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Recent events point to the idea the USA intends the new regime in Kiev is deliberately to be so outrageous to the Kremlin, Russia will feel compelled to intervene so far as to remove the literal nazis in Ukraine empowered by the western democracies. Immediately following DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) John Brennan’s visit to Kiev, the new Ukrainian authorities had initiated a military action in the ethnic Russian east of the country. Following the 17 April Geneva accord, the action was briefly put on hold, until Joe Biden visited and military action was renewed. With the USA’s influence and promises of aid to the new regime, this cannot be construed to be an accident. Geneva had been nothing more than a propaganda ploy by the USA and Biden’s visit was to inform the Geneva meeting for purpose of defusing the crisis was geopolitical theater to be ignored. What the Kiev regime doesn’t understand is, they’re nothing more than a pawn to be sacrificed on the so-called ‘Grand Chessboard’ in the 21st Century edition of ‘The Great Game’ –Update 2 May 2014

Obama’s Ukraine

“In [the 2011] commemoration of the 1918 Battle of Kruty, Svoboda, accompanied by a substantial number of so-called autonomous nationalists, organized a huge torchlight parade, rife with Nazi symbolism.

“On April 28, 2011, Svoboda celebrated the 68th anniversary of the establishment of the Waffen-SS Galizien. Octogenarian Waffen-SS veterans were treated as heroes in a mass rally, organized by Svoboda and the “autonomous nationalists”” -quoting ‘The Return of the Ukrainian Far Right’ by Swedish academic Per Anders Rudling (2013)

Neo-NAZI Svoboda party members in the new Ukraine administration supported by Obama:

Oleksandr Sych – Vice Prime Minister
Andriy Mokhnyk- Minister of Ecology
Ihor Shvayka – Minister of Agriculture
Ihor Tenyukh – Minister of Defence
Oleh Maknitsky – Prosecutor General

In the lead-up to these fascists installed with the USA (and Western Europe’s) support, the neo-NAZI Svoboda party head Oleh Tyahnybok:

has met with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and EU foreign affairs representative Catherine Ashton”

This preceding is the tip of the iceberg:

“The leader of the“Fatherland” coalition in the absence of jailed leader Yulia Tymoshenko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, “as a Christian and a Greek Catholic,” rants against gay marriage.

“A major contributor to the demonstrations is the far right “Freedom” [Svoboda] party, which this year the World Jewish Congress –and many others– described as neo-Nazi.

“Another smaller component is the the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, established by the former Nazi collaborator émigré group, the war time Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUM ) which assisted in the extermination of Ukrainian and other Jews. Still another is the Ukrainian National Assembly/Self Defense, which maintains a close relationship with the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party of Germany”

It doesn’t end there.  Oligarch & new interior minister Arsen Avakov, was head of corrupt oligarch Yulia Tymoshenko’s “Batkivshchyna” political party (Bloc Yulia Tymoshenko.) He escaped an Interpol arrest warrant for real estate fraud by acquiring immunity from prosecution with election to legislature as a ‘People’s Deputy.’ Now as Interior Minister (Ukraine’s top policeman), Avakov is positioned to remove or weaken any evidence that could lead to his or other Tymoshenko related players and other corrupt officials conviction in possible future trial.

And Oleksandr Turchynov, the USA engineered, putsch-proclaimed President of Ukraine? Just another corrupt Yulia Tymoshenko stooge who’d, when head of Ukraine’s security service, destroyed documents connecting Yulia Tymoshenko to the world’s most dirty organized crime boss, Semion Mogilevich.

As well, the new Russia hating Kiev administration has appointed ‘governors’ for the Russia leaning, industrialized east of Ukraine; oligarch billionaires Igor Kolomoysky and Sergey Taruta, now well positioned to snap up and loot Ukraine’s industrial base which cannot be competitive in the European Union, as well buy up agricultural land the IMF will insist be ‘privatized’ along with ‘austerity’ demanding cuts to benefits for children and halving the pensions of the elderly. Factories will shut down and unemployment skyrocket, all to the advantage of western European exports at the expense of Ukraine’s domestic infrastructure, similar to the model imposed on and devastating Greece. This is an attempted highway robbery of entire regions of Russia sympathetic people in the East of Ukraine the new ‘authorities’ in Kiev actually despise. The cynical geo-political calculation in NATO is a destabilized Ukraine on Russia’s doorstep will require Russian intervention and all fingers can be pointed at Russia for interfering, self-justifying the alliance in Brussels strengthening and expanding an aggressive NATO.

Here is NATO fanatic John McCain, meeting with Ukrainian NAZI Oleh Tyahnybok [center] in the presence of the now USA installed Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the very same man Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, in a leaked conversation, had instructed the American ambassador to Ukraine the USA wanted put in charge:


And here is Victoria Nuland meeting with NAZI Tyhanybok together with the same:


And now John Kerry in the company of known NAZI Tyhanybok:


Now, less anyone misunderstand the importance of the NAZI Tyhanybok to propping up the USA installed prime minister of Ukraine, one only need see this image:

nazi-prime minister

And finally, here is Obama together with the NAZI supported prime minister the USA has installed in Ukraine:


Now, all of this geo-political maneuvering, employing NAZIs to push NATO in Russia’s face, on Russia’s very doorstep, is on track to backfire in a really big way, recalling NATO inducting ‘partner’ nation Ukraine is one more example of a multiple broken promise, a promise to Russia NATO would not expand into the former Soviet sphere of influence, when Gorbachev allowed the former Warsaw Pact nations to pursue their own destiny with the break-up of the Soviet Union.

Now, we all (in the intelligence world) know none of this ‘regime change’ agenda is going to be brought off without CIA involvement. Going to that fact (of life in real-politic), it does to note here the CIA has longstanding ties to the Ukrainian neo-NAZI movement. No better evidence of this is a former CIA collaborator (Canadian academic) in the Ukrainian nationalist movement, acknowledging the facts but (one must presume disingenuously, academics dare not be associated with NAZIs) claiming he ‘did not know’ about the NAZI elements in the CIA Ukraine program:

I cooperated with Prolog … I did understand in the 1970s and 1980s that Prolog was CIA funded … In the 1970s and 1980s I did not comprehend to what extent Prolog had hidden the dark past of OUN and UPA and propagated a legendary version of nationalist history…”

He might more honestly state today ‘to what extent Prolog (the CIA operation codename) had laundered the neo-NAZI movement’ behind the new USA installed regime in Kiev.

Insofar as CIA associated ‘regime change’ in Ukraine, this is the second time around. The first time around was the ‘Orange Revolution’ which had brought Yulia Tymoshenko & Viktor Yushchenko to power. For an expanded understanding of both operations, one only need study rogue CIA officer Phillip Agee’s expose: ‘Terrorism and Civil Society.

So, when Obama behaves as though he were sincere in addressing the world as if Russia were the instigator of Ukraine coming apart at the seams, actually Russia has every reason to feel it cannot allow these manipulations to follow through to the Western democracies desired conclusion. To this point, it cannot hurt to recall erstwhile Obama foreign policy consultant, career Russia hater Zbigniew Brzezinski, neo-liberal guru to Obama administration officials such as Victoria Nuland, considers Ukraine central to his ‘Grand Chessboard‘ strategy of pushing Russia into a corner in the 21st Century edition of the ‘Great Game‘, a step towards freeing up the USA for world domination.

Meanwhile, the major difference between Obama and Bush is quite straightforward; Obama is a by far more natural & dangerous liar, and not only when promoting the neo-NAZI administration installed by USA instigated violence in Kiev with this disingenuous quote:


“I commend the Ukrainian government’s restraint” -Obama

But guess what? A Polish MEP [Member of European Parliament] states in  an interview the Maidan snipers were trained in Poland in a joint operation with USA intelligence services.

Question: “[you are] a supporter of the thesis it was a CIA operation?”

Answer: “Maidan was also our operation. The snipers were trained in Poland”

The original interview transcript in Polish language HERE

A reasonable English language summary of the interview by PRAVDA:

As well, a leaked phone call between the European Union’s Cathrine Ashton and the Estonian foreign minister, indicates it was people aligned with the new USA supported Ukrainian administration were behind the snipers who killed both protestors and police during confrontation in Kiev. According to the Estonian foreign minister, in a leaked conversation, evidence points to the new Ukrainian regime behind the snipers that killed both police and protesters, blamed on the ousted administration by the USA. Have a listen to the Estonian:

Obama is a world class geo-political liar in the final estimation, backing a neo-nazi killer regime for the sake of isolating Russia in the 21st Century (nuclear armed) world domination endeavor on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations, CHEVRON, Monsanto and ‘friends’, variously known as the ‘ultra-wealthy’, ‘one percent’ and the ‘oligarchs’


Why don’t you see any of this CIA fostered and implemented NAZI relationship to the USA in the western press? Because:

“You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.” -CIA operative cited in “Katherine The Great” by Deborah Davis

“There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level.” -William B. Bader, former CIA intelligence officer, briefing members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, From ‘CIA and the Media’, by Carl Bernstein

“The Agency’s relationship with [The New York] Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. [It was] general Times policy … to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible.” -CIA and the Media by Carl Bernstein

How does one sort fact from fiction in the Western media world? Go to the skills found in professional intelligence, where it’s a matter of training and knowing what to look for. Wikipedia claims the nazi elements had been pushed out of Tyhanybok’s Svoboda party but this does not square with the World Jewish Congress describing Svoboda as neo-nazi. Or the research turned up by the Swedish academic Per Anders Rudling documenting Svoboda organized the celebration of octogenarian 3rd Reich Waffen SS veterans as heroes as recently as 2011 (cited at the beginning of this article.) And then you have the former CIA collaborator (Canadian academic) stating CIA laundered Svoboda party pre-cursor elements in the 1980s (associated with the mentioned Prolog program) and the fact CIA edits Wikipedia, not only has controlling influence in more traditional mainstream media as demonstrated by a former CIA director’s quote:

“The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” -William Colby, former CIA Director, cited by Dave McGowan in “Derailing Democracy“

In the applied geo-politic of Obama’s USA, CIA requires straight-forward aggression to achieve a means to an end. Neo-nazis will accomplish a goal (violent coup) law abiding citizens will not. And then CIA launders the facts with its controlling influences in mainstream media. Present CIA director Brennan is a nasty man and is by far too close to Obama.

If the facts of the ‘Maidan Coup‘ line up behind Russian President Putin’s position and you don’t like Putin, that sucks for you. Truth is often not a comfortable thing and why CIA would prefer you did not know truth.

Ukraine for Dummies



Ronald Thomas West is a former U.S. intelligence professional