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EXBERLINER Issue 122 (December 2013) is sub-titled ‘The Berlin Book Issue.’ It is largely about publishing and personalities associated with book retail sales in Berlin (and not so much about books.) I’ll begin my ‘review’ of this issue with the ‘not books related’ article on Berlin’s so-called gentrification, move superficially through the articles on publishing and wrap up cover of BERLINER issue 122 with giving the presumed ‘expert’ political commentator Konrad Werner the attention I’d promised at the close of my last review of this stealth ‘chic’ tabloid (in guise of socially responsible news outlet.) Let the review of EXBERLINER begin with Dan Borden’s crocodile tears:

“A snowball in hell” is Dan Borden’s title for an article encapsulizing the ‘gentrification’ of Berlin with a short (very short) essay on the demise of Hotel Bogota. Speaking of snowballs and the area the article locates in, Kurfurstendam, if I had an Olympic arm, I could have nearly hit the armed guard standing outside Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle’s apartment, from outside my window in Charlottenberg (November 2010 – March 2012.) So, I know the neighborhood.

Borden’s article is a thumbnail sketch of Hotel Bogota’s history and lament of loss. Kurfurstendam is already lost to so-called ‘gentrification’ and I question why, however historic, a nearly un-noticed remnant structure in a 3 kilometer stretch of marble and glass, bearing no resemblance to the area admired by my friends with Cold War past as ‘spooks’, is the focus of the article. Shouldn’t the focus rather be on what can be saved in Berlin as opposed to what cannot? Hotel Bogota stood no chance of resisting swallowed by the Russian mafia influence which actually controls the district (when purchased by the corporate mafia which must accommodate this.)

Perhaps a more remarkable omission is brought up with mention of the ‘occupied’ hotel’s Nazi past as site for the Rich’s ‘Chamber of Culture’ deciding which film’s adhered to Hitler’s ‘code of decency.’ Nazis are not my favorite people (ranking right up there with certain present day German CSU personalities’ apparently never extinguished closet ambitions) but nevertheless one should be careful in any LBGT (Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Gay and Transgender) friendly publication to present carefully balanced facts, not only point to past extremes of persecution.

The person most empowered to reverse the ‘gentrification’ trend in Berlin and its phenomena of skyrocketing rents breaking up and driving out (persecuting) long established communities, is that man who has participated most egregiously in selling Berlin to the highest bidder: openly gay mayor of Berlin; Klaus Wowerweit. This is entirely overlooked (perhaps excused?) in Borden’s article. Responsible journalism as presented in LBGT community friendly format, should not come across to the outside reader as ‘cloistered’ or ‘removed from reality’ as I’d mentioned in my previous review of Issue 121. This ‘there are no sinners among us’ journalism of omission cannot pass muster.


Borden’s less than candid article is followed on by the ‘Best of Berlin’ two page section on some of Berlin’s hot spots, in this case four scenes people might like to check out.

Dodo Beach in Schoeneberg does nothing for me, but if your into the old school ‘long play’ (LP) records and have some ancient high fidelity stereo equipment, I suppose you could be entertained here for hours on end. It is a front for commercial promoters of concerts (EXBERLINER states this more ‘gracefully’), in which case I will avoid this venue on account of my appreciation for Nine Inch Nails statement on their music: “Steal this album” when in conflict with (and protest of) commercial rip-off of customers by music publishing houses.

The Russian sauna scene in Marzahn, TEREMOK, seems inviting, perhaps I would actually check this out for myself.

Club Marx is a shameless rip-off appealing to the faux-left upwardly mobile liberals and is to be avoided in any case of search for intelligent life, would be my best guess. But if you don’t mind paying a ten Euro cover charge for the right to buy drinks and dance with the ‘suits’ inside, well, that’s your problem, not mine.

The last mentioned place, a jewellery shop, I won’t bother to name, only mention 90 tonnes of crushed rock in community poisoning cyanide heap leach in 3rd world countries produces enough gold to make a single wedding band. Way to go EXBERLINER! I think we know now just how serious a magazine this is, in relation to social (and related environmental) justice.

The next (one page) “Fashionistas” section begins with “A Bold Reality” which is dedicated to a clothing label inspired by the ‘gifted’ degenerates William S Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. Heroin junkie and CIA reject Burroughs shot his wife dead in a “William Tell stunt gone wrong” (one of the times he wasn’t getting 12 year old boys drunk while seducing them or maybe to shut her up over his habit of getting 12 year old boys drunk while seducing them) and the compulsive liar & rabid misogynist Kerouac had his own litany of comparable crimes to live down. So what did Burroughs and Kerouac (together with their resolute compatriot Allan Ginsberg) do to get ‘some’ people to forget these ‘small details’ and become great? They adopted the left, together with an anti-war stance, to en-noble themselves. Perhaps this section should have been better named ‘degenerate fashionista-ettes on the left.’


The following sections on agents, e-publishing and whatnot, are (mostly) worthwhile reads about (mostly) smart, strong women in Berlin’s publishing scene, and other publishing specific information that might be helpful or useful to aspiring authors. These sections are of little interest to myself personally, since I fired my publisher and these days all of my literature is free on the net. This free (and highly entertaining) literature includes ‘Penucquem Speaks’ with its rave review by a truly honest and great personality on the left: Howard Zinn. But if you wish to be in the book market in Berlin, have a read of EXBERLINER Issue 122, you might see opportunity and the break you are looking for.


‘Best Niche Bookshops’ section is correct to include Marga Schoeller (lovely people to do business with, my personal experience) but misses Dave Solomon’s ‘Books in Berlin’ at Goethestr 69 (Charlottenberg) where you’ll find the often distracted, nearly always disheveled, truly caring in cause of social justice (this should count for something), helpful and well informed shop proprietor. Give Dave your business and be entertained, whether he is in ‘stark raving mad’ mode or merely level mood.


And FINALLY we can get to EXBERLINER’s political ‘expert’, Konrad Werner (I am so glad to be nearly finished with this blog.)

Werner appears to have ‘tried hard’ to get it right in EXBERLINER Issue 122. But he did not win any cigars. Only promotion from ‘expert moron’ to ‘aspiring competent amateur.’ But I fear he will relapse. Werner is an incorrectable idiot because he is an idealist (like myself) but not a realist (unlike myself.) In Werner’s political column in Issue 122, he deplores the present day co-opted state of democracy with “imagine inventing a cure for cancer and then not giving it to your children.” And then goes on to propose repair to the failed western model of government. Hurdle number one to Werner’s desired democratic ideal is this:

“In any democracy, ethics, self restraint, tolerance and honesty will always play second fiddle to narcissism, avarice, bigotry & persecution, if only because people who play by the rules in any democracy are at a disadvantage to those who easily subvert the rules to their own advantage” -Ronald Thomas West

Mister Konrad Werner, I must inform you that ‘democracy’ is a failed experiment on account of this maxim (preceding.) So while correctly inferring the idea a return to fascism is a clear and present danger, in the meanwhile you had better pull a miracle cure for democracy out of your ass, to move western society forward intelligently. Or come up with a better idea (than western society.)

Then, Werner presciently proposes his cure with ‘referendum’ as true democratic model for future. Not. Even. Close. Refer to preceding maxim and consider ignorance and bias in the population responsible for voting and… who creates the referendum language? Which ‘free speech’ protected corporate media lies and related bought off politicians beholden to EADS, Boeing and other war profiteering corporations milking ‘humanitarian violence’ for all it’s worth, will spin your ‘referendum’? All of the preceding and too many more criminal corporations and bought off politicians to count? (again, refer to maxim.)

You see, dear readers, when ‘free speech’ in western media is not lying to you deliberately, they are lying to you by default when, as Werner (and EXBERLINER) does, they lie to themselves about the possibilities…

One end note: my preceding review of EXBERLINER (Issue 121) had noted the CSU in Bavaria was set to profit from re-publication of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. In the one month and few days since I’d pointed this out, it appears a panicked scramble had taken place (Hans-Peter Friedrich‘s people read here, this I know) and now the plan has been scrapped. That is result of effective journalism (even if the dropped plan is covered by a self-serving CSU lie.) This, my friends, is actually the important news about books.

Omission note: the article on the striking shop-workers somewhat defied explanation. Somewhat similar to the German psyche often defies description. Or perhaps it was my simply being disgusted with the rank cowardice and often shallow hypocrisy (by the male writers particularly) in EXBERLINER and this had caught up with me. I thought of comparing the events described in shop-workers striking to the ‘Keystone Cops’ or a so-called ‘Chinese fire-drill’ but satire failed me. So, in the spirit of lampooning nearly anything (my forte) I have simply decided to put up a select video (substitute for article coverage) with eye to outrage the feminism aligned editors of EXBERLINER; in spirit of suggesting having a psychologically castrated requirement as prerequisite to men writing for the magazine will have the inevitable result of unintelligent product.







Post Modern Teutonic Vision (a.k.a. Werner blogged me!)


A Mephisto assessment of reality



One of my heroes of journalism is coming to Berlin. As much as this is pleasing to me, it also provides opportunity to raise a difficult issue. That issue would be the RANK COWARDICE of Germans in the political and human rights establishment. This letter has been sent to the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, which is hosting Jeremy Scahill’s visit, as well copied to Hans Christian Stroebel and Gregor Gysi at the German Federal Parliament (and other parties.)

Dear European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights

Great to see you hosting Jeremy Scahill. I invite you to look into a less famous case, closer to home.

My invitation for your organization is, to challenge Germany’s government on allowing JSOC, CIA & MOSSAD to run free in Germany for years engaging in criminal acts, up to and inclusive of both; the attempted rendition and assassination of this correspondent. As well, question why it is ‘responsible’ persons at the Bundestag sit on their hands with tails between legs when they damn well should have been raising their voices. It is my own firm intention there will not be any opportunity to claim ‘we didn’t know’ after the fact, like so many Germans did after the Reich’s defeat.

All the material you need to open a comprehensive investigation is located at my webpage

Most sincerely

Ron West

Note: This NOT my first communication sent to the ECCHR. Per typical of the several human rights organizations I have sent mails to in the past, no reply has been forthcoming.

8 October update: I received the following reply from the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights

Dear Ron West,

thank you very much for your email. The reason why we organize the event with Jeremy Scahill is to raise public awareness of JSOC and others activities. We’re also closely following US-activities on German territory as part of worldwide human rights violations. As you might have seen on our website, we’ve been active against Bush, Rumsfeld and many others in a number of European jurisdiction as well as against the German government regarding CIA-renditions. However, we’re not able to support individual cases, but will certainly have a look at them to include them in our comprehensive strategies. We’ll continue our work on the issue.

Best regards,

(Name edited out)

My reply:

Dear (name edited out)

A most sincere, absolutely grateful thank you, for your reply, a first from any Human Rights affiliated group in six years of soliciting a correspondence relating to my circumstance.

I do invite a look at my case without expectation of any commitment to individual advocacy on my behalf. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, give you permission to speak to anyone regarding myself and I waive any right of anonymity in any reference to my alleged circumstance, when referenced in any report you may see fit to include my case in.

My kindest greetings

Ronald Thomas West

We shall see… (and if there is positive progress, any reporting here will be circumspect, per ongoing investigation)





^ LaRouche undercover at Buckingham Palace

Ok, so Glass-Steagall was a good thing and the Queen of England presides over a historically murderous race of people, the Anglo-Saxon. Then, somehow the end of civilization is pinned on a dowdy old broad by the LaLunatics, so what if the Queen is greedy and corrupt by nature, that only make her equal to numerous other homicidal nit-wits. I don’t believe for a New York second the Queen of England holds the trigger to a weapon meant to put down 7 billion people as a matter of fact conspiracy. Western Civilization is inherently homicidal/suicidal and LaRouche ‘pie-in-the-sky’ visions of this Earth’s human infection (a.k.a. western cultural mentality) billions (like a swarm of locusts) rescued by Glass-Steagall moved on to conquer space, is not going to save it.

LaLunatics? How about RaRunatics (Imagine Scooby-Doo making the pronunciation.) These people live in a cartoon.

So, I had been on one of my mad forays into Berlin at the beginning of July and this cute young Asian-American chick had caught my attention: “Ready to dump Obama?” She was holding a portrait of Obama wearing a Hitler moustache and I must say the image matched my thinking.  But perhaps more importantly, she was cute. And so it  was, Lyndon LaRouche’s prettiest Berlin groupie conned me out of a fifty euro banknote (noting I was willing to pay 20 Euro per her companion’s demand, for the opportunity at extended conversation, but the promised 30 Euro change was never forthcoming.) Now she will pay it back.

What likely she did not realize was, I recognized her companion, a perennial loser candidate for Bundestag (German Parliament) I had conversed with two years before. The guy has little appreciation for American history, or perhaps simply is uninformed as to the facts of Alexander Hamilton, his thinking having been shaped by an ideologue named LaRouche. But the direction he has taken can be  summed easily enough, does it make sense to turn from one form of tyranny to another? I don’t think so… at least I wouldn’t care to be Kafka’s ape in captivity, here we’ll presume addressing the Schiller Institute at behest of a LaRouche invitation ..


^ LaRouche’s invited guest

.. but the ape’s statements could not be controlled:

Honored members of the Academy! You have done me the honor of inviting me to give your Academy an account of the life I formerly led as an ape…  I could never have achieved what I have done had I been stubbornly set on clinging to my origins, to the remembrances of my youth. In fact, to give up being stubborn was the supreme commandment I laid upon myself; free ape as I was, I submitted myself to that yoke.

So Lyndon Larouche spews mad ramblings of society’s secrets unlocked, couched in Shakespeare and Beethoven’s hidden messages only himself and his anointed are privy to deciphering (you can’t make this shit up) .. BUT! .. if you remember ‘a sucker is born every minute’ one only must suck up to this mad guru’s enlightenment and make believe you can see it too… if you ‘submitted .. to that yoke’

“Bail out or bail in: The Queens policy is genocide”

screams LaRoushie Dennis Small’s headline in the RaRunatic newsletter. OMG, this decrepit old woman with a smile indicating she has a mechanical thumb up her butt massaging artificial implant prostate glands, is the policy maker responsible for everything gone wrong in this world and the ‘bubble burst’ … and speaking of bursting bubbles (i.e. realities) … I mean how close is this to David Ickes ‘Lizard DNA’ ?

Kafka’s ape: I read an article recently by one of the ten thousand windbags who vent themselves concerning me in the newspapers, saying: my ape nature is not yet quite under control; the proof being that when visitors come to see me, I have a predilection for taking down my trousers…

So we have what LaRouche (and minions) actually think of us mere mortals doubting a demented old woman (with expression indicating a mechanical thumb up her butt) is entirely responsible for our world’s failure to wake up to enlightenment via the strains of Beethoven… when in fact ‘dark queen’ Condoleezza (mirror, mirror on the wall) exercises more practical genocidal power on behalf of the CHEVRON board directors than all of ‘Queen Bessie’s horses and all of Queen Bessie’s men’ (with a most stimulating, retarded smile inducing, artificial thumb up her butt)

queen bessie

^ The brains behind the LaRouche ‘conspiracy’

Ok, next RaRunatic article…

Helga Zepp(elin) – LaRouche’s ego is only equal to a flammable airship.  Delusion = dirigible is what goes here. Her article has excellent points on ‘responsible’ banking but there is one very big problem with this social equity ideal; one particular and very natural spark of static electricity will burn her banking Hindenberg on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic. Going to that point, in the previous article, Mr ‘small’ (as in mind) accused Queen Bessie of the Thumb’s minions of being ‘Dr Cancer’ with their financial cure. Fair enough, but now I have to point something out: Ms Dirigible in her follow-up article proposes a hyper-sustained development, when equitably shared by humanity, as opposed to dictated and exploited for the greedy by the bankers, will put us on a path to… well, apparently La-La Land. Ms Dirigible, I have news for you, ‘sustained development’ IS PRECISELY the principle of cancer.

So whilst allowing Queen Condoleezza of the Kingdom of CHEVRON throwing 7 billion people off the edge of the European mentality’s flat Earth, with Co2 having reached 400ppm for the first time in 4 million years as the Artic melts and the race is on to drill, Ms Dirigible will work in tandem to trance-walk 7 billion people off the edge of the European mentality’s flat Earth while high on hypnotic strains of a Beethoven overture; when insisting on equitable distribution of wealth gained from the same cultural mentality producing the Co2. Ms Dirigible, the real news here is, civilization doesn’t need reformed, civilization needs DISMANTLED.


^ LaRouche’s #1 sustained development fan

Kafka’s ape: Everything is open and aboveboard; there is nothing to conceal; when the plain truth is in question, great minds discard the niceties of refinement. But if the writer of the article were to take down his trousers before a visitor, that would be quite another story…

Following on is a RaRunatic (un-attributed) ode to great progress and the damming of America’s rivers (one might say ‘damning’ of rivers) or several RaRunatic newsletter pages praising civilization’s rape of the North American continent (humn, what genocide has been conveniently omitted from a revisionist European WHITE history here?)


^ The LaRouche omission

Kafka’s ape: I belong to the Gold Coast. For the story of my capture I must depend on the evidence of others. A hunting expedition sent out by the firm of Hagenbeck—by the way, I have drunk many a bottle of good red wine since then with the leader of that expedition—had taken up its position in the bushes by the shore when I came down for a drink at evening among a troop of apes

Oops, the Ape refers to Black slavery rather than Red genocide, well, it’s not a perfect world but maybe we can make something of this, stay tuned. Or perhaps we should just kill the beast here and now, so to speak; as a matter of fact I never, personally, owned Allen West’s ancestors and I don’t really think it is all that smart of Allen West to behave like the people named West who DID own Allen West’s ancestors and I think the ape is getting at something similar…


^ Allen ‘philip sheridan’ West: “The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim”

So while restoring wetlands is ‘Her Majesty Thumb-Up-Her-Butt’s plan to murder people with mosquitoes’ paranoid fantasy, mixed in with legitimate gripes about typical corporate greed,  between lucid moments interspersed with jacking nature around in major ways not only to sustain but to grow what are in actuality un-sustainable human populations, all the while pushing for uranium mining and nuke plants (fuk-U-shima) and every frustration in the way of this developing the shit out of everything that could otherwise be put off on the human stupidity (reality) that is European mentality, all responsibility for any frustrating of a lunacy of hyper-development is pushed off on an old biddy with a synthetic thumb up her butt at Windsor Castle .. and suddenly a ‘whaddayaknow’ moment; godsend-moroness LaRoushie Noelene Isherwood throws in “aboriginal groups” land title fencing out White developers as part of Her (brown thumbed) Majesty’s genocide conspiracy…


^ The ‘family values’ of Condoleezza, Lyndon Larouche & Allen West 

If Race can be construed to be a state of mind, White Eugenics certainly would not require a White skin. And so it is Allen West behaves like the White people that owned his family name, Condoleezza Rice became a White man to earn her place at CHEVRON tasting the raw power of White men who’d ‘throw the nigger under the bus’ in a heartbeat if necessary save their own skins, and a cute Asian-American LaRouche groupie in Berlin can literally have a White man’s mentality and would never suspect this is the case.

News for you LaRouche: Your demented to the left of the far left fantasies of a world Alexander Hamilton would be aghast at, are only equal to the right of the far right fantasies of the supposedly Hamilton philosophy based Federalist Society (that Alexander Hamilton would be aghast at.) Condoleezza would toss 7 billion off a cliff at the edge of your flat Earth because she is White. You would sleepwalk 7 billion and more off a cliff at the edge of your flat Earth because you are White.

The portrait of Obama with the Hitler moustache was spot on because he is White and it ends there. Nature hates you and 7 billion will die because you’re all equally European mentalities living out various fantasies of moral certitude ignoring any humility of place in relation to the very Nature that can no longer sustain us.

If there were to be a moral to this story, where Race can be demonstrated a state of mind or culturally shaped perception, which it most certainly is, there cannot be a definitive rule requiring anyone to be White, no matter the color of your skin…


^ The ‘white’ author’s culture (My 1990’s Summer home)

My hat is off to the truth-telling ape:

A Report to an Academy

Honored members of the Academy! You have done me the honor of inviting me to give your Academy an account of the life I formerly led as an ape. I regret that I cannot comply with your request to the extent you desire…

Read the ape’s complete speech to an academy HERE


Kafka & The Human Zoo On Racism

Apple Indians & Anthropology Embracing the ‘flat earth’ mentality

Native Americans and Race Race is BS to authentic Indians

You’ve Got Apes! European cultural mentality


The Satires


At a rally in Berlin

Courage is contagious. Well, apparently not. Greens member of Parliament Hans Christian Stroebel was present and gave an eloquent speech on behalf of Snowden (which I applaud) but when I handed him my business card while stating “I’ve sent your office many mails” and he saw my name, his smile disappeared and his eloquence turned to stone silence. In fact it seemed as though I’d slapped him, judging from his expression. He turned away from me 90 degrees but then nodded as though it were the only acknowledgement he were able to make.


^ Hans Christian Stroebel

It would appear the contagion of courage does not extend to a politician in public forum when faced with his own government’s complicity in international crimes and murder rings tied to CIA, JSOC & MOSSAD allowed to run free in Germany. My many mails to the office of Stroebel have gone unanswered but I had ascertained the mails have been received and Stroebel’s office is in receipt of the information I have forwarded over many months, prior to our meeting at the Snowden rally in Berlin (a meeting Stroebel did not anticipate.) I hate to think it is ok for myself to be hunted in Germany as an anonymous person and only famous whistle-blowers are deserving of any public defense.

Other reflections on the rally

Why only 200 people at this rally in a city and nation widely supportive of Snowden? I don’t know. Perhaps it is because it was planned and implemented on short notice and limited information channels (suppositions.) If so, it should have been more carefully thought out.

When media can state only a couple of hundred people were present, it undermines the reality of German support for Snowden. Consider Parliament has been unable to keep its normal vacation schedule on account of issues raised in Snowden’s case, including a backlash against the Merkel government’s resistance to providing Snowden asylum. Maybe a hasty and ill attended rally is not such a good idea when lying politicians toeing the American anti-Snowden line can use such a rally to point out ‘how little support there is’

More possibilities

I agree Bradley Manning was illegally treated in a USA system with only contempt for its own rule of law. Do I admire Manning? No. Other than his leaking the war crime video of the helicopter attack on the Reuter’s journalists, and certain cables, I cannot support his leaks which have caused incalculable damage around the world. Jeremy Scahill has made sensible use of the ‘cables’ leak (in his work ‘Dirty Wars’) but the cables were not critical to his documentation of American international crimes. Most of the cables leaked have served little purpose. Manning should be, on account of the U.S. military’s flagrant disregard of Manning’s rights, sentenced to time served and given a bad conduct discharge. Many intelligent people who support Snowden 100%, especially (but not only) conservatives, would be turned off by a rally associated with Manning.

In the case of association with Assange, with his acute narcissism coupled to self-aggrandizing behaviors, compulsive lying and beneath amateur intelligence skills, the problem is only compounded. Any Julian Assange association would seriously turn off many people who otherwise would back Snowden. I hope Snowden is able to sort this sooner rather than later and is able to shed WikiLeaks as a support mechanism (he’s had few, perhaps no other options) when it is altogether possible his 24-7 British ‘legal expert’ companion provided by WikiLeaks is MI6.

Meanwhile, a good strategic plan for liberal supporters of Snowden would be to make his case ‘stands alone’ in event of support rallies, to solidify conservative support (trying to gently point out here to the left, not all conservatives are tea party froot-loops but to get them supporting you, you must take into account some ‘principles motivated’ values that are not identical to your own)

Related satire: NOT My Last Tango in Paris


A note on the photos: Apparently photos of Berlin’s 4th Reich headquarters (the US Embassy) are not allowed. The rally was held in front of this location but when uploading a photo of the ‘Benedict Arnold’ building complex, the photo simply vanished-

More Berlin-Snowden rally photos (click on images to enlarge)


^ Reading from Fredrick Douglas











Sent to all members of German Parliament on 18 June 2013, coinciding with Obama’s visit to Berlin-

Dear Member of Parliament

I thought you might find my story interesting. I am a fugitive anti-corruption investigator with a serious problem. Over the past 5+ years I had allowed myself, in informal arrangement set up via 3rd party, to be used as live bait to document an international murder ring connected to intelligence agencies, for both German and Spanish (and then German again) authorities. The problem is, despite the fact the authorities should long since have ample evidence to issue arrest warrants, pursue extraditions and prosecutions, they sit on their hands. Probably this has to do with the explosive nature of my case and I will hazard a guess of political interference and/or inertia.

This initiated under Bush and carried on under Obama. I regret to inform you the Bush era crimes did not cease with the Obama administration, but have rather been shell gamed. Related to this, I had initiated a complaint with the International Criminal Court naming Germany as accessory to criminal acts:

The International Criminal Court has asked for more detailed information prior to any decision taken to prosecute. In the meanwhile, it had been my hope Germany would take responsible action, rather than my filing an amended case. To this end, I have been forwarding much information to the office of Hans Christian Stroebel, but there is no acknowledgement of my communications. I understand Mr Stroebel has been ill, or perhaps my mails are routed to a junk mail folder. In any case, I will now be expanding my communications with members of the German Parliament.

That I am a real person and have delved deeply into past intermingled corporate/government corruption, is easily confirmed via Mueller Law of Austin, Texas, USA. My webpage commemorating six years exile:

Example of work skills for which I have been hunted by corrupt elements of German allied (American particularly) security services, employing open source method, the ‘Deep State’ series explores the inter-relationships of corporate boards to politics, corrupt law enforcement, organized crime in intelligence agencies, military and military contracting. Here you will find threads between powerful corporations and associated personalities to the bottom line (profit) and death squads, international organized crime, arms & narcotics trafficking, connecting the dots from the CIA special activities division to heroin and cocaine funding the Tea Party (and much more)

America’s Deep State Foundation article

America’s Deep State II FBI complicity

Heroin, Bags of Cash & The CIA Deep State III

Link to my personal story HERE

The incumbent German administration refusing to act on, and concealing this from Parliament, is inexcusable.

Please feel free to share this mail as you please

My kindest greetings

Ron West
Related: Color of Law


‘Free Speech Clown’ Series


Bernard-Henry Lévy: Philosopher and Murderous Fool

Lampoon inspired by (& loosely based on) this football (soccer) essay by Lévy. If the shallow employ of a 900 liter bag of words makes a philosopher, I suppose Lévy qualifies.

PARIS–Here is one of the greatest fools of all time, a cad, an aroma of Narcissus for the entire planet, and to be universally acclaimed. Here is a carbuncle who, in front of 7 billion people, fondled his balls as though rolling for snake eyes in a die cup all the while, imagining no one would see, ascertaining the final truth in relation to one of the most extraordinary debacles in imperialism’s history.

Here is a man of pomposity, a buffoon, who imagined himself (like Homer Simpson in his crouch of grunt and beer) to be the only one who could avert his nation’s colonial decline. Better yet, here’s a super-EGO who–unlike Simpson’s–did not wait for a flatulent explosion (in the guise of Nicolas Sarkozy) to come begging him to re-enlist; rather, he decided himself, spontaneously, after having “heard” a rumor calling to him, to return from his North African exile and–putting his ludicrous persona on, while flanked by faithful prostitutes (The planned National Transition Council, Al Qaida, MOSSAD)—reversed the Benghazis’ ill fortune and led successful coup d’état.

And this sordid fright who is a ‘perfect’ hair’s breadth from victory and just minutes from the end of a historic deceit (and of a career that will carry him into the Pantheon of frauds after L Ron Hubbard, Victor Lustig and Charles Ponzi); this Cerberus who, with fifty false personalities, has known the rut, the imperial priapism and finally, the imagined slight with helpless remonstrations; this preening fop, upon whom the blue adorns a pimp’s pride in stain of rape, who had only the very last steps to scale to enter ignominy for good, commits the predictably incomprehensible act that amounts to disqualification from the public ritual–the final image of him that will go down in history and, in lieu of apotheosis, will cast him into hell.


Everyone will know, as I write, what actually happened on the field of Tripoli’s usurpation.

Everyone will know what the faux philosopher, Bernard-Henri Lévy, did and said (in the debacle that NATO bombs had dominated with all its grace) to waken old colonial demons in children from the streets of Algiers, the very demons that NATO’s history of lies, its ethic, its aesthetic, its propaganda are made to quell.

Even if we knew why; even if we knew for certain whether the extinct North African Sephardic insulted him, or rightfully cursed his mother, father, brothers, sister; even if we got hold of the black box of those 2 days that saw this moron demonstrate in a flash his legend that is a mix of narcissist king, a Rasputinish love for a Hungarian midget: the past mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine and, last but not least, the bombastic NATO captains leading troops to consecration with the shedding of brown peoples’ blood; even if we knew the whole story, this man’s suicide would be as all ordinary suicides are; no reason in the world explains the desperate act of a man’s vanity–no provocation, no naturally nasty personality, will ever tell us why the planetary icon that Bernard-Henri Lévy has imagined himself to be, a man with more philosophical faults than any pedophile pope, a freak, the non-chosen one, this great priest-by-self-consensus of the new cult oil barons empire in the making, chose to ejaculate on history right here, rather than wait to settle for sanity on the sideline.

No. The truth is that it is perhaps not so easy to stay unsullied in the skin of a self imagined icon, narcissist demigod, faux hero, paranoid fascist pop-legend.

The only plausible explanation for so bizarrely scuttling everything–which, remember, let a lot of time go by (the 4 long months following NATO’s precisely calculated first bomb dropped) in order to concentrate itself into the outburst of orgy of oilmen and stupidly losing control of his militia–the only explanation is that there was in this fraud a kind of public recoil, an ultimate inner revolt, against the synthetic parabola, the stupid statue, the beastified monument, the era had transformed Libya into over these past months.


The man’s insurrection against the natural saint. A self imagined crown of Napoleon and that he then, quite logically, pulverized with the involuntary moron’s head-butt of unconscious truth, the inescapable war lords and the ‘NEW’ philosophy of rapes and torture, as though saying: I am a living stupidity, a fetish; a self-annointed god of the unrestrained loins of man’s most evil passions, an empty hologram but for image of rapine, this new age fascist guru, this decidedly stunted mentality suffering delusion’s grandeur so blind as Oedipus in his madness, this North African natural heir of Laval and Bousquet, which a peculiar mania had turned him into.

It was as though he were, in parody, self authoring one of the very great titles of this past century, the sinecure acquired via petro-triumph’s laurels of this liturgy of insanity, performance and commodity: Narcissist Homo, This is Rape. Yes, a rape, a true rape, not one of these absurd monsters or synthetic stars created by the money of brand names in combination with the sighs of the Hollywood crowd.

Rasputin had his moment. Like a dog returns to its vomit, Bernard-Henri Lévy will have had his—this one magnificent and rebellious thing, reality, that will have brought his reputation, suddenly, solidly, into the ranks of history’s shameless pimp brothel-hoods.


Paraphrasing a former MI5 agent I had seen interviewed, under Qaddhafi: if one were not particularly political, a citizen could go about a normal life, attain free education, travel and study abroad and enjoy a standard of living approximating a middle class American, the envy of North Africa .. Since the ‘fall of Tripoli’, a $5 taxi ride from the airport has gone up to $500. The capital and the country are divided into fiefs by competing tribal war lords and the militias are refusing to disarm, women’s rights have vanished and torture, murder and rape are rampant throughout the country. In the end, it is likely the rank and file Libyan citizenry will look back and wish they’d never heard of ‘democracy.’

Read about Lévy’s push to war in Libya here

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The Satires

Even with the best of agents, when operations run on the edge go wrong, they will always look  bad. When an undercover operative is killed rather than the target, it is as about as bad as things can get, because the dead undercover operative can possibly be traced by both the penetrated organization and law enforcement. This is the likely outcome of a blown operation in which I’d been the target. My experience is reconstructed nearly verbatim from notes I’d made shortly after the event.

Oct 14, 2007

At Neu Koln, Berlin, when catching the U-7 subway south towards Rudow, I was standing at the underground kiosk buying breath fresheners when the train arrived. I quickly tried to complete the transaction but figured I would likely have to catch the next train. I noticed a group of young Arabs holding the door to the train open, preventing it’s departure, all (4) of them watching me, clearly it appeared as though they either expected me to catch that train or they would not be on it themselves.

The train consequently waited for me and I sprinted to the door they were holding for me and jumped between them, onboard. They let the door close as I turned 180 degrees rather than taking a seat, making them a group of five.

Standing facing them, holding a pole, all seemed surprised at my action. A shorter, darker one, then began to assail me in Arabic language as though I were expected to understand, this one initially took the lead and was most vehement and hostile, although a couple of the others were also saying quite angry things to me direct, also if expecting I would understand.

I simply looked at them all, eyes moving one to the other direct, and asked “Do you speak English?”

A tall member of the group, with light complexion on my right (all of them were facing me) and who did not become involved with the angry speech, indicated he did speak English with “Yes”

I asked “What country are you from?”

His indirect answer was to point to the most hostile one, the short grubby one who was wearing an Israeli Defense Force battle fatigue shirt as though it were a trophy, and stated “He is Palestinian.”

He made this a clear distinction. My guess was the one who’d made this statement and the 2 others (all taller, better dressed and lighter complexion than the ‘Palestinian’) were Hezbollah aligned Lebanese, there is a large Lebanese community in that area.

I said to the short hostile one, emphatically: “You’re Palestinian? I apologize to you for George Bush!”

That one statement changed everything. All of them went silent and the ‘Palestinian’ never said another word.

I then said: “There are many good people in my country who don’t like what is happening, it is a difficult situation.”

From this moment and comment, the now totally silent (and clear outsider)  ‘Palestinian’ became the target of the Lebanese, while they checked out my reactions to their terrorizing the ‘Palestinian’, the focus of their hostility had shifted away from me.

What happened now was really interesting. One of the Lebanese is suddenly is getting on his cell phone and making a call… while the groups leader, the tall one to my right, looks at me while pointing to the ‘Palestinian’ who is suddenly looking very ill, and says “Maybe he is Israeli” while assessing my reaction.

I deliberately made myself look surprised and suspicious, raised one eyebrow at the ‘Palestinian’ and said “Israeli Arab?” as though I both: did not fully understand and did not like the idea or somehow found it disconcerting.

The train had made a brief stop and a fifth Arab (Lebanese) joined us with a cell phone and greeting the other Lebanese but not the ‘Palestinian’ who had simply become demoralized with a now clearly frightened look. The new arrival had some conversation in Arabic with the tall on my right, after a hand/fist greeting that, by gesture and look, was attempting to sort some things that needed sorting.

The new arrival is now on his phone while also talking to the tall one to my right, but interrupts his conversation with the tall Lebanese and asks me “Where are you from? England?” almost as to test my veracity, his English skills would know, and I clearly answered “USA.”

I was asked “Where do you stay?”

I stated as a matter of fact “Berlin”

Then I was asked: “Do you speak German” and I answered “Only a little” .. whereas the tall one to my right gave an absolutely evil look at the ‘Palestinian’ and said  slowly, deliberately, “My German is VERY good.” [I’ve often wondered at the significance of that statement]

The new one and the tall one looked at each other, spoke again in Arabic and then the tall one suggested to me while rubbing the ‘Palestinians’ belly “Maybe he is a good boy for sex. What do you think?”

Now the ‘Palestinian’ had the absolute look of ‘I am going to die’ on his face as I answered emphatically, with the culturally correct “I am a good man!” and an offended look (I wore silver studs in my ears at that time and likely had been falsely profiled to MOSSAD as gay)

Suddenly the tall Lebanese, with my answer, made a violent stabbing motion with his right hand at the ‘Palestinian’ while shouting (nearly screaming) to the new arrival “The Israeli must be killed!!”

The Lebanese closed around the ‘Palestinian’ with looks of shock and rage on their faces, when the train stopped, they shoved him off the train together with stepping off themselves. I assure you all, the ‘Palestinian’ did not live long after this interrogation, at most a matter of hours.

Now, I noticed the Germans on the train, men looking straight ahead, no expression, several women had looks of absolute terror on their faces, it had been that intense.

The ‘Palestinian’ was clearly not one of the group in any sense of intimate acquaintance or typical association. He was dressed a bit shabbily, wearing the IDF olive drab fatigue jacket with a Hebrew lettered tag over the left pocket. The Lebanese were all clean, well dressed, of a better class, and obviously educated and intelligent. The ‘Palestinian’ had gone from initiator of the groups hostilities towards me, to the groups target in this course of events lasting about 10 minutes. I expected I could have died. Clearly, the posed as a ‘Palestinian’ MOSSAD agent had died instead.

This was a failed scheme (compromised operation) of using the ‘Palestinian’, almost certainly a Sephardic MOSSAD agent fluent in Arab language and culture, under false pretext to dupe Hezbollah aligned people into assisting with a hit in a difficult operational area (Arab neighborhood.) Between my survival skills (training) confronting the circumstance with dialogue, and Hezbollah’s obvious caution, the Israeli operative, in a sense, literally cut his own throat. He was not prepared for my direct engagement.

With the CIA or MOSSAD (your choice) having decided to leak the fact clandestine operations of the two agencies have established a certain degree of fusion, released as a psychological ploy (neither agency is particularly bright these days), it brought into perspective a phenomena I had puzzled over for some time; how it was I’d drawn the attempted lethal attention of both institutions in a matter of two weeks (in the Fall of 2007.) A case of leaked accountability to Newsweek magazine establishes the CIA & MOSSAD were initiating joint assassinations by February, 2008. In actuality, my case establishes they were already jointly pursuing targets four months previous to this, in October, 2007.

MOSSAD is bound to a code of conduct which requires avenging a loss. I would simply point out to the Israelis, at what price? What had happened in the aftermath of this failed operation had been MOSSAD coming after me with a vengeance. The question MOSSAD should have looked at is, did CIA and ‘associates’ calculatedly omit the fact of my exceptional training, as well the fact I had repeatedly surprised and neutralized or reversed previous operations mounted against myself prior to this event? By now MOSSAD should understand their several subsequent failures can be no accident. No one is that lucky.

People should learn to take responsibility for their mistakes as opposed to doubling-down with attempts based on a moral  & tactical failure. As a matter of fact I do not celebrate the MOSSAD man’s death; nor do I regret it. After all, it was not myself initiated the deadly encounter.

A closing note: I would point out to the radicalized-nationalist Israelis, and MOSSAD is populated with these, with a gross history of policy failures, the nature of psychology is, when you have made a mistake, you must correct yourself, to stay a correct course of action. Otherwise, mistakes become complications and complications lead to making by far more serious mistakes:


Updated 27 September 2021

On Israel


There are many fine, bright minds in Germany, so don’t take this essay in an all encompassing light; that said, in the paradox of human experience, the German people are without a doubt, the most uniformly-socially retarded people this investigator has ever encountered…

Breakfast at a Pizzaria

Britz, a southern suburb of Berlin, I had once described as more than dead, actually dead and embalmed. It is the most ‘German’ area I’ve encountered in this city, which is more typically multi-cultural, vibrant and alive.

I had been staying with a friend over the weekend, and on Saturday morning walked to find an out of doors café for early breakfast and coffee. In this large suburban area with few opportunities for culture in any sense, there is a reasonably large shopping center located at the JohannesThalerChausee [Germans run words together like a double mouthful of pasta] underground station, where there are several possibilities for uninteresting food. But only the pizzaria has pleasant out of doors seating .. with a typical German breakfast menu. So my decision had been made for me.

Here in Berlin’s spiritual center for the German ‘I hate my life’ culture, I had an interesting hour’s observation.

The pizzaria’s waitresses obviously have been hired for their sex appeal, and are apparent ‘high maintenance’ personalities who despise working Saturday mornings for any number of possible reasons but the most obvious reason is they’d had a ‘real’ Friday night preceding.

There was one on shift when I’d arrived at opening hour (9 AM) and all of 3 customers to begin the pizzaria’s day. She came and took my order with the forced and pained smile that typifies the mainstream German philosophy: ‘I hate my life.’ Her amazing bum might offset this for some of the customers, perhaps a calculated ploy of management.

Waiting 40 minutes for my food (my coffee arrived in 20) my typically agile mind took in the surroundings.

Berlin’s urban sparrows have adapted to scavenging crumbs from beneath the tables at the out of doors cafés, but have not evolved patience with the slow deployment of possibilities on Saturday mornings. One of them, communicating irritation at my providing no timely sustenance to her growing family, took the opportunity to perch directly above my head and aimed a defecation directly my way. I saw the danger and dodged the bomb.

Then my coffee had arrived and thinking to dispel further danger, I broke the little graham cracker that came with the coffee into bits the size of a match head and flicked them ten or so feet away from me, to preoccupy the sparrows. One of the other customers watched all the while with the typical German look of disapproval, which was supposed to halt my anti-social behavior.

But this was not nearly as important to me as placating the angry birds.

At 30 minutes, the waitress reappeared with a plate, napkin and utensils, as well as senseless salt and pepper, but not my food, and I only was pleasant to her.

Over the ½ hour preceding, two more waitresses had manifest, slowly, as though eternity were about to begin, concluding the previous night’s passion play. These two had arrived consecutively, first to drink a coffee and smoke in their civilian clothes, and suddenly turned out in uniform to work the morning shift. The very pretty and buxom dark haired German was hung-over to a point of near nausea, it was plain to see, while the strikingly beautiful Mediterranean woman who followed with identical ritual caffeine and nicotine prior to morphing into mere hired help, looked out upon her morning world with a despise that was plainly remarkable. Clearly, she’d been the Queen of Sheba in a previous incarnation, and only hours before at that.

The customer base had swelled to five in the meanwhile, an old German couple that epitomize the Britz neighborhoods had wandered in, he wanted only to sit down, she hen-picked and badgered him across the vast seeming several meters distance of the pizzaria patio with obvious superiority of aesthetic taste for seating at identical tables. Sniping [her] and whining [him] for what certainly could not have been five minutes but in reality seemed five eternities, while making this life challenging decision, it sinks in why a recent poll of Germans not surprisingly discovered old people are more a social irritant in this nation than Islamic extremists.

At minute 40 [approximately] my two bread rolls, one slice of cheese, four assorted slices of salami and diced various fruits had arrived, all the while the three waitresses had managed to look incredibly busy but in actuality had been gossiping, using their cell phones, smoking and commiserating, but above all, loving to hate a circumstance of rising from the dead against their will on a Saturday morning.

The sparrows were not in the least interested in a slice of banana I’d inadvertently fumbled and landed on the patio surface where almost certainly a hung-over woman with a beautiful bum would have stepped on it. I thoughtfully retrieved the errant fruit about the time management had arrived. Dressed like a handsome young Don out of a Mafia movie, whether in reality or for stereotype or deliberate image sake, one could only wonder whether he’d stipulated ‘high maintenance’ & ‘I hate my life’ embodied in striking beauty, relating to contracts for employment or if this were purely a subliminal demand.

Having finished my breakfast in a respectable 20 minutes from arrival on my table, not quite wolfing it down, but wanting away from the sparrows now threatening me like Hitchcock’s ‘Birds’, I drew an almost genuine if stuttering, uncertain smile of sincere wishing to express gratitude, when I tipped my waitress one Euro, as though she could not believe ..


The Satires

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