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Popping in from ‘the cold’ just long enough to post this up and check on a bit of business, be patient with me friends, I expect to be back regularly in September but meanwhile I’ve got a tiger by the tail… and things to attend to-

So, NSA sweeps up telephone conversations in Germany, and does what with them? Shares them with other intelligence agencies. Not only CIA, MI6 and the like, but also it would seem MOSSAD. How would I know this? Six years on the run, previous experience in special operations intelligence and closely related skills working as an anti-corruption investigator are a good start. Then, the gods sent us Edward Snowden. But lets go back to six years exile and on the run in Europe, I’ve seen a lot while working out my survival, with two very dead intelligence operatives in my wake, it doesn’t get much more up close and personal. One blew his cover with my gracious assistance to his manipulated accomplices, and they took him out, my story ‘Death of a MOSSAD Agent’ (Fall of 2007) and that Winter, another would be assassin self-injected with the poison needle intended for myself, I’d point blank shifted his attention onto himself without disturbing his intention and he self injected without realizing what was happening until too late. It was amazing to see him freak out, pulling his hand out of his pocket while shaking it in a panic, run in what amounted to an initial panicked circle, which quickly deteriorated into a Frankenstein lurch attempting to return to wherever it was his operation was based out of, I don’t think he made it very far. Can’t call German emergency and say you’ve self injected while on a murder mission very easily, now, can you?

Summer of 2008, my knit cap catches a poison pellet intact, I keep onto it as a trophy in a meds bottle, show it off on skype to close acquaintances over the following months as though I’d never give it up but actually had it sent in via third party to authorities for analysis (3rd party gets back in contact with ‘I don’t want to know you anymore’) .. same period I test skype by confiding to a trusted friend the technique I expect might work to take me out and sure enough it was the next technique tried (I was ready for it)… and so it is skype is later on revealed to be a National Security Agency asset, but there is actually no surprise at all here. The actual surprise was dufus CIA Officer Sabrina DeSousa ‘coming out’ as CIA in a dispute with her own agency over diplomatic immunity to cover her crimes she’d been convicted of in Italy… getting her name and photo in the New York Times where I recognized her as one of the would be killers I’d encountered in Wiesbaden, I mean come on CIA, can’t you get brighter people on the job?

Three missed silenced bullets later (one in Germany, two in Spain), ‘they’ had been burned badly enough times to pull back and attempt the long shot but I’m a pretty difficult target or more likely they are lousy or unlucky snipers, and it begins to get ever more up close and personal again, apparently more out of desperation than any sense of prudence.

I surprised (February 2010) ‘legendary’ CIA cowboy Gary Berntsen (moved on to private contracting) while under surveillance video in circumstance to my advantage and pissing his pants, he had to flee. I was kind enough to give him about six hours head start before I’d posted up a tip the Spanish authorities would need to authenticate Berntsen was checking his hit team into a hotel in San Feliu de Guixols using a false passport. Berntsen’s five years old look of his mom caught him with hand in her purse to steal money for candy (his true personality) as I literally rubbed elbows with him at the reception desk, and body guard’s dropped open jaw (sheer amazement) when I’d manifested from nowhere at precisely the right/wrong-me/them moment, well, that still brings a smile to my face (they are such retards.) By now I understood organizations like CIA and MOSSAD could only dream of someone with my skills. These organizations are now days a lot of bluff, luck and legend, sort of like Gerry Spence who’d pooped his pants and ran from my case as though he was being chased by a T-Rex in his dreams (yeah Gerry, give me permission to release our private email exchange, you fucking coward)… except I seem to have the intelligence agencies cornered, they cannot altogether “RUN AWAY!!” (quoting Gerry Spence nee Monty Python’s King Arthur) as much as they’d almost certainly prefer to… so the cowards continue to attempt sleight-of-hand murder of myself and no doubt somehow construe this to be brave (certainly a medal and piles of cash to anyone that might succeed.)


^ CIA ‘legend’ Berntsen

Then there is ‘Paul’, American expatriate in Berlin who is too juvenile and consequently too stupid to realize he’d given himself up working for the ‘man’ because he DRINKS copious amounts of alcohol to fend off his dying conscience .. he’d sent me into a death trap (late Summer 2010) that failed on account of the retarded layer upon layer of deniability (lies) built into these operations. So Paul sent me to these moron Romanians that were supposed to set me up with meeting some “Israeli artists” (meeting Israeli artists was not my idea or intent for damn certain) failed because she was too cute (not in the pretty sense, so raising suspicions), but most brilliantly, he had been blackmailed into his role, could not live with it, drank himself stupid while otherwise alone but for my presence and confessed all he knew to me, I mean what planet do these intelligence agencies live on with the people they utilize? And Plan B with the ‘Italian’ to positively identify me for the Israeli with the half full soda bottle with liquid that didn’t move (disguised spring loaded poison pellet delivery device), was nothing more than a game for me, and how long did their poor assed spotter sit on the bench at JohannesThaler Chaucee mall (U-Bahn side), my god he looked miserably dying of boredom, I have to laugh at that too. I’d been out of that area for weeks and only put in the occasional ATM appearance to keep the game strung out.

Message for Paul, the people you work with absolutely suck, why don’t you get a real life? Pay attention to your family in a positive sense? Stop drinking? Quit being a moron? Work an honorable career to actually deserve your beautiful wife? Naw, you’re too juvenile to make any intelligent decisions. So, do your family a favor and drink yourself to death sooner rather than later, it be the right thing to do-

Now, when a person such as myself can blow the cover of one of the CIA’s most accomplished assassins (how’s life on the ‘outside’ these days Vince?) who’d been delegated by the USA’s ‘Deep State’ to murder certain old line Republicans with ‘heart attacks’, to remove any troublesome ethics bound personalities from the neo-conservative agenda, and I’d done exactly that, what do you tell MOSSAD when asking them to do you a quid pro quo favor? Well, probably you don’t tell them the guy you’re putting them after has nullified or reversed every operation you’d ever mounted against him over a period now exceeding twenty years… but when one of Bibi’s morons gets himself killed coming after you (afore mentioned story ‘Death of a MOSSAD Agent’), MOSSAD has this incredibly self-destructive policy of ANY/EVERY loss must be avenged. So the MOSSAD had, courtesy of their sometimes bosom buddy CIA, taken on yours truly, perhaps an authentic devil in the most ancient sense, older than, and having nothing to do with the Judeo-Christian religions of Satan, in some cosmic sense of suicide.

Going to this immediate preceding point, even if you were able to find grandmasters like my teachers Floyd and Pat, you’d be over thirty years behind playing catch-up to my level of skill on account of the technique they imparted. And if this were to go on for another ten years, you’d still be over thirty years behind playing catch-up because their technique’s learning curve never peaks or tops out.

Meanwhile, it just so happened while living in Charlottenberg during July 2011, I had my 1st experience with intelligence agencies using proselytizing evangelicals as cover for an assassin team. I puzzled a bit over whether “Jews for Jesus” were a MOSSAD or joint MOSSAD/CIA venture but by now I’ve settled on MOSSAD. It was a Wayne Madsen article had pointed out the CIA had used missionaries in the past, in Latin America particularly, but Jews for Jesus are an altogether different animal. In Berlin, no one is going to poke their nose into the business of any Jew, it is a perfect (the MOSSAD thinks) cover.

But Jews for Jesus is not really Jewish people per se. The fine print under “Jews for Jesus” reads: “and others.” You talk to them and discover one grandparent is/was a Jew, they are married to a non-practicing Jew, or are just a ‘born again’ convert by the organization, with no other Jewish connection. But that Star of David on their shirts is like a diplomatic passport in Germany, no one dares mess with that.

So how does this fit in with MOSSAD? It is a double blind deniability built into operations, evangelical Christians posing as Jews. Four out of five or perhaps nine out of  ten of these so-called “Jews for Jesus” are deceived and unsuspecting evangelicals simply trying to convince people to be ‘saved.’ They are flown in from around the world in shifts volunteering time as missionaries and are conveniently on hand to locate to any area where a hit operation is meant to take place. The target is supposed to get used to seeing them in his/her area and this is supposed to produce a complacency surrounding the missionaries while your habits are studied, which U-Bahn (underground) you take and most regular times. By the time any target is used to and ignoring “Jews for Jesus”, with routines established, the unsuspecting proselytizing members are replaced with kill teams from MOSSAD wearing ‘Jews for Jesus” shirts and the target (the theory must go) will not notice he/she has been marked going into the subway where a most ‘unchristian’ poison needle is a heart-attack inducing prick in the crowd that cannot be easily picked out of  security video and so it is one more joins the people who drop dead of natural causes everyday, it’s that simple. Except when it is not that simple, as when the target is onto what is going on, because the intelligence agency is stupid.

When Americans flown in from the Midwest Bible Belt have been replaced by Israelis whose general demeanor, facial expression and body language is top to bottom different from the duped evangelicals (who should not, after-all, be surprised that actual Jews would be involved with their organization), it is not going to be missed by someone with my level of training. So, in Charlottenberg, I noticed it was a couple of Israelis studying my initial pattern behaviors, while it was Americans covered the larger public area I frequented, for a few days, and then it was Israelis had staked out my U-Bahn entry. I entered, but instead of going down a 2nd level and taking the train, I walked out another entrance, as though I was using the U-Bahn station as a method to cross an intersection without having to deal with above ground traffic lights and ‘walk’ signals, while watching for any tail I might pick up and sure enough… a tall Israeli in civilian clothes (no ‘Jews for Jesus’ shirt) reversed direction and emerged behind me but I was ready for this, and had positioned myself with back to wall at an outdoor café table, sandwiched between people also facing him with backs to wall and he could not hit me with his needle without giving himself away. Totally the wrong crowded scene, it was my advantage, not his. He stupidly studied my circumstance for a minute, hesitating, starting to leave, stopping to study again, wondering what to do while obviously completely out of sorts, gave up and left as I’d been looking steadily and directly at him.

Just the other day (going on two years later) I had stated to a friend on the phone the specific area I was temporarily staying in Berlin, and now, just like magic, Jews for Jesus have my public transportation entrances staked out… some people never learn. So, to the NSA and ‘friends’ they hand off their information to, here it is, spelled out for you: the other intelligence agencies and German police read here too, all now available to the general public-

The ‘Deep State’ works like this folks; corporate boards and associated organized crime around the world, especially intelligence agencies, all trade information. You’ve seen, and congressmen have stated this, we are all lied to about Prism, XkeyScore and all the rest that had been kept secret in the name of ‘National Security.’

So what is ‘national security’? If you buy the fear-mongering lies of Obama and the likes of Diane Feinstein and John Boehner (pronounced ‘boner’), national security secrets supposedly protect you from terror.

But if you are CHEVRON Corporation, and you sent Condoleezza Rice direct from CHEVRON board of directors to Bush National Security Advisor and put your fingerprints all over Iraq, an invasion that had nothing to do with Saddam’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction and had nothing to do with Saddam’s non-existent relationship with Al Qaida, and it had everything to do with CHEVRON playing into the post Saddam Iraq oil business, and the Israelis, it so happens, did not like Saddam. It’s all a criminal ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ quid pro quo.

How many American soldiers did CHEVRON murder in attempt to get access to Iraqi oil? Not too different to MOSSAD using unsuspecting evangelicals to cover the murders of their time to time buddy CHEVRON’s enemies… these people have no sense of shame.

This, folks, is your behind closed doors ‘Nation Security’ .. the National Security Agency giving up information to pursue the lie that kills for the bottom line that is stock value, profits & related ‘geo-politics’ and all/any rights of citizens be damned in the process… and there you have it-

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^ NSA to the American people