First, use google search: “Chat Exploits” and look at the first several results, you’ll discover ‘chats’ are a hacker’s entry to your computer

Then, read this about language by Diane Feinstein’s committee inserted into a law Obama signed this month:

“Hidden in the law that authorized the government to spend more than it will collect was a part about funding for the 16 federal civilian intelligence agencies. And hidden in that was a clause, inserted by the same Senate Intelligence Committee that revealed the CIA torture, authorizing the National Security Agency to gather and retain nonpublic data for five years and to share it with law enforcement and with foreign governments. “Nonpublic data” is the government’s language referring to the content of the emails, text messages, telephone calls, bank statements, utility bills and credit card bills of nearly every innocent person in America”

Then, read a snippet of Diane Feinstein’s gross hypocrisy in relation to the right’s of people HERE (it’s about quite a bit more than ‘torture’)

“Who did Feinstein vote to confirm to the Federal Appeals court? David Barron, author of Obama’s ‘murder is legal’ theory. Nothing quite like putting people complicit in your crimes on the courts but that is what Obama has done with the generous support of Senator Feinstein:

“The most troubling issue in David Barron’s record is his role as the author of the legal opinion that justified what is rather coldly referred to as “extrajudicial killing” by the United States federal government. Put more plainly, David Barron concocted a legal justification for President Barack Obama, so that the President could order the U.S. military to execute American citizens, because of suspicion of criminal behavior, without any trial or due process”

“Recalling Bush had nominated ‘torture is legal’ Jay Bybee to the Federal bench, let’s go to the thought Senator Feinstein never encountered a 1st, 4th or 5th Amendment FISA violation she did not like, until it was the CIA spying on her committee staff. Then, Feinstein changed the label, in her case these violations are not ok because they are suddenly ‘separation of powers’ violations. The clear indication, based on her record is, violations of the American peoples’ rights are ok, just don’t violate the rights of Feinstein. Reinforcing this would be, Feinstein voted to confirm Valerie Caproni as a federal judge; the very same woman [Caproni] who’d when the FISA Court had rejected a surveillance request, had gone ahead and authorized her FBI agents to target the victim regardless. In all, over the courts first thirty three years, the FISA court had granted 33,942 warrants, with only 11 denials. Let’s make that a de facto 10 denials, recalling the Bush FBI lawyer Caproni nominated to be a federal judge by Obama, with Feinstein voting in favor”

Now, back to what I will name “The Feinstein Clause”…

“authorizing the National Security Agency to gather and retain nonpublic data for five years and to share it with law enforcement and with foreign governments”

…and what is known as ‘back door‘ exploits and how NSA engineers enter into (through firewalls) your computers and your anti-virus-anti-trojan software can do nothing about it even when the company…

“respects and complies with the laws of all countries in which it operates”

…considering Feinstein has made it legal for the NSA to take anything they like and share it with anyone they like.

Now, back to ‘chats.’ I keep chats shut down as a matter of security, it’s simply a matter of common sense. If the NSA had arranged to build back doors into chats and there is no reason to expect they would not, considering their motto of “collect it all“, they’ve built into chats an avenue for any skilled hacker to exploit. Now, google ‘key log.’

“records every keystroke made on your computer on every window, even on password protected boxes”

Now, imagine NSA slips something along the lines of the preceding into your computer, example of opportunity you hand to hackers when you have ‘chat’ enabled in likely any program, whether facebook, gmail, yahoo or now a very interesting new phenomena at WordPress; a ‘help’ chat that cannot be blocked by the user. And even when it has been ‘blocked’ by request for 24 hours (the maximum) it doesn’t seem to actually go away:

At 11:02

Chat pop-up: Howdy, how can we help?

Myself: Go away for 24 hours would help (the pop up never ceases to annoy)

Daniel – WordPress.com: Sorry about that! I’ll remove it. Have a great day!

At 14:13

Chat pop-up: Howdy, how can we help?

Myself: Block for 24 hours would help (the pop-up is an annoyance)

Sandy (at WordPress.com) is typing (according to the chat box)

And then: Oops, our operators have all stepped away for a moment. If you don’t hear back from us shortly, please try again later. Thanks!


Chat pop-up: Howdy, how can we help?

Myself: go away with blocking chat would be helpful (this is perpetually annoying)

Sam is typing… (according to the chat box)

Sam: Sorry! I can block it for 24 hours, so you won’t see it. 🙂


Chat box pops back up: Now chatting

Daniel wasn’t able to fully block the chat and Sandy seems to have gotten cold feet. Then Sam is there. The ‘chat’ it would appear is never fully blocked, or cannot be blocked or there is someone does not want it blocked. I’ve seen identical incident too many times for it to be a glitch.

Now, remember this. IF YOU DON’T WANT SOMETHING RECORDED, NEVER TYPE IT. Collect yourself first, because if in a passion of the moment you’ve typed something you think better of, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never posted or mailed it, ‘they’ already have it-

Sound paranoid? So who is the real paranoid? Someone concerned with issues like this, or a United States Senator who believes the government should know your every private expression? Dianne Feinstein is the sick paranoid and criminal who opens you up to hackers and she should be permanently locked in the darkest dungeon the rule of law can muster, that is if we had a rule of law, rather than the ‘color of law‘ that has replaced our so-called leaders ‘oath to uphold’ our Constitution-

Note on the preceding: After claiming there was no means of permanently blocking the chat (due to my complaints), Worpress appears to have indeed permanently blocked the live chat on my account not long after I’d drawn their attention to this post. Does that mean my account is not compromised by the NSA? Of course it does not. My automatic assumption is the NSA has whatever they like.


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