. It was not so many years ago that mass graves were being filled on your land, filled with your families and friends. Filled by the exact same kind of criminals that fill them in our land even today.

Two trenches, 200 meters long. Filled with human bodies.

Many people here in Donbass never could have imagined a war here, not in the 21st century. If someone had told them in 2013 that war was coming, they would have laughed in disbelief. Russians, remember your history! In 1945, the enemy was defeated, but not destroyed, and now they have returned to attack Russia and the world, to exterminate and enslave Humanity. It is a battle to the death, them or us. Either they will be destroyed, or we will. Do not fall for the siren song of Western liberalism, it is a lie. Look at how the US and EU have self-destructed in only 20 years. The same can happen in Russia if you let it, if you fail to support those who have defended and saved Russia.

Remember who it was that has saved Russia, brought it back from the edge of extinction and made it into a great power and the greatest force for good in the world today. Do not fall for the words of clowns and imposters who offer a false illusion of prosperity without time or work. This is the real world, and there is no free lunch. The current Administration is the best there is, for Russia and the world. In comparison, all other contenders are pygmies at best. Support those who have protected Russia from every attack, with courage, wisdom and skill. Be thankful, be patient, and be realistic. A new and better world is coming, and Russia is leading the way. Those who defend Donbass, defend Russia, and those who defend Russia defend Humanity. As goes Donbass, so goes the world.

Good luck to all good people. May God protect the innocent, and may the rest of us get all we deserve.



Poroshenko verbal tongue bath for Biden over the phone:


Biden threat to Poroshenko – “Economic and physical security”




“There’s something the agency, it’s so interesting, people call it, the newspapers some times call it in a story, eyewash .. it’s when you do something, and you have to protect the source, [in the case of the CIA] you let other people in the agency think that they were responsible for certain actions. So, you’ve got people down in the bowels, intelligence people in the intelligence office, analysts in the analysts office of the CIA, writing, looking at couriers, and they’ve been doing it for years without much luck, but you now tell them ‘you did it guys’ .. and then they can be taken out to reporters and be very credible, because they are credible, they think they did it” -Seymour Hersh

I am certainly no fan of the Saudis, no matter I can appreciate Sunni Islam (when it is Sufi, but certainly not the Saudi brand that is the radical Wahabi/Salafi), and, truth should not take sides in reporting, no matter the Saudi regime is brutal by any civilized standard. With that said, we’ve been here before, for instance the Saudis having to swallow being framed up for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. [1]

Now, what we are about to experience, with the 9/11 documents release, is possibly a frame-up of the Saudis that resembles Hersh’s observation; in a case where ‘eyewash’ could insure the Saudis will become a patsy for 9/11. In the alternative, there will be a whitewash rehabilitating the Saudi government (the truth will lie in a grey area somewhere between, with Saudi elements played into a false flag entrapment.)

“A central question has been the role of the Saudi government, which has denied any involvement in the attacks” [2]

The ‘declassified documents’ could essentially read ‘Great job, FBI, you did it! You sorted it out!! The Saudi Government (or elements therein) was behind 9/11!!!’ And the media will trot out FBI agents that worked on 9/11 related investigations and actually believe the Saudis did it (or believe people closely connected to the Saudi government were complicit.) But either way, actually the Saudis did not, could not be responsible for the attack, when a major university engineering study determines WTC Building 7 ‘died of fright’ (points to professional demolition) on 9/11.

“The principal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse. The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building”

WTC_7 - 1

The first (only) university study, four years in the making, demonstrating a “global failure” with the characteristic of “near-simultaneous failure” of every structural column in World Trade Center Building 7 points to one conclusion: A controlled demolition because the only earthquake in New York City on 9/11 was the lie of who did it and how it happened. Read the study’s conclusions for yourself. [3]

Excuse me, but World Trade Center Building 7, a 47 floor, modern concrete and steel structure, was not hit by a plane when it fell into its own footprint on 9/11 and 19 Arabs with box-cutters could not bring it down, no matter their connections to Saudi government personas and intelligence agencies. Likely what actually happened was, there WERE some Saudi government connected guys, training while planning to fly SMALL PLANES into some symbolic targets and this entrapment was created and manipulated along the lines of the infamous COINTELPRO by intelligence agencies who then ‘hijacked’ the plan for propaganda purposes; when 19 Arabs ended up ‘holding the bag’ for way bigger guys with a much bigger plan; in effect initiating what would become the Dick Cheney staging of America’s Reichstag Fire. [4]

Updated on 12 September 2021, reflecting the USA’s DoJ appears to be pursuing a dishonest line when proclaiming the ‘Saudi government didn’t do it’ with the initial document release, which is technically correct but, the avenue to go there will be (already is) misleading and covers the actual perpetrators tracks. The USA official line will not deviate from the ’19 Arabs with box-cutters.’ So, where do those infamous “28 Pages” (of misdirection) stand now? Nothing really changes. [5]

Stay tuned as the official bs propaganda exercise develops.







A former Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence for Special Forces, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald had lived over thirty years in close association with Blackfeet Indians (those who still speak their language), and is published in international law as a layman: The Right of Self- Determination of Peoples and It’s Application to Indigenous People in The USA or The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole. Ronald has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.


“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with the good” -Mahatma Ghandi

A Sociopaths & Democracy Project

Kabul should go down in history as a synonym for American military incompetence (and probably will.) In short, the American withdrawal (whilst noting American military should have never been there to begin with) from Afghanistan should have been an incremental withdrawal with Kabul at the center, with the city fully secured by shrinking a perimeter of American combat forces from across Afghanistan until final departure.

This simple and common sense approach should have allowed 1) all American & other foreign citizens better opportunity to evacuate Afghanistan, and 2) insured safe haven for non-Taliban aligned Afghans with ability to keep a Kabul avenue open to the historically anti-Taliban Panjshir valley to funnel dissident Afghan forces, together with American weapons and equipment. No hostile force, to now, has ever militarily taken the Panjshir valley from the Afghans, including the Taliban. Thus armed and prepared, the Panjshir valley stronghold’s proximity to Kabul should have enabled anti-Taliban Afghan forces of all ethnic groups to secure the city (and its critical resupply infrastructure that is Kabul’s airport) and surrounding districts upon the American departure.

Meanwhile, in the paradox of insanity created by the Americans, the USA freezing and shutting off all Afghan assets and funds to the Taliban (with hints of further hostile acts to come) only increases the possibility opium farming will flourish to fund these so-called ‘Islamic’ militants (noting Islamic fundamentalism is an aberration, there is a philosophically beautiful Sunni Islam that is Sufism) and the CIA & MOSSAD will be right there to do ‘business as usual’ (will remain at the center of international narcotics trafficking, a so-called ‘black budget’ source of mischief.)

Finally, the corporate boards that run the USA using the Bernays ‘public relations’ model of psychological operations sees the criminal Covid psy-op pushed aside for a few weeks while they rethink their information war against common Americans; and their minion Counterfeit News Network (CNN and ‘friends’) gets busy pushing ‘Demented Joe’ aside for their real 2020 election choice of ‘incarceration queen’ Kamala and you all should know the rest of the story (likely a fascist repeat of history on steroids.)

Now you know why this blog has a specific category for “Morons” (that would be criminal morons.)

Читать по русски | Čitajte na srpskom

In previous articles at this site, there has been some discussion of ‘psyops’ (psychological operations) in its ‘civilian’ form (pioneered by Edward Bernays based on his uncle Sigmund Freud’s principles) euphemistically renamed ‘public relations’ or, the corporate form of applying propaganda to the consumer; little different to intelligence agencies targeting populations of hostile states with disinformation. [1], [2]

Each approach, whether ‘civilian’ or military, seeks to manipulate a populace away from their self interest (even survival) to the benefit of the propaganda’s perpetrators. Having seen the greed of Western corporate oligarchs operating within a psyops driven media system essentially ‘legalizing’ what could amount to state sponsored murder with impunity, or shortly restated; propaganda enhanced perversion of law employing a ‘state of emergency’ to authorize use of unstudied, experimental drugs and vaccines on an unsuspecting populace while suppressing a known to be safe, proven to be effective and inexpensive drug, ivermectin, to treat covid, now it’s time to study (shortly) the Russian propaganda machine and open a philosophical question for (perhaps) future discussion; what is the Russian state coping mechanism as put forward in media, and as importantly, why do the Russians apply the method one sees in the Russian propaganda outlets Sputnik & RT?

For those who’ve studied the Western propaganda method, it is clear the Edward Bernays’ ideal has triumphed on behalf of corporate boardrooms. In short, ‘public relations’ (media) is suborned to the sole benefit of the capital/corporate model. Western intelligence has become heavily invested in preserving what the USA calls its ‘vital national interests’, a euphemism for Western corporate control of the world’s resources and markets. All of this plays in the model envisioned by Bernays (pervasive lying to the public while incorporating principles of psychology), refined and applied to the modern media with a robust assist from the USA’s Central Intelligence (to which the NATO and European states intelligence agencies are historically/practically feudal vassals.)

Russian propaganda, on the other hand, recognizes the Western media model is so corrupt, the Russians need only more or less stick to the facts when reporting to the Western audience, to convince intelligent people their news platform is the superior model and ‘go to’ source to discover what is actually happening. Where the story might have ‘inconveniences’ that must be dealt with, ‘lies by omission’ (of certain facts) is a convenient practice as opposed to the outrageous lies more often put forward in Western media.

But then, there is a Russian propaganda method initiating what I call ‘the flip’ where the Russian propaganda skews things along (somewhat goes along with) the Western story-line; to neutralize or even co-opt the method employed by the Western intelligence (modified Bernays) model. In this case, when the Russians run with a Western propaganda lie, in order to ‘flip’ it, it usually is a ‘whopper’ (a really big lie.)

A contemporary example of this would be the Russians allowing the patently fraudulent Dutch Buk missile story (in the MH 17 show trial) to gain traction at Sputnik & RT because the Russians have solid evidence that particular missile was in the possession of Ukraine when MH 17 was downed. That the Ukrainians (independently of the MH 17 downing) exploded that particular missile to create false evidence and blame Russia is not a media war with the West the Russians are interested in. The Russian propaganda approach (flip) is ‘if you want to claim that particular missile brought down MH 17, fine, we have the original Soviet era paperwork showing Ukraine possessed it’, never mind all parties (intelligence agencies) know it was a Ukrainian Air Force SU 25 combat jet brought down the civilian passenger plane. [3]

In this case (at the expense of moral justice for the victims), casus belli is avoided; the NATO propaganda trap of drawing Russia into war with Ukraine is negated but the Russian domestic audience is deceived is a part of the price. Drunk and/or incompetent Ukrainian military can be blamed for what amounts to an ‘unintentional downing’ of the civilian liner (incompetently in turn blamed on Russia in the so-called MH 17 ‘trial’, a kangaroo court) in media whereas the deliberate shooting down of the plane by the recently upgraded Ukrainian Air Force SU 25 could not be excused in the propaganda of geopolitics (or perhaps more importantly, the Russian domestic audience.) MH 17 is evidence prima facie that political expediency drives Russian propaganda. The significant difference is, the Russian model is more often defensive whereas the Western model is almost exclusively offensive (aggressive.)

Whether this immediate preceding justifies the Russian propaganda lies is a straw man argument in relation to the effect lying will have on the sentient awareness of the larger social psychology of the Russian populace; for the fact both models are corrupt. The one cannot excuse the other. Endorsement and application of avenue to a lesser evil nevertheless constitutes an avenue to evil. Any expediency embracing the lesser evil does not resolve the greater evil, the greater evil is not contained over long term, but ‘reboots’ again and again.

“RT is now a global, round-the-clock news network of eight TV channels, broadcasting news, current affairs, and documentaries, with digital platforms in six languages and sister news agency RUPTLY. Round-the-clock news channels in English, Arabic, Spanish, and documentary channel RT Doc, in English and Russian, broadcast from Moscow, while RT America airs from Washington, RT UK from London, and RT France from Paris. Today, RT is available in more than 100 countries spanning five continents”

Note [my] bold in the screenshot caption; RT does NOT broadcast in Russian language except in the extremely limited case of documentary films. What is it this large omission conceals from the Russian language community? Exposure to the Russian state side’s international propaganda in the information wars. Why?

The reasons could be manifold; but there are two instance that should stand out.

1) In a more general sense, RT panders to the Western liberal audience, anathema to the more conservative Russian body politic and Orthodox voter; essentially it should be embarrassing at best, and alienating at worst, were were the average Russian to be aware of much of the material touted as ‘injustice’ by the Russian state in its presentations to the West of controversies concerning Western social/cultural issues. Example given would be what the more conservative personality would take to be [in your face] ‘gay evangelism’ (e.g. LGBT ‘pride’ parades pushing homosexuality in a community’s face & legislation enforcing LGBT be taught in schools) is not presented in a balanced light conducive to protecting traditional (conservative) values, rather the focus is on the (e.g. neo-nazi) extremes of violence unleashed on these people with tepid (at best) defense of the traditional values deserving a more positive light. This phenomenal aspect of the Russian propaganda machine is necessary to attract and keep media personalities on the farther reaches of the Western liberal left and attract a Western liberal fan-base for purpose of anti-Western propaganda (which is not always a bad thing, when assessing the deceits of the Western model.)

2) In this context there is little reason to believe Covid 19 would not be subject to the intelligence agency driven propaganda wars between the Western democracies and Russia. But it is more complex than this. In some respects the Russian covid propaganda ‘flip’ at times resembles an inferiority complex in competition with Western European culture for appearance sake (medical technology/covid vaccine) and what cannot be overlooked is Russian big pharma moves to benefit from the ‘instant gratification’ of domestic propaganda efforts. [4], [5]

This approach depends on lies by omission, a trap-prone approach replete with hazards, in this case:

Falling Into the Trap of the West’s Straw Man Propaganda

Russia is (at this point) heavily invested in ‘flipping’ the West’s covid propaganda; as it touts the (oligarch enriching) Sputnik V vaccine. In the geopolitical world of vaccine propaganda, there are concealed ‘lesser evil’ taints in regards to what is safer, more effective or more widely available to poorer or otherwise disadvantaged populations and nation-states. The Chinese employed the ‘classic’ dead virus method in creation of their vaccine, the safest and most responsible vaccine route, the Russians employ Adenovirus method that has some track record in combating disease in humans, whereas the Western states are massively killing people (driving the pandemic) with big pharma greed driven EUA (emergency use authorizations) experimental mRNA technology that causes the virus to mutate and adapt. [6], [7]

What is the Difference Between the mRNA and Adenovirus Vaccines?

The key difference between mRNA and adenovirus vaccine is that mRNA vaccines usually consist of a copy of mRNA with a protective chemical shell, while adenovirus vaccine consists of a harmless virus that encodes the virus spike protein. mRNA vaccine is a vaccine against infectious diseases such as influenza virus, Zika virus, rabies virus, Covid 19 and as well as cancer. Adenovirus vaccine is a vaccine mainly against respiratory diseases. It also acts against HIV, Ebola virus, Influenza virus, Covid 19, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Plasmodium falciparum. Moreover, mRNA vaccine is directly injected into a muscle, whereas adenovirus is given orally. In addition, mRNA vaccines are easier to create than antigen proteins or attenuated virus. The speed of design and production of mRNA vaccines are higher than adenovirus vaccines.

The below infographic represents the difference between mRNA and adenovirus vaccine.

Difference Between mRNA and Adenovirus Vaccine in Tabular Form

Summary – mRNA vs Adenovirus Vaccine

mRNA vaccine is a type of vaccine that uses a copy of mRNA to produce an adaptive immune response. mRNA is complementary to one of the DNA strands of a gene. Here, mRNA vaccine introduces mRNA encoding disease-specific antigens and stimulates the protein synthesis of the host cells to produce antigens. This produces an immune response. Adenovirus vaccines are orally administered capsules that contain live viruses. It mainly acts against adenovirus infections. Adenovirus is a double-stranded DNA virus, and it is species-specific, thus consisting of various serotypes for a variety of species. The capsule of adenovirus is usually coated so that the virus passes through the stomach, causing an infection in the intestines. This stimulates an immune response. Thus, this is the summary of the difference between mRNA and adenovirus vaccine. end quote [8]

Note on the immediate preceding would be (among other things in what amounts to a Western propaganda wars piece, keep reading) this ‘explanation’ neglects to mention it is ‘synthetic’ (lab manipulated-inserted) mRNA utilized in the EUA (experimental) mRNA vaccines. Both vaccines are a form of gene therapy, however the Russian adenovirus vaccines have some background/history of use in medicine for human disease, whereas prior to covid, the mRNA technique appears to have been explored in research, primarily animal research, a Western propaganda ‘lie by omission’ in the article.

By this time, the Russian state is so heavily invested in the covid propaganda ‘flip’ where the immediate takeaways (instant gratification) of making their product appear to be superior (it probably is, although likely not so safe as the Chinese ‘classic’ dead virus technique), together with proselytizing the availability of Sputnik V to disadvantaged nation-states & populations (because in fact the Western democracies HAVE been selfish with distributing their own mRNA vaccines, the deadly irony of this should not be lost on the reader), they’re in too deep to escape the inconvenience of this vaccine geopolitical propaganda war is a straw-man trap; for the fact the covid pandemic could be ended in a few months with simple instruction to the world’s physicians to treat “symptomatic covid” (only) as little more than a common flu that needs a prescription of Ivermectin, and the complex gene therapy vaccines should be altogether unnecessary.

In the vaccine propaganda war from the Russian side, it cannot now be admitted by the Russian propaganda bosses it has been discovered NATURAL immunity (in the unvaccinated/asymptomatic/recovered) is the best overall defense against covid. The Russian state is trapped and cannot employ information that, if it were acted upon, should bless the Russian populace with health & security, and be devastating to the West’s criminal leadership via exposing the liberal democracies corrupt (murderous, actually) domestic mRNA vaccine propaganda efforts. [9]

Essentially, the Russian state has now, with an ever-growing propaganda ‘lie by omission’, become trapped & complicit in what may turn out to be the greatest crime against humanity in the annals of Western civilization.

Russian intelligence should certainly know this and Russians at the top of the political leadership, at least some of them, have to have known these facts for quite some time. How do you admit to the world that you’ve played into the liberal democracies dirty game when your ‘flip’ follows the avenue to a lesser evil that morphs into a greater evil (Russian big pharma & associated industries profits) nevertheless? You can’t. And certainly you cannot admit this to your own people, the political cost is too high. Prior to covid, even on those occasions I couldn’t agree with him, I thought Putin was a remarkable leader. Now, I’m not positively convinced of Putin’s leadership at all. Russian big pharma & ‘friends’ (via Russian propaganda game bosses) would appear to own him. [10]

At the end of the day, leadership in time of crisis cannot usurp the sovereignty of any national psyche (trust/faith based consent of the governed) with lies and a ‘what they don’t know, won’t hurt them’ (lies by omission) rationale and expect fortuitous outcomes over long term. Setting aside the the external targets of the propaganda machines altogether, it becomes a matter of what the domestic audience consumes will determine the fate of any regime. From the monarchies beholden to the Church at Rome to Goebbels to the Bernays model governing for the Biden-Harris regime to Putin’s propaganda bosses, it should become clear to any ‘gifted student of history’ (one who does not suffer the myopia of ethno-centric bias) in position of leadership, that one cannot lie to ones’ own people and ultimately expect positive outcomes. Western civilization hasn’t seen this honest ethic for a very long time. [11], [12]

Five Top Russian ‘propaganda flips’

Covid 19


Death of Bin Ladin

MH 17

Julian Assange


Special Note: Growing Indisputable Evidence; Uttar Pradesh, India. 200 Million People. Down to 17 New Covid Cases daily. 14 Straight Weeks of Downward Trend in Covid Infections. Just Over 400 Total Active Infections. What’s the Other Story Here? Ivermectin is Responsible











[10] see links at [4] & [5]




Covid 19


A former Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence for Special Forces, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald had lived over thirty years in close association with Blackfeet Indians (those who still speak their language), and is published in international law as a layman: The Right of Self- Determination of Peoples and It’s Application to Indigenous People in The USA or The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole. Ronald has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.


“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with the good” -Mahatma Ghandi

Note by this blog author would be, and you can quote me: “I hate Donald Trump. I believe he is a scum-bag in his own right (the Roy Cohn factor) and was altogether too willing to perform political fellatio on the worst of the criminal element in the religious right (the Coe cult ‘mikes’ factor represented in Pence-Pompeo) as well as sucking up to the world-class international criminal actor Bibi Netanyahu. On the other hand, I should say Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are equally evil in their own right. This re-posted article captures the reasons why, never-mind Trump himself, I DO NOT despise Trump supporters, not that I love them all, and most certainly I do not admire the vast majority of Biden/Harris supporters whose civics education (constitutional ethics) seems to have somehow gone missing at best, or have been discarded as ‘inconvenient’ at worst. Many of the conservative but snookered voters are law abiding and principled people, as well, many of the liberal voters in denial are not.”


NOTE FROM GLENN GREENWALD: On Friday, a relatively obscure Twitter user with fewer than 7,000 followers — posting under the pseudonym MartyrMade — posted one of the most mega-viral threads of the year. Over the course of thirty-five tweets, the writer, a podcast host whose real name is Darryl Cooper, set out to explain the mindset that has led so many Trump supporters to believe that the 2020 election was fraudulent and, more generally, to lose faith and trust in most U.S. institutions of authority.

Numerous journalists, including me, promoted the thread as one of the most insightful analyses yet published explaining the animating convictions underlying the MAGA movement. That night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson devoted a seven-minute segment to doing nothing more than reading Cooper’s thread. At the CPAC conference on Sunday, former President Donald Trump explicitly recommended the thread using Cooper’s name. In the last four days, Cooper’s Twitter account has gained more than 70,000 followers. Clearly, this thread resonated strongly with that political faction as a true and important explanation of how many MAGA voters have come to understand the world.

For our Outside Voices freelance section, we asked Cooper to elaborate on his influential thread, with a focus on what led him to these observations about prevailing MAGA sentiments and why he believes they are important for people to understand. As Cooper notes, he does not share all of the perceptions and beliefs he is conveying, although he shares many of them. Instead, based on the recognition that most media outlets are incapable of understanding let alone accurately describing the views of a group of people they view with little more than unmitigated contempt, condescension and scorn, he believes it is imperative that people understand the actual reality of what is motivating so many Trump voters in their views, perception and beliefs — regardless of whether each particular belief is accurate or not.

We also believe this understanding is vital, which is why we are happy to publish Cooper’s essay. It should go without saying that, as it true of all of our articles published on Outside Voices — which we treat as an op-ed page — our publishing of this article does not signify agreement with all of its claims, but only our belief that it is a viewpoint worth airing.

By Darryl Cooper

I quit Twitter last August. Quit for good. Other than posting links to two new episodes of my podcast, I stayed away for eight months and didn’t regret a thing. Around mid-June I let myself be persuaded that social media engagement was part of having a podcast, so I dipped back in, promising myself I’d avoid being pulled into politics. Things haven’t gone as planned.

The temptation was disguised cleverly as a conversation with a friend’s mother. She was visiting from upstate New York and we got to talking while my buddy was in the house tending to my goddaughter. She’s a hardcore Trumper from a less cynical generation that believes what she hears from sources she trusts. She’d been hounding her son about the stolen election all week, and he’d been trying to disabuse her of various theories involving trucked-in ballots and hacked counting machines. Now she had me cornered and put the question to me: “Do YOU think the election was legit?” So I told her the truth: I don’t know.

By the time my friend had put the baby to bed and rejoined us, we were waist-deep in a discussion about what happened last year, and she was satisfied that I was on her side. “See?!? He (she meant me) knows what’s going on! I’m not crazy. He’s smart, and HE knows!” My friend pulled the Captain Picard facepalm, and said, “Darryl, what the f*ck are you telling her?”

What I told her was some version of the Twitter thread Tucker Carlson read on air Friday night and which President Trump, using my name, then explicitly promoted in his speech to CPAC on Sunday, which has blown my inbox, and my promise to stay away from politics, to smithereens.

I told her I didn’t know much about the ballots, or the voting machines, or some company that she’d heard had ties to Venezuela. I didn’t follow Sidney Powell, or Lin Wood, or the details of the cases proceeding through the system. I think it was around the time Rudy Giuliani chose a landscape & gardening emporium as the location for a press conference on what would have been the greatest political scandal in American history that I made the conscious decision to stop paying attention. Or maybe it was the dripping hair dye, or something about a kraken — it’s all sort of blended together these days.

But I felt for her. She wasn’t the first person with whom I’d had the discussion, and I felt for all of them. I’ve had the discussion often enough that I feel comfortable extracting a general theory about where these people are coming from.


Like my friend’s mother, most of them believe some or all of the theories involving fraudulent ballots, voting machines, and the rest. Scratch the surface and you’ll find that they’re not particularly attached to any one of them. The specific theories were almost a kind of synecdoche, a concrete symbol representing a deeply felt, but difficult to describe, sense that whatever happened in 2020, it was not a meaningfully democratic presidential election. The counting delays, the last-minute changes to election procedures, the unprecedented coordinated censorship campaign by Big Tech in defense of Biden were all understood as the culmination of the pan-institutional anti-Trump campaign they’d watched unfold for over four years.

Many of them deny it now, but a lot of 2016 Trump voters were worried during the early stages of the Russia collusion investigation. True, the evidence seemed thin, and the very idea that the US & allied security apparatus would allow Trump to take office if they really thought he might be under Russian blackmail seemed a bit preposterous on its face. But to many conservatives in 2016 and early 2017, it seemed equally preposterous that the institutions they trusted, and even the ones they didn’t, would go all-in on a story if there wasn’t at least something to it. Imagine the consequences for these institutions if it turned out there was nothing to it.

We now know that the FBI and other intelligence agencies conducted covert surveillance against members of the Trump campaign based on evidence manufactured by political operatives working for the Clinton campaign, both before and after the election. We know that those involved with the investigation knew the accusations of collusion were part of a campaign “approved by Hillary Clinton… to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service.” They might have expected such behavior from the Clintons — politics is a violent game and Hillary’s got a lot of scalps on her wall. But many of the people watching this happen were Tea Party types, in spirit if not in actual fact. They give their kids a pocket Constitution for their birthday. They have Yellow Ribbon bumper stickers, and fly the POW/MIA flag under the front-porch Stars and Stripes, and curl their lip at people who talk during the National Anthem at ballgames. They’re the people who believed their institutions when they were told Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. To them, the intel community using fake evidence (including falsified documents) to spy on a presidential campaign is a big deal.

It may surprise many liberals, but most conservative normies actually know the Russia collusion case front and back. A whole ecosystem sprouted up to pore over every new development, and conservatives followed the details as avidly as any follower of liberal conspiracy theorists Seth Abramson or Marcy Wheeler. When the world learned of the infamous meeting between Trump campaign officials and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, it seemed like a problem and many Trump supporters took it seriously. Deep down, even those who rejected the possibility of open collusion worried that one of Trump’s inexperienced family members, or else a sketchy operative glomming onto the campaign, might have done something that, whatever its real gravity, could be successfully framed in a manner to sway a dozen of John McCain’s friends in the Senate.

Then, Trump supporters learned that Veselnitskaya was working with Fusion GPS, the political research and PR firm used by the Clinton campaign to formulate and spread the collusion accusations. They learned that the anti-Clinton information that was supposed to be the subject of the notorious meeting was provided by the same firm. They learned that she’d had dinner with Glenn Simpson, the owner of Fusion GPS, both the day before, and the day after the meeting. Needless to say, Trump supporters were skeptical of Simpson’s claim that Veselnitskaya’s meeting with Trump campaign officials never came up during either of their dinner dates, given that the content of the meeting was alleged to be the very treasonous, impeachable crime his firm was being paid to investigate and publicize.

There’s no need to relive all the details of the Russia collusion scam. The point is that conservatives were following it all very closely, in real time, and they noticed when things didn’t add up. After James Comey told Fox News’ Bret Baier that, even at the time of their interview in April 2018, he didn’t know who had funded the Steele dossier, conservatives noticed when the December 2019 DOJ Inspector General’s report showed that he had been informed of the dossier’s provenance in October 2016. And they asked themselves: Why would he lie? Lying to investigators about one’s knowledge of or involvement in a potentially criminal act is often taken as consciousness of guilt.

This was the bone that stuck in conservatives’ craw throughout the two years of hysteria over Russia. Why would Comey lie about knowing where the dossier came from? Why would the people involved claim to have seen evidence that never seemed to materialize? If the point of the Special Counsel is to take the investigation out of the hands of line investigators to avoid the appearance of political influence, why staff the office with known partisans and the same FBI personnel who originated and oversaw the case? Why was the relationship between Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya and Fusion GPS being dismissed as irrelevant? Why were people who must know better continuing to insist that the Steele dossier was originally funded by Republicans long after the claim had been debunked? Why wasn’t the media asking even these most obvious questions? And why were they giving themselves awards for refusing to ask those questions, and viciously attacking journalists who did ask them? These journalists are intelligent people — at least they present that way on television. Is it possible that these questions simply had not occurred to them? It seemed unlikely.

Many Trump supporters reasoned that it was simply not possible to carry on this campaign without some degree of coordination. That coordination perhaps did not take place in smoke-filled rooms (though they weren’t ruling it out), but at least through incentives, pressure, and vague but certain threats all well-understood by people who moved about in the same professional and social class, and who complained that they could “smell the Trump support” when they were unfortunate enough to have to patronize a Wal-Mart.

If there was a time when Trump supporters feared Robert Mueller’s goon squad, that time had passed by the 2018 midterm elections. Conservatives knew by then the whole case was bunk, and they were salivating at the prospect of watching him get chopped up by the likes of Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes. And he did.

The collusion case wasn’t only used to damage Trump in the polls or distract from his political agenda. It was used as an open threat to keep people from working in the administration. Taking a job in the Trump administration meant having one’s entire life investigated for anything that could fill CNN’s anti-Trump content requirement for another few days, whether or not it held up to scrutiny. Many administration employees quit because they were being bankrupted by legal fees due to an investigation that was known by its progenitors to be a political operation. The Department of Justice, press, and government used falsehoods to destroy lives and actively subvert an elected administration almost from the start. Perhaps worst of all, some portion of the American population was driven to the edge of madness by two years of being told that American politics had become a real-life version of The Manchurian Candidate. And not by Alex Jones, but by intelligence chiefs and politicians, amplified by media organizations which threw every ounce of their accumulated credibility behind the insanity.

For two years, Trump supporters had been called traitors and Russian bots for casting ballots for “Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster.” They’d been subjected to a two-year gaslighting campaign by politicians, government agencies, and elite media. It took real fortitude to stand up to the unanimous mockery and scorn of these powerful institutions. But those institutions had gambled their power and credibility, and they’d lost, and now Trump supporters expected a reckoning. When no reckoning was forthcoming – when the Greenwalds, and Taibbis, and Matés of the world were not handed the New York Times’ revoked Pulitzers for correctly and courageously standing against the tsunami on the biggest political story in years – these people shed many illusions about how power really operates in their country.

Trump supporters know – I think everyone knows – that Donald Trump would have been impeached and probably indicted if Robert Mueller had proven that he’d paid a foreign spy to gather damaging information on Hillary Clinton from sources connected to Russian intelligence and disseminate that information in the press. Many of Trump’s own supporters wouldn’t have objected to his removal if that had happened. Of course that is exactly what the Clinton campaign actually did, yet there were no consequences for it. Indeed, there has been almost no criticism of it.

Trump supporters had gone from worrying the collusion might be real, to suspecting it might be fake, to seeing proof that it was all a scam. Then they watched as every institution – government agencies, the press, Congressional committees, academia – blew right past it and gaslit them for another year. To this day, something like half the country still believes that Trump was caught red-handed engaging in treason with Russia, and only escaped a public hanging because of a DOJ technicality regarding the indictment of sitting presidents. Most galling, conservatives suspect that within a few decades liberals will use their command over the culture to ensure that virtually everyone believes it. This is where people whose political identities have for decades been largely defined by a naive belief in what they learned in civics class began to see the outline of a Regime that crossed not only partisan, but all institutional boundaries. They’d been taught that America didn’t have Regimes, but what else was this thing they’d seen step out from the shadows to unite against their interloper president?


GOP propaganda still has many conservatives thinking in terms of partisan binaries. Even the dreaded RINO (Republican-In-Name-Only) slur serves the purposes of the party, because it implies that the Democrats represent an irreconcilable opposition. But many Trump supporters see clearly that the Regime is not partisan. They know that the same institutions would have taken opposite sides if it had been a Tulsi Gabbard vs. Jeb Bush election. It’s hard to describe to people on the Left, who are used to thinking of American government as a conspiracy and are weaned on stories about Watergate, COINTELPRO, and Saddam’s WMD, how shocking and disillusioning this was for people who encouraged their sons and daughters to go fight for their country when George W. Bush declared war on Iraq.

They could have managed the shock if it only involved the government. But the behavior of the press is what radicalized them. Trump supporters have more contempt for journalists than they have for any politician or government official, because they feel most betrayed by them. The idea that the corporate press is driven by ratings and sensationalism has become untenable over the last several years. If that were true, there’d be a microphone in the face of every executive branch official demanding to know what the former Secretary of Labor meant when he said that Jeffrey Epstein “belonged to intelligence.” The corporate press is the propaganda arm of the Regime these people are now seeing in outline. Nothing anyone says will ever make them unsee that, period.

This is profoundly disorienting. Again, we’re not talking about pre-2016 Greenwald readers or even Ron Paul libertarians, who swallowed half a bottle of red pills long ago. These are people who attacked Edward Snowden for “betraying his country,” and who only now are beginning to see that they might have been wrong. It’s not because the parties have been reversed, and it’s not because they’re bitter over losing. They just didn’t know. If any country is going to function over the long-term, not everyone can be a revolutionary. Most people have to believe what they’re told and go with the flow most of the time. These were those people. I’m pretty conservative by temperament, but most of my political friends are on the Left. I spend a good deal of our conversations simply trying to convince them that these people are not demons, and that this political moment is pregnant with opportunity.

Many Trump supporters don’t know for certain whether ballots were faked in November 2020, but they know with apodictic certainty that the press, the FBI, and even the courts would lie to them if they were. They have every reason to believe that, and it’s probably true. They watched the corporate press behave like animals for four years. Tens of millions of people will always see Brett Kavanaugh as a gang rapist, based on an unproven accusation, because of CNN. And CNN seems proud of that. They helped lead a lynch mob against a high school kid. They cheered on the most deadly and destructive riots in decades.

Conservatives have always complained that the media had a liberal bias. Fine, whatever: they still thought the press would admit the truth if they were cornered. They don’t believe that anymore. What they’ve witnessed in recent years has shown them that the corporate press will say anything, do anything, to achieve a political objective, or simply to ruin someone they perceive as an opponent. Since my casual Twitter thread ended up in the mouths of Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump, I’ve received hundreds of messages from people saying that I should prepare to be targeted. Others don’t think that will happen, but even most of them don’t think it’s an irrational concern. We’ve seen an elderly lady receive physical threats after a CNN reporter accosted her at home to accuse her of aiding Kremlin disinformation ops. We’ve seen them threaten to dox someone for making a humorous meme.

Throughout 2020, the corporate press used its platform to excuse and encourage political violence. Time Magazine told us that during the 2020 riots, there were weekly conference calls involving – among others – leaders of the protests, local officials responsible for managing them, and members of the media charged with reporting on the events. They worked together with Silicon Valley to control the messaging about the ongoing crisis for maximum political effect. In case of a Trump victory, the same organization had protesters ready to be activated by text message in 400 cities the day after the election. Every town with a population over 50,000 would have been in for some pre-planned, centrally-controlled mayhem. In other countries we call that a color revolution.

Throughout the summer, establishment governors took advantage of COVID to change voting procedures, often over the protests of the state legislatures. It wasn’t only the mass mailing of live ballots: they also lowered signature matching standards, axed existing voter ID and notarization requirements, and more. Many people reading this might think those were necessary changes, either due to the virus or to prevent potential voter suppression. I won’t argue the point, but the fact is that the US Constitution states plainly that “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections… shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof.” As far as conservatives were concerned, state governors used COVID to unconstitutionally usurp their legislatures’ authority to unilaterally alter voting procedures just months before an election in order to help Biden make up for a massive enthusiasm gap by gaming the mail-in ballot system. Lawyers can argue over the legitimacy of the procedural modifications; the point is that conservatives believe in their bones – and I think they’re probably right – that the cases would have been treated differently, in both the media and in court, if the parties were reversed.

And then came the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Liberals dismiss the incident because, after four years of obsessing over the activities of the Trump children, they insist they’re not interested in the behavior of the candidate’s family members. But this misses the point entirely. Big Tech ran a coordinated censorship campaign against a major American newspaper while the rest of the media spread base propaganda to protect a political candidate. And once again, the campaign crossed institutional boundaries, with dozens of former intelligence officials throwing their weight behind the baseless and now-discredited claim that the laptop was part of a Russian disinformation campaign. That lie was promoted by Big Tech companies, while the true information being reported by The New York Post about the laptop’s contents was suppressed. That is what happened.

Even the tech companies themselves now admit it was a “mistake” – Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said it was an error and apologized – but the election is over, Joe Biden has appointed Facebook’s government regulations executive as his ethics arbiter, so who cares, right? It hardly needs saying that if The New York Times had Donald Trump Jr.’s laptop, full of pictures of him smoking crack and engaging in group sex, lots of lurid family drama, and emails with pretty direct discussions of political corruption, the Paper of Record would not have had its accounts suspended for reporting on it. Let’s remember that stories of Trump being pissed on by Russian prostitutes and blackmailed by Putin were promoted as fact across the media spectrum and used as the basis for a multi-year criminal investigation, when the only evidence was a document paid for by his opposition and disavowed by its primary source.

The reaction of Trump supporters to all this was not, “no fair!” That was how they felt about Romney’s “binders of women” in 2012 or Harry Reid’s lie that Romney paid no federal taxes. This is different. Now they were beginning to see, accurately, that the institutions of their country — all of them — had been captured by people prepared to use any means to exclude them from the political process. And yet they showed up in record numbers to vote. Trump got 13 million more votes than in 2016 – 10 million more than Hillary Clinton had gotten.

As election day became election night and the tallies rolled in, Trump supporters allowed themselves some hope. But when the four critical swing states (and only those states) went dark around midnight, they knew.

Over the following weeks, they were shuffled around between honest critics, online grifters, and media scam artists selling them conspiracy theories. They latched onto one then another increasingly outlandish theory as they tried to put a concrete name on something very real, of which election day was only the culmination. Media and Big Tech did all they could to make things worse. Everything about the election was strange, confusing, and unprecedented – the changes to procedure, unprecedented mail-in voting, counting delays, etc – but rather than admit that and bring everything into the open, they banned discussion of it (even in private messages!), and launched an absurd propaganda campaign telling us that it was – I’m not making this up – the most well-run and secure election in American history.

Conservatives know – again, I think probably everyone knows – that just as Don Jr.’s laptop would have been the story of the century, if everything about the election dispute was the same, except the parties were reversed, suspicions about the outcome would have been taken very seriously. See 2016 for proof.

Even the judiciary had forfeited its credibility with these voters because of the opposition’s embrace of political violence. Trump supporters say, with good reason: What judge will stick his neck out for Trump knowing he’ll be destroyed in the media as a violent mob burns down his house? Maybe most judges would do their jobs, but given the events of the last four years it’s not an unreasonable concern, and the concern itself is enough to cast the whole system in doubt. Again, we know, thanks to Time Magazine, that riots were planned in cities across the country if Trump had won. Sure, they were “protests”, but they were planned by the same people as during the summer, and everyone knows what it would have meant. The Chamber of Commerce took the threat of a second round of destruction of its members’ property seriously enough to offer its assistance to the “well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information” – Time’s words, not mine.

Trump voters were adamant that the governors’ changes to election procedures were unconstitutional. Everything in law is open to interpretation, but it doesn’t require a Harvard Law degree to read Article 1, Section 4 (quoted above) and come to that conclusion. But they also knew the cases wouldn’t see a courtroom until after the election, and what judge was going to make a ruling that would be framed as a judicial coup d’etat just because some governors didn’t go through the proper channels? Even a judge willing to accept the personal risk would have also to be willing to inflict the chaos that would follow on the country. Even a well-intentioned judge could convince himself that, whatever happened or didn’t happen, as a public servant he had no right to impose an opinion guaranteed to lead to mass violence – because the threat was not implied, it was direct. Some Trump supporters, unfortunately, thought the license for political violence applied to everyone; the hundreds of them now sitting in federal jails learned the hard way that it wasn’t true.

From the perspective of Trump’s supporters, the entrenched bureaucracy and security state subverted their populist president from day one. The natural guardrails of the Fourth Estate were removed because the press was part of the operation. Election rules were changed in an unconstitutional manner that could only be challenged after the deed was done, when judges and officials would be playing chicken with a direct threat of burning cities. Political violence was legitimized and encouraged. Major newspapers and sitting presidents were banned from social media, while the opposition enjoyed free rein to promote stories that were discredited once it was too late to matter. Conservatives put these things together and concluded that, whatever happened on November 3, 2020, it was not a free and fair democratic election in any sense that would have had meaning before Donald J. Trump was a candidate.

Trump supporters were led down some rabbit holes. But they are absolutely right that the institutions and power centers of this country have been monopolized by a Regime that believes they are beneath representation, and will observe no limits to prevent them getting it. I encourage people on the Left to recognize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in front of them. You’re not going to agree with the conservatives on everything. But if in 2004 I had told you that the majority of the GOP voter base would soon be seeing the folly of the Iraq War, becoming skeptical of state surveillance, and beginning to see the need for action to help the poor and working classes, you’d have told me such a thing would transform the country. Take the opportunity. These people are not demons, and they are ready to listen in a way they haven’t in a long, long time.

Darryl Cooper is the host of The MartyrMade Podcast, Co-host of The Unraveling w/Jocko Willink, and author of “that” Twitter thread.

Don Rumsfeld: 9 July 1932 – 29 June 2021


You all have heard of the first grade primer ‘Dick and Jane’? Well, as fate would have it, Dick did not grow up to love Jane, because Dick (like Don) matured into a homosexual in denial, or “RRR” (sounds like a Rottweiler growl), one of those closet morality, socially/sexually frustrated and consequently mean people known as a Religious Right Republican.

So, this has to be a adult repressed homosexual ‘dick’, or machismo porn variation, of the ‘Dick and Jane’ story. Consequently, the story of how Don Rumsfeld met his demise, because of Dick Cheney’s dog, is pretty screwed up. It’s called: Don & ‘dick.’

Rumsfeld was visiting ‘big dick’ Cheney at Cheney’s ranch in Wyoming, Cheney was wishing he could have shot George Bush in the face with his shotgun because the coward George flinched and did not pull the trigger on Iran…

While reminiscing missed opportunities at initiating Armageddon, wishing they could have shot more people in the face, especially more Arabs, and about their longing for certain fascists to be in their lives, past and present, secular and religious.. among other things, Rummy suddenly asked ‘big dick’ why his Rottweiler, “Machismo”, was always chained up at his kennel.

Mean people have mean dogs and, dick explained to Don that “Machismo” had an edge about him, Machismo simply could not be trusted around visitors. dick went on to explain how he wished it were otherwise and how he wished Machismo could be trusted to obey him and only tear apart people that he did not like, he’d tried dog trainers but they cost him money, too much money, because Machismo took a chuck of flesh out of all of them, every dog trainer he had tried. His insurance premiums had gone sky high, all on account of Machismo.

Rumsfeld: “Why don’t you get a different dog?”

Cheney: “Because I love my Machismo.”

Then Don had an idea.

Rumsfeld: “Hey dick, there is the Arapaho Indian Reservation right up the road, why don’t you get a Medicine Man to take the edge off your Machismo? I saw on the Discovery Channel the Indians can talk to animals, you know they are all devil worshippers, so maybe there is something to it.”

dick’s eyes brightened considerably, an amazing thing, as though a light had turned on upstairs, but then his brow furrowed back to normal, as though nobody were home.

Cheney: “That’s the problem. They are all devil worshipers, you know, Indians are sorcerers like the Old Testament forbid be ‘found among us.’”

So Don & dick discussed that and came up with a solution. If they were not at dick’s ranch while the medicine man worked with dick’s Machismo, the sorcerer would not be found ‘among them’ and it would all be ok in the end, because St Paul had said “All things work together for good” for Christians like Don & dick. So they sent a Secret Service agent to find a medicine man with an explanation of how dick would like the edge taken off of his Machismo, and then went quail hunting, so the Indian sorcerer would not be ‘found among them.’

The secret service agent found a medicine man, a Blackfoot married to an Arapaho and living in Wyoming, a typical dumb Indian, who with a look of stunned disbelief, kept asking the agent again and again “What!?” After the agent had identified himself four times and explained dick Cheney wanted the edge taken off his Machismo eight times, a light filled this Blackfoot Indian’s eyes, this agent was serious, and the devil was right at home.

Indians know when the gods deliver the opportunity of  a lifetime, and this was opportunity at redemption. It had been awhile since the medicine men had been noticed, that is, the now days scarce authentic ones, and the agent had stumbled onto the real thing. First and foremost, this Indian believed in the Native law of reciprocity and well knew how it worked, something the Whitemen had not sorted out since Jesus had told them about it two millennia ago: “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

In this Indian’s world view, the opportunity was all about deliverance, and the attending attrition from any consequence, a sort of natural quantum mechanics shamanic death manifest by friendly fire, simply would have to be tolerated, because the medicine men are all about manifesting truth, and this native cultural idea taken together with the dogs name, set out the path to healing dick’s Machismo: The dog would have to be taught how to enjoy narcissistic sex, instead of biting people.

Initially, the medicine man realized he would have to endure Machismo’s instinct to hump his leg, that was disturbing, but to reach the goal beyond… The Indian told the agent, well, ok, he would do it for ‘dick.’ The agent missed the straight faced Indian humor… and utterly failed his agency’s chartered mandate.

Indians are observational people, primarily, and know the purpose of dog butt sniffing rituals, sort of like when a Blackfoot and Cree spot each other from across a boulevard in downtown Calgary, the hair goes up on both backs and both Indians are thinking to the other “You can sniff my butt” in a historical context, and it is not a friendly thought. The actual butt sniffing between them is purely psychic, preceding any challenge and fight, and the medicine man doctoring dick’s Machismo would need to circumvent this phenomena to achieve his aims. So sorcery came into play. He collected urine from a bitch in heat, rubbed a little of it on his knee, and bringing more along in a vial, he traveled to heal dick’s Machismo.

The dog was very happy to see him, no hostility or butt sniffing ritual encountered at all, the Indian told the agent ‘the spirits’ required he had to work with the dog alone, brought out a plastic baby rattle wrapped in leather with a few strings with beads, to look convincing, and dick’s fundamentalist christian body guard was more than happy to leave. Then this Indian, bringing out the vial of bitch urine, began to work with dick’s Machismo: “Now Machismo, my leg is a good beginning, but we have to show you something, you don’t need my leg or me at all, you can do this all for yourself- just follow her scent to where it feels so right….”

In Blackfoot language we have a word, I don’t know how to spell it in the Whiteman’s language, but it sounds something like oww-woe-tops and it means you are crazy and “everyone knows the Whiteman is crazy” is a Blackfoot proverb proven again and again, example given, ‘dick’ Cheney hiring an Indian that hates him, as every Indian should, to tame his Machismo. There is another Blackfoot word I dare not try to pronounce here, but it means “Dog Face.” It is about as bad as Blackfeet language profanity gets, and it is not as tame as it might seem, initially. The term refers to a certain facial expression…

Don & dick were headed back to dick’s ranch, the agent had called and told them the medicine man had pronounced dick’s Machismo healed and was leaving, and as fate would have it, the medicine man, and Don & dick passed each other on the dirt and gravel country road, the Indian pushing his 1968 Chevy pickup named the “Red Jet” as hard as he could, the worn out 327 V-8 boiling blue smoke into the dust storm he was whipping up behind him, windows down, braids flying, wild eyed panic combined with a maniacal mirth at his crime, co-mingled with prayers to all the gods that he WOULD escape… thinking when he saw Don & dick “you can sniff my butt” while trying to put on as many miles as he could, as fast as he could, to escape dick’s ‘spread.’ Don said “God Damn”, dick in the same moment saying “he must have brought along his whiskey”…

Then, ‘dick’ & Don, walking to the kennel, turned a corner bringing Machismo into view in that very moment Machismo was swallowing it, gulping himself down with a certain facial expression… Don had a sudden epiphany, and he exclaimed “Machismo sucks!”, and dick’s perpetual grimace of hate torqued down to the point it actually broke his primitive semblance of a mind, he pulled his permitted concealed weapon…

The camera pans away to the beautiful red rock cliffs of Wyoming, there was a first shot echoed together with Machismo’s dying yelp, Don shouted “NO!” and the second shot was heard… a pause.. the third shot sounded and America never heard ‘dick’ Cheney say “Terror” again.

In the here-after, for all of eternity, Don repeated “Look Dick, look. See Machismo suck!” And for all of eternity Dick shot Machismo and Don, again and again and could not kill them or himself (because they were already dead.)

The Secret Service agent kept his mouth shut about his role in the cause behind the Rumsfeld/Cheney murder/suicide, and no one came after the medicine man who laughed for years, again and again like a child, every time he recalled:

“you can sniff my butt”




Čitajte na srpskom


This 2004 essay from my book “Penucquem Speaks, A Look At Our World From A Different Culture” is published here as a stands alone piece to counter-balance the satire “The Great Phuc Uuus Massacre” in my collection of anti-empire essays. As a Native American trained story teller (story teller trained by Native Americans in Native American technique), my adapting the cosmic joke element to personal narrative satire might be easily misunderstood for the fact of this accurate stylistic description:

“My satire in the present genre is to be honest in the Native American way; in effect, constructing a joke story closely resembling real life, a sort of collage of facts assembled from bits and pieces of diverse experience, combined with anecdotal information to create the culturally intact inherent Native wisdom found in their humor. In other words, parts of the story consist of an autobiographical facts incorporated, multi-faceted rip-off of other peoples life stories and experience. And because unlike the White world, the Native world entertains paradox in daily approach to life, some aspects are simply made up from the imagination’s fund of plausible improbabilities”

The point of republishing this excerpted essay from Penucquem Speaks is to contrast the reality to the (satirical) story-telling; however the difference might seem insignificant to some, for the fact the insanity of the common soldier’s experience in the Vietnam late stage conflict resembles nothing so much as a satire. But this narrative is precisely why the USA moved away from a conscription army to a ‘professional’ all volunteer force; establishing a mercenary army had become a necessity to maintain the present day, extra-constitutional, American “Empire.”

In this personal narrative, there is little element of the Native American joke story-telling format (deliberate entertainment, created with license.) Other than the self-satirizing (it is not allowed to be ‘holier than thou’ … one must present oneself at the level of stupidity integral to circumstance in the story-telling), it is entirely straight-forward narrative of events as they had actually happened and I had witnessed. That the described insanity can hardly be distinguished from a lampoon is, in and of itself, a damning indictment of Western culture at multiple levels; that I had emerged from the insanity as a decorated & promoted soldier, a soldier who was considered to be professional & responsible (I did a few important things), simply underscores the complications laden paradox of the Western war-addicted society that is inherently self-deceived.

A residual Native American element in narrating what follows is my allowing my former soldier-associates to maintain their perception of themselves, that is, I do not condemn their belief in what they had been doing, because everyone is entitled to their own reality is a very Native American approach, in fact this is a ‘libertarian’ pillar of the Northern Plains culture. For my real criticisms of the soldiers’ behaviors, one must return to the satire because it brings the narrative to the native, culturally correct, cartoon social perception; for the reason one’s idiocy must always be laughed at with the honest self-lampoon, no matter what personal evolution might have brought on in the intervening years. This (nearly extinct) original (pre-Western education) Northern Plains Indian personality stems from a culture which had recognized there cannot be any rewrites of history. Native American cultural integrity should demand one live this principle, the current social climate’s politically correct arguments notwithstanding.

The essay title in the book is “My Beginning.” Here I have renamed it “Metamorphose” as in fact these events, which are largely, accurately depicted (minimally ‘Hunter Thompson-esque’), are responsible for transformation at both; the personal and national level. At the personal level, the insanity depicted in paradox of an anti-war, but nevertheless war-zone environment, finally had subverted myself to a journey far, far away from mainstream. At the national level, the Empire had been ‘burned’ and consequently became even more radically militaristic.

My post-war military trajectory was from Vietnam to the 82nd Airborne Division and then onto the 19th Special Forces Group but the subversive seed of self-examination had already been germinated. Perhaps there will be more to be told of my journey towards, subsequent transition to, and rehabilitation in, Blackfeet culture, but that is for another day.




Photo: The author in 1971


It was a starry night, I was lying on my back thinking in retrospect, where/what my life had come to. For the past twenty minutes, my name had been, was still being shouted, “West!” I did not care. The sky was absolutely beautiful, that is what was important at this moment. My father had returned a hero from the Pacific after the defeat of Japan.. and I was the second mistake of his subsequent union with the young woman he had met at the USO. Nineteen years and several months subsequent to my birth, an intervening period in which I seemed at times to have been an abused lawn ornament, I only wanted to understand why. Why was I here. My name was still being shouted in several directions, sometimes near, at other times farther away. “West!” That did not matter. Retrospective contemplation and the stars were what mattered. My biggest resentment was that no one had taken the time to explain things. Not ever. Not in any way that had made sense. “West!” It was getting louder, but then the shouting would become muffled under me. This had already happened several times, no one was thinking of coming up to where I was lying. Looking again at the stars, I knew nothing would ever be the same again. I would never believe in anybody, anything. Suddenly there was a slight noise close to me. Ray was there. “You have got to come down” he whispered to me. “all right” I said, with a little resignation. Then I added “Bring me a beer first.” Ray whispered “OK” and disappeared.

I had been lying on top of a sandbag, steel and concrete structure that I normally lived in.. it was a bunker. I was a Jeep driver for the pilots attached to the Headquarters of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade at the brigade main base near Long Binh, Republic of Viet Nam. Just an hour earlier I had smoked an Opium laced Marijuana cigarette and I knew I was in no condition to drive anyone, anywhere. Ray had returned with the beer and I had taken a swallow and then deliberately poured the rest of the beer down the open front of my jungle fatigue jacket. Clutching the empty beer can, I stumbled a little as I entered the Fire Ball Aviation ‘CQ’ (Charge of Quarters) office and mumbled to Major Lewis “You wanted me, sir?” I was not known to drink often, it was after my normal duty hours, and I was forgiven and dismissed. The Major made a call to Headquarters and found another driver and jeep for the several Command rank officers that had flown in on short notice.

The few times I actually had drank in the several preceding months may well have saved my life. I was never a good drunk, always becoming sick, usually for at least a day, and on the first two occasions that I was sent on emergency duty as a helicopter flight gunner, substituting for the regular crewmen, it just happened that I had been drinking the night before, and the consequence was that it was decided for me by my superiors that I suffered from air sickness. I had quit drinking subsequently, but the ‘air sick’ label had stuck and I had become a jeep driver. So now I smoked dope, because if you did not drink or smoke dope in Viet Nam, you did not fit in. There would be nobody to relate to. No social life. And very few people want to be a loner. I was not yet a loner. But I was a good jeep driver, did not smoke dope during normal duty hours, was devoted to my pilots, always punctual, and on one occasion drove four of these pilots through a barrage of B-40 Rockets, exploding just short of us, without flinching. After all, we were the 199th, and a certain attitude was called for. I was promoted and given an Army Commendation Medal before I left. As a group, our 199th Fire Ball Aviation unit was awarded the Viet Nam Cross of Gallantry with a Valor Device, but that is someone else’s story to tell.

One year later I was still in Viet Nam, now with the 330th Transportation Company at the little Army Airfield at Vung Tau. In the intervening year, since the night on the bunker with the stars, possibly beginning that night, some profound psychological change had overcome me. My classmate and friend from Army Aviation School, Fred, had died, shot down. He had been assigned to the 25th Infantry Division (Aviation Support) after the 199th Brigade had redeployed to the States and disbanded. Fred and I were just short of the required six months in the war zone to return to the states and were reassigned in country. We had spent a nearly year together up to that time, trained together and shipped to Viet Nam to the same assignment. After the 199th, I had been sent to Vung Tau, a coastal French Colonial resort city that had seldom seen the war. I was still there, afraid to go home, volunteering extra time in a mythical corner of the war zone, a tiny Shangri La, already sensing I could never really know my old life, or my home again. In these days I was an E-5, equal to a Sergeant, and my life was surreal, like a movie. There was no open job that fit my rank, so I did several things at different times. For awhile I was the Non Commissioned Officer in charge of the off/on switch of a steam cleaner. I spent my days reading paperbacks, sun tanning and listening to a stereo while waiting for the privates to tow a helicopter to my steam cleaner machine so I could turn the switch to the machine on for them. I thought maybe I could do that for a few years, the war’s end seemed far away. But then I was pulled from that dream job to carry dispatches, Personnel files and Courts Martial records to Saigon, because I knew my way around that city and the intervening countryside. I used this job and its administrative passes to hitchhike around Viet Nam. I had learned from my six months in the 199th to keep a personal weapon with me at all times, and a Jungle uniform easily conceals a 45 caliber Colt automatic pistol. I never needed it.

I lived a dangerous private life in my off hours. I had rented a studio apartment in the town of Vung Tau. It was an abode unknown to anyone except myself and the mysterious Vietnamese I shared it with, Dom Tay, and the Chinese madam that rented it to us together with her daughter and the more trusted whores. There was adjacent to the bar that the madam conducted her business from, a hallway that went from one of the main streets in town with the bars that catered whores, to an alley behind the bar that was a passageway to the market street with all its open stalls, a place you never saw Americans because they could not handle the smell. Our apartment had two unmarked doors into this hallway and it appeared as though they were entries to separate flats. Sergeant West always came and went from the main street with the bars, and used the hall entry to his apartment closest to that side, not an unusual sight. Soldiers were always frequenting rooms adjacent to the bars for their carnal cares. It was totally unremarkable. Dom Tay always left and returned to the hallway via the rear alley and used the entry towards the rear of the building, nearest this alley, and was seldom ever noticed. It was in reality as though we were neighbors from the outside view. But in fact we were alter egos. Having come in from the main street as Sergeant West, I would go back into the streets via the alley and market dressed in a south Vietnamese style military uniform without rank or insignia, only my moniker translated into Vietnamese, “Dom Tay” (Mr West) embroidered on my shirt in place of the typical name tag. With dark prescription glasses hiding the lack of slant to my eyes and of short stature and dark complected, I looked something like a French/Vietnamese halfbreed, perhaps in the Intelligence Service. Nobody wanted anything to do with me downtown, the Vietnamese civilian police or the military police, Vietnamese or American. I would stare directly at them. They would look at me and keep moving. In Viet Nam, sometimes there were people you just did not want to know anything about. I was able to be one of those. I went about and did as I pleased. Viet Nam had become my personal Wild West. I had found its underbelly, I was functioning there, and it was a place seldom seen, let alone survived, by most of the Americans. The Chinese madam’s daughter was sweet on me, and I was circumspect in that relationship, I spent time learning the Mah Jongg with her together with her mother and the ‘girls’, never touched heroin and I did not sleep with the whores. There was a certain amount of respect and I am certain, protection attending my friendship with these people. It was the whores who did everything, they were runners for drugs, business couriers for criminal deals, cover for arranged meetings. But all I wanted to do there was watch what was going on. I needed to understand. What was all of this, really?

Now my job had changed again. It was mid 1971 and anti war sentiment was growing in the troops throughout Vietnam, and it was evident in Vung Tau. The Playboy Magazine had come out with the ‘Viet Nam Veterans Against The War’ membership application and tens of thousands had joined from the war zone. I did not. But there were a few dozen soldiers in my company that were no longer going to contribute to the work at hand and had become troublesome to the cadres. The logical thinking was, here is a job for West. So I got my unofficial platoon leadership, my ‘Dirty Dozen.’ This included some of the anti-war guys, a few of the junkies and the only ‘Jesus Freak’, the one guy who was straight, he did not drink, he did not smoke dope, and he did not whore around in town. He was really sweet and nobody could stand being around him. He was normal and normal was unreal. All I had to do was keep these guys out of trouble. And it was about this time it looked like the war might come to Vung Tau.

So my new job was a pain in the ass and I was rethinking staying forever in Viet Nam. But I worked out the details and it went like this.. The junkies could never be trusted to do anything, but if they had their junk, they were happy no matter where you put them. So they were sent to the helicopter graveyard, and arrangements made to supply them their junk. There they drooled and vomited with glazed eyes and seemed to see their world only in the colors of black and white, like old TV. Probably about 30% of our soldiers were addicted to heroin at this time, and I had the worst of them, the ones that were so bad they could not function. The anti war guys were all dope smokers and they were sent to sandbag detail. The deal was that only the most trustworthy of them could go to the adjacent village through the perimeter wire and bring back their marijuana and the heroin for the junkies. These guys suntanned, read books, smoked joints, listened to music and jumped up to work with shovels, sand and bags, on a signal that administrative people were sighted. They rotated the guard duty assignment set up for this signal system, intended to protect them from their own officers. Nearly everyone stayed out of trouble. I kept the Jesus Freak with me. Nobody ever seemed to notice there was little progress in the sandbagging, only that the only that the anti war guys were being forced to work at the job soldiers most hated. It was slick. But this job had also subverted my psychology further.

I was not a dope smoker before I went to Viet Nam and I have not been a dope smoker for many years. But at this time I was smoking some of the most robust marijuana in the world, like a Jamaican dock worker. This was normal in the surreal world that we lived in. I had come from the 199th where people were dedicated soldiers although some of them recreationly smoked dope, others drank, to relax from what could be an unimaginably brutal job. The courage of the men of the 199th could not be questioned, and their devotion to duty sometimes delivered them to their deaths. These were fine men, and my admiration for them is undiminished to this day. We are Americans, and one thing that is totally American is the right to follow your beliefs. These men I knew of the 199th, these titans of personal courage, saw themselves as having defended American ideals of freedom and democracy, and they are forever entitled to see themselves in that light. Because that is what they did. And I will never question that mentality in these men. But that mentality was breaking down in me. As ‘Dom Tay’, my alter ego, I had seen the corruption of war, up close. Prostitution, Racketeering, Drug Trafficking, all departments were involved, and at high levels. My own First Sergeant did not know Dom Tay as I watched him, our Mess Sergeant and our Battalion Sergeant Major, make the deals and collect the money, selling our soldiers rations downtown. Repeatedly, the food service to the soldiers was cleaned up for a day or two, as the Army inspections and visiting congressmen were brought to Vung Tau by the soldiers’ complaints. Then the good food was sent downtown again. At a meal served a couple of days after one of these visits and a few decent dinners, I took the ribs served to us outside to a starving dog. This dog only had the strength to turn 180 degrees so that his ass was where his mouth had been when I offered him the meat. A starving dog would not eat it. We all had to buy our food back at the sidewalk cafes in town to survive. The sergeants a rank higher than myself were privileged to eat in the officer’s mess and their food was fine. One of the cooks, a private, became so outraged that he made marijuana brownies for the officer’s cafeteria. As Dom Tay, I saw the food he was supposed to prepare for us sold downtown by our own superiors, who formed a mafia. As Sergeant West, I delivered this same cooks Courts Martial papers to Saigon. What else did Dom Tay discover? That American Intelligence Service officers were the source of the Heroin that plagued our army. The Golden Triangle opium crop bought by the CIA to secure the loyalty of the remote tribes against the communists was processed into heroin and marketed to the United States Army in Viet Nam. I had seen enough. It was time to go home. But I had no home.

Before the extension of my Viet Nam tour expired, and I was actually able to leave, a couple of remarkable things had happened.

On my arrival in Viet Nam, as a member of the 199th, I had seen the invasion of Cambodia, professionally handled, militarily. The political aftermath of that had been Kent State however, and now the Army was in a different mood. Now, before I was to leave, I was to see the result of that mood with the invasion of Laos.

Nixon’s ‘Vietnamization’ of the war propaganda had been thrown at us repeatedly by the US Army newspaper, the Stars and Stripes. It worked well. Senior officers were now having to personally lead their troops into the field, walking the point that would be ambushed. It was the only way to get the American Army to fight. The soldiers would go along on these sorties just to see their leaders shot. Hand grenades were more often used to murder the more criminal cadres, the assholes, it happened in my company at Vung Tau shortly after I left. One of the Sergeants First Class that was part of the Cabal I had seen selling our food downtown had his toe blown off, but lived, apparently because the grenade rolled under his bed and the mattress absorbed the brunt of the explosion. A soldier I knew, Wally, did time in Leavenworth for that. So things had gone from bad to worse since the invasion of Laos. But it was the Laos invasion that was the scene of a war wide sit down strike by the American Army. At Vung Tao, when the 330th transportation company was ordered mobilized to assist in the effort to extract the Army of the Republic of South Viet Nam from a pre laid ambush on a titanic scale by regular divisions of the North Vietnamese Army, and the southern soldiers were being slaughtered like pigs in a pen, instead of loading their gear into the trucks as ordered, our company’s soldiers turned up Jimmy Hendrix Star Spangled Banner to a deafening decibel level and sat down in the assembly area clapping their hands and chanting “Hell no, we won’t go!” and they did not. Do you Courts Martial an entire Army? It happened everywhere. I learned years later that one of my former pilots from the 199th made so many trips into Laos due to the shortage of crews to the rescue, that even though he was shot down twice, managing to survive, rescued both times, he kept making trips. South Vietnamese soldiers were hanging on the skids of helicopters to get out alive. It was a slaughter brought on by Nixon’s propaganda. The war was being turned over to the Vietnamese. They would fight it. By now, the attitude of the American Army was ‘Well, let them.’ I recalled how General Lee’s deployment of the Confederate Army in the Wilderness Campaign caused General Grant to tantrum on his cot. Our allied Vietnamese army never stood a chance against the prepared and deployed line divisions of the North. Of course, the situation being what it was in Viet Nam, my guess would be that the North Vietnamese had the detailed invasion plan before the before the Southern army ever invaded. Dom Tay had already witnessed a world where all sides met and did business together. North, South, American, Viet Cong, all bedfellows, all criminal. Money could accomplish anything.

After Laos, for the most part, the 330th soldiers were no longer trusted with their weapons, they had to remain locked up in the armory. Some war huh? By this time you can’t trust your own army with their rifles! Well, this had an interesting consequence.

Thirty percent junkies, fifty percent dope smokers that sometimes used psychedelics, and twenty percent drunks, our army airfield was a disaster waiting to happen. We were receiving ‘care’ packages from the states, the people at home were being asked to support the troops, but this was a draft army, and a lot of the troops did not want to be here and in fact had been drafted out of areas that were hotbeds of the anti-war movement. So it was not unusual to receive ‘peace and love’ care packages that contained as many as one thousand doses of LSD. A C-123 cargo plane with a collapsed nose gear that had been simply dragged off of the end of the airfield runway was the ‘trip ship’, with more than 50 LSD ingested soldiers using it as a giant See-Saw- 15 or 20 men out on each wing, men sitting atop the fuselage and the rest inside trying to keep their balance. Not an uncommon sight. And then it happened one night. The unheard of Red Alert, an impending attack, the junkies did not even care, 200 soldiers high on LSD reported to the armory for their weapons, all of our senior sergeants and our Commanding Officer turned up shit faced drunk, and the guy with the keys to the armored building containing the weapons could not be found, he was passed out drunk, but nobody knew where at the time (with his whore in the village.) There actually was no backup set of keys to this building that could be located. I secured my personal weapon that I kept unknown to my superiors, plotted my escape route to the Australian compound that neighbored us, just in case I needed to be with a group of soldiers that could fight, and sat on the stair to a second floor barracks, and watched the riot that unfolded below.

Our First Sergeant simply stood frozen like a statue, and he had both pissed and shit his pants. Men were milling in panic around him, screaming like idiots, and they were easily identifiable as mostly drunks, these were our cadres, and nobody paid any attention to them at all. It was surreal under the floodlights that illuminated what was happening. But now here came a group of the LSD freaks, 20 or 30 of them, they had somewhere rounded up an utility pole, of the sort power lines are strung on, and now they had it employed as a battering ram against the door of the armored building. Again and again they slammed the pole against the door, and I could see our Commanding Officer was sobering up fast and now directing this effort, the United States Army of the 20th Century, employing a siege weapon older than Rome, trying to break into their own fortified building. Finally, someone had located the backup set of keys, and I put my personal weapon away and went to draw an M-16 Rifle.

The heroes of this fiasco were the Cobra Helicopter crews. While our soldiers were locked out of their weapons, these crews had scrambled with loaded rocket pods and mini guns. And these were the weapons that turned back the assault. After the riot from being locked out of the weapons, we received out rifles and deployed to our assigned stations, and I was hugely relieved to have a sober captain commanding our squad, but nothing happened. The attack did not materialize close to us. I was visiting with a Cobra crewman, he had come to see me particularly, after the grand riot. I had been informally working with the junkies that wanted to quit heroin for several months, I could not stand the tragedy of these people. There were no programs for them, they simply rotated out of Viet Nam and went home addicted. And the addicted soldiers that did not want this fate looked me up, I had a reputation for being willing to help them try and quit. On this occasion, the Cobra crew chief was not a junkie, but had been high on LSD while arming rockets for his pilot, and just wanted to talk about it. He said the experience made him want to examine his life and we talked about that. It had scared him straight. After this, I knew of two soldiers that did not drink or use drugs, this man, and our Jesus freak.

Just a few examples of heroin stories, people I personally knew, two Texans, Thedford and Mitchell were both heroin addicted. By the time they were due to go home, finally there was urine screening and the junkies were being diverted to Japan for hospitalization, because of the heroin epidemic. Thedford took a ’clean’ urine sample with him, along with copious amounts of heroin, he was not drying out or being diverted. Mitchell, a former Bull Rider, toughed out his withdrawals before he left, rupturing his skin which he showed me, huge blotches of red, like foot square bee stings. Darling from Indiana gave lip service to quitting, but did not have the resolve, a naive young man, innocent in the extreme, he did not even know what heroin was before he became addicted. Davis asked me what to do about his addiction on his way home and I told him just to be up front when he was out processed, tell them immediately he was addicted badly and be diverted to a hospital for detoxification. Many others known to me faced this problem. Modic had the worst luck of all.

Modic was never cut out for the Army and he saw his time in Viet Nam as a prison camp, a prison he was desperate to escape. He had taken LSD and had the idea to be someone like Papillion who had escaped the French Penal colony in South America. Modic told me he was going to re-enlist for the bonus money and desert. His plan was to take a short trip to Singapore with his money and disappear forever in Asia. I told him he was crazy. He had only a few more months to tough it out. His plan did not work. He re-enlisted, got his money and could not get out on his R&R vacation. Desperate, he tried to get kicked out by becoming a heroin dealer, very brazen, but no one turned him in. Now he began using the heroin himself, burning up his money, even his dog was addicted, he would tap a little into his dog’s mouth from the vial each time he was snorting the drug himself. Horribly addicted, Modic finally was busted. Sent to Long Binh Jail, an unimaginably brutal place, he did his heroin withdrawals there without medical mitigation, and returned a broken shell of his former self. Offered his one wish at his Courts Martial, to be allowed to leave the Army, Modic could no longer mentally function. He opted to stay in for the duration of his six year re-enlistment, the course of action he was advised at his Courts Martial hearing „would serve to make him a better man.“ I had talked with Modic on his return from Long Binh Jail. He was not even cognizant of what had happened to him. I had never met a more mentally broken man.

I tried heroin once. It was in Viet Nam. Something deep inside me told me there was something fundamentally wrong with simultaneously feeling orgasmic and vomiting.

In the middle 1970’s, I recall estimates of as many as 500,000 homeless Viet Nam Veterans were living on the streets of America. If that were true, this one half million American men should have been in the prime of their life as productive citizens. Today, in 2004, they are reduced to something like ten thousand. These were the junkies. Many of them are dead. A more certain fact is: as of this writing, more American Vietnam veterans have committed suicide than died in the war.

I had arrived in Viet Nam on April 7, 1970. I returned to the United States on November 8, 1971. I was not addicted to heroin. But I felt homeless. Like a man without a country.


30+ years life in Indian country

My social satire and political lampoons are best explained this way: The devil on the one shoulder and the angel on my other shoulder climb into my head to make love and a satire is born .. having little to do with morality and much to do with ethics. As a writer there is no fear, no guilt, no shame in my approach, only accountability demanded of the public personas who presume to lead with lies as our world burns around us .. and making people laugh at the hypocrisies of western culture in a way should steal the power of those lies and reduce their influence.

A former Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence for Special Forces, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald had lived over thirty years in close association with Blackfeet Indians (those who still speak their language), and is published in international law as a layman: The Right of Self- Determination of Peoples and It’s Application to Indigenous People in The USA or The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole. Ronald has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.


“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with the good” -Mahatma Ghandi

Čitajte na srpskom

After two years of sitting on letters from the ICC it became the apropos time to act; considering the German ambassador to Serbia in April 2021 made some remarks picked up on by a Western corporate media front:

^ Rockefeller Brothers Fund awards Balkan Investigative Reporting Network [BIRN] Pristina office on average of USD $100,000 per year, only one source of funds BIRN rakes in from Western corporate largesse [1]

So, what did the German ambassadorial chump have to say? Despite there being no legal United Nations authorization for the NATO bombing of Serbia, the decision to bomb Serbia…

“had to be made in order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe” [2]

… well, huh. No mention of the recent packing off of Kosovo’s leaders to war crimes trials? Oh, and what about those BND (German CIA) ‘people’ using the Konrad Adenauer Siftung as a front to train and install neo-nazi fascists in Ukraine? Ever wonder what BND might be up to in Belgrade? [3], [4]

We don’t have to time travel to the early-mid 1940s to understand “Deutschland über Alles” should be seen a bit differently in the eyes of certain of Germany’s neighboring countries than most of today’s ordinary German mortals might think. But German Ambassador to Serbia, Thomas Schieb, is no ordinary German mortal, he presides over the location where Germany’s BND (nee Gehlen Organization) is centered in Belgrade.

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at an International Criminal Court letter (initial denial) concerning some very nasty acts by the German state; that is ‘laundering’ a false flag war crime resulting in the deaths of well over 1,000 Syrian civilians (keep reading, all necessary context and evidence had been presented.)

Note the dates of the letter; 4 July 2018 the complaint had been received by the ICC, 6 February 2019 is the date the ICC denied it held jurisdiction to investigate. This was no snap reply, seven months indicates, if not soul-searching, then at least some considerable time put into thinking about the necessary circumlocution to avoid having to deal with the wealth of information put before the court. I contested this denial with a communication (published online) pointing out a history of the ICC subject to improper influences and demand they reconsider. [5]

The first letter is a more generic denial, the second letter is a contortion to explain the court finds some “serious allegations” are beyond its reach to investigate:

When the International Criminal Court [ICC] itself is complicit in covering up war crimes by German state actors in the 21st Century, everyone at the top should have some explaining to do. In short, what follows is, there is ample evidence prima facie [Latin term: ‘on its face’] German intelligence had “aided & abetted” [assisted] with laundering false flag chemical attacks in Syria including the notorious (especially murderous) sarin gas attack at Ghouta, Syria, in August, 2013. This information had been provided to German parliamentarians and as well as the International Criminal Court. The Germans were silent and the International Criminal Court protests it has no jurisdiction, per the second letter:

“The Office of the Prosecutor has carefully examined your latest communication. I regret to advise you that the Prosecutor has confirmed that the communication does not introduce new facts or evidence that would alter the previous determination that there is not a basis to proceed under the Rome Statute. Under the Rome Statute, the Court may only exercise jurisdiction over genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, as defined in the Rome Statute (Articles 6 to 8), when committed on or after 1 July 2002 (Article 11). In addition, the Court may only exercise jurisdiction over such crimes committed on the territory of a State that has accepted the jurisdiction of the Court or by a national of such a State (Article 12), or where the Security Council refers the situation to the Court (Article 13). In the light of these requirements, your communication still appears, after careful re-examination, to relate to matters outside the jurisdiction of the Court.

“I hope you will appreciate that with the defined jurisdiction of the Court, many serious allegations will be beyond the reach of this institution to address. We are grateful for your continued interest in the International Criminal Court”

The ICC is clearly wrong. And cowardly & corrupt. Germany is a signatory to the ICC, and the crime of aiding and abetting (false flag laundering) is undoubtedly centered inside the German state. The ICC, to escape this (despite admission of “serious allegations”), appears to be narrowly defining jurisdiction (limiting the applicable charges) to the crime as committed in Syria (and thus avoids the charge of aiding & abetting) and therefore denies jurisdiction rather than take on German state intelligence (the Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND) and Angela Merkel’s minions.

The question that arises in philosophy of law is, does the ICC itself become complicit in the aiding & abetting [assisting] the alleged laundering of the false flag operation by a clearly deliberate ‘narrow’ reading of international law and providing a patently cowardly rationale excusing themselves from having to investigate a major war crime? Methinks, yes:

Ghouta_August_2013 - 1

Here is the complaint itself, followed by my communications with the ICC leading to filing the initial complaint:

Dear Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court

Thank you for the invitation to formalize my complaint concerning the crime of sarin gas employed at Ghouta, Syria, in August of 2013.


Under customary international law, aiding and abetting war crimes includes three elements:

(1) A Principal person or entity committed a war crime;
(2) Another actor committed an act that had a substantial effect upon the commission of the underlying offence; and
(3) Required mental state: The other actor knew that that such an act would assist, or had the substantial likelihood of assisting, the commission of the underlying offense.


1) Turkey, a NATO nation, via its’ intelligence agency MIT, conspired with al Qaida (a proposed clandestine NATO affiliate) to commit a war crime, that is the (false flag) gassing and death of more than one thousand civilians at Ghouta, Syria, in August, 2013.

2) Officials of NATO actor Germany, a signatory to The Rome Statute, provided ‘cover’ via propaganda and other, related means (e.g. laundering false information to media via parliamentary oversight) allowing the actual perpetrators to escape scrutiny despite German intelligence knowing:

3) Such act (immediate preceding) substantially would assist the commission of the specified crime or in other words, enable false-flag  impunity.


Arts 49/50/129/146 of the four Geneva Conventions (1949) requiring the Member States to prosecute and punish all ‘persons’ who commit grave breaches (Ambos [2014] 146). Accordingly, the Elements of Crimes of the ICC Statute do not provide an explicit note for the category of perpetrators as there was no dissent during the negotiations at the Rome Conference that war crimes can be committed by both members of armed forces and civilians (Dörmann, Elements of War Crimes [2003] 391).


Going to the immediate preceding (III), this petitioner to the International Criminal Court (Ronald Thomas West) holds persons in any government signatory to the Rome Statute are prohibited from aiding and abetting a war crime or crime against humanity no matter the crime had been outside the courts purview (non-signatory state) when the aiding and abetting is committed within the courts purview (a signatory state.) This would include certain Western democracies intelligence agencies employees and aligned politicians providing cover for perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Named persons of the German federal security service and responsible politicians (Bundesnachrichtendienst) who’ve proactively (provided false information) or passively (allowed false information) to purposely aid and abet the actual perpetrators (Turkey’s MIT in partnership with al-Qaida) of the (false flag) gas attack at Ghouta, Syria in August 2013 include (but is not limited to) past president of BND Gerhard Schindler, present president of BND Bruno Kahl, Helge Braun (oversight minister) and Angela Merkel.

Named persons directing the German office of the Federal Prosecutor (Generalbundesanwalt/Generalbundesanwältin) who’ve failed to investigate and prosecute domestically and internationally (universal jurisdiction for war crimes or Völkerstrafgesetzbuch) are Harald Range and Peter Frank.

Named German parliamentarians (leadership and/or senior members) who’ve been in possession (since at least December 2015) of exculpatory evidence exonerating President Bashar al Assad and his officials and military of the sarin attack at Ghouta, Syria, in August 2013 and have failed to take appropriate action to bring the German intelligence service and/or German political actors into compliance with established facts per international law and consequently protected a NATO actor and their al-Qaida partners from the light as the actual perpetrators include (but are not limited to) Hans-Christian Stroebele, Ulla Jelpke, Irene Mihalic, Michael Hartmann, Armin Schuster, Norbert Lammert, Peter Hintze, Johannes Singhammer, Edelgard Bulmahn, Ursula Schmidt, Petra Pau, Claudia Roth, Marieluise Beck, Omid Nouripour, Stefan Liebich, Niels Annen, Roderich Kiesewetter and Gregor Gysi.


To contextualize the long habit of Western intelligence agencies sponsoring and/or aiding and abetting false-flag state terror it is recommended the ICC prosecutor review the history of GLADIO:

and moving into present time with GLADIO B:

For a larger understanding of the underlying or founding criminal nature/background of Germany’s Bundesnachrichtendienst it is recommended the ICC prosecutor review the BND origins and history of the Gehlen Organization:

To understand German officials presently in power continue to play underhanded widely in the present geopolitical era, this information is provided:

Contextualizing the NATO nations (includes Rome Statute signatory Germany) intelligence agencies relationship to the chemical crimes of al-Qaida in Syria, it is recommended the ICC prosecutor examine the journalism of Vanessa Beeley concerning the so-called White Helmets:

Buttressing the Turkish MP Eren Erdem’s statement ‘rebel’ (al-Qaida) chemicals were sourced in Europe, is Russian military intelligence:


Western intelligence agencies have a long history of underhanded play (criminal activity.) In the case of Germany’s BND aiding and abetting al-Qaida in Syria, there is strong evidence prima facie of deliberately laundering false information through the Federal German Parliament (Bundestag) intelligence oversight committee to media effecting the coverup (concealing the actual perpetrators) of a war crime involving sarin gas, per the original information provided to the ICC as amended:

Eren_Erdem - 1

What Can Be Known Versus What Will Be Known

Likely, it will only be a matter time before the CIA editors at Wikipedia will change the recently updated information in the above (cropped-enlarged screenshot) Wikipedia article last updated 4 April 2018:

“Erdem also claims that sarin-gas was transported through Turkey to Syria, later used in the Ghouta chemical attack in 2013,[4][5] as well as later ISIL-attacks against civilians.[6] Erdem showed before the parliament a case where investigations leading to the arrest of 13 potential Turkish ISIL-members were made, but later inexplicably dropped.[7][8]

“Erdem faces treason charges in Turkey for his leaks.[5]

What is Turkish Member of Parliament Eren Erdem on record as having stated? Speaking of a copy in his possession of the Adana Prosecutor’s criminal case 2013/120 that was quashed by Erdogan’s people:

“There is data in this indictment. Chemical weapon materials are being brought to Turkey and being put together in Syria in camps of ISIS which was known as Iraqi Al Qaeda during that time

“These are all detected. There are phone recordings of this shipment like ‘don’t worry about the border, we’ll take care of it’ and we also see the bureaucracy is being used

“About the shipment, Republic prosecutor of Adana, Mehmet Arıkan, made an operation and the related people were detained. But as far as I understand he was not an influential person in bureaucracy. A week after, another public prosecutor was assigned, took over the indictment and all the detainees were released. And they left Turkey crossing the Syrian border

“The phone recordings in the indictment showed all the details from how the shipment was going to be made to how it was prepared, from the content of the labs to the source of the materials. Which trucks were going to be used, all dates etc. From A to Z, everything was discussed and recorded. Despite all of this evidence, the suspects were released

“And the shipment happened, because no one stopped them. That’s why maybe the sarin gas used in Syria is a result of this

“When I read the indictment, I saw clearly that these people have relationships with The Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution of Turkey and they don’t have any worries about crossing the border

“For example in Hayyam Kasap’s phone records, you hear him saying sarin gas many times, saying that the ateliers are ready for production, materials are waiting in trucks which were supposedly carrying club soda

“For example the chemical attack in Ghouta. Remember. It was claimed that the regime forces were behind it. This attack was conducted just days before the sarin operation in Turkey

“It’s a high probability that this attack was carried out with those basic materials shipped through Turkey. It is said the regime forces are responsible but the indictment says it’s ISIS. UN inspectors went to the site but they couldn’t find any evidence. But in this indictment, we’ve found the evidence. We know who used the sarin gas, and our government knows it too

“All basic materials are purchased from Europe. Western institutions should question themselves about these relations. Western sources know very well who carried out the sarin gas attack in Syria. They know these people, they know who these people are working with, they know that these people are working for Al-Qaeda. I think is Westerns are hypocrites about the situation”

What more can be known?

1) The German Parliament’s leadership (all political parties), as well the German Federal Prosecutor, had been apprised of the preceding by yours truly on 2 December 2015:

Eren_Erdem - 1 (1)

Dear Members of the German Parliament

I wish to draw attention to recent information regarding your NATO ally Turkey. Last month it had been revealed by two courageous members of Turkey’s parliament that in fact it was Turkey’s federal intelligence services were behind the August 2013 Sarin gas attack, killing more than one thousand ordinary Syrians, an attack NATO nations had blamed on the regime of Basher al-Assad. Your own Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) should have been aware of this fact from very nearly the beginning, as they have been proactively engaged in Syria and the Syrian conflict, as well as spying on Turkey.

What’s more is, state actor Turkey initiating the Sarin attack is not some undocumented allegation. As you can see from the attached reporting, there was a proper investigation by Turkish authorities with developed evidence and indictments. I regret to inform you in this case, President Erdogan personally initiated the prosecution that last week saw the editor of the newspaper reporting put in jail.

This raises strong questions of possible BND criminal complicity considering Germany’s support for certain NATO nations directly in relation to the Syrian conflict. What did the BND know and when? Has the BND, when passing intelligence on Syria to Assad’s opposition through its NATO allies, supported the actors who gassed the Syrians? Is Germany’s supportive relationship to the Erdogan government a lawful one, in light of this evidence? Has the BND contributed to the geopolitical disinformation blaming Assad for the August 2013 Sarin attack? Has your parliament been deceived in this matter, particularly your intelligence oversight committee?

Clearly the Sarin case, considering Germany, as a knowledgeable or complicit actor in Syria, should be pursued against the Turkey via the legal mechanism of Völkerstrafgesetzbuch, as well as domestic prosecutions of those German officials, noting the BND particularly, who’ve failed in their reporting requirements and/or conspired to conceal a war crime or crime against humanity.

These should be questions and demand you will present to the federal prosecutor.

Ron West

2) Germany’s foreign intelligence service (BND) lied to the German parliament’s intelligence oversight committee:

Eren_Erdem - 1 (2)

(Translated, highlighted text) “Berlin – The Federal Intelligence Service (BND) supports the assessment of the Americans that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is behind the poison gas attacks on suburbs of Damascus on 21 August. In secret classified statements for security politicians, BND President Gerhard Schindler said a clear proof is missing. After an in-depth plausibility analysis, however, his ministry assumes that the regime is the culprit”

At Der Spiegel English:

[T]he country’s foreign intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), agrees with the US position which holds Syrian President Bashar Assad responsible for the poison gas attacks near Damascus on Aug. 21. In a secret briefing to select lawmakers on Monday, BND head Gerhard Schindler said that while there is still no incontestable proof, analysis of the evidence at hand has led his intelligence service to believe that Assad’s regime is to blame.

In the briefing, Schindler said that only the Assad regime is in possession of binary chemical weapons such as sarin. The BND believes that regime experts would be the only ones capable of manufacturing such weapons and deploying them with small missiles. The BND believes that such weapons had been used several times prior to the attack on Aug. 21, which is believed to have killed more than 1,400 people

3) We can know BND knew better because of intelligence officers who were too stupid to keep their mouths shut. In fact BND is not only competent in Syria, BND is dedicated to the overthrow of Assad:

Eren_Erdem - 1 (3)

The report quotes a US intelligence agent as saying: “No Western intelligence service has as good sources in Syria as the BND does.”

A member of the BND told the newspaper that the intelligence service was “proud of the important contribution [it] is making to the overthrow of the Assad regime.” The official was not named in the report

What will be known is, this is all information had been put before German parliamentarians and has been in their possession for the past two years, even as Angela Merkel parrots the intelligence agencies “Assad did it” no matter Assad didn’t do it, has never done it.

What is ugly is, German politicians accept being lied to by their own intelligence agency while keeping their mouths shut and sitting on their hands when in possession of evidence of the actual perpetrators of a war crime.

And, let’s not forget the sarin gas precursor chemicals were originally sourced or originated IN EUROPE, prior to transiting Turkey via a NATO nation’s intelligence agency (with complicity of intelligence agencies, plural, BND has covered this up), and delivered into the hands of al Qaida & Islamic State.

What should this covering up facts of a crime of poison gas recall? Angela Merkel’s political party’s origins with Adenauer welcoming Nazis into the Christian Democrats’ ranks? The BND founded by the CIA’s rehabilitation of major war criminal Reinhard Gehlen? Is it true Germany has never shed certain Nazi spots?

online record/reference:

On Jul 3, 2018, at 2:19 PM, OTP InformationDesk <> wrote:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your message. Please note that the International Criminal Court has a very limited jurisdiction. The Court may only address the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes as defined by Articles 6 to 8 of the Rome Statute that have occurred after 2002, and can only exercise jurisdiction in the countries that have ratified it. For more information on the Court’s jurisdiction and the full text of the Rome Statute, please refer to page 2 of the attached document and our website as well as our address, We encourage you to carefully review this information.

If, after your careful review, you still believe the ICC is the correct place for your case and would like to submit a claim to the Court, then please follow the directions for how to do so on page 1 of the attached document. If you decide to submit information, kindly use only this email address :

Kind regards,

OTP Information Desk
International Criminal Court

5 July 2018 correction, in section IV, the name ‘Gerhard Schroeder, has been corrected to Gerhard Schindler (past president of the BND.) The ICC has been notified of this correction.

9 July 2018 update: The following communication received from the ICC:

The Hague, 9 July 2018

Dear sir/madam

The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court acknowledges receipt of your documents/letter.

This communication has been duly entered in the Communications Register of the Office. We will give consideration to this communication, as appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Please note this acknowledgement letter does not mean an investigation has been opened, nor that an investigation will be opened by the Office of the Prosecutor.

As soon as a decision is reached, we will inform you, in writing, and provide you with reasons for this decision.

Yours sincerely,
Mark P. Dillon, 
Head of Information & Evidence Unit
Office of The Prosecutor







A former Special Forces Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald is published in International Law as a layman (The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole) and has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s Western educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.

Read in English

Priča o tome kako se odbrana svete zemlje američkih starosedelaca promenila, za više od dvadeset godina, u igru međunarodnih intriga i preživljavanja atentata; sa zaključcima

Hronologija događaja u slučaju Ronalda Tomasa Vesta (skraćeni rezime)


Flojd Heviraner, tradicionalni ratni poglavica Blekfit Indijanaca u Montani, me je 1987. godine zamolio da nadgledam interes Ministarstva poljoprivrede Sjedinjenih Američkih Država (Šumska služba) za traženje nafte i prirodnog gasa na zemljištu plemena Blekfit, zaštićenim sporazumom, poznatom kao „Badger-Two-Medicine“, takođe poznat kao „Ustupljeni pojas“, koji podleže plemenskim pravima po takozvanom „Grinel sporazumu“ koji je takođe poznat kao „Ugovor iz 1895“.

Flojd je 1988. godine, angažovao Marka Milera iz Ostina, u Teksasu (koji je imao licencu u Montani) kao pravnog zastupnika za Blekfitovo „Društvo hrabrih pasa“, takođe poznato kao i „Ludi psi“, u Flojdovom svojstvu tradicionalnog kulturnog vođe te drevne plemenske organizacije.

Do 1991. godine, kao glavni istražitelj u ime Društva hrabrih pasa, u udruženju sa Markom Milerom, prikupio sam obimne dokumentarne dokaze protiv kriminalnog prstena, koji je radio unutar Ministarstva poljoprivrede Sjedinjenih Američkih Država, u ime korporacije ŠEVRON, a koji su sadržali detalje orkestriranog nastojanja da lažiraju usklađenost sa zakonima, koji bi inače trebalo da štite to područje u ime Društva hrabrih pasa, koji obuhvata službenike Sjedinjenih Američkih Država koji su vršili nezakonite radnje, uključujući krivična dela:

Laganje Hrabrim psima i veću Laganje javnosti

Laganje Kongresa o sledećim posebnim primenjivim zakonima (Zakon o nacionalnom istorijskom očuvanju „tradicionalne kulturne baštine“)

Prikrivanje od Hrabrih pasa, veća i javnosti da je Šumska služba upoznata sa tim primenjivim zakonima

Prikrivanje obuke službenika Šumske službe za te iste primenjive zakone Namerno kršenje tih istih zakona, u korist ŠEVRONA

Ova inkriminišuća dokumenta, uzeta zajedno, ukazuju na isprepletenu i organizovanu kriminalnu mrežu, oličenu u vladinim službenicima koji rade u korist ŠEVRONA, u svrhu namernog lažiranja usklađenosti sa zakonom, koji ide do najviših nivoa Sjedinjenih Američkih Država u Vašingtonu DC. Ovaj poseban kriminalni događaj je organizovan i njime se upravljalo iz sedišta Severnog regiona jedan Šumske službe Sjedinjenih Američkih Država u Misuli, u Montani, a implementiran je preko kancelarija Luis i Klark, Nacionalne šume u Grejt Folz, u Montani.

Ova dokumenta su inkorporirana u administrativnu žalbu kada su ŠEVRON-ove (i FINA-ine) dozvole za bušenje bile odobrene po automatizmu u sedištu Severnog regiona jedan u Misuli. Ova žalba je momentalno zaustavila projekat. Neprilika u prikrivanju kriminalne mreže postignuta je birokratskim nalogom, kada je FBI odbio da se uključi (lično sam informisao agenta koji je pregledao dokumentaciju i priznao njihov sadržaj, ali je tvrdio da nema ovlašćenje da reaguje i uputio me na kancelariju tužioca Sjedinjenih Američkih Država (Ministarstva pravde Sjedinjenih Američkih Država) u Bilingsu, u Montani, za koga je izjavio da je veoma dobro upoznat sa problemima). Nakon što je Generalni inspektor Ministarstva poljoprivrede Sjedinjenih Američkih Država odbio da ovo istraži, kancelarija Generalnog inspektora Ministarstva poljoprivrede Sjedinjenih Američkih Država je izjavila da oni neće da se uključe pod izgovorom da je to pitanje već potegnuto u procesu administrativne žalbe. Pošto se vlada (i Ševron) nisu usudili da dozvole da dokumenta uđu u evidenciju federalnog suda, gde bi bili stavljeni pred sudiju (ili sudije po žalbi u sudskoj parnici), senator Sjedinjenih Američkih Država Maks Baukus je napravio politički dil sa Ševronom koji je sadržao zamenu najma i Ševron se povukao. Kada sam ja lično uspeo da stavim inkriminišuća dokumenta u ruke (odnedavno novog) šefa Šumske službe Flojda Tomasa, on je pokušao da zatvori sedište Severnog regiona jedan

i da premesti operacije u Denver gde „bi bile pod pomnim nadzorom“. Bili su potrebni napori dva senatora Sjedinjenih Američkih Država, Maksa Baukusa i Konrada Bernsa da se ovo preokrene.


Beleška 2) Dva advokata koji su informisali vladinu stranu (Šumsku službu) o domorodačkim pravnim problemima tokom ovog perioda, Džon Ju i Džej Bajbi, kasnije će postati ozloglašeni kao Bušovi „advokati za mučenje“ povezani sa Kondolizom Rajs. Kondoliza Rajs je (pre i posle Bušovog režima) imala bliske veze sa ŠEVRONOM.

Beleška 3) Sedište „Severnog regiona jedan“ u Montani ima dugu vezu sa CIA-om, koja datira od 1950-ih i još uvek aktivan odnos u 1970-ima i verovatno tokom 1980-tih i kasnije, u vezi sa avio uslugama, viškom imovine i pranja novca kroz vazduhoplove korišćene u agencijskom prevozu oružja i otpadničkih elemenata (crni budžet) međunarodne trgovine narkoticima.

Beleška 4) Tokom mog istraživačkog rada, kojim je otkriven kriminalni prsten unutar vlade koji radi za ŠEVRON, Asocijacija veterana je iznenada i lažno dijagnostifikovala da bolujem od „psihoze“. Uspeo sam da poništim ovo tako što sam nezavisno otišao na evaluaciju u isti medicinski centar koji je Asocijacija veterana koristila za proučavanje šizofrenije, i ispalo je da sam čist.

Beleška 5) Nakon ovoga, moju evidenciju u Asocijaciji veterana je pregledao „specijalista“ iz Vašingtona DC i određena dokumenta su nestala, tako da izgleda kao da sam ja prevario Asocijaciju veterana. Na zakazanom saslušanju, gde sam pokazao kopiju kritičnog dokumenta koji nedostaje i koji je bio neophodan za moju odbranu, saslušanje je otkazano na licu mesta, a optužbe odbačene.

Beleška 6) 1998. godine sam dao ostavku na poslu u Milerovoj advokatskoj kancelariji zbog zdravstvenih problema.


2001. godine, iz Vest Glasiera, u Montani preselio sam se u Sandija Park, u Novi Meksiko. Nakon toga, krajem leta 2005. godine, upisao sam najmlađeg sina u Ist Mauntin srednju školu (čarter škola), instituciju za ubrzano učenje. Škola je slučajno imala značajne veze sa moćnim ličnostima u korporativnom vojno-industrijskom kompleksu u Albukerkiju.

Do kasne jeseni, intenzivan pritisak je započeo u obliku prekomernog maltretiranja, činilo se da je namera da budemo naterani da napustimo školu.

Započeo sam sopstvenu istragu i otkrio suštinske razloge. Tokom ovog procesa, ono što sam sam otkrio bilo je sledeće:

Krivična dela vezana za obrazac ponašanja škole i opsežna kršenja građanskih prava posebno učenika manjina, i drugih učenika, od strane neprikladnog uticaja ličnosti ultra desnog krila, rasističkog, „Hrišćanskog Dominiona“.

Ono što spolja izgleda je da je to američka čarter škola (EMHS) sa ubačenim obaveštajnim agentima koji su zaposleni kao nastavnici.

Moguće korišćenje „putovanja u inostranstvo“ sponzirisanih od strane škole kao pokriće za tajne operacije u Latinskoj Americi i Evropi.

U međuvremenu, izazvao sam paralelnu istragu (od kraja 2006. do proleća 2007. godine) o nezakonitim aktivnostima škole, od strane člana školskog upravnog veća, Džima Hilija, u pogledu maltretiranja mog sina i mene. Tokom ove druge (paralelne) istrage od strane člana školskog upravnog veća Džima Hilija, prišao mi je drugi član školskog upravnog veća, David Volter, koji me je obavestio da stajem na žulj članovima „Veća za odnose sa inostranstvom“ i upozorio me (pretnja) „Da se nisi usudio da umešaš advoкate“. Volter je dalje izjavio da bilo kakva akcija da se škola bude odgovorna „Nema šanse“ ni pod kakvim okolnostima. Za manje od godinu dana, jedan nastavnik iz škole (ubačeni obaveštajac, skoro sigurno CIA), Vins Langan, bio je deo tima koji je pokušao da mi postavi zasedu u Berlinu.

Sa nerešenim slučajem Ist Mauntin srednje škole, sveže razveden, prodatom kućom i najmlađim detetom na koledžu, otišao sam iz Sjedinjenih Američkih Država, u julu 2007. godine, da prisustvujem konferenciji na univerzitetu Johan Gutenberg u Majncu, u Nemačkoj.

Nisam imao nameru da se vratim u Sjedinjene Američke Države u kratkom roku, shvatajući da sam stvorio moćne korumpirane neprijatelje, a bez adekvatnih resursa koji su neophodni da se izvrši zatvaranje slučaja čarter škole. Ipak, u međuvremenu sam pokazao osobama koje su povezane sa školskom administracijom da nisam imao nameru da ostavim taj slučaj. To je proizvelo sledeći rezultat:

3. oktobra 2007. godine, rutinski sam tražio bankomat (ATM) koji sam obično koristio kod Johan Taler Čosi šoping centra u berlinskom predgrađu Bric. Tokom moje procene (profesionalna bezbednosna obuka) da li ima nekih pretnji, uspeo sam da pokrenem tim koji je čekao u zasedi kod lokacije bankomata. Pošto sam ih uočio pre nego što su shvatili da su otkriveni, uspeo sam da vizuelno identifikujem Vinsa Langana iz Ist Mauntin srednje škole, jednog od ubica, u okolnostima u kojima su mi i omogućili da pobegnem i da učinim da Langan shvati da je identifikovan. Dve nedelje kasnije, imao sam drugi bliski susret sa pokušajem ubistva od strane nepoznate osobe u metrou broj 7.

Smesta sam (sledećeg jutra) otišao iz Berlina u Lindau (Bodenze).

Beleška 7) Moje praćenje do lokacije bankomata u inostranstvu zahtevalo je pristup mojim bankovnim informacijama koje mogu da se dobiju preko takozvanog „Pisma o nacionalnoj sigurnosti“. Ovo ukazuje na umešanost korumpiranog FBI-a.


Otišavši iz Berlina u Lindau sredinom oktobra, ubrzo sam organizovao preko treće strane (REDIGOVANO) pozivnicu za nemačke vlasti da nadgledaju moju situaciju („pratite me i gledajte“). Ovo je bio namerni trik da uhvatim u zamku ono u šta sam verovao (u to vreme) da je bio pokušaj ubistva uzbunjivača (mene), u vezi sa krivičnim delima koja su počinile bogate, korumpirane ličnosti povezane sa Ist Mauntin srednjom školom.

Dve nedelje kasnije, jednog ranog nedeljnog jutra 4. novembra 2007. godine, dok sam šetao, kada je napolju bilo malo ljudi, prigušeni metak ispaljen iz puške sa velike udaljenosti za malo me je promašio i napravio rupu u parkiranom automobilu pored koga sam prolazio.

Posle toga, u utorak 4. decembra 2007. godine, shvatio sam da sam privukao nemački nadzor koji sam tražio, kada sam putovao da održim prezentaciju u grupi studenata (REDIGOVANO), nemačka policija je pročešljala voz kojim sam putovao, tražila jednog putnika u mom vagonu i tražila lične karte od svih i ispitivala sve osim mene.

Beleška 8) Projektil velike brzine je pogodio parkirani automobil, pored kog sam prolazio, takvom silinom, bilo je jasno zbog zvuka, da je probio metal karoserije, odbio se o potporni zid ispred koga je automobil bio, zarotirao se i zaustavio ispod automobila. Vratio sam se na tu lokaciju posle nekoliko dana, procenio mogućnosti i postalo je jasno da je pucanj ispaljen sa velike udaljenosti, sa prirodnog uzvišenja (strane brda) sa dobrim zaklonom sa udaljenosti od možda 500 metara.


Preselio sam se u Limburg u rano proleće 2008. godine, a zatim u Visbaden (u junu), prihvatajući poziv univerziteta u Majncu, da predajem tečaj (na engleskom) o američkom ustavnom pravu (letnji semestar). Ovo leto 2008. godine bila je intenzivna igra mačke i miša za mene, vezano za moje ubice/lovce. Od nekoliko susreta u Visbadenu, najupečatljiviji događaji su:

Moj motorola (Razer) mobilni telefon sa karticom američkog T-mobile iznenada je prestao da se ponaša normalno, nije više pokaziovao „t- mobile D“ (nemački) logo prijem, nije više tražio međunarodni kod da pristupim svojoj govornoj pošti u SAD-u, u stvari ekran je pokazivao (a telefon se ponašao) kao da sam zaista bio u SAD-u. Nekako je imao konekciju oko ili kroz nemačku prijemnu mrežu i izgleda da ga je koristila američka obaveštajna agencija (NSA) da preko GPS nađe moju lokaciju u realnom vremenu. Prebacio sam moj telefon na nemačku t-mobile pripejd karticu.

Otprilike u vreme kada sam primetio da se dogodila ova promena na telefonu, jedna staklena kuglica je ispaljena na mene dok sam šetao trotoarom punim ljudi na Severnoj strani (moje područje stanovanja) u Visbadenu. Čuo sam nešto što je izgledalo kao da je neki snažni mehanizam sa oprugom otpušten iza mene, i okrenuo sam se da pogledam i video jednog čoveka kako me oštro posmatra dok je izlazio iz gužve (braon stetson šešir od čvrstog filca, nosio je akten tašnu), stao na

ulicu, prešao ulicu i pobegao. Nastavio je da gleda u mene kao da je očekivao da će se nešto desiti. Kada sam se vratio u stan, seo sam za radni sto i skinuo pletenu kapu, jedna veoma mala staklena kuglica, izgledalo je kao da je napunjena mutnom tečnošću, ispala je iz moje kape na tastaturu računara. Ova kuglica se zaustavila nedirnuta u mojoj kapi, tamo gde je kapa bila podvijena na potiljku. Pažljivo sam stavio (bez dodirivanja) tu staklenu kuglicu u malu bočicu od leka sa mojim imenom na njoj, i spakovao je u papirnu maramicu kao meru predostrožnosti da se pošalje po (REDIGOVANO) na analizu.

Nakon ovog prethodnog incidenta, primetio sam da je izgledalo kao da sam praćen sa svrhom da se ustanove moje rutinske navike (GPS komponenta je izgleda bila izgubljena zbog moje telefonske konverzije).

Jedna osoba se urezala u moje pamćenje, iako nisam znao ko je ona u leto 2008. godine, bila je tada aktivni CIA službenik, Sabrina De Sousa. Istakla se zbog toga što mi se nasmešila kada je prolazila ulicom. Bila je delimično obučena u ležernu odeću južne Azije i nasmešila mi se znalački i izrazom koji može da se smatra osobitim samo kada sretnete potpunog neznanca. To je obeležilo De Sousu u mom pamćenju.

Od nekoliko pokušaja tokom ovog perioda, jedan pokušaj je jasno ličio na tehniku korišćenu u „Imam rapito affair“ (skandal otetog imama), poznatu i kao slučaj Abu Omar, u koji je De Sousa bila uključena. Vraćao sam se sa svog predavanja u Majncu kada sam primetio (zahvaljujući svojoj obuci) odstupanje od nečega što bi inače izgledalo kao jedan normalan i nebitan događaj. Grupa muškaraca, obučena u tipično plavo nemačko radno odelo za muškarce, bila je na pauzi.

Ta okolnost mi je upala u oči dok sam prilazio, iz sledećih razloga: nije bilo razgovora uopšte, izgledali su „namešteno“ (ukočeno, kao da im je gluma nepoznata radnja), imali su američki govor tela i ono što bih nazvao fizički izgled „Delta jedinica“ (građu tela koju biste tipično sreli kod hiper fizički istreniranih vojnika za specijalne operacije). Izuzev odeće, uopšte nisu izgledali kao nemački radnici. Moja ruta trotoarom bi me odvela između onoga što je bio zbijeni polukrug trojice ovih „radnika“ i polukruga zatvorenog prema ulici belim kombijem bez prozora, sa otvorenim kliznim bočnim vratima sa najmanje jednim putnikom.

Postojao je četvrti „radnik“ na mestu suvozača (sa otvorenim vratima) jednog automobila parkiranog odmah iza kombija, koji je krio registarske tablice kombija sa zadnje strane. Izgledalo je da je on postavljen na „zadnju poziciju“, u slučaju ako bih ja izbegao ili nekako prošao kroz prvu trojicu, bio je postavljen da me ugura u kombi. Jasno, očekivalo se da ću proći između polukruga i kombija. Prišao sam nezainteresovano, da bih prišao što je bliže moguće zbog vizuelne procene, i u poslednjem momentu umesto da nastavim trotoarom u ono što je sigurno bila zamka kako bi me „zgrabili“ i „oteli“ (mogli su da me ubace u kombi i nadvladaju za nekoliko sekundi, manje od pet, sigurno), skrenuo sam na ulicu, u saobraćaj (imao sam sreće da me neka kola nisu pregazila). Izbegavanje je bilo jednostavno.

Poslednji pokušaj u Visbadenu je bio kada je stan, koji sam iznajmljivao, trebalo da bude oglašen za nove podstanare. Momentalno se zainteresovao jedan par, koji je tamo živeo u vojnoj bazi Sjedinjenih Američkih Država. Ovaj nemački par nije mogao da iščeka da preuzme stan od mene, bili su nervozni da se usele što je pre moguće. On je bio iz bivšeg DDR-a, bio je veliki obožavalac Džordža Buša i radio je za američku vojsku u nekom tajnom svojstvu (neuhvatljivo), a ona je vodila cvećaru u bazi.

Ubrzo me je nazvala i izjavila da bi volela da donese neke pakete da ostavi u stanu, veče pre nego što se ja iselim (u petak), što je dodatno upalilo crvenu lampicu. Jednostavno sam rekao da me nazove u utorak pre toga i da onda pita, pošto još nisam mogao da znam da li ću biti kod kuće to veče kada je ona želela da dođe sa paketima. Znao sam (ali nisam rekao) da je vlasnik stana želeo da nešto renovira. Otišao sam nedelju dana pre mog roka za izlazak, i kada je ona nazvala, stan je u potpunosti prečešljao vlasnik, a ja sam već sedam dana bio izvan Visbadena. Kada je pitala da li paketi mogu da se donesu u četvrtak, odgovorio sam „Ja sam u Berlinu, moraćete da pitate vlasnika“. Njena reakcija je bila uzvik „On je u Berlinu!“ svom mužu (saučesniku u zaveri) i onda je njen muž počeo sa tiradom na nemačkom… sa nemačkim vlastima koje imaju otvorenu pozivnicu da nadziru sve moje telefonske pozive, ja očekujem da su otkrili dvoje Nemaca koji rade za američku obaveštajnu službu.

Beleška 9) Bez ulaženja u detalje, postavio sam test tokom ovog perioda, posle gašenja GPS na mom telefonu, poveravajući se bliskoj osobi od poverenja preko Skajpa, tehnikom za koju sam očekivao da bi mogla da funkcioniše da me uhvate i uspeju da ubiju. Ovo je bila sledeća tehnika koju su pokušali, ali bio sam spreman za nju, video sam kako se okolnosti razvijaju i osujetio sam im pokušaj.

Beleška 10) Pomenuću ovde, imao sam skoro jednu celu godinu obuke (1974.-1975.) u vojnoj obaveštajnoj službi za specijalne operacije (19-a grupa specijalnih snaga) sa nekima od najiskusnijih u toj eri i, štaviše, visoko sam obučen kao asimetrični kontraobaveštajac, po pitanju tehnike o kojoj nemam pravo da diskutujem. Koliko god bila posredna, referenca može da se napravi za ovu drugu instancu, sa referencom za čitaoca na ovu studiju: „Nekonvencionalna podrška ljudskoj inteligenciji“, od komandanta L.R. Bremseta, mornarica Sjedinjenih Američkih Država, 28. april 2001., Ratni koledž korpusa marinaca.

Beleška 11) REDIGOVANO

Beleška 12) Izgubio sam određene beleške o hronologiji iz ovog perioda i nakon njega, zbog kasnijeg kvara na mom laptopu i posledičnog gubitka podataka. Posle gubitka podataka, izgubio sam naviku da vodim beleške o mnogim mojim doživljajima, ali mogu da rekonstruišem hronologiju nekih važnih događaja sa drugim zapisima.

Beleška 13) Do kraja 2008. godine, shvatio sam da ovo nije izolovan pokušaj ubistva da se zataška korupcija u školi, već je bilo nešto daleko veće. Moja odluka je bila da ovo isteram što više mogu, u nadi da bi, naročito to što me sada nadzire nemačka policija, to dovelo ka obelodanjivanju šire slike prikrivenog napora u pokušaju mog ubistva. U tom momentu, nisam zapravo očekivao da ću preživeti, već sam bio odlučan da napravim što je moguće više štete kriminalnom elementu preko tajnog aranžmana mog nadzora.


Nakon nekoliko nedelja boravka u Berlinu, u decembru 2008. godine, preselio sam se u Kataloniju, u Španiju, i iznajmio stan u gradu San Feliu de Gišol (San Feliu de Guixols).

Moj boravak u Španiji je bio napet, ali ograničiću moje beleške na nekoliko neobičnih događaja.

Španska domaća obaveštajna služba je direktno komunicirala sa mnom, da bi mi stavila do znanja da me prati. Na koji način su to iskomunicirali (uključujući direktno „hvala vam“, između ostalih događaja, u nekoliko prilika) možda najbolje opisuje ovaj rani primer: Imao sam susret vredan pažnje sa jednom ženom u piljarnici pored svog stana. Bilo je to kao scena iz filma Vudija Alena. Samo nekoliko dana kasnije, odigrala se ova ista scena sa mnom i drugom ženom koja mi je prišla u drugoj prodavnici. Očigledno, ona je prostudirala video snimak ranijeg susreta i ovaj drugi susret je blisko imitirao prvi susret, da mi stave do znanja da me nadziru.

Bilo je to dok sam bio u Španiji 2009. godine, CIA-in službenik Sabrina De Sousa je tužila Sjedinjene Američke Države za diplomatski imunitet za njenu ulogu u slučaju „Imam rapito affair“ ili „Abu Omar case“, što je pojavilo kao vest sa njenom fotografijom u onlajn medijima (Nju Jork tajms) i ja sam odmah prepoznao De Sousu kao onu nasmešenu ženu koju sam sreo u Visbadenu prethodnog leta. Dok sam nadgledao AP Wire (RSS prenos), takođe sam zapazio izjavu pripisanu optuženom italijanskom generalu Nikolu Polariju, nešto kao „da je Kondoliza Rajs lično nadgledala tim za otmice u ovom slučaju“. On je želeo da pozove Rajs na sud u svoju odbranu.

Tada je šira slika mojih sopstvenih okolnosti prvi put počela da dobija pravi smisao. Ako je Kondoliza Rajs „lično nadgledala“ tim za izručenja koji je uključivao Sabrinu De Sousa, ovo je pokazivalo da moj slučaj nije bio samo o Ist Mauntin srednjoj školi, već je od ranije imao veze sa slučajem Badger-Two-Medicine Društva hrabrih pasa Blekfita, ŠEVRONOM i administracijom Buša starijeg. Put karijere Rajsove vodio je od ŠEVRONOVOG borda direktora, preko Savetnika za nacionalnu bezbednost kod Buša mlađeg, pa do Državnog sekretara (Stejt Department Sjedinjenih Američkih Država je sijamski blizanac sa CIA- om) i nazad do ŠEVRONA, u eri posle Buša. Kao slučajnost sa ovim, dva advokata koji su pripremali pravne beleške o pravima Indijanaca koje je Šumska služba citirala u slučaju Badger-Two-Medicine, Džon Ju i Džej Bajbi, su od tada postali ozloglašeni kao Bušovi „advokati za mučenje“ u vezi sa izručenjima.

U junu 2009. godine, u vezi sa ovim novim razvojem događaja, otišao sam na kratko putovanje u Berlin da obezbedim u ugašenoj NVO „Asocijaciji za podršku Severnoameričkim Indijancima“ dosije o Blekfit hrabrim psima, za koji sam znao da će sadržati inkriminišuću, povezanu dokumentaciju. Lično sam prošao kroz dosije da se uverim da postoji kompletan zapis dokumentacije o ŠEVRONOVOM kriminalnom prstenu koji sam ranije sreo u administraciji Buša starijeg (sve je bilo tu) i organizovao da ceo dosije bude prosleđen (REDIGOVANO), što je i urađeno.

Nepoznatog datuma (zbog gubitka podataka) drugi metak iz prigušivača me je zamalo promašio, ispaljen iz visoke zgrade u S’garu, dok sam pešačio iz predgrađa S’gara, preko uzvišenja u San Feliu de Gišol. Ovaj događaj se desio dok sam prolazio pored gradilišta, gde se o jedan kameni nasip odbio projektil visoke brzine. Pešak ispred mene je naglo okrenuo glavu u smeru gde je metak pogodio kamen, to nije moglo da se ignoriše.

24. oktobra 2009. godine, izbegao sam da me ciljano pregaze nova, crvena, iznajmljena kola sa dva tamnoputa muškarca, čije su ruke bile prekrivene tetovažama bandi.

20. februara 2010. godine, iznenadio sam bišeg CIA-nog „Kauboja“ Garija Berntsena (sada privatni ugovarač) na recepciji hotela Barcarola u S’garo, bilo je između 7 i 8 ujutro, dok je prijavljivao svoj tim ubica u hotel. Zajedno smo uhvaćeni na sigurnosnoj kameri.

Gari je prvo imao bled zapanjen izgled koji je prešao u izraz lica kao da je uhvaćen sa rukom u kutiji sa kolačićima, i kao da bi želeo da propadne u zemlju, dok sam ja stajao nekoliko centimetara od njega, doslovno dodirujući se laktovima, a njegovi telohranitelji su samo stajali tamo zureći u mene sa zapanjenim glupim izrazom lica u okolnostima kada im je potpuno uništen paravan, nisam mogao a da im se ne nasmejem na odlasku prema vratima. Dao sam im oko šest sati prednosti pre nego što sam postavio tu činjenicu o susretu tog jutra na internet, gde je španska domaća obaveštajna služba gledala moja ažuriranja o susretima. Berntsen i saradnici su bili pametni da pobegnu.

5. jula 2010. godine, imao sam posetu, oko pola sata, kada su dva veoma ljubazna policajca [Mossos] došla na moja vrata. Ono što su

policajci rekli je bilo interesantno. Policija je upisala moje podatke iz pasoša, pitala me o detaljima da potvrde moj identitet, preko radija su izvestili o mom imenu, mojim podacima i dali mi da potpišem izjavu sa zaključkom da živim u tadašnjem stanu „manje-više jednu godinu, da se preda sudiji“ koji je želeo da potvrdi identitet osobe koja živi u mom stanu. Nisam krio činjenicu da sam neprijavljen u Španiji i pojasnio sam da nemam nameru da se prijavim u imigracionom ili da zatražim prebivalište. Policija me je uverila da moj boravak u Španiji nije problem i da ih nije zanimalo ništa drugo osim da potvrde moj identitet za sudiju.

Negde u ovo vreme sam bio poprilično siguran da sam bio otrovan. Jednog dana sam, nakon što sam jeo napolju, iznenada osetio obilno znojenje bez groznice i kasnije, moje zdravlje je krenulo nizbrdo. To i činjenica da je sudija Baltazar Garzon nedavno bio sklonjen sa svoje sudijske stolice u Španiji pod ogromnim pritiskom od strane SAD-a u korumpiranom i političkom procesu (pomno sam pratio slučaj sudije Garzona), zajedno sa Narodnom strankom koja je preuzela vlast, osetio sam da je moj boravak u Španiji neodrživ. Vratio sam se u Berlin u avgustu.

Beleška 14) Letnji period 2009. godine je nestao iz svih mojih onlajn imejl evidencija, počevši ubrzo nakon što sam objavio ovo pismo od 18. februara 2009. godine onlajn, postavljeno 3. juna 2009. godine. Veći deo juna, ceo jul i avgust su nestali i još mnogo toga, do početka 2010. godine, 4 naloga, 3 na google-u i 1 na yahoo-u. Ovo se poklopilo sa mojim prethodnim praćenjem, preko moje debitne kartice Wells Fargo Debit Card (korišćenje bankomata) i od strane T-Mobile USA mobilnog telefona korišćenjem GPS… sve ukazuje na pristupanje mojim različitim računima, uključujući telefon, bankovne račune i imejl naloge, preko Pisma o nacionalnoj bezbednosti i saučesništva organa za sprovođenje zakona da me prate radi pokušaja mog ubistva u egzilu. Pismo koje sam objavio 3. juna:

18. februar 2009. godine Od: Ronald Vest
Za: Federalni istražni biro Pozdrav FBI

Molim vas da kopija ovog mejla bude stavljena u moj dosije i da istinita i potpuna kopija bude prosleđena Glenu Fajnu u kancelariju Generalnog inspektora u Ministarstvu pravde Sjedinjenih Američkih Država. Na osnovu mojih iskustava protekle tri i po godine manje-više, zahtevam sledeće:

Istragu i sveobuhvatni pregled bilo kojih povezanih istraga koje su dozvolile bilo kojoj agenciji Sjedinjenih Američkih Država, uključujući i vašu, pristup (preko Pisma o nacionalnoj bezbednosti ili BILO KOJIH sredstava, npr. Izvršnim nalogom ili pravnim memorandumom koji zaobilazi „FISА“ sud, itd.) mojim ličnim podacima (posebno o mom kretanju preko zapisa bankomata i (GPS) mobilnog telefona, imejla i razgovora na „skajpu“) koje su mogle da dovedu do nekoliko iskustava uključujući, ali ne ograničavajući se na:

U Berlinu, u Nemačkoj, u Johanes Taler Čosi tržnom centru (područje Britz Sud) u veoma bliskoj i napetoj situaciji vrebao me je Vins Langan (ili njegov brat blizanac) iz Ist Mauntin srednje škole (Sandia Park, NM) zajedno sa saučesnikom, 3. oktobra 2007. godine. Kako to može da bude u vezi sa, nekoliko nedelja kasnije, metkom iz prigušivača koji me je zamalo promašio i napravio rupu u vozilu pored kojeg sam prolazio u Lindau, u Nemačkoj.

Pod kojim okolnostima su dalji lov i ono što izgleda da je pokušaj ubistva u vezi sa mojim t-mobile telefonom, konektovanim direktno kroz t-mobile mrežu SAD-a, dok sam bio u širem području regiona Frankfurta, Limburga i Visbadena, posebno krajem marta-početkom aprila 2008. godine, premošćavajući „t-mobile-D“, a ekran je pokazivao i telefon se ponašao kao da sam bio u SAD-u, i koja je veza toga sa prethodno rečenim.

I u vezi sa svim navedenim gore, pregled aktivnosti (REDIGOVANO), bilo da je ona vaša, ili imovina bilo koje agencije u SAD-u ili je sa vama na principu usluga-za-uslugu ili bilo kojom agencijom u SAD-u ili u bilo kojem svojstvu ili povezanim istragama ili akcijama iz prethodnih pasusa, sarađivala u nekoj istrazi ili povezanoj akciji koja me se tiče direktno ili indirektno, sa njom koja se sprijatelji sa mnom za potrebe bilo koje istrage u bilo kom momentu, ili tražeći dovoljno informacija da implicira, ali u stvari iz nehata i pogrešno implicira mene, u nedostatku dovoljno

informacija da me oslobodi, u vezi sa bilo kojim radnjama i/ili postojećim upućivanjem na vašu ili bilo koju agenciju u SAD-u, ili bilo koje osobe povezane sa takvim istragama, akcijama ili agencijama – koje utiču na moje beneficije socijalnog osiguranja na takav način da efikasno koriste službeno svojstvo da me dovedu pod jurisdikciju SAD-a, ili da se mešaju u moju slobodu kretanja ili bilo kako drugačije utiču na moje građanske slobode prema „R.I.C.O.“ kao kriminalna organizacija, ili pod bilo kojom drugom okolnošću povezanom sa prethodnim pasusima, uzrokuju neprikladan pregled mojeg dosijea socijalnog osiguranja što predstavlja maltretiranje i poteškoće u mom i životu članova moje porodice.

I zahtev da se Generalni inspektor za Ministarstvo pravde Sjedinjenih Američkih Država nezavisno raspita kod odgovarajućih vlasti u Saveznoj Republici Nemačkoj za bilo koje poznate činjenice istraga koje su možda vođene ili se vode u vezi sa bilo kojim/svim od prethodnog. Šaljem kao skrivenim primaocima (BCC) ovu komunikaciju dvojici advokata, jednom u SAD-u i jednom u Nemačkoj. Ovo NISU moji advokati. Kopiram njima zato što su odmereni ljudi za koje verujem da imaju najviše moguće etičke standarde i želim zapis ovog mejla u rukama trećih strana kojima verujem – što uključuje bilo koju zakonitu vlast, advokata ili drugu osobu kojoj mogu, po svom nahođenju, da dostave kopije ako naknadno odluče da je tako odgovarajuće.

S poštovanjem, Ronald Tomas Vest

Ovo pismo (iznad) nije odbio FBI mejl server, poslato je na, ali nije dugo prošlo pre što sam počeo da primam sledeći odgovor na mejlove koje sam slao FBI-u u Albukerkiju (ja sam, do tada, obaveštavao FBI o svojim aktivnostima).

Sledeće adrese imaju permanentne fatalne greške <> (razlog: 550 #5.1.0. adresa odbijena

Transkript sesije sledi …dok komunicira sa RCPT za: <<<>… Korisnik nepoznat

Ovo (prethodno) pokazuje da su moji mejlovi prethodno imali rutu do „Slivije Marufi“, koja izgleda da je sklonjena, a njena adresa u kancelariji u Albukerkiju otkazana ili promenjena.

U nepovezanom prigovoru u Federalnom sudu u Albukerkiju koje je postavljeno na internet od strane jedne stranke u maju 2009. godine, našao sam sledeću izjavu:

„.. situaciju preispituje Silvija MARUFI, FBI istražni analitičar“

Ovo jasno pokazuje na FBI agenta Sliviju Marufi kojoj je dodeljeno da me istražuje sve do momenta kada sam poslao pismo FBI kancelariji u Albukerkiju 18. februara 2009. godine, a Marufi je jasno bila „osoba od interesa“ vezana za uporne pokušaje ubistva (mene). Uzgred, FBI nikada nije priznao moje (imejlom poslato) pismo od 18. februara 2009. godine, iako je jasno da su primili ovu komunikaciju.


Živeo sam u Berlinu od septembra 2010. do jula 2012. godine. Od nekoliko incidenata tokom ovog perioda, ovaj se izdvaja:

Dok sam živeo u Šarlotenbergu (Berlin) tokom jula 2011. godine, imao sam svoje prvo iskustvo sa obaveštajnim agencijama koje su koristile prozelitističke evangeliste kao paravan za tim ubica. Razmišljao sam malo o tome da li su „Jevreji za Isusa“ bili MOSAD ili zajednički poduhvat MOSAD/CIA, ali za sada bih ostao pri MOSAD-u. Članak Vejna Madsena je ukazao da je CIA koristila misionare u prošlosti, posebno u Latinskoj Americi, ali su Jevreji za Isusa potpuno druga vrsta. U Berlinu niko neće zabadati nos u posao bilo kog Jevreja, to je savršen paravan (mora da MOSAD tako misli). Ovo je izgleda bio još jedan slučaj „quid pro quo“ (prethodna MOSAD-ova razmena je bio pokušaj na liniji U7 u Berlinu, 14. oktobra 2007. godine) ili kada obaveštajna agencija jedne nacije radi u ime obaveštajne agencije druge nacije, ovo nije uopšte neobično.

To je dvostruko slepo poricanje ugrađeno u operacije, evangelistički Hrišćani koji se predstavljaju kao Jevreji. Četiri od pet, ili možda devet od deset ovih takozvanih „Jevreja za Isusa“ su prevareni i nesumnjivi evangelisti koji jednostavno pokušavaju da ubede ljude da budu „spašeni“. Dovoze ih avionima širom sveta u smenama, gde dobrovoljno

rade kao misionari, i podobni su i pri ruci da idu u bilo koje područje gde treba da se dogodi operacija ubijanja.

Meta treba da se navikne da ih viđa u svojoj okolini i to je ono što treba da napravi ugodno okruženje misionarima, dok se vaše navike proučavaju, kojim U-Bahn (metroom) putujete i uobičajeno vreme. Kada se meta navikne i ignoriše „Jevreje za Isusa“, sa uspostavljenom rutinom, nesumnjivi, prozelitistički članovi se zamene sa timovima ubica iz MOSAD-a koji nose majice „Jevreji za Isusa“, i meta (teorija mora da se održava) neće primetiti da je označena kada ulazi u metro gde će „najnehrišćanskija“ otrovna igla, koja ne može lako da se vidi na sigurnosnim kamerama, ubodom izazvati srčani udar u gomili ljudi, i tako se još jedan pridruži ljudima koji padnu mrtvi od prirodnih uzroka svakog dana, to je tako jednostavno. Osim kada nije tako jednostavno, kada je meta svesna onoga šta se dešava, zato što je obaveštajna agencija glupa.

Kada se Amerikanci koji su doveženi avionom sa Biblijskog pojasa Srednjeg zapada zamene Izraelcima čije je generalno ponašanje, izrazi lica i govor tela od glave do pete drugačiji od prevarenih evangelista (koji ne bi trebalo da, na kraju krajeva, budu iznenađeni što će stvarni Jevreji biti uključeni u njihovu organizaciju), to neće propustiti niko mog nivoa obuke. Bilo je to u Šarlotenbergu, primetio sam dva Izraelca kako proučavaju moje navike, dok su Amerikanci pokrivali veće javno područje kuda sam često išao, nekoliko dana, a onda su Izraelci motrili na moj ulaz u U-Bahn. Ušao sam, ali umesto da idem dole na drugi nivo i da uzmem voz, izašao sam na drugom ulazu, kao da sam koristio U-Bahn stanicu kao metod da prođem raskrsnicu bez dodira sa semaforima iznad zemlje, dok sam posmatrao pratioce koje sam mogao da primetim i naravno… jedan visoki Izraelac u civilnoj odeći (nije imao majicu „Jevreji za Isusa“) je promenio smer i pojavio se iza mene, ali ja sam bio spreman na to i postavio sam se leđima prema zidu kod stola kafića na otvorenom, između ljudi koji su takođe bili okrenuti prema njemu, leđima prema zidu i nije mogao da me pogodi iglom, a da se ne oda. Potpuno pogrešno mesto sa gomilom ljudi je bila moja prednost, a ne njegova. Glupo je izučavao događaj jedan minut, oklevajući, krećući da pođe, ponovo zastajući da prouči, pitajući se šta da uradi, dok je očigledno

iziritiran odustao i otišao dok sam ja uporno i direktno gledao u njega, a on u mene.

U avgustu 2012. godine, preselio sam se u malo selo na jugu Nemačke.

Beleška 15) U avgustu 2011. godine, (REDIGOVANO), koji je uglavnom izgubio kontakt sa mnom nakon što sam mu dostavio staklenu kuglicu iz moje kape u Visbadenu da dostavi na analizu, i nakon toga kada sam mu dostavio inkriminišući dosije Badger-Two-Medicine, kontaktirao me je samo toliko da napravi izgovor o prekidu naše bliske saradnje (optužio me je da sam pisao „Mržnju“ upućujući na moje satirične eseje) koja je trajala skoro dvadeset godina. Moj utisak je da je (REDIGOVANO) izgubio živce.


U novembru 2012. godine, posetio sam Berlin i imao blizak susret sa potencijalnim ubicom na U7 metrou (treći U7 pokušaj tokom 5 godina) i ovaj incident je bio, kao u poslovici, kap koja je prelila čašu.

Do tog momenta, više od pet godina su domaće nemačke vlasti bile svesne i/ili pratile moju odiseju, a da nisu preduzele akciju da izvrše pravdu, nisu hapsile i nisu sudski gonile, pa sam shvatio da neće nikakva akcija biti preduzeta sve dok je ulizica SAD-u, konzervativna vlada, na vlasti u Nemačkoj. Nakon što sam neko vreme razmišljao o tome, odlučio sam da udarim na nemačku vladu. Razvio sam pravnu strategiju da isprovociram Nemačku na Međunarodnom kriminalnom sudu, za podsticanje i pomaganje SAD-u u zločinima za koje SAD ne mogu direktno da budu tužene zato što SAD ne pripadaju Rimskom statutu, koji je napravio taj sud. Takođe sam odlučio da proguram informacije o Hrišćanskom ekstremizmu u Pentagonu, pomoću materijala koji sam dobio u neformalnoj saradnji sa Fondacijom za vojnu versku slobodu (od juna 2008. godine), o nemačkim parlamentarcima, zajedno sa obilnim anti-semitskim mejlom punim mržnje usmerenim protiv fondacije, koji mi je dao Majki Vajnstajn, predsednik MRFF (Fondacije za vojnu versku slobodu). Ovi napori su počeli iz mog skrovišta u južnoj Nemačkoj, 2013. godine.

Beleška 16) Prema izveštaju o istraživanju Vašington posta iz 2011. godine, „nekih 1 271 vladina organizacija i 1 931 privatna kompanija rade

na programima povezanim sa protivterorizmom, državnom bezbednošću i obaveštajnim radom na oko 10 000 lokacija širom Sjedinjenih Američkih Država. Procena je da ok 854 000 ljudi, skoro jedan i po put više nego što Vašington D.C. ima stanovnika, imaju bezbednosna odobrenja najvišeg nivoa.“

Ovo je podržao članak na „Hiljade tehnoloških, finansijskih i proizvodnih kompanija radi blisko sa agencijama za nacionalnu bezbednost SAD-a, pružaju osetljive informacije i zauzvrat primaju beneficije koje uključuju pristup poverljivim, obaveštajnim podacima, reklo je četvoro ljudi koji su upoznati sa procesom. Ovi programi, čiji su učesnici poznati kao partneri od poverenja, sežu daleko izvan onoga što je otkrio Edvard Snouden, računarski tehničar koji je obavljao posao za Nacionalnu bezbednosnu agenciju“.

Dodatno, nadzorni organ Kongresa SAD-a, GAO (Vladina računovodstvena kancelarija), izveštava kao rezultat manjkavih podataka, obaveštajne agencije SAD-a: „nisu dobro pozicionirane da procene potencijalne efekte oslanjanja na osoblje ugovarača“

I onda, jedan oficir vojne obaveštajne agencije SAD-a je izjavio za Buzzfeed: „Mislim da ako bismo imali šansu, veoma brzo bismo to završili.“ [Obaveštajna služba SAD-a bi želela da nađe Snoudena]. „Ležerno se šeta ulicama Moskve, vraćajući se iz nabavke namirnica. Vraćajući se u svoj stan, slučajno ga ubode prolaznik. Misli da to nije ništa, kada posle nekog vremena počne da se oseća pomalo ošamućeno, i misli da je to parazit iz lokalne vode. Ode kući potpuno bezbrižno i sledeća stvar koju saznate je da je umro pod tušem“.

U stvari, većina nenavedenih događaja (u ovoj hronologiji) koje sam doživeo su imali veze sa uhodama, čije je ponašanje profilisano za akciju, kao što je opisano u prethodnom pasusu.

Ovo ukazuje na apsolutnu korupciju američke obaveštajne službe, gde korumpirani Pentagon, koji je bacio vladavinu prava kroz prozor, i povezane korumpirane korporativne ličnosti (npr. Hrišćanski ekstremisti Kondoliza Rajs i bivši vrhovni komandant NATO-a i Obamin savetnik za nacionalnu bezbednost general Džejms Džouns, u saradnji sa ŠEVRONOM) mogu da pristupe tajnom materijalu preko Pentagonske

NSA (Agencija za nacionalnu bezbednost) suštinski u bilo koju svrhu koju žele, sve do i uključujući i ubistvo.


2013. godina je bila uglavnom mirna, u vezi sa pokušajima mog ubistva, radio sam iz svoje sigurne kuće u južnoj Nemačkoj. Uspeo sam da podnesem tužbu kod Međunarodnog kriminalnog suda protiv Nemačke (trenutno na čekanju, jer je sud tražio dodatne informacije) i započeo sam kampanju da edukujem nemačke parlamentarce o hrišćanskom ekstremizmu koji vodi Pentagon, a koji inficira NATO. U septembru 2013. godine, preselio sam se u Lajpcig. U decembru 2013. godine sam otišao iz Nemačke da živim sa svojom devojkom u (REDIGOVANO). Prijavili smo se da živimo zajedno i tri nedelje kasnije, uručen mi je nalog Ministarstva unutrašnjih poslova o proterivanju iz države. Nalog je bio na snazi širom Evropske Unije, i kao posledica toga, bio sam pod svakodnevnom pretnjom deportacije u SAD. Krajnje je nemoralno da me prisiljavaju da tražim politički azil u ovim okolnostima, ali u stvari to je tačno ono što može da bude potrebno u ovoj stalnoj lakrdiji od pravde, u kojoj su pravne institucije odbile da krenu protiv kriminalaca koje sam izložio vlastima.


Rezultat onoga što sam nazvao „alfa“ istragom je jasan.

Korporativni organizovani kriminal u vojno-industrijskom kompleksu u dosluhu sa institucijama u NATO-u i odmetnutim elementima u obaveštajnim agencijama (sa izvan orvelovskim obrtom kada je ubačen „Hrišćanski dominionizam“), zajedno formiraju jednu međunarodnu „duboku državu“ koja je posvećena subverziji i eventualnom svrgavanju i/ili kontroli zapadnih demokratskih institucija. Nemačka vlada i organi za sprovođenje zakona su sada potpuno svesni „alfa“ elemenata koji su operisali izvan parametara zakona u Nemačkoj. Uzgred, alfina operaciona komanda i kontrola smeštena u SAD-u je zastrašila nemački politički establišment na najvišim nivoima.

Sa nemačkom vladom, dobro upoznatom sa svim neophodnim činjenicama u vezi sa „alfom“, od policije na lokalnom nivou do glavnih političara u Nemačkoj, zaista postoji još malo stvari koje mogu da se

postignu. „Alfin“ istražni rezultat se ne može gurati pod tepih doveka, previše ljudi sada zna šta se dešava i na kraju, ja imam malo kontrole nad tim kada će to izaći na videlo ili kako će se razvijati kasnije. Ovo će imati veze sa preostalim institucijama u vezi sa vladavinom prava koje još nisu preuzete od strane kriminalne organizacije iza „alfe“. Nepobitna je odgovornost ovih institucija da poguraju napred informacije koje su iznete i okružuju „alfu“; u pravcu ponovnog uspostavljanja autentičnog ustavnog poretka.

Beleška 17) U Nemačkoj, gde nema oklevanja da se hapse i sudski gone islamističke terorističke ćelije, čvrsto rešene da izvrše zaveru za ubistvo, pet uzastopnih nemačkih ministara unutrašnjih poslova nisu uspeli da deluju protiv istog ponašanja kada se ono vrši od strane ili u ime hrišćanskih ekstremista u američkim obaveštajnim službama i povezanih korumpiranih ličnosti koje vrše zločine na nemačkom tlu. Ti nemački ministri unutrašnjih poslova, po redu svog nameštenja u ministarstvu su:

Wolfgang Schäuble, 22. novembar 2005. do 28. oktobra 2009. Thomas de Maizière, 28. oktobar 2009. do 3. marta 2011. Hans-Peter Friedrich, 3. mart 2011. do 17. decembra 2013. Thomas de Maizière, 17. decembar 2013. do 14. marta 2018. Horst Seehofer, 14. mart 2018. do sada.

Post scriptum beleška bi bila da su se slučaj svete zemlje Blekfita iz Montane i čarter škole Ist Mauntin u Novom Meksiku desili uporedo, a na kraju su bili konvergentni; ukrštajući zajedničke ili povezane interese u vojno-industrijskom kompleksu.

Ronald Tomas Vest, maj 2021.


Bivši narednik za operativne i obaveštajne poslove specijalnih snaga, Ronald Tomas Vest penzionisani je istražitelj (živi u egzilu), čiji je rad bio fokusiran na korupciju. Ronald je živeo više od trideset godina u bliskoj saradnji sa Indijancima Blekfit (onima koji još uvek govore njihov jezik), a u međunarodnom pravu objavljen je kao laik: Pravo samoopredeljenja naroda i njegova primena na starosedelačke narode u SAD ili Miler-Vilsonova reportaža, u koautorstvu sa dr Markom D. Kolom. Ronald je bio vanredni profesor američkog ustavnog prava na Univerzitetu Johan Gutenberg, Majnc, Nemačka (na engleskom jeziku, letnji semestar 2008.). Ronaldovo formalno obrazovanje (bez diplome) je socijalna psihologija. Njegovo terapeutsko sredstvo je satira.

“The extension of the empire has meant the growth of private fortunes. This is nothing new, indeed it is in keeping with the most ancient history” -Gaius Asinius Gallus (from Tacitus, The Annals of Imperial Rome)

Think about it for just a moment. The quote is 1,900 years old.

Western culture is a history of empires, preceding the Greeks of Alexander by millennia. But now, this cycle is finally exhausted in the 21st Century where colonialism, proselytizing, and seduction (consumerism) have overtaken the world but exposed the fallacy of sustained economic development (empire enabled growth of private fortunes) through conquest. There’s nothing left to exploit, nowhere else to go.

But the patrician (oligarchs) appetite for wealth hasn’t ceased. So they’ve been increasingly turning on their own people to sate their (insatiable) appetites. In the abstract, this is nothing short of cultural cannibalism.

Like big fish eating little fish of the same species, of too many examples of this necrotic cultural phenomenon of modern Western civilization’s cannibalism to list, we’ll go to the recent, largest scale ever, ‘dining out’ so aptly anticipated in 1968 by George Harrison:

Everywhere there’s lots of piggies living piggy lives
You can see them out for dinner with their piggy wives
Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon

That’s what’s going on with Big Pharma & Covid; and the straw man argument of whether to open up (waive) the covid vaccine patents. Oligarch Bill Gates both 1) opposes (together with Angela Merkel) violating the ‘intellectual property rights’ of corporations that if ‘waived’ would see any competent pharmaceutical lab in the world begin to manufacture covid vaccines. But some of the politicians (e.g. Joe Biden or whoever is standing in for his dementia on any given day) are becoming uncomfortable over the issue of Big Pharma vaccine patents making ungodly amounts of money as they (the politicians) bungle handling the pandemic with its politicized ‘medicine’ (e.g. Dr ‘Faustus’ Fauci.) All of this preceding is a straw man argument foisted on a panicked public.

“We applied the gold standard to qualify the data reviewed before concluding that ivermectin can end this pandemic”

Meanwhile, going to the real issue, recalling Oligarch Bill Gates is the second largest donor to the World Health Organization (Gates’ foundation is the largest WHO donor after the USA) and the World Health Organization has refused approval of an effective, cheap, generic drug, Ivermectin, as a treatment for covid that should render the vaccination hysteria moot (stamp the pandemic out), look at these six graphs:

Ivermectin in Czech Republic:

Ivermectin in Slovakia

Ivermectin in Mexico:

Ivermectin in Panama:

Ivermectin in Peru:

Ivermectin in Delhi:

“The West, as I thought of it extending thousands of miles beyond the setting sun, was astonishing in its corruption, in its desire for death, and in its complacency towards its disease” -Cicily Isabel Fairfield

updated 17 July 2021

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