A theory of smashing reality. Can you wrap your head around the idea of western science destroying consciousness/awareness?

I’ve been in Europe (exiled) for over seven years. Five of those years have been spent in Germany with its fixation on all things Native American. There are plenty of Disney Indian events going on over here, and I’m not talking about Paris.

I suppose it would have been easy to prostitute my 30 years learning with some of the last great masters of American Indian knowledge, Blackfoot, Plains Ojibwe and Cree.

But the culture has been so maimed by people half trained, already, I could not bring myself to dirty it any further. So, I have been quietly, individually, teaching a handful of interested people but refusing any relationship with money having to do with my endeavor in this regard. It has been an investment based solely in faith, faith in my ethics, faith in what my teachers had shown me, faith in my adopted Native culture’s original values. If you give better than you get, you are a winner.

Now, suppose I had the opportunity to teach a workshop and we all were seated on the ground in a circle. Knowing my background, German mentality being what it typically is, they’d all be looking at me in awe as though I were a god and I’m in the same moment thinking “If you think you are important, you don’t belong here, these folk all think I’m important, so maybe I don’t belong here”

With all these expectant faces peering at me, I hate to tell them the truth but they are here because their own culture is failing them, so let the pain sink in.

“Our lesson today is short and simple. Here is a one cent coin. Pass it around the circle, I wish for each of you to actually take a moment, only that, a moment, to contemplate the power of this tiny bit of copper. No questions please, I will explain when the little penny has returned full circle”

Who knows what one might think? Power? A single euro cent will buy you precisely nothing!

So 15 people take 15 minutes to appear all serious at what would ordinarily seem a ridiculous proposition, as the little penny passes hand to hand, some finger it, other bow their heads in meditation over it, but hey, I’ve all these years training so best behave as though in the presence of a god .. but just now they’re about to discover a devil-

They much pondered bit of copper has finally been passed back to me and I look everyone in the eye, one to the next, holding up the single euro cent between forefinger and thumb while saying:

“In Quantum Mechanics, once two particles have been associated, they remain forever associated, no matter whether you separate them  by a universe in space and time. We have always known this. It is why we, Indians, had been taught to be careful in our thoughts, and cautious in our associations and physical items such as pennies are in fact associations

“Now, just imagine this were a large old penny such as were known 100 or more years ago, and I had taken it off a dead man’s eyes only this morning. In that case, each one of you would now be associated with that act, as well the dead man’s life, and even the cause of his demise

“I want you all to go home, look at and consider the source of your belongings, and know why the Native spiritual name for money translates literally: “The leading trouble maker”

The ancient Native view concerning the ‘web’ of life is precisely like this: We construct reality through two phenomena, primarily, our actions and our associations. Our associations tie us to the web, our person represents the intersect where the several or many strands meet and as such, our actions influence our associations, no different to our associations influence our encounters or ‘luck’

How one behaves and what one associates with, determines the direction and quality of everyone’s life, without exception. To construct a  web which will resonate health requires self discipline incorporated to intelligent choice of associations and related energies. This is because everything you do, and everything every member of your ‘web’ does, impacts and resonates throughout your web

The theoretical physicist Bernard d’Espagnat states:

“The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment”

He might as easily have said ‘Plato was wrong’ when Plato described with his ‘objectivity’ why there is a divided line:

“Now take a line which has been cut into two unequal parts, and divide each of them again in the same proportion, and suppose the two main divisions to answer, one to the visible and the other to the intelligible, and then compare the subdivisions in respect of their clearness and want of clearness, and you will find that the first section in the sphere of the visible consists of images. And by images I mean, in the first place, shadows, and in the second place, reflections in water and in solid, smooth and polished bodies and the like

“Imagine, now, the other section, of which this is only the resemblance, to include the animals which we see, and everything that grows or is made”

What Plato is saying is; there are higher and base awareness and  in the case of the lower “Animals which we see and everything that grows or is made” there is no consciousness approaching the possibilities of MAN’s awareness, because Plato has assigned female intelligence to the lower category which includes (in his view) sensual intelligence, intuitive intelligence et cetera, in effect all that is not capable of ‘rational’ thought (Plato holds rational thought excludes female or intuitive intelligence.)


The consequent nature of the Platonic/Cartesian ‘objectifying’ reality or assigning Plato’s belief in human consciousness existing independently of our intuition and related surrounding objects (nature) is the ultimately destructive equation, in fact here is what Plato has created for the whole of Western Civilization:

Draw a parallel set of horizontal lines and below them place a dot at the bottom of the page. From the dot, draw an array of arrows (like a peacocks tail when spread) pointing upward towards the parallel and give the arrows names: Success, Failure, Right, Wrong, Light, Dark, Good, Evil, Praise, Punishment, Sacred, Profane, Winner, Loser, Male and Female.

Between the parallel lines write these words: Self-Image, Fear and Ego.

Above the parallel lines is a field where you write two words; Unseen Reality:

“They can’t even see it” -Floyd Heavyrunner

All European cultural based mentality (regardless of race, religion or creed) is trained from infancy or one could say ‘shaped’ to become imprisoned below the horizon of the parallel lines. Theirs’ is a complex matrix of illusion consisting of culturally inculcated denial founded on a deceit constructed in false self-image. The field ‘Unseen Reality’ above the parallel lines of the artificially constructed horizon occupies 90% of the page.

For the European cultural mentality (includes the USA and most of today’s world exterior to Europe), the parallel lines (division) serve as a mirror and they are convinced reality only exists within the severely constrained and misshapen perceptual prism they have culturally created for themselves (and are largely unaware they do this.)

How this came about was the fusion of Plato’s misogyny (denigration of female intelligence principles) with the Judeo-Christian archetype myth ‘The Fall.’ It would not matter whether you were an Atheist, Christian, Jew, Satanist or astro-physicist with an IQ of 170, all are subject to the reality-perception limitations created by cultural shaping, from  infancy, of the light/dark duality.

With the cultural denial of female intelligence and consequent male mono-sexual narcissistic (or ego-self-image) mentality, the European based cultural ego’s logic is carried to insane collective extreme incapable of solving the problems it created

With fully one half (an entire brain actually, we each have a ‘pair’ of brains) of intelligence repressed, factoring in a ‘flipped’ Gestalt principle, 10% of intelligence is available for utility to the European based cultural thinking, and this easily exposes the culture and science which has set out to destroy our planet through exploitation of nature as SEVERELY RETARDED when it becomes apparent technology has advanced to a state of literal consciousness smashing. Recalling (via the irony of atom smashers) quantum mechanics lab experiments have demonstrated human consciousness cannot be separated from the awareness of surrounding matter, in effect there is no such thing as Plato’s inanimate object.

Western science and technology is not merely smashing physical objects, it is smashing awareness itself, awareness we cannot be separated from, and science has no grasp whatsoever of the ultimate consequence of this-

Note 1: What is largely invisible to the Western mentality is highly visible to the ancient Native American mentality. The problem for the westerners is, ‘seeing is believing’ and what they cannot see, they refuse to believe, excepting (in some cases) a necrotic fantasy of ‘God’ with no basis in reality.

Note 2: When I’d explained particle accelerators (atom smashers) to the old medicine men, their uniform reaction is best summed up by the statement of the Ghost Priest (master of Native quantum mechanics ‘unseen reality’) Pat Kennedy: “They had better stop fucking around”

Note 3: Marimba Ani’s African perception, ‘YURUGU‘, is similar perspective to the native, and deconstructs Plato brilliantly



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