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The Arab Spring for Dummies


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Al-Jazeera TV had been the bedrock of trusted news for over a decade (since its founding) in the Arab world, until its independence touched too close to home, i.e. the Arab ‘Gulf States.’ At the point of honest reporting on Qatar’s involvement in the overthrow of Gaddafi, Qatar’s rulers asserted control over Al-Jazeera and the honeymoon with truth was over.

There is a snippet article at Wikipedia ‘Qatar-United States relations’ of which this quote is a major part:

“Qatar and the United States coordinate closely on Middle Eastern regional diplomatic initiatives”

I would point out the phrase ‘diplomatic initiatives’ in the western democracies definition includes political ‘arm twisting’ (Blackmail), threats of violence, following up with violence, out and out lies (Propaganda) and of course, the employ of information operations to make oneself out an angel and your target the devil. In this brief ‘The Arab Spring for Dummies’ (Syria edition) I set out my case for honest reporting on dishonest behaviors, or better said, expose the rank criminality of our political leaders in a state of ‘democracy’ where political lies are protected free speech.

In this interview from over a year ago, it is clear that Qatar would not have armed the so called ‘rebels’ (Blackwater trained mercenaries) without a green light from the USA.

In this Business Insider article, the tepid reporting of the neo-liberal New York Times is clarified by a writer obviously familiar with what has actually been going on, Qatar and Saudi Arabia had armed Al Qaida to the teeth with USA approval (aforementioned green light) with the UBER-RETARDED philosophy ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’

Meanwhile, Syria’s Assad has recovered the initiative and the USA, having started and now faced with supporting a losing endeavor, promises all hell will break loose and American NATO franchise muppets Britain and France strong-arm open the door to pouring weapons into the conflict (in vast amounts on top of vast amounts poured in already) and via Stooge TV the western democracies scream bloody murder at Russia for matching them tit-for-tat, claiming it threatens Israel, who has bombed Syria three times already in the present conflict, and Netanyahu, who pulls the trigger as easily as a child with a toy gun, is willing to bomb some more (the USA & ‘allies’ relationship to Netanyahu appears to be that of Eric Cartman’s mom’s parenting model; Netanyahu throws a tantrum and gets what he wants)

Finally, a Stooge TV personality, a Sunni cleric (must be sort of like a Rick Warren evangelical show) keeps the USA’s promise of all hell breaking loose by calling out to his 60,000,000 (sixty million) potential viewers to pile on Syria (and don’t worry about bringing along weapons, we’ve got plenty in the pipeline) inviting a regional sectarian war (already spilling over into Lebanon and Iraq)

Now, what do you suppose all of this might have to do with virulent Islam hater (and Blackwater founder) Erik Prince setting up a private army in Abu Dhabi? Sort of like ‘Christian Taliban’ General Patraeus setting up sectarian civil war in Iraq by training and arming Shia death squads and then training and arming Sunni ‘Awakening Councils’ that were supposed to counter Al Qaida (but that was ultimately a fairy tale)

The outcome? Let’s try calling it “It’s amazing what Uncle Sam can do in the process of biting himself in the balls” (also known as we are all going to pay for this insanity)


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