Perversions of Western Mentality

(on holocaust denial)

First, those persons denying the facts of the Jewish holocaust, quibbling over whether it was two million or six million dead, and whether the gas chambers were efficient enough to pull off the higher number, are misleading people over, and downplaying, the fact there was a systematic program engineered by the Nazis dedicated to the extermination of Europe’s Jews as a matter of policy. For myself, it’s unimportant whether it was 2 million or 6 million dead, the point is, whether by slave labor, starvation, bullet, mobile gas chamber or other means, the Nazis set out to exterminate Europe’s Jews and they murdered too many people to accurately determine, which can only mean they murdered LOTS (put your number exceeding 999,999 here, certainly many more) of people of Jewish origin while trying hard to get the job done. Many Jewish people died for the simple fact they were Jews (with a reminder this was also the case with Gypsies.) And that was a world class crime which fighting over numbers cannot diminish.

Now, with the preceding said:

We are surrounded by holocaust. And led by holocaust deniers. Every one of those western democratic leaders attending the Auschwitz commemoration, is a holocaust denier. How is that? One word: “Congo”

^ “around five million deaths”

How is it all of those ‘never again’ political personalities can attend the Auschwitz ceremony and in the same moment turn their backs on, or deny the fact, their economic institutions and national economies are mass murdering people across the world, through contemporary stock market value based on multi-national corporate neo-colonialism, of which Congo is the present-day poster child?

“At this very moment,… the most frightful horrors are taking place in every corner of the world. People are being crushed, slashed, disembowelled, mangled; their dead bodies rot and their eyes decay with the rest. Screams of pain and fear go pulsing through the air at the rate of eleven hundred feet per second. After travelling for three seconds they are perfectly inaudible. These are distressing facts; but do we enjoy life any the less because of them? Most certainly we do not” -Aldous Huxley

Where are the western leaders attending ceremonies at memorial centers, replete with graphic photos, detailing the immense scale of the Congo holocaust? Where?

Does the question of race have something to do with this missing aspect of ‘never again’ mass murders on immense scale? Is it because the murdered Ashkenazi were White, and this event happened in ‘civilized’ Europe, they have ‘never again’ commemoration; but because the people of the Congo are Black, there is no strident or pressing need to acknowledge what is taking place elsewhere, even as I write this?

And let’s not forget Rwanda & its’ instigators belonging to the church at Rome, as well as deaths due to invasion related infrastructure destruction in Iraq (fairly estimated at up to one million), and the end toll we cannot yet project in Syria due to efforts to overthrow Assad (the western democracies have murdered more Syrians, by far, than Assad left to his devices, ever would have), to name just a few of the more recent or ongoing events which are glossed over with accurate accountability denied concerning the graphic terms in which they deserve to be treated.

At the end of the day, Netanyahu, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, and their several peers, all, are holocaust deniers (as well, profound hypocrites.)


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