With the CIA or MOSSAD (your choice) having decided to leak the fact clandestine operations of the two agencies have established a certain degree of fusion, released as a psychological ploy (neither agency is particularly bright these days), it brought into perspective a phenomena I had puzzled over for some time; how it was I’d drawn the attempted lethal attention of both institutions in a matter of two weeks (in the Fall of 2007.) A case of leaked accountability to Newsweek magazine establishes the CIA & MOSSAD were working joint assassinations by February, 2008. In actuality, my case establishes they were already jointly pursuing targets four months previous to this, in October, 2007.

Also, I’d wondered how MOSSAD had taken an interest in my elimination, a simple ‘quid pro quo’ arrangement, although plausible, was never a completely satisfactory answer. Now I believe I know that answer as well; the CIA has a storied history of narcotics trafficking and MOSSAD is implicated as a possible partner back to the era of Iran-Contra:

“By Way of Deception describes the shocking scope and depth of the Mossad’s influence, disclosing how Jewish communities in the U.S., Europe, and South America are armed and trained by the organization in secret ‘self-defense’ units, and how Mossad agents facilitate the drug trade in order to pay the enormous costs of its far-flung, clandestine operation”

As an investigator with a longtime interest in the several western democracies intelligence agencies deep involvement in international narcotics trafficking, motive appears to falls into place. As well, noting the MOSSAD’s international ‘self-defense’ cells funded by this practice closely resemble GLADIO (and likely are modeled after the same), I now must doubt the considerable logistical support required for attempts to take myself out in Europe were limited to fascist Christian elements; in fact Bibi Netanyahu’s MOSSAD fingerprints would appear to be coming into focus, in endeavor joined at the hip with George W Bush & Co, inherited and carried on under Obama:

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Of course none of this should ignore what is too often overlooked; the fact Netanyahu and his ilk would never survive to pursue their crime sprees if it were not for some ninety million American conservative Christians, most of whom adopt an ‘Israel can do no wrong’ position because of embracing Biblical literalism, one could call these people ‘millennials.’ The fact this is slightly less that 1/3 of the American demographic doesn’t automatically confer a minority status insofar as the amount of influence they project … for the fact they are largely in solidarity having to with what amounts to their projecting a fait accompli or the idea most of humanity is doomed according to prophecy and that centers on the establishing (re-establishing in their view) a ‘Greater Israel.’ They’re simply better organized than their opposition and probably larger, when taking into account those many Americans who’re alienated from political process or disengaged for whatever other reasons.

This certainly does not excuse Netanyahu but there is plenty of blame (or mental illness, your choice) to go around. It’s not only the Israelis; a rational argument might be made it is not primarily the Israelis are the social drivers (enablers) for the crimes of the state of Israel.



^ Dedicated to all narco-killers operating in guise of patriotism


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