^ Sauron

sardonic |särˈdänik|
grimly mocking or cynical: Stoner attempted a sardonic smile.
sardonically |-ik(ə)lē| adverb.
sardonicism |-ˈdänəˌsizəm| noun
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French sardonique, earlier sardonien, via Latin from Greek sardonios ‘of Sardinia,’ alteration of sardanios, used by Homer to describe bitter or scornful laughter.

Sardonicism is an unnecessarily clumsy word. So, I’ve changed it to ‘sardonism.’ With an English language lexicon of one million words, no one should notice one more, you think? Sardonism could refer to a religion dedicated to minimizing our world’s problems or, alternatively, reducing our political leadership to the lowest common denominator. Think of ‘moroncy’ as in ‘I dub thee peer in the realm of morons.’ Sort of like the Queen creates peerages and made Maggie Thatcher a Baroness (‘moroness’ actually) … recalling Mitterrand had observed Maggie having ‘the eyes of Caligula.’ A perfect example of practicing ‘sardonism.’

Now, it also occurs to me I like the word ‘sardonism’ because it somewhat rhymes with ‘sauronism’, that is, if we assume there are people who worship Sauron. You know, tossing that cursed ring into the fires of Mount Doom. ‘Ohhh, my precious…’ so where the fuck is Frodo when you most need him? Because today I was watching the wretched sorcerer Saruman, ah-hem, I actually meant John Kerry, expressing his ‘grave concerns’ about the growing forces of al Qaida in Syria spilling over to Iraq.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry testifies at a U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Syria on Capitol Hill in Washington

^ “I have no idea how al Qaida gained control”

John Kerry, I hereby dub thee peer in the Realm of Morons, Puke of Hypocrites, and Prince of Knavery.

knave |nāv|
noun archaic
a dishonest or unscrupulous man.
knavery |-vərē| noun (pl. knaveries)
ORIGIN Old English cnafa ‘boy, servant’; related to German Knabe ‘boy.’

In the German : ’boy.’ Perfect.

Conveniently, as a child who only lives in the moment, self-serving Kerry neglects to remember who made the arrangement which has al Qaida affiliated ‘opposition’ groups largely in control of ‘rebel’ held areas of Syria and taking over Iraq. Nothing like making a George Bush lie of Iraq a safe harbor for al Qaida into a reality, eh?

Sort of like when children play ‘Cowboys and Indians’, you can shift sides at will, pursue make-believe with any story line, and, of course, rewrite history as the imaginary play goes on. But, what is the real storyline for those who will be charged with fixing the neighborhoods broken windows with the game spun out of control?


^ Aleppo, Syria

Many of us have heard the vulgar slang ‘circle-jerk’ and ‘cluster-fuck’ but what is the term to describe the group fellatio of John McCain, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry and Barack Obama, all failed personalities in foreign policy whose most consuming ambition had been to be President of the United States? With political blow-jobs all around, these ‘dukes of hazard’ pushed into play the CIA working with Saudi Arabia to arm the Syrian ‘opposition.’ The USA provided the training and facilitated Saudi Arabia (among others) funneling arms to the so-called ‘rebels.’ Trained and armed, where do these ‘rebels’ end up? Where the most money and narcissistic prestige (outside of Washington DC) is, that is al Qaida. Why thank you John & Joe McLieberman!


Picking out a bed at Ikea

The result? Al Qaida affiliates are the most effective force in the USA’s effort to topple Assad, as the ‘opposition’ is going to the Geneva talks with its tail tucked firmly between its legs in face of groups it actually cannot represent in control of major areas held by Syrian ‘rebels.’

Meanwhile, the newly most powerful armed ‘opposition’ group in Syria superseding the al Qaida affiliate al Nusra is al Qaida affiliate Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, re-expanding its presence in Iraq, taking back Falluja (how many American marines died there?), much of Ramadi and is threatening Bagdad itself. How do you suppose al Qaida got the weapons and training to do this? (see preceding.) Oh and then the ‘Islamic State’ became so extreme, they were disowned by al-Qaida!

These boys who play Cowboys and Indians, smashing the neighborhood windows in the process, at the age of McCain, Lieberman, Kerry and Obama, are clearly boys who never grew up. Is there anyone can take these kids by the ear and march them to a stool where they can be made to sit in a corner? Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to happen, just pray for Frodo.

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