A Mad Magazine inspired ‘spy versus spy’ episode


The Arab Spring for Dummies, Egypt & the Generals

The neo-liberal New York Times is plastered with photos and gruesomely detailed stories of Egypt this week, roundly condemning the violence initiated by the generals in the wake of what the political cartoonists are depicting as ‘the road to democracy’ paved with bodies by tank and machine guns.

This is all just fine reporting except for the absolute hypocrisy and complete masking of the fact of how this latest episode of carnage came about in the Middle East. Here is a retrospective on the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ in Egypt:

Known CIA front ‘Freedom House’ (ever since rogue CIA officer Phillip Agee, among others, had fingered the organization) and associated organizations such as the National Democratic Institute, had been training the leadership of the initial secular and student youth movement, with apple technology for revolutionary coordinating purposes. Meanwhile, the Mubarak regime had acquired all the necessary electronic snooping technology to analyze, identify and isolate the secular movement’s leadership, they were rounded up and sent off to USA torture darling Omar Sulieman’s jails. The Muslim Brotherhood stepped in and hijacked the revolution they had initially refused to support, together with taking over the new constitutional process, perfectly happy the secular movement had been marginalized for them. The Brotherhood now wrote the secular movement out of the ‘democratic’ process with a biased constitution and by speeding an election other interested parties had no time to regroup and properly prepare for, and Morsi won in this biased electoral circumstance by the skin of an onion.

To claim Morsi was freely elected overlooks the western meddling that backfired on democracy in Egypt from day one.

To top it off, Morsi lacked the political maturity to include ‘pluralism’ in the emerging ‘democratic’ model, broke promise after promise relating to restraint and in the process, and wrote inclusiveness out of the equation. Of course all of this is just dandy if you are fundamentalist. But the consequence was another revolution in the works with mass anti-Morsi demonstrations gaining daily momentum. Morsi refused the generals demands he meet and make concessions to the secular opposition in a spirit of inclusiveness for the people who’d been cheated throughout the process.

If, by chance, the generals stepped in for less than democratic reasons, it  cannot overlook the preceding facts and why there actually is much popular support for the so-called ‘coup.’ The generals stepping in could be called a coup, I suppose, if the CIA manipulation that backfired and put the Brotherhood in office could be called a free and fair election (it certainly was not.)

The upshot is, now the Muslim Brotherhood rank and file membership sees themselves as deposed winners of the democratic process despite the facts and the outcome points to civil disturbance for quite some time. Perfect for those who wish to see Egypt weakened, divided and Muslims killing Muslims.

For the conspiracy buffs, Muslim on Muslim violence having now overtaken everywhere the western democracies have been heavily involved in backing the ‘spring’ movements, Libya, Syria, and now Egypt, well, it fits nicely with David Patraeus having set up civil war in Iraq. Certainly neo-conservative Christian dominionists (read crusaders) are sitting at home in front of FOX NEWS cheering on the sand niggers killing the ragheads and loving every drop of Muslim blood spilled. But there could be a more benign explanation:

The CIA is sorely incompetent and the present circumstance is little more than an episode of ‘spy versus spy’ in Mad Magazine, where a ‘democratic’ bomb exploded in the CIA deliveryman’s face; also known as beware of Americans bearing gifts of ‘democracy’


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