Life in Blackfoot Country Learning to go hungry

Lost Shadow The native concept translated as ‘shadow’

Keeping a Pipe On forgotten knowledge

Pipe Maker A story with a moral

The Novice A story with a moral

The Stick Game Native quantum mechanics (the witches)

The Legend of the Blackfoot Titan Mik-api

Happy the Indian Guide Indian stereotypes

Raven and Thunder Blackfoot Law of Matriarchy

Strawberry Medicine Men and a Stellar Jay

Napi in the New Age A ‘red apple’ story (satire)

Essay on Native American Humor Why I’m not politically correct

Junípero Serra On house breaking dogs (Catholic style)

The DIA and Shamanism Failed exploitation of indigenous knowledge

Native Americans and Race Race is BS to authentic Indians

Michele Bachmann & Wild Indians Satire

Dick Cheney’s Dog Joke story of a Blackfoot medicine man

Apple Indians & Anthropology Anthropology as a faith-based initiative

Modern Indian Society A short history of cultural transition

Losers A Native perspective of Plato & western science

The Legacy of Russell Means ‘think twice’

New Age Homicide for $MONEY$ ‘think thrice’

Confession of a Sham-man correcting life’s mistakes

Cosmos & Consciousness A primer on the ancient Native mentality

The Trickster in Equilibrium A Western misapprehension

Natural Selection for Autistic Traits The ‘taciturn’ Indian

A Tribal Perspective View of the Western culture’s direction via a Native American derived ontological understanding