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The left ones think I’m right, the right ones think I’m wrong -Leon Russell

My modest blog’s performance for 2017: 100 hits daily (on average for about 3,000 per month.) This is up from 2016, but 2014 & 2015 were stronger years.

Started in mid-2012, following Alternet discontinuing (and eventually deleting) my ‘soapbox’ blog, began to get a bit of traction in 2013, with 2014 the blog’s strongest year, pulling in 45,000 hits. 2015 had about 40,000, 2016 was at 26,000 and 2017 is on target for 36,500 views.

2014 shows a somewhat inflated result due to a bump from Ron Unz’s ‘American Pravda’ article linking to my assessment of the shoot-down of MH-17 over the separatist Donbass region of Ukraine. Possibly 2015 shows a lingering effect of this ‘bump’ combined with the satire (posted mid-December 2014) Alfreda Bikowsky and the Definition of Stupid, lampooning CIA renditions, this site’s most popular and enduring satire. The following are not all published in 2017 but were the most read:

 2017 best performing articles, top ten
Trump’s DNI – A Dire Wolf for Jesus More stats 2,745
It’s The Sauce More stats 942
Miscellaneous Stuff More stats 646
The Coe Cult & ‘The Donald’ Election Scam More stats 623
Modern Indian Society More stats 566
Francis Bacon More stats 465
Alfreda Bikowsky & the Definition of Stupid More stats 417
Pentagon Papers, CIA and the Lies of Daniel Ellsberg More stats 417
Saint Chester More stats 407
NATO’s Most Censored Story More stats 373

The most read in 2017 article (above, Trump’s DNI) shows the effect of former CIA officer Robert Steele ‘mongoosing’ it and consequently picked up at Jeff Rense’s Alt-Right site, which is likely why Black Agenda Report dropped my work (they won’t discuss issues with me and mostly don’t acknowledge my mails.) Consequently I looked into the so-called Alt-Right and discovered there are not only neo-Nazi elements but numerous other more or less alienated conservative elements actually at odds with neo-Nazis, racists and typical anti-Semites. Here is where I take issue with Chris Hedges and other personalities; clearly the Alt-Right cannot be painted any one color with a broad brush. Consequently I began posting some of my work at James LaFond’s site where I time to time see hate messages in the comments (LaFond is kind enough to remove these.)

My work is at best ‘a-racial’ (I place a value on sanity over race) and at worst agnostic in regards race. Are these the same thing? In any case, this is where I’m at in regards to race, which I expect is a cultural narcissism or contrivance effectively concealing the more intelligent path towards a common understanding of, and between, humanity.

James LaFond is of similar persuasion and also works exterior to the boundaries of political correctness when employing Black English terminology describing behavior in a Black community. If LaFond lived in Browning, Montana, rather than a Black ghetto in Baltimore, Maryland, I doubt his work would be significantly different; exposing community behaviors and calling a Red Spade a spade as opposed to Black. If LaFond’s work was centered in observing a community of White ‘crackers’, he’d be cracking down on the crackers, is my assessment.

However it might seem (to some) paradox, likely this is precisely why his site embraces my work; because the hammer should drop on the actual offenders without regards to tip-toeing around superficial racial constructs with politically correct strictures. Accusations of ‘hate’ necessarily overlooking this preceding is, in my opinion, at best shallow and underdeveloped thought, at worst a hypocrisy. If the White Alt-Right is associated with neo-Nazis, how is this substantively different than a Black liberal community associated with a Black mis-leadership class? Obama had, with the likes of Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters’ support, easily killed, by far, more non-Black people over a mere 8 years (with his policies, in Syria/Libya) than the Klu Klux Klan had killed American Blacks in over 100 years. Shall we consequently tar and feather all conservative Whites and liberal Blacks? Dare NOT to look at Black on Black violence?

In absolutely, politically incorrect terms, what’s more is, I don’t care if you’re a fag because it is your right and it’s none of my business; that is until you evangelize me with it or worse, grab my ass. In other words, don’t behave like those Christian fundamentalists who expect me to believe and behave as they do and I’ll be fine with you, I’ll promote your honest endeavors no different to the rest, where there is a common interest pointed to the common good.

Moving towards conclusion, was my article given over to the attention of Jeff Rense and wide exposure in the Alt-Right community a deliberate act of sabotage? It’s not important. What is important is, what one learns. Meanwhile, this site has been promoted by the work of a Jew (Ron Unz) and has promoted the work of a Jew (Mikey Weinstein) and is entirely agnostic in regards to left & right, gay or straight or whether intelligent and honest work stems from ethnic community and/or persons Red, Yellow, Black, Brown and/or White, because race/ethnicity is often (or is most often) a superficial construct.

Perhaps the modest numbers are not so important as the personages who read; I know for a fact more than just a few ex-spooks read at and certainly intelligence agencies regularly check in from around the world. If this site manages to inject some of that ‘other’ intelligence, the intelligence called common sense, e.g. false flags cannot  be concealed and the perpetrators will be revealed, in the age of internet, into the several intelligence agencies thinking, this will have served us all, irrespective of geopolitical (or other) orientation.

 All time best performance top ten
Black Boxes, Dark Arts & Geopolitics More stats 5,515
Alfreda Bikowsky & the Definition of Stupid More stats 3,880
Sociopaths & Democracy More stats 3,692
Trump’s DNI – A Dire Wolf for Jesus More stats 2,745
Francis Bacon More stats 2,513
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There is No Native American Concept of Race

A Native American concept of race never existed as we know the idea of race in the modern world.

The term for a Black man translates from Blackfoot language as “Black White Man” and the thought behind this is completely alien to modern western ideation. The Blackfoot “Black White Man” derives from interaction with the Black cavalry regiment stationed north of Browning during the military occupation of the Blackfeet reservation (into the 1930s.) “Black” is descriptive solely in a superficial sense and when coupled to “White”, points directly to European mentality or state of mind and is not primarily concerned with skin color. This is reinforced with the Cree translation for White Man being essentially identical concept: “Not like us” in a sense of thought process. This again loops back in identical sense in the proper Blackfoot term for a White Man per se: ‘Napi Kwan’ or “White Man” refers to someone who is crazy from a cultural perspective and figures in the Blackfoot proverb “Everyone knows the White Man is crazy.” All of the translations taken with the proverb point to color as superficial or descriptive only, with the emphasis on state of mind or thought process. This is clearly reinforced by the noted action anthropologist Karl Schlesier when he states:

“In the old world of the tribes skin color never mattered; what mattered were the expressions of one’s spirit and the voice of the heart”

Karl has spent most of his life in close association with the Southern Cheyenne, and is honorary son, brother and father to three generations of Cheyenne Holy Arrow Keepers and most certainly would be in a position to know this as well. Karl, like myself, is a White Indian and we are not discriminated against in the culturally intact Native community on account of our skin color. If it were a Black Man had achieved the old, culturally intact thought process, their welcome into the Native community would be no different to our own; complete, warm and integrated.

In the present times, when we see modern academics discuss Race in relation to Native America, particularly when those academics skins are Red, we are witnessing European mentality co-opting original Native thought. Were there to be an original native thought assessment of today’s politically correct arguments over race in stereotype such as team sport mascots, terms such as ‘Indians’,  ‘Redskins’ and ‘Braves’ would be patently meaningless in any sense of insult. Wilma Mankiller, past chief of the Cherokee, drove a Jeep “Cherokee Chief” and I am certain her choice would have been deliberate and taken in a sense of Native American humor. In the more traditional Native communities, you have “Redskins” memorabilia and fans, the politically correct arguments simply do not apply and in fact are never given a second thought.

The modern racial stereotypes are so patently preposterous to the original Native American mindset, the racial ideas are not worthy of consideration beyond Indian humor:

Why don’t Indians marry Blacks? Because we’d have children too lazy to steal!

Of course Native Americans do sometimes marry Blacks. The point of the humor is actually built into world-view where human experience has an aspect that is a cosmic joke, in a mental construct that does not suffer ego in a sense of the western mentality. The preceding joke is actually funny in the original Native context and its only bearing on Race is pointing out the idiocy of racial stereotype and the falseness of any cultural ego behind the very idea. The American Indian deity of many tribes, ‘Old Man’,  serves as an ego buster in a culture where ego as the western personality knows it, is historically considered to be more than undesirable, it is a mental disorder based in self-illusion:

When Old Man knelt to drink, he saw cherries over his head and forgetting he had knelt to drink, he reached for these cherries in the reflection!

Of course Old Man, fooled by the illusion and consequently wet from head to toe, looked like an idiot.

Racial affronts are grounded in the ego of non-indigenous cultures and the essential concept in and of itself, cannot find traction in original Native worldview and thought. The very idea of Race is equivalent to reaching for cherries in the reflection. The alien concept of self-importance is the ultimate underlying cultural principle in the Blackfoot proverb Everyone knows the Whiteman is crazy. Old Man the fool, Napi to the Blackfeet, and the ‘Napi’ in the Blackfoot expression ‘Napi Kwan’ that translate as White Man, are one and the same.

Were original Native thought process applicable to African origins, Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Baboons would be perceived in the community as magnificent creatures. The stupid primates would be those people who were possessed of European mentalities looking down on these sentient beings which, in Native view, possess a greater practical social intelligence than those who would consider these creatures as lesser to humans.

That all life stands on par with humanity is not exclusive to original Native American philosophy it would appear; this author has read of a Black African tribe, living in proximity to Chimpanzees, know the Chimpanzees as “people of the forest”, indicating other ‘non-mainstream’ cultures perceive their living surroundings in a similar, non-egoic light.

A different perception to the modern, for certain.

Note: Authentic Native American philosophy has, for the most part, been boarding schooled, uncle tom-tom’d (stereotyped), and ‘native studied’ out of existence (in precisely that order.) In the present time, relating to any politically correct western anthropology program with the ‘native studies’ euphemism, it is the western ideas are coming to dominate the native perception of themselves. With the loss of language & oral tradition in the original form (‘Native Studies’ in the western university system reflects this loss), these people don’t even know who they were anymore.


Life in Indian Country

Collected stories, folklore and anecdotes concerning my many years life with Blackfeet Indians and traversing Native American territories


^ LaRouche undercover at Buckingham Palace

Ok, so Glass-Steagall was a good thing and the Queen of England presides over a historically murderous race of people, the Anglo-Saxon. Then, somehow the end of civilization is pinned on a dowdy old broad by the LaLunatics, so what if the Queen is greedy and corrupt by nature, that only make her equal to numerous other homicidal nit-wits. I don’t believe for a New York second the Queen of England holds the trigger to a weapon meant to put down 7 billion people as a matter of fact conspiracy. Western Civilization is inherently homicidal/suicidal and LaRouche ‘pie-in-the-sky’ visions of this Earth’s human infection (a.k.a. western cultural mentality) billions (like a swarm of locusts) rescued by Glass-Steagall moved on to conquer space, is not going to save it.

LaLunatics? How about RaRunatics (Imagine Scooby-Doo making the pronunciation.) These people live in a cartoon.

So, I had been on one of my mad forays into Berlin at the beginning of July and this cute young Asian-American chick had caught my attention: “Ready to dump Obama?” She was holding a portrait of Obama wearing a Hitler moustache and I must say the image matched my thinking.  But perhaps more importantly, she was cute. And so it  was, Lyndon LaRouche’s prettiest Berlin groupie conned me out of a fifty euro banknote (noting I was willing to pay 20 Euro per her companion’s demand, for the opportunity at extended conversation, but the promised 30 Euro change was never forthcoming.) Now she will pay it back.

What likely she did not realize was, I recognized her companion, a perennial loser candidate for Bundestag (German Parliament) I had conversed with two years before. The guy has little appreciation for American history, or perhaps simply is uninformed as to the facts of Alexander Hamilton, his thinking having been shaped by an ideologue named LaRouche. But the direction he has taken can be  summed easily enough, does it make sense to turn from one form of tyranny to another? I don’t think so… at least I wouldn’t care to be Kafka’s ape in captivity, here we’ll presume addressing the Schiller Institute at behest of a LaRouche invitation ..


^ LaRouche’s invited guest

.. but the ape’s statements could not be controlled:

Honored members of the Academy! You have done me the honor of inviting me to give your Academy an account of the life I formerly led as an ape…  I could never have achieved what I have done had I been stubbornly set on clinging to my origins, to the remembrances of my youth. In fact, to give up being stubborn was the supreme commandment I laid upon myself; free ape as I was, I submitted myself to that yoke.

So Lyndon Larouche spews mad ramblings of society’s secrets unlocked, couched in Shakespeare and Beethoven’s hidden messages only himself and his anointed are privy to deciphering (you can’t make this shit up) .. BUT! .. if you remember ‘a sucker is born every minute’ one only must suck up to this mad guru’s enlightenment and make believe you can see it too… if you ‘submitted .. to that yoke’

“Bail out or bail in: The Queens policy is genocide”

screams LaRoushie Dennis Small’s headline in the RaRunatic newsletter. OMG, this decrepit old woman with a smile indicating she has a mechanical thumb up her butt massaging artificial implant prostate glands, is the policy maker responsible for everything gone wrong in this world and the ‘bubble burst’ … and speaking of bursting bubbles (i.e. realities) … I mean how close is this to David Ickes ‘Lizard DNA’ ?

Kafka’s ape: I read an article recently by one of the ten thousand windbags who vent themselves concerning me in the newspapers, saying: my ape nature is not yet quite under control; the proof being that when visitors come to see me, I have a predilection for taking down my trousers…

So we have what LaRouche (and minions) actually think of us mere mortals doubting a demented old woman (with expression indicating a mechanical thumb up her butt) is entirely responsible for our world’s failure to wake up to enlightenment via the strains of Beethoven… when in fact ‘dark queen’ Condoleezza (mirror, mirror on the wall) exercises more practical genocidal power on behalf of the CHEVRON board directors than all of ‘Queen Bessie’s horses and all of Queen Bessie’s men’ (with a most stimulating, retarded smile inducing, artificial thumb up her butt)

queen bessie

^ The brains behind the LaRouche ‘conspiracy’

Ok, next RaRunatic article…

Helga Zepp(elin) – LaRouche’s ego is only equal to a flammable airship.  Delusion = dirigible is what goes here. Her article has excellent points on ‘responsible’ banking but there is one very big problem with this social equity ideal; one particular and very natural spark of static electricity will burn her banking Hindenberg on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic. Going to that point, in the previous article, Mr ‘small’ (as in mind) accused Queen Bessie of the Thumb’s minions of being ‘Dr Cancer’ with their financial cure. Fair enough, but now I have to point something out: Ms Dirigible in her follow-up article proposes a hyper-sustained development, when equitably shared by humanity, as opposed to dictated and exploited for the greedy by the bankers, will put us on a path to… well, apparently La-La Land. Ms Dirigible, I have news for you, ‘sustained development’ IS PRECISELY the principle of cancer.

So whilst allowing Queen Condoleezza of the Kingdom of CHEVRON throwing 7 billion people off the edge of the European mentality’s flat Earth, with Co2 having reached 400ppm for the first time in 4 million years as the Artic melts and the race is on to drill, Ms Dirigible will work in tandem to trance-walk 7 billion people off the edge of the European mentality’s flat Earth while high on hypnotic strains of a Beethoven overture; when insisting on equitable distribution of wealth gained from the same cultural mentality producing the Co2. Ms Dirigible, the real news here is, civilization doesn’t need reformed, civilization needs DISMANTLED.


^ LaRouche’s #1 sustained development fan

Kafka’s ape: Everything is open and aboveboard; there is nothing to conceal; when the plain truth is in question, great minds discard the niceties of refinement. But if the writer of the article were to take down his trousers before a visitor, that would be quite another story…

Following on is a RaRunatic (un-attributed) ode to great progress and the damming of America’s rivers (one might say ‘damning’ of rivers) or several RaRunatic newsletter pages praising civilization’s rape of the North American continent (humn, what genocide has been conveniently omitted from a revisionist European WHITE history here?)


^ The LaRouche omission

Kafka’s ape: I belong to the Gold Coast. For the story of my capture I must depend on the evidence of others. A hunting expedition sent out by the firm of Hagenbeck—by the way, I have drunk many a bottle of good red wine since then with the leader of that expedition—had taken up its position in the bushes by the shore when I came down for a drink at evening among a troop of apes

Oops, the Ape refers to Black slavery rather than Red genocide, well, it’s not a perfect world but maybe we can make something of this, stay tuned. Or perhaps we should just kill the beast here and now, so to speak; as a matter of fact I never, personally, owned Allen West’s ancestors and I don’t really think it is all that smart of Allen West to behave like the people named West who DID own Allen West’s ancestors and I think the ape is getting at something similar…


^ Allen ‘philip sheridan’ West: “The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim”

So while restoring wetlands is ‘Her Majesty Thumb-Up-Her-Butt’s plan to murder people with mosquitoes’ paranoid fantasy, mixed in with legitimate gripes about typical corporate greed,  between lucid moments interspersed with jacking nature around in major ways not only to sustain but to grow what are in actuality un-sustainable human populations, all the while pushing for uranium mining and nuke plants (fuk-U-shima) and every frustration in the way of this developing the shit out of everything that could otherwise be put off on the human stupidity (reality) that is European mentality, all responsibility for any frustrating of a lunacy of hyper-development is pushed off on an old biddy with a synthetic thumb up her butt at Windsor Castle .. and suddenly a ‘whaddayaknow’ moment; godsend-moroness LaRoushie Noelene Isherwood throws in “aboriginal groups” land title fencing out White developers as part of Her (brown thumbed) Majesty’s genocide conspiracy…


^ The ‘family values’ of Condoleezza, Lyndon Larouche & Allen West 

If Race can be construed to be a state of mind, White Eugenics certainly would not require a White skin. And so it is Allen West behaves like the White people that owned his family name, Condoleezza Rice became a White man to earn her place at CHEVRON tasting the raw power of White men who’d ‘throw the nigger under the bus’ in a heartbeat if necessary save their own skins, and a cute Asian-American LaRouche groupie in Berlin can literally have a White man’s mentality and would never suspect this is the case.

News for you LaRouche: Your demented to the left of the far left fantasies of a world Alexander Hamilton would be aghast at, are only equal to the right of the far right fantasies of the supposedly Hamilton philosophy based Federalist Society (that Alexander Hamilton would be aghast at.) Condoleezza would toss 7 billion off a cliff at the edge of your flat Earth because she is White. You would sleepwalk 7 billion and more off a cliff at the edge of your flat Earth because you are White.

The portrait of Obama with the Hitler moustache was spot on because he is White and it ends there. Nature hates you and 7 billion will die because you’re all equally European mentalities living out various fantasies of moral certitude ignoring any humility of place in relation to the very Nature that can no longer sustain us.

If there were to be a moral to this story, where Race can be demonstrated a state of mind or culturally shaped perception, which it most certainly is, there cannot be a definitive rule requiring anyone to be White, no matter the color of your skin…


^ The ‘white’ author’s culture (My 1990’s Summer home)

My hat is off to the truth-telling ape:

A Report to an Academy

Honored members of the Academy! You have done me the honor of inviting me to give your Academy an account of the life I formerly led as an ape. I regret that I cannot comply with your request to the extent you desire…

Read the ape’s complete speech to an academy HERE


Kafka & The Human Zoo On Racism

Apple Indians & Anthropology Embracing the ‘flat earth’ mentality

Native Americans and Race Race is BS to authentic Indians

You’ve Got Apes! European cultural mentality


The Satires

Jon Stewart: Tonight’s guest is Ronald Thomas West, a veteran of years hunted by intelligence agencies in Germany and Spain, including Joint Special Operations Command, CIA & MOSSAD. Remarkably, during this ordeal, Ronald authored two books of social satire, Napi Mephisto and Queer Chicken Dinner, mocking his pursuers as incompetent and survived. AND most amazing, he managed to blow huge holes in these agencies by playing them into the hands of European law enforcement tracking assassinations. [raised eyebrows, eyes big as saucers]

Ronald West: Jon, tell me why it is, when a man is ½ Black, he is always Black?

Stewart: Uh.. [comic puzzled look] I don’t know!

West: Now Jon, that is a good answer and this is going to be as good as anything Colbert had ever done for you, so bear with me .. Now, if a man being ½ Black makes him Black, what would a man who is ½ White be?

Stewart: White? [comic cringe]

West: Very good, Jon, now if Obama had been ditched by an intelligence officer/single White mother who couldn’t handle raising a kid and handed him off to his White grandparents to complete his upbringing, that kind of tilts things in a certain direction, wouldn’t you think?

Stewart: Uh.. [comic panic look as he moves his head as though looking for an exit]

West: Jon, repeat after me, I know you can do this .. say ‘Barack Obama is a White Man’

Stewart: “Barack Obama is a White Man” [head on desk]

West: VERY GOOD Jon, now you won’t wish to hazard a guess over the answer to this next, but tell me why you will think Bill Clinton is actually the only Black president?

Stewart: I have no idea [with face in hands]

West: It’s because he married a ‘BIGBUTT-Mama’

Stewart: [speechless]

West: Now, Jon, with the race issue resolved, if the choice between Romney and Obama had been a choice between evils, and Obama is maybe two hairs less evil than Romney, why the democratic charade in a nation that consistently votes for evil? Why not just write in ‘Satan’ and be done with it?

Stewart: Suddenly I understand why the CIA spent years trying to kill you


“There’s an old saying,”In the days of slavery, there were those slaves who lived on the plantation and there were those slaves that lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master … exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him.

“It is my personal feeling that plantations exist all over America. If you walk into South Central Los Angeles, into Watts, or you walk into Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, you’ll find people who live lives that are as degrading as anything that slavery had ever produced. They live in economic oppression, they live in a disenfranchised way. In the hearts and minds of those people, and millions of others, you’re always looking for hope, and whenever somebody within our tribe, within our group, emerges that has the position of authority and power to make a difference in the way business is done, our expectations run high. Many times, those expectations are not fulfilled. But when such an individual is in the service of those who not only perpetuate the oppression, but sometimes design the way in which it is applied, it then becomes very, very, very, very critical that we raise our voices and be heard”

-Harry Belafonte




The Satires

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