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MP Stroebele (Ron West photo)

Dear MP Stroebele

As you are now aware, and this cannot be denied with the recent news coverage naming yourself…

…the German parliament has been deceived by rank criminals in the Merkel government.

Therefore you can no longer offer any excuses (in the form of your ongoing, and cowardly silence) for refusing to bring my case forward, particularly when you state to media:

““It will be extremely embarrassing for Merkel, who prides herself on her close relationship with [French President Francois] Hollande, if it turns out that the BND helped the NSA to spy on French politicians. Obama knows the feeling,” said Hans-Christian Ströbele, a member of the parliamentary intelligence control panel from the Green Party”

Is ‘embarrassment’ excuse enough to continue covering up BND or other parties in German government complicity in concealing, and perhaps even assisting, attempted murders on German soil? I will draw your attention to our meeting in Berlin at the Snowden rally in July of 2013:

Mr MP Stroebele, I would very much like to get on with the normal life I am entitled to, as an ordinary citizen who has committed no crimes. You OWE that to both justice and to myself. It is past time to bring my case forward.


Ron West

“The history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than a history of crime” -Voltaire

A story of how defending Native American sacred lands had morphed, over a period of 20+ years, into a game of international intrigue & surviving assassination; with conclusions

Chronology of Events in the Case of Ronald Thomas West
(abridged summary)


In 1987 I was asked by Floyd Heavyrunner, traditional war chief of the Blackfoot Indians of Montana, to monitor interest by United States Department of Agriculture (Forest Service) in development of oil and natural gas in the Blackfeet tribe’s treaty lands known as the ‘Badger-Two-Medicine’ also known as the ‘Ceded Strip’, subject to tribal rights under the so-called ‘Grinnell Agreement’ also known as the ‘Treaty of 1895.’

In 1988, Floyd retained Mark Mueller of Austin, Texas (licensed in Montana) as attorney of record for the Blackfoot ‘Brave Dogs Society’ also known as the ‘Crazy Dogs’, in Floyd’s capacity as traditional cultural leader of that ancient tribal organization.

By 1991, as lead investigator on behalf of the Brave Dogs Society, in association with Mark Mueller, I had developed copious documentary evidence of a criminal ring working inside the United States Department of Agriculture, on behalf of CHEVRON Corporation, detailing a concerted effort to counterfeit compliance to laws that otherwise should have protected the area on behalf of the Brave Dogs Society, to include officials of the United States pursuing the following illegal acts, including felonies:

Lying to the Brave Dogs and counsel

Lying to the public

Lying to Congress about following specific applicable laws (National Historic Preservation Act ‘traditional cultural properties)

Concealing Forest Service knowledge of those applicable laws from the Brave Dogs, counsel and the public

Concealing Forest Service officials training in those same applicable laws

Deliberately cheating those same laws, to the benefit of CHEVRON

These incriminating documents, taken together, indicate a pervasive and organized criminal network represented in government officials, working on behalf of CHEVRON for the purpose of deliberately counterfeiting compliance to law, going to the highest levels of the United States at Washington DC. This particular criminal event was organized and run out of the Northern Region One Headquarters of the United States Forest Service at Missoula, Montana, and implemented via the Great Falls, Montana, offices of the Lewis and Clark National Forest.

These documents were incorporated into administrative appeal when the CHEVRON (and FINA) permits to drill were approved in what amounted to a ‘rubber stamp’ process at the Northern Region One Headquarters at Missoula. This appeal stopped the project in its tracks. The quandary of coving up the criminal network was accomplished by bureaucratic fiat, when the FBI declined to become involved (I personally briefed an agent who reviewed the documentation and acknowledged their substance but claimed he had no authorization to act and referred to the United States Attorney (United States Department of Justice) office at Billings, Montana, whom he stated were very well aware of the issues), after the United States Department of Agriculture Inspector General declined to investigate, the USDA Inspector General’s office saying they would not become involved on the pretext of the issue had already been raised in the administrative appeals process. Because the government (and Chevron) did not dare to allow the documents into the federal court record, where they would be put in front of a judge (or judges, on appeals in court litigation), a political deal involving lease swaps was engineered by United States Senator Max Baucus with CHEVRON and CHEVRON backed out. When I personally managed to place the incriminating documents into the hands of (recently new) Forest Service Chief Floyd Thomas, he attempted to close down the Northern Region One Headquarters and move those operations to Denver, where they ‘would fall under closer supervision.’ It took the efforts of two United States Senators, Max Baucus and Conrad Burns, to reverse this.


Note 2) Two attorneys briefing the government side (Forest Service) on Native legal issues during this period, John Yoo & Jay Bybee, would later become infamous as Bush ‘torture lawyers’ in association with Condoleezza Rice. Condoleezza Rice, in turn, has had (previous and post Bush regime) close association with CHEVRON.

Note 3) the Montana ‘Northern Region One’ headquarters has a long association with CIA, dating to the 1950s and still an active relationship into the 1970s and probably through 1980s and beyond, relating to air services, surplus property, and laundering aircraft used in agency gun running & rogue elements (black budget) international narcotics trafficking.

Note 4) Immediately following my investigative result in 1991, revealing the criminal ring inside government working for CHEVRON, the Veterans Administration suddenly, spuriously, diagnosed me as suffering “Psychosis.” I managed to undo this by independently having myself evaluated by the same medical center used by the VA to to study schizophrenia and came up clean.

Note 5) Following this, my VA records were reviewed by a ‘specialist’ from Washington, DC, and certain documents vanished, making it appear as though I had defrauded the VA. A hearing was scheduled, where I produced a copy of a missing critical document, necessary to my defense, and the hearing was cancelled on the spot and charges dismissed.

Note 6) In 1998 I resigned from employ with Mueller Law office on account of health issues.


In 2001, I relocated, from West Glacier, Montana, to Sandia Park, New Mexico. After, I had enrolled my youngest son in the East Mountain High School (a charter school), an accelerated learning institution, in the late Summer of 2005. This school happened to have significant ties to powerful personalities in the Albuquerque corporate military-industrial complex.

By late Fall, intense pressure had been initiated, in form of undue harassment, it would appear intended to make us quit the school.

I initiated a ‘pro se’ investigation, to uncover the core reason(s.) In the process of this, what had been uncovered by myself were:

Felonies tied to the school’s pattern and pervasive civil rights violations of minority students particularly, and other students, by undue influence of ultra right-wing, racist, ‘Christian Dominion’ personalities.

What appears on its face to be an American charter school (EMHS) with embedded intelligence agents employed as instructors.

The possible use of school sponsored ‘field trips abroad’ as cover for covert operations in Latin America and Europe.

Meanwhile I had caused a parallel investigation (late 2006 into Spring 2007) into the school’s illegal activities, by a member of the school’s governing council, Jim Healy, in regards to harassment of my son and myself. In the course of this second (parallel) investigation by governing council member Jim Healy, I was approached by another governing council member, David Walter, who informed me I was stepping on toes of members of “The Council on Foreign Relations” and warned me (a threat) “Do not dare involve attorneys.” Walter further stated any action to hold the school accountable “Had no chance” under any circumstance. In less than a year, a teacher (intelligence embed, almost certainly CIA) from the school, Vince Langan, was part of a team that attempted to ambush myself in Berlin.

With the East Mountain High School case unresolved, recently divorced, my home sold and my youngest off to college, I had left the USA, in July 2007, to attend a conference at Johannes Guttenberg University, at Mainz, Germany. I had no intention of returning to the USA in short term, realizing I’d made powerful, corrupt enemies, without adequate resources necessary to pursue closure of the charter school case. However in the meanwhile I’d indicated to persons associated with the school’s administration I had no intention of letting the case go. This produced following result:

On 3 October, 2007, I routinely scouted the geld automat (ATM or automatic teller machine) I typically used at the Johannes Thaler Chaucee mall, in the Berlin suburb of Britz. In the course of my (professional security training) assessment of whether there were any threat, I managed to trigger to action a team waiting in ambush at the ATM location. Because I was on to them before they realized they’d been compromised, I was further able to get a point blank visual identity of Vince Langan of East Mountain High School, one of the triggermen, in circumstance that both, allowed myself to escape and caused Langan to realized he’d been identified. Two weeks later, I had a second close encounter with attempted assassination, with persons unknown, on the number 7 underground.

I immediately (following morning) left Berlin for Lindau (Bodensee.)

Note 7) Tracking myself to an ATM location abroad required access to my banking information, which can be had with a so-called ‘National Security Letter.’ This points to corrupted FBI involvement.


Having left Berlin for Lindau in mid-October, I shortly arranged via third party (REDACTED) an invitation for German authorities to monitor my situation (“follow me and watch”) This was a deliberate ploy to trap what I believed (at that time) was attempted murder to silence a whistle-blower (myself) in relation to felonies committed by wealthy, corrupt personalities associated with East Mountain High School.

Two weeks later, when I was walking one early Sunday morning, 4 November, 2007, when few people were out and about, a silenced bullet fired by a rifle at long distance, narrowly missed and punched a hole in a parked car I was walking past.

Subsequently, on a Tuesday, 4 December, 2007, I understood I had picked up the German surveillance I had requested, when traveling to give a presentation to a class at (REDACTED), and German police swept the train I had taken, searching one passenger in my car, and asking for identity cards of everyone and interrogating everyone except myself.

Note 8) The high velocity projectile had hit the parked car I was walking past, with such force, it was clear from the sound, the projectile had punched through the metal of the vehicle body, ricocheted off of a retaining wall the car was in front of, and spun to a stop beneath the car. I returned to the location after some days, assessed the possibilities and it became clear the shot had been fired from long distance, from a natural rise (hillside) with good cover, at a distance of perhaps 500 meters.


I had moved to Limburg in the early Spring of 2008 and then to Wiesbaden (June), accepting the invitation of the University at Mainz, to teach a course (in English) on American Constitutional law (Summer semester.) This Summer of 2008 was an intense game of cat and mouse for myself, in relation to my would be assassins/stalkers. Of my several Wiesbaden encounters, the most notable events are:

My Motorola (Razer) cellphone with its’ t-mobile USA chip suddenly quit behaving normally, it no longer showed the ’t-mobile D’ (Germany) reception logo, no longer required international code to access my voice-mail in the USA, and in fact the screen appeared (and phone behaved) as though I actually were in the USA. It had been somehow patched around or through the German reception network and appears to have been used by American intelligence (NSA) to GPS my location in real time. I converted my phone to a German t-mobile pre-paid chip.

About the time I’d noticed this phone modification had happened, a glass pellet had been shot at myself while walking a crowded sidewalk on the North side (my area of residence) in Wiesbaden. I heard what sounded like a powerful spring mechanism release behind me, and turned to look, to see a man keenly observing myself as he walked out of the crowd (brown Stetson style hard felt hat, caring an attache case) and into the street, to cross the street and get away. He kept looking at me as though expecting something to happen. When I had returned to my apartment, sat at my desk and removed my knit hat, a very small glass pellet, appearing to be filled with an opaque liquid, had fallen out of my hat, onto my computer keyboard. This pellet had been captured intact by my knit hat, where it was rolled up at the back of my head. I carefully collected (without touching) the glass pellet into a small prescription medicine bottle with my name on it, and packed it with tissue paper as a safety precaution and sent it to analysis via (REDACTED)

Following this preceding incident, I noticed it appeared as though I were being scouted for purpose of establishing my routine habits (the GPS component apparently having been lost due to my phone conversion.)

One person etched into my memory, although I did not know who she was in the Summer of 2008, was then active CIA officer Sabrina De Sousa. She jumped out on account of her smirking at myself when passing on the street. She was clad partially in the casual clothing of South Asia, and gave me a knowing smile and expression that can only be considered remarkable, when encountered in a total stranger. This marked De Sousa in my memory.

Of the several attempts during this period, one attempt clearly resembled the technique employed in the ‘Imam rapito affair’, also known as the Abu Omar case, in which De Sousa was involved. I was returning from teaching class at Mainz, when I noticed an aberration (due to my training) in what otherwise would seem a normal and unremarkable event. A group of men dressed in the typical blue German workingman clothing, taking a break.

The circumstance jumped out at me as I approached for the following reasons; there was no conversation at all, they looked ‘posed’ (stiff, as if unfamiliar with acting), had American body language and what I would call ‘Delta Force’ physiques (the sort of body build you will typically encounter in hyper-physically trained special operations soldiers.) Other than clothing, they did not resemble German laborers at all. My route on the sidewalk would have taken me between what amounted to a close, half-circle of three of these ‘workers’, and the half-circle closed to the street by the open, sliding side door, to a white, windowless van with at least one occupant.

There was a fourth ‘worker’ sitting in the passenger seat (with door open) of a car pulled up closely behind the van, concealing the van’s identity plate from behind. He appeared to be a ‘backstop’ positioned in case I’d evaded or somehow came through the initial three poised to shove myself into the van. Clearly, it was expected I would walk between the half-circle and the van. I approached as if unconcerned, to get as close as possible for visual assessment and at the last moment, instead of continuing on the sidewalk into what certainly was a ‘snatch’ and ‘rendition’ trap (I could have been popped into the van and subdued in a matter of a few seconds, less than five seconds, certainly), I walked out into street and into possible oncoming traffic (and was lucky not to be run down by a car.) Evasion was simple.

The last attempt at Wiesbaden, was when the apartment I had been renting was to be advertised for new tenants. There was an immediate response from a couple living on the United States military base there. This German couple could not take the apartment over from me too soon, they were anxious to move in as soon as possible. He was from the former GDR, was a huge George Bush fan and worked for the American military in some undisclosed capacity (evasive), and she ran a florist business on base.

She shortly called me and stated she would like to bring some packages to leave at the apartment, the evening before I vacated (on a Friday), which raised an additional red flag. I simply said to call me on the preceding Tuesday and ask then, as I could not yet know if I would be home on the evening she wished to come over with the packages. I knew (and did not say) the landlord wished to make some renovations. I left the week preceding my vacancy date, and by the time she called, the apartment had been thoroughly gone through by the landlord and I been out of Wiesbaden for a week. When she asked if the packages could be brought over on Thursday, I replied “I am in Berlin, you will have to ask the landlord.” Her reaction was to shout “He’s in Berlin!” to her husband (co-conspirator) and then her husband launched into a tirade in German… with the German authorities having an open invitation to monitor all of my phone calls, I expect they discovered two Germans working for American intelligence.

Note 9) Without going into detail, I had set up a test during this period, following shutting down the GPS of my phone, by confiding to a close confidant via Skype, technique I expected might work to take me down and succeed in assassination of myself. This was the next technique tried but I was ready for it, saw the circumstance developing and foiled the attempt.

Note 10) I will mention here, I had nearly one full year on the job training (1974-1975) in military special operations intelligence (19th Special Forces Group) with some of the most experienced of that era, and furthermore, I am highly trained in asymmetrical counter-intelligence, concerning technique I am not at liberty to discuss. However oblique reference may be made to this second instance, with referring the reader to this study: ‘Unconventional Human Intelligence Support’ by Commander L. R. Bremseth, United States Navy, 28 April 2001, Marine Corps War College.


Note 12) I lost specific timeline notations from this period and going forward, due to a future failure of my laptop and resultant data loss. After the data loss event, I did not resume the habit of keeping notes on much of my experiences but am able to reconstruct some important events timeline with other records.

Note 13) By late 2008, I had realized this was no simple attempted murder case to cover up a school’s corruption, but was something by far bigger. My resolve was to take it as far as I could, in the hope of my being surveilled by German police to now, particularly, would lead to breaking the larger picture of clandestine effort in attempted assassination of myself, into the light of day. At this point I did not actually expect to survive, but was determined to do as much damage as possible to the criminal element, through exposure via the clandestine arrangement of monitoring of myself.


After several weeks stay in Berlin, in December 2008 I relocated to Catalonia, Spain, renting an apartment in the town of San Feliu de Guixols.

My stay in Spain was intense, but I will limit my notations to a few extraordinary events.

The Spanish domestic intelligence communicated with me directly, to let me know they had picked up monitoring my circumstance. How this was communicated (including direct ‘thank you’, among other events, on several occasions) is perhaps best described using this early example: I had a remarkable encounter with a woman in a grocery store adjacent to my apartment. It was like a Woody Allen scene in a movie. Only a few days later, this precise scene was caused to be reenacted with myself by another woman who had accosted me in different store. Clearly, she had studied security video of the earlier encounter and this second encounter closely mimicked the first encounter, to let me know I was monitored.

It was while I was in Spain in 2009, CIA officer Sabrina De Sousa sued the USA for diplomatic immunity over her role in the ‘Imam rapito affair’ or the ‘Abu Omar case’, this broke into the news with her photo in online media (New York Times) and I immediately recognized De Sousa as the smirking woman I’d encountered in Wiesbaden the previous Summer. While monitoring the AP Wire (RSS feed) I also picked up a statement attributed to Italian defendant, General Nicolò Pollari, to the effect ‘Condoleezza Rice had been personally overseeing the renditions team in this case.’ He wished to subpoena Rice in his defense.

This is when the larger picture of my own circumstance first began to make real sense. If Condoleezza Rice had been ‘personally overseeing’ a renditions team that included Sabrina De Sousa, this indicated my case was not only about East Mountain High School but had ties going back to the Badger-Two Medicine case of the Blackfeet Brave Dogs Society, CHEVRON, and the Bush Sr administration. Rice’s career path has been from CHEVRON board director to Bush Jr National Security Adviser to Secretary of State (The United States Department of State is Siamese twin to the CIA) and back to CHEVRON, post Bush era. Coincidental to this, two attorneys preparing legal memos on Native American rights cited by the Forest Service in the Badger-Two Medicine case, John Yoo and Jay Bybee, had since become infamous as renditions related Bush ‘torture lawyers.’

In June of 2009, related to these new developments, I had made a brief trip to Berlin to secure the defunct NGO ‘Association for the Support of the North American Indians’ file on the Blackfeet Brave Dogs, which I knew would include incriminating, related documentation. I personally went through the file to ascertain there was a complete record of documentation on the CHEVRON criminal ring previously encountered in the Bush Sr administration (it was all there) and arranged the entire file to be sent on to (REDACTED), which was done.

Date unknown (data loss) a second silenced bullet narrowly missed, fired from a high rise in S’garo, as I walked from the suburb of S’garo, across the rise into San Feliu de Guixols. This event occurred as I passed a construction site where a stone strewn bank caused the the missed high velocity projectile to ricochet. The pedestrian in front of myself jerked his head in the direction of the bullet striking the stone, it could not be ignored.

24 October 2009, I avoided being deliberately run over by a new, red, rental car, by two dark complected males whose arms were covered in gang tattoos.

20 Feb 2010, I surprised former CIA ‘Cowboy’ Gary Berntsen (now in private contracting) at the Hotel Barcarola reception desk in S’garo, it was between 7 & 8AM, as he was checking his hit team into the hotel. We were caught on security camera together.

Gary’s initially had a stunned blank look, which became an expression as though he’d been busted with his hand in the cookie jar and wished he could crawl under a rock as I stood inches from him, literally rubbing elbows, his bodyguard just stood there staring at me with a stunned, stupid look in circumstance that completely blew their cover, I couldn’t help myself, I had to laugh at them on my way out the door. I gave them about six hours head start before posting the fact of that morning’s encounter online, where Spanish domestic intelligence looked for updates on my encounters. Berntsen & Associates were smart to flee.

On the 5th of July 2010 I spent about half an hour visiting with two very polite regional policemen [Mossos] at my door. What the policemen said, was interesting. The police copied my passport information, questioned me about details that would confirm my identity, reported in with their radio my name, my information and had me sign a statement to the effect I had lived in my present apartment “for more or less one year, to be provided to the judge” who wanted to confirm the identity of the person lived in my apartment. I made no secret of the fact I was unregistered in Spain, and I made it clear I had no intention of registering with immigration or applying for residency. The police assured me my staying in Spain was not a problem and they had no interest in anything other than confirming my identity for the judge.

It was about this time I am fairly certain I had been poisoned. I had one day, after eating out, suddenly suffered a copious sweat without fever and after, my health took a downward spiral. That and the fact Judge Baltasar Garzon had been recently been removed from the bench in Spain under immense pressure from the USA in a corrupt and politicized process (I had followed Judge Garzon’s case closely), together with the Popular Party taking power, I felt made my stay in Spain untenable. I returned to Berlin in August.

Note 14) Summer period of 2009 had since vanished from all my online email records, beginning shortly after I had this published this following letter of 18 February 2009 online, posted on 3 June 2009. Most of June, all of July and August went missing, and much more to early 2010, 4 accounts, 3 google and 1 yahoo. This coupled with my previously having been tracked via my Wells Fargo Debit Card (ATM use) and by T-Mobile USA cell employing GPS .. all point to accessing my various accounts, inclusive of phone, banking, and email accounts, via National Security Letter and law enforcement complicit in tracking me for purpose of attempted assassination in exile. The letter I had made public on 3 June:

18 February 2009
From: Ronald West
To: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Greetings FBI
I am asking a copy of this mail be placed in my file, also that a true and complete copy be forwarded to Glen Fine at the Office of the Inspector General for the United States Department of Justice-
Based on my experiences of the past 3-1/2 or so years, I request the following:

An investigation into/and comprehensive review of any related investigations which granted any agency of the United States, to include your own, access (via National Security Letter or ANY means, e.g. Executive Order or legal memorandum bypassing the ‘FISA’ court, etcetera) to my personal information (particularly to my whereabouts via ATM banking records and (GPS) cell phone, email and conversations on ‘skype’) which may have led to my several experience including but not means limited to:

In Berlin, Germany of being stalked at Johannesthalerchaucee Mall (area of Britz Sud) in very close and tense circumstance by Vince Langan (or what appeared to be his identical twin) of East Mountain High School (Sandia Park, NM) together with accomplice on 3 October 2007-
How that may relate to a few weeks later a silenced bullet narrowly missed me and punched a hole in a vehicle I was walking past at Lindau, Germany-

Under what circumstance further stalkings and what appear to be assassination attempt relating to my t-mobile phone being patched directly through to the t-mobile usa network while I was in the greater Frankfurt region, Limburg and Weisbaden, particularly in late March-early April 2008, bypassing ‘t-mobile-D’, screen showing and phone behaving just as though I were in the USA, and any relationship of that to the preceding-

And related to all of the above, review the activities of (REDACTED) as to whether or not she is or has been an asset of yours or any agency of the USA or has been in a quid pro quo relationship with yours or any agency of the USA or in any capacity or related investigations or actions going to the preceeding paragraphs, cooperated in any investigation or related action concerning me directly or indirectly, with her befriending myself for the purpose at any point in any investigation, of soliciting enough information to implicate but in fact negligently and mistakenly implicate me, short of soliciting enough information to clear me, relating to any actions and/or existing referals of yours or of any USA agency, or any person relating to any such investigations, actions or agencies- impacting my Social Security Benefits in such a way as to effectively use official capacity to bring me into the jurisdiction of the USA or otherwise tamper with my freedom of movement or any other impact on my civil liberties in a ‘R.I.C.O.’ like criminal enterprize, or under any other circumstance related to the preceeding paragraphs, cause undue review of my social security file constituting harassment and hardship in my or my family members lives-

And request the Inspector General for the United States Department of Justice independently inquire of the appropriate authorities in the Federal Republic of Germany as to any known facts of any investigations which may have been or are ongoing relating to any/all of the preceding.
I am BCC copying this communication to two attorneys, one in the USA and one in Germany. These are NOT my attorneys of record. I am copying them because they are discreet men I trust as possessing the highest possible ethical standards and I want a record of this mail in the hands of trusted 3rd parties- which includes any lawful authority, attorney or other person they may, in their discretion, additionally decide it is appropriate to place copies with.

Ronald Thomas West

This letter (above) was not rejected by the FBI mail server, sent to but it was not long after, I began receiving this following response to mails copied to the FBI at Albuquerque (I had, up to then, copied the FBI on my activities)

—– The following addresses had permanent fatal errors —–
(reason: 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected

—– Transcript of session follows —–
… while talking to
RCPT To:<>
<<< 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected
550 5.1.1 <>… User unknown

This (preceding) indicates my mails had been previously routed through to a ‘Sylvia Maruffi’ who appears to have been removed and her address at the Albuquerque office cancelled or changed.

In an unrelated Albuquerque Federal Court pleading that had been posted online by a litigant in May of 2009, I found the following statement:

“.. the situation being reviewed by Sylvia MARUFFI an FBI Investigative Analyst”

This clearly points to FBI Agent Sylvia Maruffi assigned to investigating myself up to the time of the letter sent to the FBI Albuquerque office on 18 February 2009 and Maruffi clearly being a ‘person of interest’ in relation to persistent attempted murders (of myself.) Incidental to this, the FBI has never acknowledged my (emailed) letter of 18 February 2009, although they were clearly in receipt of this communication.


I lived in Berlin from September 2010 through July of 2012. Of several incidents over this period, this one stands out:

While living in Charlottenberg (Berlin) during July 2011, I had my 1st experience with intelligence agencies using proselytizing evangelicals as cover for an assassin team. I’ve puzzled a bit over whether “Jews for Jesus” were a MOSSAD or joint MOSSAD/CIA venture but by now I’ve settled on MOSSAD. It was a Wayne Madsen article had pointed out the CIA had used missionaries in the past, in Latin America particularly, but Jews for Jesus are an altogether different animal. In Berlin, no one is going to poke their nose into the business of any Jew, it is a perfect (the MOSSAD must think) cover. This appeared to be another case of ‘quid pro quo’ (previous ‘quid pro quo’ by MOSSAD in the attempt made on the U7 line in Berlin, 14 October, 2007) or one nation’s agency intelligence acting on behalf of another nation’s intelligence agency, this is not at all unusual.

It is a double blind deniability built into operations, evangelical Christians posing as Jews. Four out of five or perhaps nine out of ten of these so-called “Jews for Jesus” are deceived and unsuspecting evangelicals simply trying to convince people to be ‘saved.’ They are flown in from around the world in shifts volunteering time as missionaries and are conveniently on hand to locate to any area where a hit operation is meant to take place.

The target is supposed to get used to seeing them in his/her area and this is supposed to produce a complacency surrounding the missionaries while your habits are studied, which U-Bahn (underground) you take and most regular times. By the time any target is used to and ignoring “Jews for Jesus”, with routines established, the unsuspecting proselytizing members are replaced with kill teams from MOSSAD wearing ‘Jews for Jesus” shirts and the target (the theory must go) will not notice he/she has been marked going into the subway where a most ‘unchristian’ poison needle is a heart-attack inducing prick in the crowd that cannot be easily picked out of security video and so it is one more joins the people who drop dead of natural causes everyday, it’s that simple. Except when it is not that simple, as when the target is onto what is going on, because the intelligence agency is stupid.

When Americans flown in from the Midwest Bible Belt have been replaced by Israelis whose general demeanor, facial expression and body language is top to bottom different from the duped evangelicals (who should not, after-all, be surprised that actual Jews would be involved with their organization), it is not going to be missed by someone with my level of training. It was in Charlottenberg, I noticed it a couple of Israelis studying my habits, while it was Americans covered the larger public area I frequented, for a few days, and then it was Israelis had staked out my U-Bahn entry. I entered, but instead of going down a 2nd level and taking the train, I walked out another entrance, as though I was using the U-Bahn station as a method to cross an intersection without having to deal with above ground traffic lights and ‘walk’ signals, while watching for any tail I might pick up and sure enough… a tall Israeli in civilian clothes (no ‘Jews for Jesus’ shirt) reversed direction and emerged behind me but I was ready for this, and had positioned myself with back to wall at an outdoor café table, sandwiched between people also facing him with backs to wall and he could not hit me with his needle without giving himself away. Totally the wrong crowded scene, it was my advantage, not his. He stupidly studied my circumstance for a minute, hesitating, starting to leave, stopping to study again, wondering what to do while obviously completely out of sorts, gave up and left as I’d been looking steadily and directly at him and him at myself.

In August 2012, I moved to a small village in in the south of Germany.

Note 15) It was August, 2011, (REDACTED), who’d mostly gone out of contact with myself after I’d hand delivered the glass pellet captured by my hat in Wiesbaden, to be delivered for analysis, and followed on with delivering the incriminating Badger-Two Medicine file to him, came into contact just long enough to make excuse to terminate our close association (he accused me of writing “Hate” in reference to my satire compositions) of nearly twenty years. My impression is (REDACTED) had lost his nerve.


In November 2012, I visited Berlin and had a close encounter with a would be assassin on the U7 underground (3rd U7 attempt over 5 years), and this incident was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

By now, with 5+ years of German domestic authorities aware of and/or following my odyssey, with no action taken to pursue justice, no arrests, and no prosecutions, I came to realize there likely would be no action whatsoever taken, so long as a USA sycophant, conservative government ruled in Germany. After some period of reflection, I resolved to push back at the German government. I devised a legal strategy to bring a heat against Germany in the International Criminal Court for aiding and abetting the USA in crimes that the USA could not be prosecuted directly for, as the USA does not belong to the Rome Statute creating the court. I also resolved to push information on Christian extremism at the Pentagon, material I’d gained in informal cooperation with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (since June, 2008), on German parliamentarians, together with the copious anti-Semitic hate mail directed against the foundation, provided to myself by Mikey Weinstein, MRFF president. These efforts began from my hideout in Southern Germany, in 2013.

Note 16) According to a Washington Post investigative report in 2011, “some 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the United States. An estimated 854,000 people, nearly 1.5 times as many people as live in Washington, D.C., hold top-secret security clearances.”

This is bolstered by a article: “Thousands of technology, finance and manufacturing companies are working closely with U.S. national security agencies, providing sensitive information and in return receiving benefits that include access to classified intelligence, four people familiar with the process said. These programs, whose participants are known as trusted partners, extend far beyond what was revealed by Edward Snowden, a computer technician who did work for the National Security Agency”

Additionally, the US Congressional watchdog GAO [Government Accounting Office] reports as a result of faulty data, US intelligence agencies: “are not well-positioned to assess the potential effects of relying on contractor personnel”

And then, a US Army Intelligence Officer stated to Buzzfeed: “I think if we had the chance, we would end it very quickly.” [USA intelligence would like to find Snowden] “Just casually walking on the streets of Moscow, coming back from buying his groceries. Going back to his flat and he is casually poked by a passerby. He thinks nothing of it at the time starts to feel a little woozy and thinks it’s a parasite from the local water. He goes home very innocently and next thing you know he dies in the shower.”

In fact most of the unlisted events (in this chronology) experienced by myself had to do with evading stalkers whose behaviors profiled for action as described in the paragraph preceding.

This points to the utter corruption of American intelligence, where a corrupt Pentagon, that has thrown the rule of law under the bus, and associated corrupt corporate personalities (e.g. Christian extremists Condoleezza Rice and former NATO Supreme Commander & Obama National Security Adviser General James Jones, in association with CHEVRON) can access top secret material via the Pentagon’s NSA (National Security Agency) for essentially any purpose they please, up to and inclusive of assassination.


2013 was mostly uneventful, relating to attempts on my life, working from my South German safe house. I managed to file the complaint with the International Criminal Court against Germany (presently on hold while the court waits for me to provide further information), and initiated a campaign to educate the German parliamentarians on the Pentagon led Christian extremism infecting NATO. In September 2013, I relocated to Leipzig. In December 2013, I left Germany to live with my girlfriend in (REDACTED.) We registered as living together and three weeks after, I was presented with an Ministry of Interior order expelling myself from the country. The order is in force throughout the European Union and consequently I am under daily threat of deportation to the USA. It is utterly immoral to force myself to seek political asylum in this circumstance but in fact that is precisely what may be required, in this ongoing travesty of justice where institutions of law have refused to move against the criminals I have exposed to the authorities.


The result of what I have named ‘alpha’ investigation is clear.

Corporate organized crime in the military-industrial complex fused with institutions in NATO and rogue elements in intelligence agencies (with the beyond Orwellian twist of ‘Christian Dominionism’ thrown in), together form an international ‘deep state’ dedicated to the subversion and eventual overthrow and/or control of western democratic institutions. The German government and law enforcement is now fully aware of ‘alpha’ elements that have operated exterior to the parameters of law in Germany. Incidental to this, alpha’s operational command and control centered in the USA has had the German political establishment intimidated at the highest levels.

With the German government well aware of all the necessary facts concerning ‘alpha’, from police at the local level to the top politicians in Germany, there is really little more to accomplish. The ‘alpha’ investigative result cannot stay swept under the rug indefinitely, too many people now know what is happening, and ultimately, I have little control over when it breaks into the open or how it will develop subsequently. This will have to do with any remaining institutions concerning the rule of law which have not yet been co-opted by the criminal enterprise behind ‘alpha.’ It is the undeniable responsibility of these institutions to take the information developed surrounding ‘alpha’ forward; towards restoration of an authentic constitutional order.

Note 17) In Germany, where there is no hesitation to arrest and prosecute Islamic terror cells bent on conspiracy to murder, four successive German Interior ministers have failed to act against the same behaviors when conducted by, or on behalf of, Christian extremists in American intelligence and associated corrupt personalities pursuing crimes on German soil. Those German Interior ministers, in order of tenure, are:

Wolfgang Schäuble, 22 November 2005 to 28 October 2009

Thomas de Maizière, 28 October 2009 to 3 March 2011

Hans-Peter Friedrich, 3 March 2011 to 17 December 2013

Thomas de Maizière, 17 December 2013 to present (2nd term)

-Ronald Thomas West, February 2014

All kinds of new publications are hitting the shelves to mark the 50th anniversary of the JFK hit. The most telling (revealing) of these has been a newspaper story in Mexico’s ‘La Journada.‘ One thing you can count on is, USA mainstream news will not pick this story up. Why? It is as simple as the USA’s media has been co-opted by a fusion of corporate boardrooms and intelligence agency personalities.

What La Journada has broken the story on, and the excellent intelligence blog ‘UNREDACTED’ has provided the English original, had been a well kept secret for fifty years; the fact our CIA had been vehemently opposed to a secret initiative pushed into play (over CIA objections) by President Kennedy, to make peace with Fidel Castro and normalize relations with Cuba. This was the last major initiative of Kennedy’s presidency, unknown to now.

The ‘silver oxide’ (as opposed to ‘silver lining’) in this story is, it ties together known facts of the past and provides motive enough to point out it WAS INDEED corporate boards, with United Fruit and Zapata Oil particularly complicit (these days known as Chiquita Brands & Harbinger Group respectively) in their incestuous fusion with heavily invested CIA personalities. Open source intelligence analysis clearly points to these parties behind the CIA invested corporate ‘Deep State‘ murder of JFK.

What do you suppose this has to do with CIA not even beginning to process 50,000 pages of JFK documents which must be released by 2017 according to act of Congress passed in the 1990s?

The CIA resistance to declassify keeps the JFK killing in the realm of ‘conspiracy’ theorists. My own position is, when the paper trail (Warren Commission) doesn’t match the facts on the ground, follow the facts on the ground. Jesse Ventura is a showman but he is not stupid. He has convincingly demonstrated with live fire the piece of junk Carcano (Mannlicher) model of rifle purportedly used by Oswald to shoot Kennedy could not have performed to expectations in the hands of the most expert shooters, and Oswald was not close to expert. One of the many holes in the official record.

Aside from corporate boards, who jumps out as individual personalities in the murder of JFK? Heavily invested individuals (to the tune of millions) would be recent Director of CIA (at time of JFK assassination) Allen Dulles (United Fruit boardroom) and rising CIA star (and future CIA director) George H.W. Bush (Zapata Oil founder.) Suddenly longtime CIA operative E. Howard Hunt’s confession to involvement in the JFK hit, gains a lot more than mere credulity. Having the just dismissed CIA Director Allan Dulles sitting on the Warren Commission (cover-up) would be about equivalent to asking United Fruit to adjudicate the overthrow of the Arbenz government by the CIA on behalf of United Fruit:

“It will be impossible to produce evidence clearly tying the Guatemalan government to Moscow, but the United States might act anyway, based on our deep conviction that such a tie must exist” -Allen Dulles

Meanwhile, those corporations benefiting from the ‘rapacious side’ of capitalism, have been able, in the fifty years since, to point to the (CIA created) Castro ‘boogeyman’ as rationale for American military interventions keeping Chiquita in the business of taking bananas throughout Latin America at gunpoint, as Castro had been pushed into a corner and further radicalized. So, need union sympathetic personalities eliminated for the sake of profit’s bottom line? No problem, simply provide cash and machine guns to designated terror groups as Chiquita ‘security’ personnel. Need to keep this all swept under the rug and out of the public eye? Simply buy in Chiquita lawyer Eric Holder as Obama’s Attorney General (he damn sure won’t reopen an investigation in the JFK murder) as boardroom efforts go on to keep Chiquita crimes concealed.

And we know how ‘junior’s’ subsequent Bush/Cheney oil partnership has fared around the world, the profits in billions have been quite tidy.

Allan Dulles, George H.W. Bush and ‘friends’ must’ve laughed all the way to the bank with their newly minted Kennedy ‘half dollar’ coins.


I think we know who “GOD” is..

..with Bush & ‘friends’ (like Holder) still laughing their way to the bank

Allen Dulles’ brother, John Foster Dulles, was legal counsel for United Fruit for decades.

John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles were major shareholders in United Fruit.

Robert Cutler, head of National Security Council, was former Chairman of United Fruit Board.

Thomas G. Corcoran was paid consultant for United Fruit when working for CIA.

John Moor Cabot, Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American affairs was major shareholder in United Fruit.

Thomas Dudley Cabot, Director of International Security Affairs in the State Department, had been United Fruit president.

John J. McCloy, president of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, was a former United Fruit board member.

Walter Bedell Smith, former CIA Director, was on United Fruit Board of Directors during retirement.

Robert Hill, Undersecretary of State, was on United Fruit Board of Directors during retirement.


Presidential ‘National Security Adviser(s)’ with corporate umbrella & intelligence ties, all who have contributed to, or benefited from profits over peace, from JFK assassination to present. Each of these individuals has played ‘God’ in the pursuit of western corporate colonialism, and had a direct hand in the literal murder of peoples legitimate aspirations for national sovereignty with policy making for the president. All made possible because a single president who had sought to break this cycle had been murdered by those who most profit from it-

McGeorge Bundy, Carnegie Corporation, Ford Foundation, Council on Foreign Relations (+ Skull & Bones), served Kennedy and Johnson

Walt Rostow, OSS, CIA, served LBJ

Henry Kissinger, military intelligence, National Security Council, CIA, Rand Corporation, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, International Chamber of Commerce (and too many associated world-wide crimes, in Latin America particularly, to count.) Served Nixon and Ford and has advised presidents from Nixon to George W Bush

Brent Scowcroft, Council on Foreign Relations, Kissinger Associates, served as National Security Adviser to Ford and George H.W. Bush and has advised presidents from Nixon to Obama

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, International Chamber of Commerce, served Carter and since has been a major instigator of the policies that eventually resulted in the rise of al Qaida

Richard Allen, Hoover Institution, Council on Foreign Relations, Heritage Foundation, ties to Oliver North and Iran Contra money laundering (and by clear implication, George H.W. Bush) served Reagan and advised Nixon

William Clark, military intelligence, pushed for Iran-Contra pardons, served Reagan

Robert McFarlane, un-prosecuted Spy for Israel, National Security Council, Iran-Contra, United States Energy Security Council (with former Director of CIA James Woolsey), served Reagan, pardoned by George H.W. Bush (for role in Iran-Contra)

John Poindexter, Multiple Iran-Contra felon (Reagan) pardoned by George H.W. Bush. Served Reagan and subsequently worked in the George W Bush administration on ‘total information awareness’ and defense contractor in Iraq

Frank Carlucci, CIA assassin (Patrice Lumumba) who rose to CIA Deputy Director, General Dynamics, Westinghouse, Ashland Oil, mentored by Donald Rumsfeld, served Reagan

Colin Powell, CIA military liaison to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), 2nd tour assigned to investigating the My Lai massacre and attempted a cover-up, intelligence and assessment of invasion of Grenada, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (venture capital), Council on Foreign Relations, served Reagan. Under George H.W. Bush was promoted to Joint Chiefs of Staff, moved on to Secretary of State under George W Bush where he knowingly presented the false evidence of WMDs to the UN

Brent Scowcroft, 2nd tenure, served George H.W. Bush (see prior Scowcroft entry)

Anthony Lake, CIA (under cover of Department of State, Vietnam), Carnegie Endowment, concealed from Congress allowing Iran to arm Bosnia (Clinton administration), founder of Intellibridge Corporation, foreign policy adviser to Obama presidential campaign, served Clinton

Sandy Berger, National Security Council, American Oil Company (AMOCO) stockholder conflict of interest, theft of classified materials, caught lying to investigators, resigned his law license to avoid disbarment, served Clinton.

Condoleezza Rice, CIA, Hoover Institute, Federalist Society, Rand Corporation, Chevron board director, CIA renditions, attempted assassination of the author of this blog, served George W Bush

Stephen Hadley, CIA, Scowcoft Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Institute for Public Policy, Ratheon board director, served George W Bush

General James ‘the reverend jim’ Jones, National Prayer Breakfast, Chevron board director, Boeing board director, NATO Allied Supreme Commander, Marine Corps Commandant, Chamber of Commerce, Condoleezza Rice associate, served Obama

Tom Donilon, Fannie Mae, Council on Foreign Relations, served Obama

Susan Rice, National Security Council, Rwandan genocide, Intellibridge, Brookings Institution, handed the president-elect of Nigeria the poisoned cup of tea that killed him, presently serves Obama

Michael Flynn (Trump’s designated National Security Advisor) CIA liaised Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Defense Intelligence Agency, founder Flynn Intel Group; his Intel Group took money from a Turkish client company based in the Netherlands and Flynn turned 180 degrees when assessing Turkey’s support for Sunni militants in Syria (includes Islamic State) from complicit to calling Turkey an invaluable ally in the ‘war on terror’


One of my heroes of journalism is coming to Berlin. As much as this is pleasing to me, it also provides opportunity to raise a difficult issue. That issue would be the RANK COWARDICE of Germans in the political and human rights establishment. This letter has been sent to the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, which is hosting Jeremy Scahill’s visit, as well copied to Hans Christian Stroebel and Gregor Gysi at the German Federal Parliament (and other parties.)

Dear European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights

Great to see you hosting Jeremy Scahill. I invite you to look into a less famous case, closer to home.

My invitation for your organization is, to challenge Germany’s government on allowing JSOC, CIA & MOSSAD to run free in Germany for years engaging in criminal acts, up to and inclusive of both; the attempted rendition and assassination of this correspondent. As well, question why it is ‘responsible’ persons at the Bundestag sit on their hands with tails between legs when they damn well should have been raising their voices. It is my own firm intention there will not be any opportunity to claim ‘we didn’t know’ after the fact, like so many Germans did after the Reich’s defeat.

All the material you need to open a comprehensive investigation is located at my webpage

Most sincerely

Ron West

Note: This NOT my first communication sent to the ECCHR. Per typical of the several human rights organizations I have sent mails to in the past, no reply has been forthcoming.

8 October update: I received the following reply from the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights

Dear Ron West,

thank you very much for your email. The reason why we organize the event with Jeremy Scahill is to raise public awareness of JSOC and others activities. We’re also closely following US-activities on German territory as part of worldwide human rights violations. As you might have seen on our website, we’ve been active against Bush, Rumsfeld and many others in a number of European jurisdiction as well as against the German government regarding CIA-renditions. However, we’re not able to support individual cases, but will certainly have a look at them to include them in our comprehensive strategies. We’ll continue our work on the issue.

Best regards,

(Name edited out)

My reply:

Dear (name edited out)

A most sincere, absolutely grateful thank you, for your reply, a first from any Human Rights affiliated group in six years of soliciting a correspondence relating to my circumstance.

I do invite a look at my case without expectation of any commitment to individual advocacy on my behalf. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, give you permission to speak to anyone regarding myself and I waive any right of anonymity in any reference to my alleged circumstance, when referenced in any report you may see fit to include my case in.

My kindest greetings

Ronald Thomas West

We shall see… (and if there is positive progress, any reporting here will be circumspect, per ongoing investigation)





^ Convicted international criminal Robert Seldon Lady

CIA Officer and convicted kidnap felon Robert Seldon Lady has asked Italy’s president for a pardon. Lady claims “he had been advised they were in accordance with US, Italian and international law” when carrying out a kidnap and delivery to torture.  But in a 2009 interview with Italian magazine Il Giornale, Lady stated “When you work in intelligence, you do things in the country in which you work that are not legal. It’s a life of illegality.” Clearly he knew his actions were illegal. It’s should be no surprise how easily CIA people lie, it’s a criminal lifestyle’s nature.

Lady should have to come clean on his career of crime to be eligible for a pardon, but this is something a man who has lied to the president of Italy in his pardon application would never do.

My questions for Robert Seldon Lady are quite simple; were you working Wiesbaden in the Summer of 2008, when your fellow Italian court convict and CIA colleague, Sabrina De Sousa, had been a member of the team that tried to take me out? When she gave up her cover to sue for diplomatic immunity in the Italian case, I was able to positively identify De Sousa from her photo as involved in the operations aimed at myself in Wiesbaden. In Italy, the operation you worked with De Sousa was personally approved by Condoleezza Rice, a woman with a very personal axe to grind in my case .. considering I can tie her to a criminal ring in government (includes ‘torture is legal’ lawyers John Yoo and Jay Bybee) counterfeiting compliance to laws to push through CHEVRON ‘permit to drill’ applications where CHEVRON had no right to pursue development. Since when is it the business of CIA operatives to take out American citizens on behalf of CHEVRON?

No dungeon is too deep, dark, dank and damned for Robert Seldon Lady and his associates. Why should any CIA criminal kidnap convict be pardoned and be able to freely travel abroad, when I cannot come home on account of the impunity exercised by international criminals he is directly tied to?




The DeSousa Clan of India

The Alpha Chronology

“We Tortured Some Folks”

Reorganizing Murder Inc

Even with the best of agents, when operations run on the edge go wrong, they will always look  bad. When an undercover operative is killed rather than the target, it is as about as bad as things can get, because the dead undercover operative can possibly be traced by both the penetrated organization and law enforcement. This is the likely outcome of a blown operation in which I’d been the target. My experience is reconstructed nearly verbatim from notes I’d made shortly after the event.

Oct 14, 2007

At Neu Koln, Berlin, when catching the U-7 subway south towards Rudow, I was standing at the underground kiosk buying breath fresheners when the train arrived. I quickly tried to complete the transaction but figured I would likely have to catch the next train. I noticed a group of young Arabs holding the door to the train open, preventing it’s departure, all (4) of them watching me, clearly it appeared as though they either expected me to catch that train or they would not be on it themselves.

The train consequently waited for me and I sprinted to the door they were holding for me and jumped between them, onboard. They let the door close as I turned 180 degrees rather than taking a seat, making them a group of five.

Standing facing them, holding a pole, all seemed surprised at my action. A shorter, darker one, then began to assail me in Arabic language as though I were expected to understand, this one initially took the lead and was most vehement and hostile, although a couple of the others were also saying quite angry things to me direct, also if expecting I would understand.

I simply looked at them all, eyes moving one to the other direct, and asked “Do you speak English?”

A tall member of the group, with light complexion on my right (all of them were facing me) and who did not become involved with the angry speech, indicated he did speak English with “Yes”

I asked “What country are you from?”

His indirect answer was to point to the most hostile one, the short grubby one who was wearing an Israeli Defense Force battle fatigue shirt as though it were a trophy, and stated “He is Palestinian.”

He made this a clear distinction. My guess was the one who’d made this statement and the 2 others (all taller, better dressed and lighter complexion than the ‘Palestinian’) were Hezbollah aligned Lebanese, there is a large Lebanese community in that area.

I said to the short hostile one, emphatically: “You’re Palestinian? I apologize to you for George Bush!”

That one statement changed everything. All of them went silent and the ‘Palestinian’ never said another word.

I then said: “There are many good people in my country who don’t like what is happening, it is a difficult situation.”

From this moment and comment, the now totally silent (and clear outsider)  ‘Palestinian’ became the target of the Lebanese, while they checked out my reactions to their terrorizing the ‘Palestinian’, the focus of their hostility had shifted away from me.

What happened now was really interesting. One of the Lebanese is suddenly is getting on his cell phone and making a call… while the groups leader, the tall one to my right, looks at me while pointing to the ‘Palestinian’ who is suddenly looking very ill, and says “Maybe he is Israeli” while assessing my reaction.

I deliberately made myself look surprised and suspicious, raised one eyebrow at the ‘Palestinian’ and said “Israeli Arab?” as though I both: did not fully understand and did not like the idea or somehow found it disconcerting.

The train had made a brief stop and a fifth Arab (Lebanese) joined us with a cell phone and greeting the other Lebanese but not the ‘Palestinian’ who had simply become demoralized with a now clearly frightened look. The new arrival had some conversation in Arabic with the tall on my right, after a hand/fist greeting that, by gesture and look, was attempting to sort some things that needed sorting.

The new arrival is now on his phone while also talking to the tall one to my right, but interrupts his conversation with the tall Lebanese and asks me “Where are you from? England?” almost as to test my veracity, his English skills would know, and I clearly answered “USA.”

I was asked “Where do you stay?”

I stated as a matter of fact “Berlin”

Then I was asked: “Do you speak German” and I answered “Only a little” .. whereas the tall one to my right gave an absolutely evil look at the ‘Palestinian’ and said  slowly, deliberately, “My German is VERY good.” [I’ve often wondered at the significance of that statement]

The new one and the tall one looked at each other, spoke again in Arabic and then the tall one suggested to me while rubbing the ‘Palestinians’ belly “Maybe he is a good boy for sex. What do you think?”

Now the ‘Palestinian’ had the absolute look of ‘I am going to die’ on his face as I answered emphatically, with the culturally correct “I am a good man!” and an offended look (I wore silver studs in my ears at that time and likely had been falsely profiled to MOSSAD as gay)

Suddenly the tall Lebanese, with my answer, made a violent stabbing motion with his right hand at the ‘Palestinian’ while shouting (nearly screaming) to the new arrival “The Israeli must be killed!!”

The Lebanese closed around the ‘Palestinian’ with looks of shock and rage on their faces, when the train stopped, they shoved him off the train together with stepping off themselves. I assure you all, the ‘Palestinian’ did not live long after this interrogation, at most a matter of hours.

Now, I noticed the Germans on the train, men looking straight ahead, no expression, several women had looks of absolute terror on their faces, it had been that intense.

The ‘Palestinian’ was clearly not one of the group in any sense of intimate acquaintance or typical association. He was dressed a bit shabbily, wearing the IDF olive drab fatigue jacket with a Hebrew lettered tag over the left pocket. The Lebanese were all clean, well dressed, of a better class, and obviously educated and intelligent. The ‘Palestinian’ had gone from initiator of the groups hostilities towards me, to the groups target in this course of events lasting about 10 minutes. I expected I could have died. Clearly, the posed as a ‘Palestinian’ MOSSAD agent had died instead.

This was a failed scheme (compromised operation) of using the ‘Palestinian’, almost certainly a Sephardic MOSSAD agent fluent in Arab language and culture, under false pretext to dupe Hezbollah aligned people into assisting with a hit in a difficult operational area (Arab neighborhood.) Between my survival skills (training) confronting the circumstance with dialogue, and Hezbollah’s obvious caution, the Israeli operative, in a sense, literally cut his own throat. He was not prepared for my direct engagement.

With the CIA or MOSSAD (your choice) having decided to leak the fact clandestine operations of the two agencies have established a certain degree of fusion, released as a psychological ploy (neither agency is particularly bright these days), it brought into perspective a phenomena I had puzzled over for some time; how it was I’d drawn the attempted lethal attention of both institutions in a matter of two weeks (in the Fall of 2007.) A case of leaked accountability to Newsweek magazine establishes the CIA & MOSSAD were initiating joint assassinations by February, 2008. In actuality, my case establishes they were already jointly pursuing targets four months previous to this, in October, 2007.

MOSSAD is bound to a code of conduct which requires avenging a loss. I would simply point out to the Israelis, at what price? What had happened in the aftermath of this failed operation had been MOSSAD coming after me with a vengeance. The question MOSSAD should have looked at is, did CIA and ‘associates’ calculatedly omit the fact of my exceptional training, as well the fact I had repeatedly surprised and neutralized or reversed previous operations mounted against myself prior to this event? By now MOSSAD should understand their several subsequent failures can be no accident. No one is that lucky.

People should learn to take responsibility for their mistakes as opposed to doubling-down with attempts based on a moral  & tactical failure. As a matter of fact I do not celebrate the MOSSAD man’s death; nor do I regret it. After all, it was not myself initiated the deadly encounter.

A closing note: I would point out to the radicalized-nationalist Israelis, and MOSSAD is populated with these, with a gross history of policy failures, the nature of psychology is, when you have made a mistake, you must correct yourself, to stay a correct course of action. Otherwise, mistakes become complications and complications lead to making by far more serious mistakes:


Updated 27 September 2021

On Israel


This post should not be confused with my complaint to the ICC in July 2018 titled ‘Intelligence Agencies and the International Criminal Court’ you can find HERE

Anyone who would like to write to the German parliament about my case can find updates and members of parliament email addresses towards the bottom of this page-

8 March 2013

Dear Madame or Sir, of the International Criminal Court

I thought you might find my story interesting. The USA came after me initially using the FISA law, employed as cover to snuff me for anti-corruption work. This was initiated under Bush and carried on under Obama. It didn’t stack up and I reversed the circumstance while on the run in Europe, but now it’s like a Mexican stand-off.

I regret to inform you the Bush era crimes did not cease with the Obama administration, but have rather been shell gamed. My own case in point, for your information.

I am a fugitive anti-corruption investigator with a serious problem. Over the past 5+ years I had allowed myself, in informal arrangement set up via 3rd party, to be used as live bait to document an international murder ring connected to intelligence agencies, for both German and Spanish (and then German again) authorities. The problem is, despite the fact the authorities should long since have ample evidence to issue arrest warrants, pursue extraditions and prosecutions, they sit on their hands. Probably this has to do with the explosive nature of my case and I will hazard a guess of political interference and/or inertia.

That I am a real person and have delved deeply into past intermingled corporate/government corruption, is easily confirmed via Mueller Law of Austin, Texas, USA.

Ronald West


11 March 2013

Dear Mr. West,

Thank you for your message. Please note that the International Criminal Court has a very limited jurisdiction. The Court may only address the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes as defined by Articles 6 to 8 of the Rome Statute that have occurred after 2002, and can only exercise jurisdiction in the countries that have ratified it. For more information on the Court’s jurisdiction and the full text of the Rome Statute, please refer to page 2 of the attached document and our website, We encourage you to carefully review this information.

If, after your careful review, you believe this is the correct place for your case and would like to submit a claim to the Court, then please follow the directions for how to do so on page 1 of the attached document.

Kind regards,

OTP Information Desk

International Criminal Court


11 March 2103

Dear adjudicators of the International Criminal Court

Thank you for your response and invitation to review the requirements of the Rome Statute and submit a claim if relevant.

I believe the ICC has jurisdiction in my cause for the following reasons;

1)    The effort to silence my work (multiple attempts at assassination of myself) can be tied to politicians, military officers and intelligence personnel covering up crimes against humanity

2)    These attempts and my work have occurred in nations party to the Rome Statute (Germany, Spain) and pursued since 2002 (October 2007-November 2012, perhaps ongoing to present)

3)    Germany and Spain are or have been in joint NATO military endeavor with the alleged perpetrators, as well Germany provides logistical support to alleged criminal parties in the overall or greater endeavor by provision of facilities hosted on sovereign German soil, and as well has taken no proactive, reasonable or responsible action to confront the alleged crimes they must be aware of on account of monitoring (but taking no action to rectify) my case

4)    My work has or might have identified, (un)covered or documented organized, deliberate, multiple extra-judicial murders by security forces under the supervision of, or liaised with NATO commanders well aware of and/or systematically promoting alleged murders, in Afghanistan particularly, as well crimes on German and Spanish soil in attempted silencing of myself and stopping my open source analysis of crimes against humanity.

5)    Alleged multiple extra-judicial murders are covert but demonstrable, deliberate policy of parties embedded in instruments of state, largely but not limited to, military and intelligence agencies in joint endeavor with NATO members Germany and Spain

My complaint names Germany, host of American military and NATO facilities, as a compliant, complicit party to crimes against humanity, German Interior Minister Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich as accountable for allowing myself to be pursued for purpose of silencing an investigator, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle for engaging policy promoting the material support on German sovereign territory of persons, agencies and states (Germany, NATO, USA) for purposes of multiple extra-judicial murders, and Angela Merkel as responsible, supervisory authority.

The magistrates and investigators and any unknown to myself pertinent authorities of Spain familiar with my case are named as material witnesses to attempted silencing (attempted murder) of this investigator, and any shared intelligence by/with Germany germane to alleged attempts on my life and are further alleged for purposes of frustrating justice relevant to this complaint.

Evidence referred to the court is the work of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (an American 501(c)3 non-profit corporation) documenting the American military are become widely infected with anti-Islam criminal officers devoted to the extra-judicial killings of Muslims as a ‘Christian Dominion’ religious duty and this institutional infection is controlling the Pentagon and military special operations in Afghanistan particularly, compromising NATO and is furthermore endeavor Germany is providing material and logistical support to, with joint NATO operations and hosting involved American military facilities on sovereign German soil.

In the event the immediate preceding is adequately disclaimed by Germany in association with NATO, on account of American military special operations command in Afghanistan having been held separately and away from NATO command structures (a ‘denial’ construct), then preceding paragraph is amended to reflect solely the German hosting complicit American military persons and facilities supporting/promoting extra-judicial killings of Muslims for extreme ideological purpose, outside the constraints of the rules of engagement in war as determined in international law.

Further evidence referred to the court is the work of Jeff Sharlet: “C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy”, documenting extreme ‘Christian Dominion’ organization having penetrated every institution of the United States government, the USA military inclusive, backing evidence developed by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, documenting ideological criminal motivation and associated criminals supported materially by Germany in association with the American military, NATO and the military endeavor in Afghanistan.

Named specifically as example of alleged numerous ideological/religious criminally motivated acts for which the parties named to this complaint provide material support to is, the so-called “Narang Night Raid” or the attack on a household in the village of Ghazi Khan, Afghanistan, in the early morning hours of December 27, 2009.

A second named example is the so-called “Wech Baghtu” or “wedding party” air strike, referring to the killing of 37 civilians, mostly women and children, by an air strike on November 3, 2008.

A third named example is the so-called “Khataba raid” an incident which five civilians, including two pregnant women and a teenage girl, were killed by U.S. forces on February 12, 2010.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation should be able to attest it is the Pentagon, the American officer corps, the United States Air Force, and the United States special operations forces particularly, where you will find the highest concentration of ideologically/religiously motivated criminal leadership, and specific to this, there have been reports of American soldiers seeking counseling in Afghanistan have been advised all will be well if they only would ‘be saved’ and ‘kill Muslims for Christ’, all materially and logistically supported by Germany.

Tangential, but relevant nonetheless to the preceding, is evidence which should be in the hands of German or Spanish authorities:

1)    One probable poison glass pellet captured intact by my knit cap, turned in via 3rd party, (name-edited-out), I was to be informed if the stated item were harmless only, no notification was forthcoming (2008.)

2)    One set of documents inclusive of a report to the United States Department of Agriculture Inspector General dated 1991 exposing a criminal ring working the inside of government counterfeiting environmental impact statements for CHEVRON corporation. The relevance of this documentation is the clearly damning levels of information I am capable of developing and motivation to silence this investigator now moved on to investigating related criminal apparatus engaged in ideological/religious extra-judicial murders. This documentation had been sent in via the same 3rd party in the paragraph preceding (2009.) Incidental to this, two young attorneys, John Yoo and Jay Bybee, had been writing legal opinions on behalf of the 1991 criminal acts and it was after Condoleezza Rice went from CHEVRON board director to the Bush II administration, I began to experience problems eventually leading to my present circumstance.

3)    Persons positively identified in efforts to permanently silence this investigator include then active CIA officer Sabrina DeSousa at Weisbaden, Germany (2008), and former CIA chief of station (private contractor) Gary  Berntsen at Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain (2010.) This is information that should have been developed further by both German and Spanish authorities and should be requested.

Again, thank you for this opportunity to submit a complaint relating to crimes against humanity.

Ronald West


18 March 2013

Office of the Prosecutor, The Hague

Dear Mr West

The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court acknowledges receipt of your documents/letter. This communication has been duly entered in the Communications Register of the Office. We will give consideration to this communication, as appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. As soon as a decision is reached, we will inform you, in writing, and provide you with reasons for this decision.

Yours sincerely, M.P. Dillon

Head of Information & Evidence Unit, Office of The Prosecutor


The Office of the Prosecutor

The Hague, Friday, 26 April 2013

Dear Mr West

On behalf of the Prosecutor, I thank you for your communication received 3/11/2013, as well as any subsequent related information.

As you may know, the International Criminal Court (“the ICC” or “the Court”) is governed by the Rome Statute, which entrusts the Court with a very specific and carefully defined jurisdiction and mandate. A fundamental feature of the Rome Statute is that the Court may only exercise jurisdiction over persons for the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole, namely genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, as defined in the Rome Statute (Articles 6 to 8). The Court may only exercise jurisdiction over crimes committed on or after 1 July 2002 (Article 11). In addition, the Court may only exercise jurisdiction over crimes committed on the territory of a State that has accepted the jurisdiction of the Court or by a national of such a State (Article 12), or where the Security Council refers the situation to the Court (Article 13).

The Office of the Prosecutor has examined your communication and has determined that more detailed information would be required in order to proceed with an analysis of whether the allegations could fall within the jurisdiction of the Court. The Prosecutor has determined that, in the absence of such information, there is not a basis at this time to proceed with further analysis. We welcome you to submit additional information to enable us to conduct a further analysis. The information you have submitted will be maintained in our archives and the decision not to proceed may be reconsidered if new facts or evidence provide a reasonable basis to believe that a crime within the jurisdiction of the Court has been committed.

I am grateful for your interest in the ICC. If you would like to learn more about the work of the ICC, I invite you to visit our website at

Yours sincerely, M.P. Dillon

Office of The Prosecutor


26 April 2013

To: Hans Christian Stroebel, MP, German Parliament

Dear Mr Stroebel

The International Criminal Court has asked for more information concerning the case I have submitted against Germany, previous information linked here:

If Germany will prosecute using Völkerstrafgesetzbuch, I will refrain from filing an amended complaint against Germany and providing additional information to the ICC including indisputable crimes in Iraq with this (and other) additional information


Ronald Thomas West


Following developments in Germany related to the issues I’d raised with the International Criminal Court, it would seem the Germans are playing a political game of ‘cover your ass’ by claiming the statute (law) governing the American military presence in Germany makes it difficult to pursue any course of justice. What a crock of shit. It’s like claiming you cannot arrest someone for crimes while out of doors because they have immunity while in the house. In fact there is another statute (law) that allows for universal jurisdiction, meaning if there were political will (rather than cowardice) warrants for arrests could be issued for the guilty culprits (up to and including Obama) based on actions exterior to the jurisdiction over American facilities in Germany per se.

If you would like to email the German Parliament and demand action, the emails of the members this letter had been sent to, are listed below. Simply choose one (or as many as you like) and write to Germany demanding to know how the German government can sit on its hands while crimes are perpetrated using facilities situated on sovereign German territory and intelligence agency murder rings are allowed to run free in Germany.

On 20 May 2013 I began sending this following letter to (now 50) members of the German Federal Parliament. It has been my hope, and continues to be my hope, some responsible German politician will press the Merkel administration on why there  have been no arrests and prosecutions for crimes committed on German soil or crimes facilitated on German soil. I have not yet so much as the courtesy of any acknowledgement from any party these communications have been mailed to. I will be happy to send on my original correspondence with the International Criminal Court, including the most recent letter asking for more information:

20 May 2013

Subject: International Criminal Court

Dear Member of Parliament

I am a fugitive anti-corruption investigator with a serious problem. Over the past 5+ years I had allowed myself, in informal arrangement set up via 3rd party, to be used as live bait to document an international murder ring connected to intelligence agencies, for both German and Spanish (and then German again) authorities. The problem is, despite the fact the authorities should long since have ample evidence to issue arrest warrants, pursue extraditions and prosecutions, they sit on their hands. Probably this has to do with the explosive nature of my case and I will hazard a guess of political interference and/or inertia.

This initiated under Bush and carried on under Obama. I regret to inform you the Bush era crimes did not cease with the Obama administration, but have rather been shell gamed. Related to this, I had initiated a complaint with the International Criminal Court naming Germany as accessory to criminal acts:

The International Criminal Court has asked for more detailed information prior to any decision taken to prosecute. In the meanwhile, it had been my hope Germany would take responsible action, rather than my filing an amended case. To this end, I have been forwarding much information to the office of Hans Christian Stroebel, but there is no acknowledgement of my communications. I understand Mr Stroebel has been ill, or perhaps my mails are routed to a junk mail folder. In any case, I will now be expanding my communications with members of the German Parliament.

That I am a real person and have delved deeply into past intermingled corporate/government corruption, is easily confirmed via Mueller Law of Austin, Texas, USA. Also you may find my personal story link at my website.


Ronald Thomas West

“The history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than the history of crime” -Voltaire


Members of Parliament mailed on 20 May 2013

 Members of Parliament mailed on 26 May 2013

Mailed on 2 June

Members mailed on 16 June

New (expanded) letter sent 17 June 2013

Dear Member of Parliament

I thought you might find my story interesting. I am a fugitive anti-corruption investigator with a serious problem. Over the past 5+ years I had allowed myself, in informal arrangement set up via 3rd party, to be used as live bait to document an international murder ring connected to intelligence agencies, for both German and Spanish (and then German again) authorities. The problem is, despite the fact the authorities should long since have ample evidence to issue arrest warrants, pursue extraditions and prosecutions, they sit on their hands. Probably this has to do with the explosive nature of my case and I will hazard a guess of political interference and/or inertia.

This initiated under Bush and carried on under Obama. I regret to inform you the Bush era crimes did not cease with the Obama administration, but have rather been shell gamed. Related to this, I had initiated a complaint with the International Criminal Court naming Germany as accessory to criminal acts:

The International Criminal Court has asked for more detailed information prior to any decision taken to prosecute. In the meanwhile, it had been my hope Germany would take responsible action, rather than my filing an amended case. To this end, I have been forwarding much information to the office of Hans Christian Stroebel, but there is no acknowledgement of my communications. I understand Mr Stroebel has been ill, or perhaps my mails are routed to a junk mail folder. In any case, I will now be expanding my communications with members of the German Parliament.

That I am a real person and have delved deeply into past intermingled corporate/government corruption, is easily confirmed via Mueller Law of Austin, Texas, USA. My webpage commemorating six years exile is fairly well pulled together:

Site sample:

Employing open source method, the ‘Deep State’ series explores the inter-relationships of corporate boards to politics, corrupt law enforcement, organized crime in intelligence agencies, military and military contracting. Here you will find threads between powerful corporations and associated personalities to the bottom line (profit) and death squads, international organized crime, arms & narcotics trafficking, connecting the dots from the CIA special activities division to heroin and cocaine funding the Tea Party (and much more)

America’s Deep State Foundation article

America’s Deep State II FBI complicity

Heroin, Bags of Cash & The CIA Deep State III

Link to my personal story HERE

Please feel free to share this mail as you please

My kindest greetings

Members mailed:

New message sent to all members of Parliament on 18 June 2013:

Dear Member of Parliament

I thought you might find my story interesting. I am a fugitive anti-corruption investigator with a serious problem. Over the past 5+ years I had allowed myself, in informal arrangement set up via 3rd party, to be used as live bait to document an international murder ring connected to intelligence agencies, for both German and Spanish (and then German again) authorities. The problem is, despite the fact the authorities should long since have ample evidence to issue arrest warrants, pursue extraditions and prosecutions, they sit on their hands. Probably this has to do with the explosive nature of my case and I will hazard a guess of political interference and/or inertia.

This initiated under Bush and carried on under Obama. I regret to inform you the Bush era crimes did not cease with the Obama administration, but have rather been shell gamed. Related to this, I had initiated a complaint with the International Criminal Court naming Germany as accessory to criminal acts:

The International Criminal Court has asked for more detailed information prior to any decision taken to prosecute. In the meanwhile, it had been my hope Germany would take responsible action, rather than my filing an amended case. To this end, I have been forwarding much information to the office of Hans Christian Stroebel, but there is no acknowledgement of my communications. I understand Mr Stroebel has been ill, or perhaps my mails are routed to a junk mail folder. In any case, I will now be expanding my communications with members of the German Parliament.

That I am a real person and have delved deeply into past intermingled corporate/government corruption, is easily confirmed via Mueller Law of Austin, Texas, USA. My webpage commemorating six years exile:

Example of work skills for which I have been hunted by corrupt elements of German allied (American particularly) security services, employing open source method, the ‘Deep State’ series explores the inter-relationships of corporate boards to politics, corrupt law enforcement, organized crime in intelligence agencies, military and military contracting. Here you will find threads between powerful corporations and associated personalities to the bottom line (profit) and death squads, international organized crime, arms & narcotics trafficking, connecting the dots from the CIA special activities division to heroin and cocaine funding the Tea Party (and much more)

America’s Deep State Foundation article

America’s Deep State II FBI complicity

Heroin, Bags of Cash & The CIA Deep State III

Link to my personal story HERE

The incumbent German administration refusing to act on, and concealing this from Parliament, is inexcusable.

Please feel free to share this mail as you please

My kindest greetings

Ron West
“The history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than a history of crime” -Voltaire


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