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The ‘national security state’s’ political rhetoric describing the Washington DC pro-Trump protests and Trump’s so-called ‘complicity’ in events unfolding over the 2020 election has been quite socially irresponsible.

This language is inflammatory and further divisive in case where a very large section of the body politic (however naively) see Trump as being crucified for the ‘fact’ of attempting to ‘drain the swamp’ or end ‘business as usual’ in national politics perceived as intolerably corrupt.

Referencing the USA’s Supreme Court decision “Citizens United” which has allowed what amounts to unlimited money influencing American election outcomes through Political Action Committees (PACs, see preceding article) it is ‘refreshing’ (HA!) to note corporations abroad (!) are coming out of the closet (moronically publicizing) the fact they have a history of pumping money into the political agendas in Washington:

“Danish Pharmaceutical [giant] Novo Nordisk is taking a stance on the political situation in the US as it halts its payments to US politicians. For now” [1]

This follows other mega-corporations (e.g. Wall Street colossus Charles Schwab) have been ditching donations until (no doubt) their lawyers can sort the direction and end game of the present controversy. Why? Liability potential due to the rhetoric of “sedition”, “Insurgents” and “inciting armed rebellion.”

In short, there is a fear of prosecution and/or lawsuits for having potentially donated to what will be categorized as treasonous acts within the United States, including acts by members of Congress. These are the superficial worries of a corporate state sans any deep understanding of the developing, untenable social dynamic where such rhetoric only grows a greater instability and wider potential for violent civil strife.

What we are actually witnessing is corporate deep state internecine war where the two opposing factions, the allied “Israel First!” neoconservative & “Prosperity Gospel” apocalyptic Christian Zionist corporate board personalities have been behind Trump/Pence, and the opposed ‘police state of empire’ neoliberal corporate board personalities who’ve been aligned with Pelosi/Shumer (prior to the ‘election’.)

As this plays out (in the common political vernacular) the neoliberal wing of the corporate ‘deep state’, represented in the Democrats, are piling on, smelling blood and opportunity to break the Republican party in pieces which is entirely possible but not a very far sighted strategy.

In fact Trump is not only a manipulated naif (by the numerous quislings that have surrounded him) but also represents (however misguidedly) a VERY REAL & BIG piece of a desperate electorate only wanting ‘business as usual’ in DC to finally be countered. This piece of the electorate will likely get that but not in any good way … Biden/Harris is enlisting a who’s who of empire and police state personalities that point to a highly vindictive administration across the spectrum and, the ‘dims’ Pelosi & Shumer, will be right there, egging it on. In short ‘other words’, the game has been taken to the next level and here’s how:

Western intelligence professionals working media are taking up & promoting knee-jerk, self-fulfilling reactionary propaganda by several means including ‘joint intelligence agencies’ reports pointing towards a future era of McCarthy-like witch-hunts…

“DOMESTIC EXTREMISTS, MOTIVATED BY conspiracy theories and opposed to mitigation measures against the coronavirus, pose “the greatest domestic terrorism threats” against the United States in 2021, according to a new government report. The report, dated January 13, is contained in a Joint Intelligence Bulletin, which is produced jointly by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security, and the National Counterterrorism Center” [2]

…further radicalizing a large segment of the electorate should propose a moment of ‘let’s all pause and consider the actual trajectory.’

The “DOMESTIC EXTREMISTS motivated by conspiracy theories” in an ‘intelligence report’ released in the context of the moment, takes aim squarely at Trump’s ‘talking points’ of election fraud and his ‘counter-covid narrative’, and just lumped one half of the American or the conservative electorate (never-mind antifa) into a talent pool of suspicion creating opportunity for police state persecution little different to the ‘red scare’ political witch-hunts of the 1950s. Shortly it will come to promoting any belief the election had been stolen by fraud is ‘sedition’ and makes anyone asserting this a potential “insurgent” (keep reading.)

The USA’s election fraud history can be made succinct; it would appear it had gone on for a very long time, from at least since Lincoln’s 1860 nomination at the Republican convention in Chicago where his organization printed counterfeit tickets to admit his people (extra delegates) to take the seats of William Seward’s delegates. [3]

Skip forward to 1948 and LBJ’s election to the Senate and you have a stuffed ballot box tipped the scale for Johnson and a primary player in that fraud, Abe Fortas, was later rewarded with a Supreme Court seat when Johnson became president. [4]

Fast forward to 2004 and the intrepid Bev Harris (somehow gone missing for the 2020 election, warned off?) who discovered & documented the Diebold computer vote tabulation fraud resulting in the HBO documentary “Hacking Democracy”…

…and went on to establish where it has been further established the old Diebold GEMS system (hack malware, actually) had been incorporated to the Dominion system as recently as 2016:

So, the now ‘seditious’ belief the 2020 election may actually have been stolen has a rational basis in fact whether it were Trump believes this or the one half of the electorate that supports Trump. Seditious belief? Well, yes, that’s what has been put into the article of impeachment:

“He [Trump] also willfully made statements [concerning the election] that encouraged — and foreseeably resulted in — imminent lawless action at the Capitol,” the article states. “Incited by President Trump, a mob unlawfully breached the Capitol, injured law enforcement personnel, … and engaged in violent, deadly, destructive and seditious acts” [5]

Never mind Trump, after asking the crowd to “walk” to the congress as part of a legal protest, repeatedly asked the crowd to behave respectfully, peacefully and be law-abiding when elements of the crowd broke into the Capitol. There was no stated desire by Trump pointedly inciting violence. [6], [7]

Now, to the use of the language of “insurrection” and “insurgents.” In the election riots of 1968, the descriptions by the police state elements of that era characterized their opponents “radical anti-war demonstrators.” Even as recently as the George Floyd protests, some of which were quite violent, the demonstrators are labeled “protestors.” [8]

But now, suddenly American protestors (who happen to be conservative) are “insurgents” pursuing “insurrection.” [9], [10]

This will see much of America, that America that happens to be conservative and Trump supporters (a VERY BIG piece of the electorate) having become suspect (in their perception) with the state using terminology more often associated with terrorism along the lines of al Qaida and this rhetoric will indeed breed some very intense resentment in the larger part of the armed populace (conservatives.)

‘Please excuse my French’ but employing this terminology conflating Trump and his supporters with terrorism is nothing short of incredibly fucking stupid. Recalling the “Joint Intelligence Bulletin” referenced towards the beginning of this article, one is tempted to compare this ‘language describing terrorists’ to the disclaimer in another ‘joint intelligence’ production that had turned out to be totally worthless:

”Judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact. Assessments are based on collected information, which is often incomplete or fragmentary, as well as logic, argumentation, and precedents” –ICA 2017 01 Annex B’s “estimative language” a.k.a. the ‘we make this shit up’ disclaimer buried in the ‘Russian election hack’ report authored by the “joint US intelligence agencies”

Only now, we can lampoon this preceding with a rewrite:

”Judgments are intended to piss people off to a point that we will have proof when they begin shooting at us they’ve become terrorists in fact. Assessments are based on our collective ill-informed ignorance, which is entirely narcissistic, consequent badly flawed logic justifying our employ as ‘peace-keepers’, and, of course, COINTELPRO precedents” [11]

With highly credible evidence the Dominion vote tally machines are “designed for fraud”, it follows any denial of a national forensic exam of the 2020 election only adds to the conviction of the Trump electoral base the vote had been stolen and grows the FBI’s talent pool of suspected “insurgents”, an ‘insurgency rhetoric’ reinforced with the deployment of (an absolute message of ‘No dialogue!’/de facto preparation for civil war) 20,000 soldiers to Washington, DC for Biden’s inauguration. [12], [13]

But, of course, none of this matters to the neoliberal wing of the corporate deep state, ceding power back to the people via the ballot box is not in the cards; nor would it be in the cards of the opposed corporate neoconservative/prosperity gospel Christian Zionist faction if they were to prevail. For a sense of balance, check out the Republican dirt in the elections process with the reporting of Greg Palast:
















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A former Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence for Special Forces, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald had lived over thirty years in close association with Blackfeet Indians (those who still speak their language), and is published in international law as a layman: The Right of Self- Determination of Peoples and It’s Application to Indigenous People in The USA or The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole. Ronald has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.


“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with the good” -Mahatma Ghandi


There are many fine, bright minds in Germany, so don’t take this essay in an all encompassing light; that said, in the paradox of human experience, the German people are without a doubt, the most uniformly-socially retarded people this investigator has ever encountered…

Breakfast at a Pizzaria

Britz, a southern suburb of Berlin, I had once described as more than dead, actually dead and embalmed. It is the most ‘German’ area I’ve encountered in this city, which is more typically multi-cultural, vibrant and alive.

I had been staying with a friend over the weekend, and on Saturday morning walked to find an out of doors café for early breakfast and coffee. In this large suburban area with few opportunities for culture in any sense, there is a reasonably large shopping center located at the JohannesThalerChausee [Germans run words together like a double mouthful of pasta] underground station, where there are several possibilities for uninteresting food. But only the pizzaria has pleasant out of doors seating .. with a typical German breakfast menu. So my decision had been made for me.

Here in Berlin’s spiritual center for the German ‘I hate my life’ culture, I had an interesting hour’s observation.

The pizzaria’s waitresses obviously have been hired for their sex appeal, and are apparent ‘high maintenance’ personalities who despise working Saturday mornings for any number of possible reasons but the most obvious reason is they’d had a ‘real’ Friday night preceding.

There was one on shift when I’d arrived at opening hour (9 AM) and all of 3 customers to begin the pizzaria’s day. She came and took my order with the forced and pained smile that typifies the mainstream German philosophy: ‘I hate my life.’ Her amazing bum might offset this for some of the customers, perhaps a calculated ploy of management.

Waiting 40 minutes for my food (my coffee arrived in 20) my typically agile mind took in the surroundings.

Berlin’s urban sparrows have adapted to scavenging crumbs from beneath the tables at the out of doors cafés, but have not evolved patience with the slow deployment of possibilities on Saturday mornings. One of them, communicating irritation at my providing no timely sustenance to her growing family, took the opportunity to perch directly above my head and aimed a defecation directly my way. I saw the danger and dodged the bomb.

Then my coffee had arrived and thinking to dispel further danger, I broke the little graham cracker that came with the coffee into bits the size of a match head and flicked them ten or so feet away from me, to preoccupy the sparrows. One of the other customers watched all the while with the typical German look of disapproval, which was supposed to halt my anti-social behavior.

But this was not nearly as important to me as placating the angry birds.

At 30 minutes, the waitress reappeared with a plate, napkin and utensils, as well as senseless salt and pepper, but not my food, and I only was pleasant to her.

Over the ½ hour preceding, two more waitresses had manifest, slowly, as though eternity were about to begin, concluding the previous night’s passion play. These two had arrived consecutively, first to drink a coffee and smoke in their civilian clothes, and suddenly turned out in uniform to work the morning shift. The very pretty and buxom dark haired German was hung-over to a point of near nausea, it was plain to see, while the strikingly beautiful Mediterranean woman who followed with identical ritual caffeine and nicotine prior to morphing into mere hired help, looked out upon her morning world with a despise that was plainly remarkable. Clearly, she’d been the Queen of Sheba in a previous incarnation, and only hours before at that.

The customer base had swelled to five in the meanwhile, an old German couple that epitomize the Britz neighborhoods had wandered in, he wanted only to sit down, she hen-picked and badgered him across the vast seeming several meters distance of the pizzaria patio with obvious superiority of aesthetic taste for seating at identical tables. Sniping [her] and whining [him] for what certainly could not have been five minutes but in reality seemed five eternities, while making this life challenging decision, it sinks in why a recent poll of Germans not surprisingly discovered old people are more a social irritant in this nation than Islamic extremists.

At minute 40 [approximately] my two bread rolls, one slice of cheese, four assorted slices of salami and diced various fruits had arrived, all the while the three waitresses had managed to look incredibly busy but in actuality had been gossiping, using their cell phones, smoking and commiserating, but above all, loving to hate a circumstance of rising from the dead against their will on a Saturday morning.

The sparrows were not in the least interested in a slice of banana I’d inadvertently fumbled and landed on the patio surface where almost certainly a hung-over woman with a beautiful bum would have stepped on it. I thoughtfully retrieved the errant fruit about the time management had arrived. Dressed like a handsome young Don out of a Mafia movie, whether in reality or for stereotype or deliberate image sake, one could only wonder whether he’d stipulated ‘high maintenance’ & ‘I hate my life’ embodied in striking beauty, relating to contracts for employment or if this were purely a subliminal demand.

Having finished my breakfast in a respectable 20 minutes from arrival on my table, not quite wolfing it down, but wanting away from the sparrows now threatening me like Hitchcock’s ‘Birds’, I drew an almost genuine if stuttering, uncertain smile of sincere wishing to express gratitude, when I tipped my waitress one Euro, as though she could not believe ..


The Satires

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