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Intelligence Veterans Disputing Policy, Official Accounts & More


CIA’s Melvin Goodman On CIA lies to Congress

Valerie Plame & Joe Wilson Speaking out on PRISM

Karen Kwiatkowski NSA assignment & Pentagon analyst (essays)

Graham Fuller CIA Kabul Chief of Station on failed Afghan policy

Kathy Christison CIA analyst on Palestine-Israel

Melvin Goodman CIA analyst on neutering the CIA Inspector General

Robert Baer On the Khost double agent bombing of a CIA team

Terrell Arnold Counter-terror #2 at Dept of State disputes 9/11

Wayne Madsen Navel Intelligence officer on CIA use of missionaries

Carl Ford CIA, DIA, State Department veteran on working for Cheney


New Sibel Edmonds interview on Boston bombing, CIA, media manipulation and ongoing Operation Gladio (II) .. a USA continuation of a centuries old aggression of the British empire historically known as ‘The Great Game.’ In this interview Sibel Edmonds demonstrates a mastery of the subject and lays out the facts behind the political lies

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