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First, use google search: “Chat Exploits” and look at the first several results, you’ll discover ‘chats’ are a hacker’s entry to your computer

Then, read this about language by Diane Feinstein’s committee inserted into a law Obama signed this month:

“Hidden in the law that authorized the government to spend more than it will collect was a part about funding for the 16 federal civilian intelligence agencies. And hidden in that was a clause, inserted by the same Senate Intelligence Committee that revealed the CIA torture, authorizing the National Security Agency to gather and retain nonpublic data for five years and to share it with law enforcement and with foreign governments. “Nonpublic data” is the government’s language referring to the content of the emails, text messages, telephone calls, bank statements, utility bills and credit card bills of nearly every innocent person in America”

Then, read a snippet of Diane Feinstein’s gross hypocrisy in relation to the right’s of people HERE (it’s about quite a bit more than ‘torture’)

“Who did Feinstein vote to confirm to the Federal Appeals court? David Barron, author of Obama’s ‘murder is legal’ theory. Nothing quite like putting people complicit in your crimes on the courts but that is what Obama has done with the generous support of Senator Feinstein:

“The most troubling issue in David Barron’s record is his role as the author of the legal opinion that justified what is rather coldly referred to as “extrajudicial killing” by the United States federal government. Put more plainly, David Barron concocted a legal justification for President Barack Obama, so that the President could order the U.S. military to execute American citizens, because of suspicion of criminal behavior, without any trial or due process”

“Recalling Bush had nominated ‘torture is legal’ Jay Bybee to the Federal bench, let’s go to the thought Senator Feinstein never encountered a 1st, 4th or 5th Amendment FISA violation she did not like, until it was the CIA spying on her committee staff. Then, Feinstein changed the label, in her case these violations are not ok because they are suddenly ‘separation of powers’ violations. The clear indication, based on her record is, violations of the American peoples’ rights are ok, just don’t violate the rights of Feinstein. Reinforcing this would be, Feinstein voted to confirm Valerie Caproni as a federal judge; the very same woman [Caproni] who’d when the FISA Court had rejected a surveillance request, had gone ahead and authorized her FBI agents to target the victim regardless. In all, over the courts first thirty three years, the FISA court had granted 33,942 warrants, with only 11 denials. Let’s make that a de facto 10 denials, recalling the Bush FBI lawyer Caproni nominated to be a federal judge by Obama, with Feinstein voting in favor”

Now, back to what I will name “The Feinstein Clause”…

“authorizing the National Security Agency to gather and retain nonpublic data for five years and to share it with law enforcement and with foreign governments”

…and what is known as ‘back door‘ exploits and how NSA engineers enter into (through firewalls) your computers and your anti-virus-anti-trojan software can do nothing about it even when the company…

“respects and complies with the laws of all countries in which it operates”

…considering Feinstein has made it legal for the NSA to take anything they like and share it with anyone they like.

Now, back to ‘chats.’ I keep chats shut down as a matter of security, it’s simply a matter of common sense. If the NSA had arranged to build back doors into chats and there is no reason to expect they would not, considering their motto of “collect it all“, they’ve built into chats an avenue for any skilled hacker to exploit. Now, google ‘key log.’

“records every keystroke made on your computer on every window, even on password protected boxes”

Now, imagine NSA slips something along the lines of the preceding into your computer, example of opportunity you hand to hackers when you have ‘chat’ enabled in likely any program, whether facebook, gmail, yahoo or now a very interesting new phenomena at WordPress; a ‘help’ chat that cannot be blocked by the user. And even when it has been ‘blocked’ by request for 24 hours (the maximum) it doesn’t seem to actually go away:

At 11:02

Chat pop-up: Howdy, how can we help?

Myself: Go away for 24 hours would help (the pop up never ceases to annoy)

Daniel – Sorry about that! I’ll remove it. Have a great day!

At 14:13

Chat pop-up: Howdy, how can we help?

Myself: Block for 24 hours would help (the pop-up is an annoyance)

Sandy (at is typing (according to the chat box)

And then: Oops, our operators have all stepped away for a moment. If you don’t hear back from us shortly, please try again later. Thanks!


Chat pop-up: Howdy, how can we help?

Myself: go away with blocking chat would be helpful (this is perpetually annoying)

Sam is typing… (according to the chat box)

Sam: Sorry! I can block it for 24 hours, so you won’t see it. 🙂


Chat box pops back up: Now chatting

Daniel wasn’t able to fully block the chat and Sandy seems to have gotten cold feet. Then Sam is there. The ‘chat’ it would appear is never fully blocked, or cannot be blocked or there is someone does not want it blocked. I’ve seen identical incident too many times for it to be a glitch.

Now, remember this. IF YOU DON’T WANT SOMETHING RECORDED, NEVER TYPE IT. Collect yourself first, because if in a passion of the moment you’ve typed something you think better of, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never posted or mailed it, ‘they’ already have it-

Sound paranoid? So who is the real paranoid? Someone concerned with issues like this, or a United States Senator who believes the government should know your every private expression? Dianne Feinstein is the sick paranoid and criminal who opens you up to hackers and she should be permanently locked in the darkest dungeon the rule of law can muster, that is if we had a rule of law, rather than the ‘color of law‘ that has replaced our so-called leaders ‘oath to uphold’ our Constitution-

Note on the preceding: After claiming there was no means of permanently blocking the chat (due to my complaints), Worpress appears to have indeed permanently blocked the live chat on my account not long after I’d drawn their attention to this post. Does that mean my account is not compromised by the NSA? Of course it does not. My automatic assumption is the NSA has whatever they like.


Military Sock Puppets, NSA Trolls & CIA Shills

This law brief to The European Court of Human Rights is, as I have instructed, to be filed in the case of my bodily seizure for purpose of forced deportation, other arrest or if I simply have ‘vanished’

A synopsis of the legal rationale of this law brief is: when the USA joined the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (among other multi-lateral Human Rights treaties with force of international law) but held out these treaties would be “non-self-executing”, the USA essentially claimed its own constitutional principles would enforce the several treaties’ provisions. This places the USA in a unique circumstance of substituting its own provisions of law for the provisions enumerated in the International Covenant and other instruments of international law. In this case, it is argued the Obama administration’s demonstrable violation of foundational American principles of law are subject to interpretation in diverse jurisdiction under international Human Rights law, in a nation any American citizen should apply for asylum in.

Restated, an American seeking asylum can put the USA’s record, in relation to its own civil liberties provisions, on trial in any suit they might bring in jurisdiction where Human Rights treaty law may be enforced and subsequently the European Court of Human Rights.

In the case of the USA signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, example given, and the several other Human Rights treaties in relation to American basic or foundational law, The American constitution’s Article Six is straightforward on its face: “any treaty made shall be the supreme law of the land.”

But it is, of course, not this simple. Any treaty in question which been ratified by the Americans in large part as “non-self-executing”, constitutes a legal fiction indicating American law already covers the most fundamental rights promised by the treaties. In other words, the USA claim in relation to the treaties is one of ‘our laws are already in compliance and we have all of the treaties’ demands covered.’ And so it is, in any USA court, although a judge may consider the treaty in her/his ‘finding of facts and conclusions of law’, the laws applied will in fact be American laws and interpretations in relation to any question of rights promised by the International Covenant and other Human Rights specific law.

This preceding would place an American’s rights squarely in law of the USA, were one to be tried in any American court, in actuality the rights promised in the treaty itself are already become in a sense moot in relation any American prosecution, where there is no political will to enforce the treaty’s provisions, demonstrated in any decision to prosecute to begin with.

In the USA, federal judges are political appointments, pure and simple. The executive provides lists of desired appointments to fill court positions to the senate for confirmation and that is it. That the senate often fights among themselves over the appointments, that the appointments are often long delayed, cannot conceal the fact every sitting United States federal judge is the result of raw politics. That merit does not presently play in this process is amply demonstrated by the fact Bush administration torture lawyer Jay Bybee became a sitting federal appellate judge and there is no movement whatsoever to impeach and remove Bybee from the bench, since it had become public knowledge Bybee authored memos justifying torture.

That American judges are not bound to the rights promised in the International Covenant and other Human Rights treaty law is ably demonstrated by the fact a sitting supreme court justice had, as a federal judge, let an innocent man rot eight additional years in prison on a rules technicality, when exculpatory evidence showing the man’s innocence had been produced for the court, prior to the justice’s appointment by  Obama and confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States.

In the United States theory of law there is a known and in the past applied concept called ‘color of law.’ Color of law is when the apparatus of state puts up a pretense of legitimate authority to pursue what are in fact illegal acts.

In the case of the FISA court authorizing PRISM and one must presume XkeyScore revealed by Snowden, there is ZERO constitutional foundation for any secret jurisprudence violating citizens’ rights laid out in the first through eighth amendments or American Bill of Rights, which the FISA court in fact sets out to do. When the constitutional language authorizing congress to create courts is construed in a way to cancel out other clauses of the constitution, there cannot be legitimacy where a constitutional oxymoron has been created. It is precisely the American Bill of Rights the USA holds is binding it to conformity to the International Covenant.

Any actual criminal acts defined as treason in the American sense in the authentic American ‘de jure’ rule of law are those persons putting forth a pretense the secret court authorizing civil liberties violations are legitimate. This points first to the Congress authoring patently unconstitutional legislation, then second, to any president signing and implementing such unlawful authority and subsequently, any Chief Justice appointing members of said secret court, and finally those persons accepting and serving FISA, these are the ‘traitors’ if the USA constitution were to mean anything in the present day, when in fact it would appear it does not.

American present political structures disregard for the American foundational law is perhaps best demonstrated by Congress granting immunity to the telecoms, when the telecoms had played ball with criminals in the Bush administration (we now know likely had been authorized by the FISA court, on account of Snowden’s revelations), participating in what amounted to warrant-less searches and eves-dropping without a warrant, stealing and handing over peoples personal information in criminal acts Americans had been historically protected from by the USA constitution and pertinent laws, the 4th Amendment of the USA Bill of Rights particularly.

These violations should have opened the telecom corporations to both criminal penalties and civil liabilities. There were crimes committed which should have been prosecuted and people have a right to sue. The potential liability looked pretty big and the telecoms lobbied for immunity. The following constitutional violations were enacted by Congress:

1) ex post facto. The USA constitution specifically prohibits Congress making any “ex post facto” law, as typically or historically applied that means a behavior cannot be criminalized after the fact and applied retroactively, or more broadly, new laws cannot be made governing an event that is in the past. In this 2nd case we have a valid constitutional claim prohibiting making a law excusing past criminal civil liberties violations against our citizens, violations which had created liabilities. What is required for the criminal aspect solely, is a PARDON

2) legislative pardon: Congress cannot give pardons to the individuals within the telecoms who’d signed off on and perpetrated the crimes, that is reserved by the USA constitution to the president and neither can the congress or the president pardon corporations in any manner excusing civil liability, the corporations must be held accountable and seek any leniency based on possible mitigation factors from the courts, because [3 & 4 combine to make a constitutional principle]

3) the” right to petition for redress” is promised to every citizen who has been wronged and

4) “suit at equity”, that is, the courts existing to do what is right by the citizen, is the avenue provided by the USA’s constitution to fulfill the promise of every wronged citizen’s ‘right to petition for redress’ or it should be said there is no right of corporate or government impunity. Citizen’s petitions for remedies and compensation may not be preemptively denied fair hearing, in the USA’s courts of law by the Congress.

The oath to uphold the USA’s constitution had been meant to prevent such patently wrong laws in the first instance. When this oath is become patently meaningless, as in the case of the majority of congress, points squarely to the core of corrupt process usurping the USA foundational law.

Obama’s proposal to create a court to oversee the USA’s drone strikes are an admission the targeted killings of Anwar al-Awaliki and his son, both American citizens, were extra-judicial assassinations:

Read the facts laid out at the Guardian HERE

Obama’s task force proposing to amend the FISA law to create an advocate for the American public in presentations before the secret court, which to now has only heard the executive side arguments, are an admission there is no compulsory (constitutionally required) due process for citizens in the secret venue:

Reuters article on the task force recommendations HERE

Both of these proposals underscore overwhelming fact the USA institutions of governance have become removed practically altogether from its foundational rule of law. The very fact nearly the entirety of any ‘legal rationales’ related to the preceding phenomena are classified ‘state secrets’ reinforces the argument of a regime denying the people and the peoples advocates any avenue to right the ship of state per the constitutional order:

Legal Times on ‘state secrets’ HERE

REPEATEDLY, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice has denied discovery in evidence in suits brought by victims of both; torture and warrant-less surveillance, citing “national security” and “state secrets” arguments, which have been too often routinely rubber stamped by American federal courts, denying the fundamental “Right to petition for redress” per the American foundational law. This, despite a past Supreme Court decision finding federal common law prohibits executive privilege denying the right to petition for redress in the case of Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents, 403 U.S. 388 (1971) in illegal invasion of a private home, pointing to the present regime of American law patently ignoring its own principles:

Federation of American Scientists compendium on ‘state secrets’ HERE

Obama’s Department of Justice has assiduously protected the Bush criminal regime by refusing to bring warranted prosecutions. Directly relevant to this, because of Snowden’s revelations, we now know both the Bush and Obama administrations had engaged in egregious crimes against the American constitutional order, all with the approval of the secret FISA court:

Facts laid out at the Guardian HERE

Furthermore, present CIA Director Brennan has helped construct and justify the Obama Administration’s claim that it can kill people, including American citizens, abroad on its own authority, even when those people are not in countries with which the USA is at war:

Brennan ‘kill list’ facts at the New Yorker HERE

Insofar as the secrecy of this list, we cannot know which Americans has been added or what names have been taken off:

Brennan’s phony ‘kill list’ reforms at The Atlantic HERE

If the USA were to claim the petitioner, Ronald Thomas West, is not on any such kill list, there is ample evidence the present American executive routinely lies in such matters:

Facts of relevant lies laid out at The Guardian HERE

How the preceding arguments can be tied to the American obligations to the International Covenant and other international Human Rights law is quite simple; “no nation may go against its own acts” is an international common law principle as old as Rome, and when the USA asserts its own constitutional principles are the glue that binds its obligation to uphold the International Covenant and other obligatory international Human Rights treaty law with its ‘non-self-executing’ ratifying rationale, the USA cannot undermine its own constitutional principles in regards to individual rights and be construed to be in good standing with the multi-lateral Human Rights treaties.

It is not only going against the act of its own foundational law, the USA is doing these violations having bound its foundational law to the International Covenant and is therefore going against the treaty it has committed itself to, when by act of non-self-executing rationale, it entered American individual rights per se into force of international law, subject to adjudication under the general principles of international Human Rights law in diverse jurisdiction.

Furthermore, were Ronald Thomas West not to have been on the White House ‘kill list’ (which cannot be proven but certainly inferred), there is ample evidence to make a case rogue elements in the American security apparatus endanger his life:

According to a Washington Post investigative report in 2011, “some 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the United States. An estimated 854,000 people, nearly 1.5 times as many people as live in Washington, D.C., hold top-secret security clearances” :

Washington Post investigative report HERE

This is bolstered by a article: “Thousands of technology, finance and manufacturing companies are working closely with U.S. national security agencies, providing sensitive information and in return receiving benefits that include access to classified intelligence, four people familiar with the process said. These programs, whose participants are known as trusted partners, extend far beyond what was revealed by Edward Snowden, a computer technician who did work for the National Security Agency” :

Bloomberg exposes the facts HERE

Additionally, the US Congressional watchdog GAO [Government Accounting Office] reports as a result of faulty data, US intelligence agencies: “are not well-positioned to assess the potential effects of relying on contractor personnel” :

Read the Government Accounting Office findings HERE

And then, a US Army Intelligence Officer stated to Buzzfeed: “I think if we had the chance, we would end it very quickly.” [USA intelligence would like to find Snowden] “Just casually walking on the streets of Moscow, coming back from buying his groceries. Going back to his flat and he is casually poked by a passerby. He thinks nothing of it at the time starts to feel a little woozy and thinks it’s a parasite from the local water. He goes home very innocently and next thing you know he dies in the shower” :

Read the murderous intent of the NSA apologists HERE

In fact most of the unlisted events in the associated chronology detailing the experiences of Ronald Thomas West had to do with evading stalkers whose behaviors profiled for action as described in the paragraph preceding.

This points to the utter corruption of American intelligence, where a corrupt Pentagon, that has thrown the rule of law under the bus, and associated corrupt corporate personalities (e.g. Christian extremists Condoleezza Rice and former NATO Supreme Commander & Obama National Security Adviser General James Jones, in association with CHEVRON) can access top secret material via the Pentagon’s NSA (National Security Agency) for essentially any purpose they please, up to and inclusive of assassination.

It is the position of Ronald Thomas West he should not have been forced into application for political asylum but that Germany should have issued warrants for arrest and pursued prosecutions of the several criminals engaged in attempted assassination of the same.

Germany shirking its responsibility to uphold the rule of law has resulted in a grant of impunity to criminal elements in the Western democracies intelligence/security services, up to and including attempted assassination for purpose of concealing crimes, when in fact if warrants for arrest were issued and extradition demanded, the USA and associated corrupt personalities would be confronted with a choice; upholding the rule of law or dropping its sheepskin concealing corrupt, criminal cabal at the apex of its security services.

Ronald Thomas West therefore requests that (LOCATION COUNTRY REDACTED) be prohibited from expelling his person and Germany be directed to refer all relevant evidence to the proper legal body for prosecution of the crime of attempted assassination and cover-up of the same.


“It’s been a wild ride” -Ronald Thomas West

This is information I’d initially sent to approximately 150 persons including federal legislators of four NATO nations, inclusive of German Parliament members. Subsequently I’ve forwarded this on to 298 (mostly women) members of the European Union Parliament. Why women? Because I’ve found the male politicians here in Europe (Germany particularly) to be crass cowards. Perhaps we will see the issue gain some traction in the coming weeks and months (one can always hope)

Dear Member of Parliament

I wished to provide you with informed information relating the United States Department of Defense. As you may know, the National Security Agency is under Department of Defense authority and is staffed by, and coordinates with, military personnel and Pentagon programs. In this case it is important you be made aware of facts which have not (to now) been associated with the National Security Agency as regards the Snowden revelations. It has been established by professionals in the fields of law and intelligence that radical American Exceptionalism in the form of religious extremism has more than a large influence at the Pentagon. No less than a former White House attorney, Mikey Weinstein, who’d served as an officer in the United States Air Force has established facts of a far right Christian extremism overtaken the top positions controlling the USA’s military. To fully understand what is happening at the National Security Agency, one must be informed to the facts at the Pentagon.

As a former United States military intelligence professional, I have collaborated with Mikey Weinstein (of the five time Nobel Peace Prize nominated organization Military Religious Freedom Foundation) when developing the information presented (below.) I believe very strongly the members of the European Parliament becoming informed of these facts is in the  best interests of humanity as a whole.


Ronald Thomas West


Of Nukes, Courage and Cowardice

I have been acquainted with Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation since June of 2008. A quick look into my mail program shows thousands of communications between myself, Mikey and his five times Nobel Peace Prize nominated organization. We have made common cause over these past several years, sharing enemies and challenges. What I admire most about Mikey is his ability to set aside differences and focus on where collaboration will serve the common good. And his infinite courage and dedication to defeating a dark evil while facing tall odds.

As courageous as Mikey is, the enemy we face is doubly dangerous because it is a lethally armed cowardice. When the ‘American Exceptionalism’ comes to a belief at the top levers of power, a drone launched Hellfire missile on one side of the planet, by a video game geek in uniform on the other side of the planet, ‘serves the purpose of the Lord’, it is more than fair to question what it is we are doing as a nation, it is actually a necessity to CHALLENGE the underlying motive of what has become, as Mikey straight-forwardly says, “A weaponized gospel of Jesus Christ.”

There was a brilliant novel, ‘Watership Down’, which portrayed a scene in which a Rabbit colony lived in denial of snares set throughout their warren. This peculiar form of cowardice is not unique. We have our folk wisdom underscoring this behavioral  phenomena, for instance ‘the elephant in the living room’ no one will discuss. We have arrived there as a society, when our leadership and media will have no part of any discussion pointing to our own religious criminal elements responsible for reprehensible acts for which the most severe punishments should be meted out in any society under a functioning rule of law. 

Mikey Weinstein could no doubt list hundreds (probably  thousands) of punishable offenses under existing law that have gone unpunished in the United States military since his foundation had been established (2006.) These offenses are tolerated in the lower ranks because they do NOT offend the sensibilities of commanders at the very top ranks. I am speaking of the fanatic Christians that rule the greater military from the Pentagon, our nation’s top officers. In 2013, Mikey defends 34,000 mostly lower rank (soldiers, airmen and sailor clients) military from hate crimes by extremist Christians in uniform. This would be unnecessary except for the bigots running the Pentagon.

Here is the text of a recent, unedited hate mail, personally forward to myself by Mikey:

“I am a proud Christian living and spreading The Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ here in Tulsa. Me and my wife came to listen to the devil’s own MikieWienstein at the All Soul’s unitarian church here last saturday. Our pastor told us the next day at Sunday Service that this so called “church” should be renamed as “All Soul’s Going To Hell” for 2 reasons. First it invited one of the greatest enemys of Christ wienstein to even speak here in Tulsa in the first place. Second becausenoone at that “church” has been saved by the blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ. And they all then will burn in the Lake of Fire for they rejection of our Savior. We listened to mikie Wienstein speak his evil words against allowing Christ to impower our U.S. army soldiers. We watched the jews face. We could not help but notice his face. Being a cunning jew he has a shrewd jew face to begin with to confuse the people. But the spirit on that dark face of his could only be of the Dark One himself satan. It was so obvious. It gave my wife and me chils to behold his demonism. My wife wanted to ask him a question at the microphone about him being of satan. But his evil glare from his dark father the fallen angel satan kept her from the strength to do so. And it was useless anyway. As all the others there will burnerternally in hell with that jew of satan. And he had to bring his big nigra guards with him for protection? He has no protection from The Way,The Truth and The Life of Jesus. Mikie should no that there is no protection from those who kiss the lips of satan. And reject the free gift of the love of Christ. He gets what is coming for him from the warriors of the Savior. It is only a matter of time now.”

The most influential thing encouraging this pervasive, vile and bigoted hate, is the refusal of the Pentagon to step up and meet the bigotry this mail fairly represents in our military. Why they do nothing is, because this is the prevailing belief at the Pentagon as well.

Our Pentagon poster child for this vile expression of American Exceptionalism degenerated to religious motivated hate, and the lesson of the Rabbit warren in denial, is David A Patraeus. The cover story is General Patraeus resigned from the CIA over marital infidelity. In fact, a major British mainstream newspaper, The Guardian, was putting the finishing touches on a documentary film tying General Patraeus to black site torture centers and death squads in Iraq. It would never do to have a sitting Director of the CIA implicated for international crimes in our national press if the New York Times or Washington Post were to pick this story up and run with it. True to the principle of ignoring the ‘elephant in the living room’, American mainstream media sucked up to Obama’s ‘look forward, not back’ policy and did not run the Guardian exposé implicating not only Patraeus but also Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

General Patraues ties with extreme Christian fundamentalism at the Pentagon  has been established by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. He had endorsed extreme literature (“a copy should be in every soldier’s rucksack”), and under General Patraeus command, not only having a ‘weaponized gospel of Jesus’ shoved down soldiers throats had been tolerated, but pervasive sexual assault, and murder of women soldiers as well (according to the informed assertions of Colonel Ann Wright.) If you are familiar with extreme Christian theology, women are not really that cool, women being responsible for everything gone wrong in this world since ‘The Fall.’ Last year there were 26,000 sexual assaults in the United States military, up from 19,000 the year before. Almost no one is punished. See anything wrong with this picture? Who has had an office in the Pentagon for years? General Patraeus’ favored “Officers Christian Fellowship”, a 20,000 member fundamentalist Christian military organization that views our armed forces as a crusader force; and whose senior members were put on a fast track to promotion for 8 years under the Evangelical Bush. The result is, men who believe woman are inferior and Muslims are the children of Satan are running the Pentagon, controlling the triggers from half a world away, sending Hellfire missiles into homes where they ‘suspect’ a militant might be. Are these really the people you’d like to see keeping custody of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal?

And speaking of nukes, we have a rabidly evangelical command structure in the United States Air Force where most of those nukes are held. Aside altogether from the ‘strategic’ inter-continental ballistic missile, the Air Force has custody of enough ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons that can be dropped from planes, to ignite any region of the world in flames, leaving little more than ash. Those ‘tactical’ weapons are not necessarily ‘secure’ when you can easily assemble flight crews who believe (like their superiors at the Pentagon) in literal Armageddon.

A mainstream media in the United States which refuses to report on war crimes tied to General Patraeus in Iraq, as documented by The Guardian, is certainly not to be trusted to report the fact the United States military has become, in and of itself, a world threatening entity. The information is there, they know the facts and the facts do not go to press. One of Mikey Weinstein’s great concerns is Christian fanatics having custody of America’s nuclear arsenal. I agree. What are the New York Times and Washington Post thinking? That Obama’s generals will turn themselves in and confess the facts? Or has the media decided it’s too ‘inconvenient’ for a Commander-in-Chief (Obama) to be bothered during a time of war with the small detail his generals are the 21st Century equivalent of NAZI field marshals, who likely share a beer in pure joy every time one of the hate mails directed at Weinstein is made public and nothing is done.

On this side of the pond (I am in Germany), my endeavor has been to raise awareness in our NATO allies, just how dangerous an entity the USA has become, if only it is plain there is little political will at top levers of power in the USA to confront what is pointed to an out of control circumstance threatening our world. The hate mail quoted in this letter is one of many I have forwarded to German politicians and I must say the cowardice I’ve encountered  here is indeed great. How do I know this? I have all of the training and resources needed to determine the Federal Republic of Germany has been made fully aware, at the top tier of power, of the circumstance as detailed in the preceding. After all, the facts as presented are a NATO issue. To be certain I got their attention, I filed a complaint against Germany in the International Criminal Court for aiding and abetting the USA in war crimes. It would appear the body politic here, is simply in the pocket of the USA (Merkel) or has it’s tail between its legs (everyone else.)

Will Mikey give up? Never. Nor will I, because something has to give before this thing ends us all, simply stated. This is for our future generations.

You can help Mikey’s efforts with providing support to:

MarkLetter copy

^ Click on letter to enlarge


^ Mickey Mossad

Popping in from ‘the cold’ just long enough to post this up and check on a bit of business, be patient with me friends, I expect to be back regularly in September but meanwhile I’ve got a tiger by the tail… and things to attend to-

So, NSA sweeps up telephone conversations in Germany, and does what with them? Shares them with other intelligence agencies. Not only CIA, MI6 and the like, but also it would seem MOSSAD. How would I know this? Six years on the run, previous experience in special operations intelligence and closely related skills working as an anti-corruption investigator are a good start. Then, the gods sent us Edward Snowden. But lets go back to six years exile and on the run in Europe, I’ve seen a lot while working out my survival, with two very dead intelligence operatives in my wake, it doesn’t get much more up close and personal. One blew his cover with my gracious assistance to his manipulated accomplices, and they took him out, my story ‘Death of a MOSSAD Agent’ (Fall of 2007) and that Winter, another would be assassin self-injected with the poison needle intended for myself, I’d point blank shifted his attention onto himself without disturbing his intention and he self injected without realizing what was happening until too late. It was amazing to see him freak out, pulling his hand out of his pocket while shaking it in a panic, run in what amounted to an initial panicked circle, which quickly deteriorated into a Frankenstein lurch attempting to return to wherever it was his operation was based out of, I don’t think he made it very far. Can’t call German emergency and say you’ve self injected while on a murder mission very easily, now, can you?

Summer of 2008, my knit cap catches a poison pellet intact, I keep onto it as a trophy in a meds bottle, show it off on skype to close acquaintances over the following months as though I’d never give it up but actually had it sent in via third party to authorities for analysis (3rd party gets back in contact with ‘I don’t want to know you anymore’) .. same period I test skype by confiding to a trusted friend the technique I expect might work to take me out and sure enough it was the next technique tried (I was ready for it)… and so it is skype is later on revealed to be a National Security Agency asset, but there is actually no surprise at all here. The actual surprise was dufus CIA Officer Sabrina DeSousa ‘coming out’ as CIA in a dispute with her own agency over diplomatic immunity to cover her crimes she’d been convicted of in Italy… getting her name and photo in the New York Times where I recognized her as one of the would be killers I’d encountered in Wiesbaden, I mean come on CIA, can’t you get brighter people on the job?

Three missed silenced bullets later (one in Germany, two in Spain), ‘they’ had been burned badly enough times to pull back and attempt the long shot but I’m a pretty difficult target or more likely they are lousy or unlucky snipers, and it begins to get ever more up close and personal again, apparently more out of desperation than any sense of prudence.

I surprised (February 2010) ‘legendary’ CIA cowboy Gary Berntsen (moved on to private contracting) while under surveillance video in circumstance to my advantage and pissing his pants, he had to flee. I was kind enough to give him about six hours head start before I’d posted up a tip the Spanish authorities would need to authenticate Berntsen was checking his hit team into a hotel in San Feliu de Guixols using a false passport. Berntsen’s five years old look of his mom caught him with hand in her purse to steal money for candy (his true personality) as I literally rubbed elbows with him at the reception desk, and body guard’s dropped open jaw (sheer amazement) when I’d manifested from nowhere at precisely the right/wrong-me/them moment, well, that still brings a smile to my face (they are such retards.) By now I understood organizations like CIA and MOSSAD could only dream of someone with my skills. These organizations are now days a lot of bluff, luck and legend, sort of like Gerry Spence who’d pooped his pants and ran from my case as though he was being chased by a T-Rex in his dreams (yeah Gerry, give me permission to release our private email exchange, you fucking coward)… except I seem to have the intelligence agencies cornered, they cannot altogether “RUN AWAY!!” (quoting Gerry Spence nee Monty Python’s King Arthur) as much as they’d almost certainly prefer to… so the cowards continue to attempt sleight-of-hand murder of myself and no doubt somehow construe this to be brave (certainly a medal and piles of cash to anyone that might succeed.)


^ CIA ‘legend’ Berntsen

Then there is ‘Paul’, American expatriate in Berlin who is too juvenile and consequently too stupid to realize he’d given himself up working for the ‘man’ because he DRINKS copious amounts of alcohol to fend off his dying conscience .. he’d sent me into a death trap (late Summer 2010) that failed on account of the retarded layer upon layer of deniability (lies) built into these operations. So Paul sent me to these moron Romanians that were supposed to set me up with meeting some “Israeli artists” (meeting Israeli artists was not my idea or intent for damn certain) failed because she was too cute (not in the pretty sense, so raising suspicions), but most brilliantly, he had been blackmailed into his role, could not live with it, drank himself stupid while otherwise alone but for my presence and confessed all he knew to me, I mean what planet do these intelligence agencies live on with the people they utilize? And Plan B with the ‘Italian’ to positively identify me for the Israeli with the half full soda bottle with liquid that didn’t move (disguised spring loaded poison pellet delivery device), was nothing more than a game for me, and how long did their poor assed spotter sit on the bench at JohannesThaler Chaucee mall (U-Bahn side), my god he looked miserably dying of boredom, I have to laugh at that too. I’d been out of that area for weeks and only put in the occasional ATM appearance to keep the game strung out.

Message for Paul, the people you work with absolutely suck, why don’t you get a real life? Pay attention to your family in a positive sense? Stop drinking? Quit being a moron? Work an honorable career to actually deserve your beautiful wife? Naw, you’re too juvenile to make any intelligent decisions. So, do your family a favor and drink yourself to death sooner rather than later, it be the right thing to do-

Now, when a person such as myself can blow the cover of one of the CIA’s most accomplished assassins (how’s life on the ‘outside’ these days Vince?) who’d been delegated by the USA’s ‘Deep State’ to murder certain old line Republicans with ‘heart attacks’, to remove any troublesome ethics bound personalities from the neo-conservative agenda, and I’d done exactly that, what do you tell MOSSAD when asking them to do you a quid pro quo favor? Well, probably you don’t tell them the guy you’re putting them after has nullified or reversed every operation you’d ever mounted against him over a period now exceeding twenty years… but when one of Bibi’s morons gets himself killed coming after you (afore mentioned story ‘Death of a MOSSAD Agent’), MOSSAD has this incredibly self-destructive policy of ANY/EVERY loss must be avenged. So the MOSSAD had, courtesy of their sometimes bosom buddy CIA, taken on yours truly, perhaps an authentic devil in the most ancient sense, older than, and having nothing to do with the Judeo-Christian religions of Satan, in some cosmic sense of suicide.

Going to this immediate preceding point, even if you were able to find grandmasters like my teachers Floyd and Pat, you’d be over thirty years behind playing catch-up to my level of skill on account of the technique they imparted. And if this were to go on for another ten years, you’d still be over thirty years behind playing catch-up because their technique’s learning curve never peaks or tops out.

Meanwhile, it just so happened while living in Charlottenberg during July 2011, I had my 1st experience with intelligence agencies using proselytizing evangelicals as cover for an assassin team. I puzzled a bit over whether “Jews for Jesus” were a MOSSAD or joint MOSSAD/CIA venture but by now I’ve settled on MOSSAD. It was a Wayne Madsen article had pointed out the CIA had used missionaries in the past, in Latin America particularly, but Jews for Jesus are an altogether different animal. In Berlin, no one is going to poke their nose into the business of any Jew, it is a perfect (the MOSSAD thinks) cover.

But Jews for Jesus is not really Jewish people per se. The fine print under “Jews for Jesus” reads: “and others.” You talk to them and discover one grandparent is/was a Jew, they are married to a non-practicing Jew, or are just a ‘born again’ convert by the organization, with no other Jewish connection. But that Star of David on their shirts is like a diplomatic passport in Germany, no one dares mess with that.

So how does this fit in with MOSSAD? It is a double blind deniability built into operations, evangelical Christians posing as Jews. Four out of five or perhaps nine out of  ten of these so-called “Jews for Jesus” are deceived and unsuspecting evangelicals simply trying to convince people to be ‘saved.’ They are flown in from around the world in shifts volunteering time as missionaries and are conveniently on hand to locate to any area where a hit operation is meant to take place. The target is supposed to get used to seeing them in his/her area and this is supposed to produce a complacency surrounding the missionaries while your habits are studied, which U-Bahn (underground) you take and most regular times. By the time any target is used to and ignoring “Jews for Jesus”, with routines established, the unsuspecting proselytizing members are replaced with kill teams from MOSSAD wearing ‘Jews for Jesus” shirts and the target (the theory must go) will not notice he/she has been marked going into the subway where a most ‘unchristian’ poison needle is a heart-attack inducing prick in the crowd that cannot be easily picked out of  security video and so it is one more joins the people who drop dead of natural causes everyday, it’s that simple. Except when it is not that simple, as when the target is onto what is going on, because the intelligence agency is stupid.

When Americans flown in from the Midwest Bible Belt have been replaced by Israelis whose general demeanor, facial expression and body language is top to bottom different from the duped evangelicals (who should not, after-all, be surprised that actual Jews would be involved with their organization), it is not going to be missed by someone with my level of training. So, in Charlottenberg, I noticed it was a couple of Israelis studying my initial pattern behaviors, while it was Americans covered the larger public area I frequented, for a few days, and then it was Israelis had staked out my U-Bahn entry. I entered, but instead of going down a 2nd level and taking the train, I walked out another entrance, as though I was using the U-Bahn station as a method to cross an intersection without having to deal with above ground traffic lights and ‘walk’ signals, while watching for any tail I might pick up and sure enough… a tall Israeli in civilian clothes (no ‘Jews for Jesus’ shirt) reversed direction and emerged behind me but I was ready for this, and had positioned myself with back to wall at an outdoor café table, sandwiched between people also facing him with backs to wall and he could not hit me with his needle without giving himself away. Totally the wrong crowded scene, it was my advantage, not his. He stupidly studied my circumstance for a minute, hesitating, starting to leave, stopping to study again, wondering what to do while obviously completely out of sorts, gave up and left as I’d been looking steadily and directly at him.

Just the other day (going on two years later) I had stated to a friend on the phone the specific area I was temporarily staying in Berlin, and now, just like magic, Jews for Jesus have my public transportation entrances staked out… some people never learn. So, to the NSA and ‘friends’ they hand off their information to, here it is, spelled out for you: the other intelligence agencies and German police read here too, all now available to the general public-

The ‘Deep State’ works like this folks; corporate boards and associated organized crime around the world, especially intelligence agencies, all trade information. You’ve seen, and congressmen have stated this, we are all lied to about Prism, XkeyScore and all the rest that had been kept secret in the name of ‘National Security.’

So what is ‘national security’? If you buy the fear-mongering lies of Obama and the likes of Diane Feinstein and John Boehner (pronounced ‘boner’), national security secrets supposedly protect you from terror.

But if you are CHEVRON Corporation, and you sent Condoleezza Rice direct from CHEVRON board of directors to Bush National Security Advisor and put your fingerprints all over Iraq, an invasion that had nothing to do with Saddam’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction and had nothing to do with Saddam’s non-existent relationship with Al Qaida, and it had everything to do with CHEVRON playing into the post Saddam Iraq oil business, and the Israelis, it so happens, did not like Saddam. It’s all a criminal ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ quid pro quo.

How many American soldiers did CHEVRON murder in attempt to get access to Iraqi oil? Not too different to MOSSAD using unsuspecting evangelicals to cover the murders of their time to time buddy CHEVRON’s enemies… these people have no sense of shame.

This, folks, is your behind closed doors ‘Nation Security’ .. the National Security Agency giving up information to pursue the lie that kills for the bottom line that is stock value, profits & related ‘geo-politics’ and all/any rights of citizens be damned in the process… and there you have it-

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^ NSA to the American people

Ok, so this is a gross story. But I’m in the habit of putting nearly everything out there (except for what is between my ears and had never put through or even spoken about in presence of any electronic device), if only so the NSA cannot claim they have anything ‘secret’ on me. It sort of balances things when the public can know what the spies think only they should know. Want my entire sex history? Check my (free online) book ‘Queer Chicken Dinner.’ The NSA has read it. It’s worth a read just to discover the evil joke on Jack Kerouac couched in the title. Too bad the iconic pedophile worshipped by millions drank himself to death rather than lived to read my rebuttal to his ‘On the Road.’

Over this past year I’ve been on hiatus from Berlin, a city of spies and assassins where any moment can be a hairs breath from encounter with a poison pellet for someone like myself. Gee, I must have seriously pissed some evil and powerful people off, prurient examples one, two, three, four & five. Or, if you want the facts rather than the comedy, check my “America’s Deep State” series of articles. This story is tame when compared to the gross closet habits of the ‘deep state’ elite in America’s leadership. Sort of a switch here, the public free to know what the NSA could only wish the public would never discover and perhaps Snowden’s revelations will be the nitro added to my glycerin.

So, I returned to Berlin on one of my madcap journeys intended to strike deeper fear into the informed but cowardly politicians who sit on my story like using a trash can filled with nitro-glycerin for a stool they fear to get off of. I  accomplished what I’d set out to do as they remained paralyzed on the lid of the explosive perch. It would never occur to a politician that if you’d like to defuse an explosive circumstance created by criminals, there is this thing called courage and meeting the problem head on. By now my strategy is to shame them into courageous action, all else having failed. And then, having returned my little village, oh fuck. Here where intelligence agencies dare not tread, actually cannot tread without 200 noses pressed against glass at the sight of any stranger, nature nailed me.

I woke up feeling as though I’d been shot in the left of my abdomen, had to crap and after that began vomiting .. all the while the pain of what seemed a gunshot to my kidney. The projectile that hit me was more than subsonic, as a small calcium pellet had departed the kidney chamber and found its trajectory via the ureter, the barrel of the gun that’d shot me.

So, passing a kidney stone should be straightforward enough, but of course my online medical certification in the subject was only beginning and I made some mistakes, one of them pretty bad. Dehydrated from puking and feeling as though I’d been both, put through the wringer AND run over by a truck, I did not eat and only sipped water for two days, when I should have been both eating and pouring water down like an open ended drain. And then I sorely fucked up by deciding applesauce would be gentle on my belly when reintroducing food. I ate LOTS of applesauce. Pectin. In other words, an organic, epoxy plug. Having survived the stone, now I’d shut down my intestinal tract with a REALLY BINDING constipation.

I turned down an offer of synthetic morphine from an acquaintance because morphine is constipating, I did not need google search to know this and by now I thought the worst of my pain was behind me. Of course it is the meta-data in all of this the National Security Agency finds most valuable, using google-search is like having the NSA read your mind. Natural laxatives, none have worked to now, mint tea, oatmeal, peanut butter (the 100% ground peanuts, no sugar, salt or hydrogenation), nectarines, none of these is working to dissolve the pectin epoxy plug. The NSA having known this much of my experience to now, will have to be disappointed, my having not googled ‘synthetic morphine’ together with ‘constipation’ .. discovering after the fact when reading here, I cannot be busted for an illegal Rush Limbaugh style Oxy-Contin habit.

On day five of my steadily backing up natural sewer, I marvel at the wonder of human creation, by now I’ve reviewed my disbelief in god and find it is quite ok on account of the human inventions, no, rather make that human stupidities associated with the very idea and nothing has changed. Of course science is only equal. What’s missing here? It appears I’ll work that out in some other lifetime.

One cup of olive oil chased by a liter of orange juice and nothing happens. Same again, some hours later and manage an encouraging sign, there is a feeling the pectin plug has budged ¼ inch and I managed to expel a pellet about the diameter of a euro cent. But DON’T DARE push hard on account of the unrepaired hernia that threatens me with holding a fistful of my gut expelled just beneath my right ribcage about six inches from my sternum. In the event that happened, I suppose I could get some tattoo art adding a scrotum, pubic hair and the moniker ‘NSA DICK’ to enhance my hernias appearance and sell myself to a homo-erotic freak show in Paris.

Hospital is not an option, into that sort of data-base with my American Express Platinum emergency medical insurance and the NSA shares it with all of the security services and the CIA’s Dr Mengele would be paying me a visit in short order. Or a concerned Rabbi from MOSSAD. Or perhaps a MI6 ‘doughnut dolly’ wanting to draw a curtain around my bed for an intimate inspection of my anus and insertion of a cyanide suppository.

Oh, a suppository. Well, duh, let’s google that for the NSA’s sake. Homemade? Well, according to google, you are supposed to have thought this out first and had a bar of pure glycerin soap on hand. But, let’s suppose Yankee ingenuity can come up with something. THINK! Do you suppose if one were quick enough, a cold, hard chunk of butter up the anus (before it can melt) might do the trick?

‘Go get the butter’ is probably the worst line in ‘The Last Tango in Paris’ and fucked in the ass is not happening to me now, NOT EVER. Anal sex is just not my thing. But it might titillate the French DGSE:

^ The NSA (him) & the world (her)

As I close this essay together with polishing off a liter of ‘bio-primo pflaumenkur’ (a German prune juice based, internal cleansing concoction), we’ll all find out if it works, that is whether I live to create another essay and post it here… so if you don’t see another, well, it’s been an amazing adventure…

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John Roberts appoints the FISA Star Chamber


In the United States theory of law there is a known and in the past prosecuted concept called ‘color of law.’ Color of law is when the apparatus of state puts up a pretense of legitimate authority to pursue what are in fact illegal acts.

In the case of the FISA court, there is ZERO constitutional foundation for any secret jurisprudence violating American citizens’ individual rights laid out in our constitution’s first through eighth amendments, which the FISA court authorizing Prism in fact sets out to do.

In the case of Edward Snowden:


Congressional leaders Diane Feinstein and John Boehner have used the terms ‘treason’ and ‘traitor’ HOWEVER:

The actual traitors under any authentic American or ‘de jure’ rule of law are those persons putting forth a pretense these civil liberties violations are legitimate. This points first to the Congress authoring patently unconstitutional legislation, then second, to any president signing and implementing such unlawful authority and subsequently, any Chief Justice appointing members of said secret court under FISA law, and finally those persons accepting and serving FISA, these are the ‘traitors’ if our constitution were to mean anything in the present day, which in fact it would appear it does not.

It is clear our core American values in philosophy, theory and practice of law, have been discarded by the national leadership of both parties.

When Senator Diane Feinstein claims ‘prism’ is ‘legal’ she is in a philosophy of law tar pit. Prism is unconstitutional from top to bottom, our constitution’s clause authorizing congress to create courts does not employ language allowing a constitutional oxymoron, that is creating secret jurisdiction undermining other clauses of the constitution or one clause empowered to undermine the other clauses.

Restated in the simplest terms; When the clause allowing congress to create courts is construed in such a way as to undermine other constitutional clauses, only one clause will count: the clause congress gave away to secrecy. You can forget about the rest, including the clauses which guarantee a trial by your peers, the right to confront your accusers, your right to freely associate, your right to peaceably assemble, your right of public speech, all of which you can now be prosecuted in secret, and now your private speech can be stolen and misconstrued in secret star chamber proceedings, et cetera, add nausea. The end result is no constitution at all. Only people living in denial, mental pygmies and deliberate liars could hold any other point of view. It is abundantly clear Color of law has overtaken the highest institutions of the USA. Does it say anything to you Dick Cheney lawyer Shannen Coffin is a big fan (and close personal friend) of Chief Justice John Roberts, the man who appoints the FISA Star Chamber judges? “The Star Chamber has, for centuries, symbolized disregard of basic human rights”  Faretta v. California 422 US 806, 821-22 (1975)

Obama must have been a terrible law professor or he has actually thrown out any principled view of American foundational law when ensconced in the halls of power, which appears to be a widespread and socially contagious disease at the apex of 21st century American politics; particularly noting Chief Justice John Roberts who appoints the members of the secret FISA court. With this ‘star chamber’ in place, one only need examine who is hunted and sent to prison or murdered without charge or trial, such as 16 years old U.S. citizen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, as opposed to those rewarded for crimes of unspeakable magnitude; as fans of fascism and impunity were never in short supply in ‘civilized’ peoples power structures. And so it is the power corrupt, example given, recent Director of Central Intelligence General Patraeus who’d provided cover to James Steele in Iraq for organized torture centers and death squads, is rewarded with a seat at Bilderberg, where no doubt Patraeus can offer innovative method recently applied in Iraq to the longstanding organizing of Black African militia murdering Black Africans to the advantage of corporate rip-off of African peoples’ resources.

One only need compare this to the aggressive pursuit of Edward Snowden for whistle-blowing crimes against the rule of law; to understand what is actually going on in those rarified circles of empowered White men (a term inclusive of Condoleezza & Susan Rice) knowing what is good for deliberately disenfranchised Brown people, also known as corporate money means murder around the world.

If one carefully considers what Edward Snowden has stated in the video, it was never more clear corporate boards have access to all of the information corporate criminal personalities would need to prepare ‘kill lists’ independent of any governmental ‘authority’ Read it HERE


Condoleezza & CHEVRON have access to PRISM


My investigation into breaking laws associated with a proposed CHEVRON drilling project stopped (nearly single-handedly) a CHEVRON exploration into what is believed by some to be one of the most potentially rich hydro-carbon domes in the USA (which happens to be under pristine wild land sacred to the Blackfeet Indians.) The subsequent dirty business of trying to take me out is in tandum with Bush-Cheney big oil personalities at the top of the corporate food chain. The George H.W. Bush White House was on board in 1989-1993 with counterfeiting the environmental laws process, and it became a Bush Jr/Cheney issue after the fact, particularly having to do with covering up the John Yoo/Jay Bybee torture lawyers earlier involvement with the Bush Sr administration’s corruption in this case.

Look at these CHEVRON personalities and their raw power:

When CHEVRON employs former Bush National Security Advisor & Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice together with  former NATO Supreme Commander & Obama National Security Advisor General James Jones, two of the most influential hyper-extremist Christians in the world, utilizing Congress for integrating CHEVRON policy to United States policy, I expect there is little doubt CHEVRON has access to PRISM to carry out its objectives, inclusive of when those objectives incorporate murder. These power corrupt people, responsible for numerous international crimes, actually believe ‘God’ places them above the law.

Their criminal reach has been nearly unlimited. When I had escaped the USA alive and subsequently positively identified CIA associated persons directly tied to attempted assassination of myself, I became a ‘national security threat’ on account of the extent of possible exposure of corporate boards deep reach into the security services and associated abuses of USA power. This is why nothing changed under Obama. My sense is, my story has become a threat to the entire status quo.

When the western democracies leadership preach (give lip service to) the rule of law, it includes everyone except themselves as pimps and whores for corporate boards that in actuality rule our lives using democracy as a front. It would appear this is why there has been no arrests and prosecutions related to my case, in which the relevant authorities have all the necessary information.

Watch Judge Napolitano excoriate the U.S. government’s PRISM constitutional violations HERE

Read National Security experts Valerie Plame & Joe Wilson’s take on PRISM HERE


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