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All kinds of new publications are hitting the shelves to mark the 50th anniversary of the JFK hit. The most telling (revealing) of these has been a newspaper story in Mexico’s ‘La Journada.‘ One thing you can count on is, USA mainstream news will not pick this story up. Why? It is as simple as the USA’s media has been co-opted by a fusion of corporate boardrooms and intelligence agency personalities.

What La Journada has broken the story on, and the excellent intelligence blog ‘UNREDACTED’ has provided the English original, had been a well kept secret for fifty years; the fact our CIA had been vehemently opposed to a secret initiative pushed into play (over CIA objections) by President Kennedy, to make peace with Fidel Castro and normalize relations with Cuba. This was the last major initiative of Kennedy’s presidency, unknown to now.

The ‘silver oxide’ (as opposed to ‘silver lining’) in this story is, it ties together known facts of the past and provides motive enough to point out it WAS INDEED corporate boards, with United Fruit and Zapata Oil particularly complicit (these days known as Chiquita Brands & Harbinger Group respectively) in their incestuous fusion with heavily invested CIA personalities. Open source intelligence analysis clearly points to these parties behind the CIA invested corporate ‘Deep State‘ murder of JFK.

What do you suppose this has to do with CIA not even beginning to process 50,000 pages of JFK documents which must be released by 2017 according to act of Congress passed in the 1990s?

The CIA resistance to declassify keeps the JFK killing in the realm of ‘conspiracy’ theorists. My own position is, when the paper trail (Warren Commission) doesn’t match the facts on the ground, follow the facts on the ground. Jesse Ventura is a showman but he is not stupid. He has convincingly demonstrated with live fire the piece of junk Carcano (Mannlicher) model of rifle purportedly used by Oswald to shoot Kennedy could not have performed to expectations in the hands of the most expert shooters, and Oswald was not close to expert. One of the many holes in the official record.

Aside from corporate boards, who jumps out as individual personalities in the murder of JFK? Heavily invested individuals (to the tune of millions) would be recent Director of CIA (at time of JFK assassination) Allen Dulles (United Fruit boardroom) and rising CIA star (and future CIA director) George H.W. Bush (Zapata Oil founder.) Suddenly longtime CIA operative E. Howard Hunt’s confession to involvement in the JFK hit, gains a lot more than mere credulity. Having the just dismissed CIA Director Allan Dulles sitting on the Warren Commission (cover-up) would be about equivalent to asking United Fruit to adjudicate the overthrow of the Arbenz government by the CIA on behalf of United Fruit:

“It will be impossible to produce evidence clearly tying the Guatemalan government to Moscow, but the United States might act anyway, based on our deep conviction that such a tie must exist” -Allen Dulles

Meanwhile, those corporations benefiting from the ‘rapacious side’ of capitalism, have been able, in the fifty years since, to point to the (CIA created) Castro ‘boogeyman’ as rationale for American military interventions keeping Chiquita in the business of taking bananas throughout Latin America at gunpoint, as Castro had been pushed into a corner and further radicalized. So, need union sympathetic personalities eliminated for the sake of profit’s bottom line? No problem, simply provide cash and machine guns to designated terror groups as Chiquita ‘security’ personnel. Need to keep this all swept under the rug and out of the public eye? Simply buy in Chiquita lawyer Eric Holder as Obama’s Attorney General (he damn sure won’t reopen an investigation in the JFK murder) as boardroom efforts go on to keep Chiquita crimes concealed.

And we know how ‘junior’s’ subsequent Bush/Cheney oil partnership has fared around the world, the profits in billions have been quite tidy.

Allan Dulles, George H.W. Bush and ‘friends’ must’ve laughed all the way to the bank with their newly minted Kennedy ‘half dollar’ coins.


I think we know who “GOD” is..

..with Bush & ‘friends’ (like Holder) still laughing their way to the bank

Allen Dulles’ brother, John Foster Dulles, was legal counsel for United Fruit for decades.

John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles were major shareholders in United Fruit.

Robert Cutler, head of National Security Council, was former Chairman of United Fruit Board.

Thomas G. Corcoran was paid consultant for United Fruit when working for CIA.

John Moor Cabot, Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American affairs was major shareholder in United Fruit.

Thomas Dudley Cabot, Director of International Security Affairs in the State Department, had been United Fruit president.

John J. McCloy, president of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, was a former United Fruit board member.

Walter Bedell Smith, former CIA Director, was on United Fruit Board of Directors during retirement.

Robert Hill, Undersecretary of State, was on United Fruit Board of Directors during retirement.


Presidential ‘National Security Adviser(s)’ with corporate umbrella & intelligence ties, all who have contributed to, or benefited from profits over peace, from JFK assassination to present. Each of these individuals has played ‘God’ in the pursuit of western corporate colonialism, and had a direct hand in the literal murder of peoples legitimate aspirations for national sovereignty with policy making for the president. All made possible because a single president who had sought to break this cycle had been murdered by those who most profit from it-

McGeorge Bundy, Carnegie Corporation, Ford Foundation, Council on Foreign Relations (+ Skull & Bones), served Kennedy and Johnson

Walt Rostow, OSS, CIA, served LBJ

Henry Kissinger, military intelligence, National Security Council, CIA, Rand Corporation, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, International Chamber of Commerce (and too many associated world-wide crimes, in Latin America particularly, to count.) Served Nixon and Ford and has advised presidents from Nixon to George W Bush

Brent Scowcroft, Council on Foreign Relations, Kissinger Associates, served as National Security Adviser to Ford and George H.W. Bush and has advised presidents from Nixon to Obama

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, International Chamber of Commerce, served Carter and since has been a major instigator of the policies that eventually resulted in the rise of al Qaida

Richard Allen, Hoover Institution, Council on Foreign Relations, Heritage Foundation, ties to Oliver North and Iran Contra money laundering (and by clear implication, George H.W. Bush) served Reagan and advised Nixon

William Clark, military intelligence, pushed for Iran-Contra pardons, served Reagan

Robert McFarlane, un-prosecuted Spy for Israel, National Security Council, Iran-Contra, United States Energy Security Council (with former Director of CIA James Woolsey), served Reagan, pardoned by George H.W. Bush (for role in Iran-Contra)

John Poindexter, Multiple Iran-Contra felon (Reagan) pardoned by George H.W. Bush. Served Reagan and subsequently worked in the George W Bush administration on ‘total information awareness’ and defense contractor in Iraq

Frank Carlucci, CIA assassin (Patrice Lumumba) who rose to CIA Deputy Director, General Dynamics, Westinghouse, Ashland Oil, mentored by Donald Rumsfeld, served Reagan

Colin Powell, CIA military liaison to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), 2nd tour assigned to investigating the My Lai massacre and attempted a cover-up, intelligence and assessment of invasion of Grenada, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (venture capital), Council on Foreign Relations, served Reagan. Under George H.W. Bush was promoted to Joint Chiefs of Staff, moved on to Secretary of State under George W Bush where he knowingly presented the false evidence of WMDs to the UN

Brent Scowcroft, 2nd tenure, served George H.W. Bush (see prior Scowcroft entry)

Anthony Lake, CIA (under cover of Department of State, Vietnam), Carnegie Endowment, concealed from Congress allowing Iran to arm Bosnia (Clinton administration), founder of Intellibridge Corporation, foreign policy adviser to Obama presidential campaign, served Clinton

Sandy Berger, National Security Council, American Oil Company (AMOCO) stockholder conflict of interest, theft of classified materials, caught lying to investigators, resigned his law license to avoid disbarment, served Clinton.

Condoleezza Rice, CIA, Hoover Institute, Federalist Society, Rand Corporation, Chevron board director, CIA renditions, attempted assassination of the author of this blog, served George W Bush

Stephen Hadley, CIA, Scowcoft Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Institute for Public Policy, Ratheon board director, served George W Bush

General James ‘the reverend jim’ Jones, National Prayer Breakfast, Chevron board director, Boeing board director, NATO Allied Supreme Commander, Marine Corps Commandant, Chamber of Commerce, Condoleezza Rice associate, served Obama

Tom Donilon, Fannie Mae, Council on Foreign Relations, served Obama

Susan Rice, National Security Council, Rwandan genocide, Intellibridge, Brookings Institution, handed the president-elect of Nigeria the poisoned cup of tea that killed him, presently serves Obama

Michael Flynn (Trump’s designated National Security Advisor) CIA liaised Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Defense Intelligence Agency, founder Flynn Intel Group; his Intel Group took money from a Turkish client company based in the Netherlands and Flynn turned 180 degrees when assessing Turkey’s support for Sunni militants in Syria (includes Islamic State) from complicit to calling Turkey an invaluable ally in the ‘war on terror’


A synopsis of the legal rationale of this article is this: when the USA joined the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (a multi-lateral treaty with force of international law) but held out the treaty would be “non-self-executing”, the USA essentially claimed its own constitutional principles would enforce the treaty’s provisions. This places the USA in a unique circumstance of substituting its own provisions of law for the provisions enumerated in the International Covenant. In this case, Snowden should argue the Obama administration’s demonstrable violation of foundational American principles of law are subject to interpretation relevant to his rights under the treaty, in any nation he should apply for asylum in. Restated, Snowden can put the USA’s record, in relation to its own civil liberties provisions, on trial in any suit he might bring in jurisdiction where the treaty may be enforced, examples given, Germany and subsequently the European Court of Human Rights.

Use of ‘The Espionage Act’ to prosecute whistle-blowers by the Obama administration is unfortunate reality. It is unprecedented persecution by a sublime neo-liberal political liar & cohorts, but it is presently matter of fact circumstance and what people like Snowden must contend with when considering any act of willful transparency in defiance of secrecy law.

Because it is unlikely use of the Espionage Act to prosecute whistle-blowing will be struck down by the courts, particularly with a Supreme Court majority aligned with the ‘Federalist Society’ whose neo-conservative agenda will sometimes converge with neo-liberal objectives, particularly in philosophy of supremacy concerning the executive in matters of security, one must develop a robust constitutional foundation for defense of whistle-blowing.

In the case of Snowden, he also should show a valid rationale of why the United States Constitution’s Article Six ‘supremacy clause’ .. “and any treaty made shall be the supreme law of the land” applied in the offensive sense versus the United States, as opposed defending himself, in regards to claims the multi-lateral treaty “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” should protect him.

How this is a legal necessity in Snowden’s case arises from the USA being party to the treaty and how the treaty might or might not be applied in American courts. Legitimacy of claim for political asylum must be established in relation to not only the treaty’s general provisions, but it must be shown the USA’s relationship to the treaty is presently a relationship of bad faith.

Other issues that play in any defense of Snowden, to show he is not in violation of the Espionage Act, is Private Manning’s conviction & what constitutes a legitimate whistle-blow as opposed to malicious leaking of secrets, what is a valid press vehicle (Manning and WikiLeaks? Snowden and the Guardian? Yes or no in individual and separate circumstance) and how Snowden’s case would likely sort out in American courts in the present climate of law and politics. And it must be shown the decision to pursue Snowden is a political persecution at odds with law.

This defense of Snowden begins with disposing of Manning as a comparable case.

The neo-liberal New York Times has on several occasions resorted to torture lawyer John Yoo for legal opinions and recently Yoo had suggested WikiLeaks does not qualify as legitimate journalism under the American philosophy of law governed by the American constitution’s First Amendment. In other words. WikiLeaks cannot be claimed as a valid outlet for whistle-blowers under American law, particularly in relation to the case of Private Manning.

Manning’s case is significantly different than that of Snowden, and in any case Yoo’s suggestion would not apply to Snowden who leaked to The Guardian. But let’s look at the at-large & uncharged criminal Yoo’s idea, to compare the two cases a bit, particularly in regards to the Espionage Act and what constitutes legitimate journalism or a free press in American law.

Firstly, American military law, the “Uniform Code of Military Justice”, should not be conflated with the American federal criminal code and associated case law, they are separate animals. When you enter the military, you surrender your politics in relation to performing your duty and the only natural avenue of dissent is to refuse illegal orders. In effect, as a soldier, the only possibly justifiable leaks would be having to do with war crimes, orders to commit crimes or concealment of crimes by the military per se, or crimes against the constitution by your superiors. Politics do not play as a defensible action for whistle-blowing in the American military. To quote an Admiral addressing a West Point graduating class, in relation to the United States military having always been under civilian control, if you don’t like the policies “vote with your feet” (leave the military.) Manning could have taken that advice to heart, his defense of moral conscience had no chance in the military justice structure. This is old news in American military experience, quoting Robert E Lee’s observation on his artillery slaughter of advancing Union soldiers: “It is good war is so terrible, or we should become too fond of it.” Manning could not expect to act on a social conscience in relation to military experience, having joined voluntarily an organization whose nature is apolitical violence, however that violence might be at the direction of politics, politics is not the soldiers job.

The hard truth is, the American constitution’s First Amendment protects several things and political lies are protected speech. In this respect, until there were to be a change to the foundational law, American law is amoral. In the case of the ‘cables’ leak, example given, there Manning made no defense of any crime against the American constitution and in fact the greater or overall thrust of the cables, as despicable as this is, concerns revealing perfectly legal political lies in geo-politics. Insofar as Yoo’s assertion of WikiLeaks as a whistle-blowing platform having no press freedom protection under American law, he may have it ½ right. When considering charges brought under the Espionage Act in an American court, one would need a trump card and crimes against the American constitution should constitute such. But Manning did not present any defense related to this and WikiLeaks has never made a case the USA’s purported violations of press freedoms meet this test per American law in relation to any failure to conform to its international law obligations. To conform to journalism standards protected by the American First Amendment, when faced with charges brought under the Espionage Act, one would have to convincingly show a political nature of the prosecution attending crimes against the constitutional order. Massive dumps of  unrelated and unorganized or functionally incoherent information do not meet the necessary legal test to qualify as journalism in this regard. In metaphor, Manning & WikiLeaks fail the law on account of behaving as a harvested organs black market as opposed to acting as a legitimate medical professional’s prescribed transfusion in a proper setting of surgery. They didn’t conform to presenting cohesive facts in telling a story that highly restricted the leaked documents to a context of making points in a socially responsible and news worthy presentation, serving society in a positive sense.

The military judge’s niggardly acknowledgement Manning was patently and illegally treated (tortured) in his detention is an altogether unrelated issue in law with no bearing on the present subject.

The case of Snowden is fundamentally different.

In the case of the USA signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, in relation to American basic or foundational law, The American constitution’s Article Six is straightforward on its face “any treaty made shall be the supreme law of the land.”  But it is, of course, not this simple. The treaty in question has been ratified by the Americans in large part as “non-self-executing” which is a legal fiction indicating American law already covers the most fundamental rights promised by the treaty. In other words, the USA claim in relation to the treaty is one of ‘our laws are already in compliance and we have all of the treaty’s demands covered.’ And so it is, in any USA court, although a judge may consider the treaty in her/his ‘finding of facts and conclusions of law’, the laws applied will in fact be American laws and interpretations in relation to any question of rights promised by the International Covenant.

This preceding would place Snowden’s rights squarely in the case law of the USA were he to be tried in any American federal court, in actuality the rights promised in the treaty itself are already become in a sense moot in relation any American prosecution, where there is no political will to enforce the treaty’s provisions, demonstrated in the decision to prosecute to begin with.

To show pursuing Snowden is a political decision trumping the rule of law, one must examine the facts of how American laws are applied in a negative political light.

In the USA, federal judges are political appointments, pure and simple. The executive provides lists of desired appointments to fill court positions to the senate for confirmation and that is it. That the senate often fights among themselves over the appointments, that the appointments are often long delayed, cannot conceal the fact every sitting United States federal judge is the result of raw politics. That merit does not presently play in this process is amply demonstrated by the fact Bush administration torture lawyer Jay Bybee became a sitting federal appellate judge and there is no movement whatsoever to impeach and remove Bybee from the bench since it had become public knowledge Bybee authored memos justifying torture.

That American judges are not bound to the rights promised in the International Covenant is ably demonstrated by the fact a sitting supreme court justice had, as a federal judge, let an innocent man rot eight additional years in prison on a rules technicality, when exculpatory evidence showing the man’s innocence had been produced for the court, prior to the justice’s appointment by  Obama and confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States.

In the United States theory of law there is a known and in the past applied concept called ‘color of law.’ Color of law is when the apparatus of state puts up a pretense of legitimate authority to pursue what are in fact illegal acts.

 In the case of the FISA court authorizing PRISM and one must presume XkeyScore revealed by Snowden, there is ZERO constitutional foundation for any secret jurisprudence violating citizens’ rights laid out in the first through eighth amendments or American Bill of Rights, which the FISA court in fact sets out to do. When the constitutional language authorizing congress to create courts is construed in a way to cancel out other clauses of the constitution, there cannot be legitimacy where a constitutional oxymoron has been created. It is precisely the American Bill of Rights the USA holds is binding it to conformity to the International Covenant.

Congressional leaders Diane Feinstein and John Boehner have used the terms ‘treason’ and ‘traitor’ in relation to Snowden, poisoning the jury pool on a national basis, HOWEVER; 

any actual criminal acts defined as treason in the American sense under any authentic American ‘de jure’ rule of law are those persons putting forth a pretense the secret court authorizing civil liberties violations are legitimate. This points first to the Congress authoring patently unconstitutional legislation, then second, to any president signing and implementing such unlawful authority and subsequently, any Chief Justice appointing members of said secret court, and finally those persons accepting and serving FISA, these are the ‘traitors’ if the USA constitution were to mean anything in the present day, when in fact it would appear it does not. 

Obama must have been a terrible law professor or he has simply thrown out any principled view of American foundational law when ensconced in the halls of power. Diane Feinstein claiming “PRISM is legal” (one must presume she holds the same view of XkeyScore) because it had been approved by the FISA court, is patent ‘color of law’ and should be held as precisely such in any un-politicized judicial determination.

Obama’s disregard for the American foundational law is perhaps best demonstrated by his vote as Senator giving immunity to the telecoms, when the telecoms had played ball with criminals in the Bush administration (we now know likely had been authorized by the FISA court, on account of Snowden’s revelations), participating in what amounted to warrant-less searches and eves-dropping without a warrant, stealing and handing over peoples personal information in criminal acts Americans had been historically protected from by the USA constitution and pertinent laws, the 4th Amendment of the USA Bill of Rights particularly.

These violations should have opened the telecom corporations to both criminal penalties and civil liabilities. There were crimes committed which should have been prosecuted and people have a right to sue. The potential liability looked pretty big and the telecoms lobbied for immunity. The following constitutional violations were endorsed by Obama’s Senate vote:

1) ex post facto. The USA constitution specifically prohibits Congress making any “ex post facto” law, as typically or historically applied that means a behavior cannot be criminalized after the fact and applied retroactively, or more broadly, new laws cannot be made governing an event that is in the past. In this 2nd case we have a valid constitutional claim prohibiting making a law excusing past criminal civil liberties violations against our citizens, violations which had created liabilities. What is required for the criminal aspect solely, is a PARDON

2) legislative pardon: Congress cannot give pardons to the individuals within the telecoms who’d signed off on and perpetrated the crimes, that is reserved by the USA constitution to the president and neither can the congress or the president pardon corporations in any manner excusing civil liability, the corporations must be held accountable and seek any leniency based on possible mitigation factors from the courts, because [3 & 4 combine to make a constitutional principle]

3) the” right to petition for redress” is promised to every citizen who has been wronged and

4) “suit at equity”, that is, the courts existing to do what is right by the citizen, is the avenue provided by the USA’s constitution to fulfill the promise of every wronged citizen’s ‘right to petition for redress’ or it should be said there is no right of corporate or government impunity. Citizen’s petitions for remedies and compensation may not be preemptively denied fair hearing, in the USA’s courts of law by the Congress

The oath to uphold the USA’s constitution had been meant to prevent such patently wrong laws in the first instance. When this oath is become patently meaningless, as in the case of the majority of congress, points squarely to the core of corrupt process usurping the USA foundational law.

Obama’s proposal to create a court to oversee the USA’s drone strikes are an admission the targeted killings of Anwar al-Awaliki and his son, both American citizens, were extra-judicial assassinations, that, and congressmen proposing to amend the FISA law to create an advocate for the American public in presentations before the secret court, which to now has only heard the executive side arguments, are an admission there is no compulsory (constitutionally required) due process for citizens in the secret venue. Both of these proposals underscore overwhelming fact the USA institutions of governance have become removed practically altogether from its foundational rule of law. The very fact nearly the entirety of any ‘legal rationales’ related to the preceding phenomena are classified ‘state secrets’ reinforces the argument of a regime denying the people and the peoples advocates any avenue to right the ship of state per the constitutional order.

This degenerate state of American law, beginning at the top, with Obama, should be Snowden’s first line of defense, where he can correctly testify he was trapped by law requiring secrecy surrounding crimes against the constitutional order, and it had to be the American oath to “uphold the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”, as a personal conviction, prevailed.

That Snowden cannot get a fair trial in the USA would be his follow-on argument in presenting the persona or legal track record of Obama’s Attorney General; Eric Holder.

Point one in fact, Snowden should not have been charged by Holder’s Department of Justice in the 1st instance, we can already see the prosecution is political punishment for revealing crimes against the American constitutional order.

To give additional legitimate legal cover to any State that would provide Snowden asylum under the International Covenant, having already shown the American political establishment holds its own citizens’ rights in contempt, we look at top American law enforcement officer Eric Holder, a political appointment who serves at the pleasure of Obama, and his track record in relation to a person’s rights.

REPEATEDLY, Holder’s Department of Justice has denied discovery in evidence in suits brought by victims of both; torture and warrant-less surveillance, citing “national security” and “state secrets” arguments, which have been routinely rubber stamped by American federal courts, denying the fundamental “Right to petition for redress” per the American foundational law. This, despite a past Supreme Court decision finding federal common law prohibits executive privilege or state secrets denying the right to petition for redress in the case of six unknown (to the plaintiff) federal agents in an illegal invasion of a private home, pointing to the present regime of American law patently ignoring its own principles. Holder’s Department of Justice should have settled rather than shut down the cases of the plantiffs.

Holder’s Department of Justice has assiduously protected the Bush criminal regime by refusing to bring warranted prosecutions. Directly relevant to this, because of Snowden’s revelations, we now know both the Bush and Obama administrations had engaged in egregious crimes against the American constitutional order, all with the approval of the secret FISA court

It should be noted as well, Holder having been at the nexus of a ‘color of law’ arrangement (legalized bribe) where Chiquita Corporation paid a fine, and in return the identities of those Chiquita executives responsible for giving cash and machine guns to the AUC terrorist group which went on to murder approximately 4,000 people, had their identities concealed under seal in lieu of prosecution. Obama’s Attorney General altogether fails on Ethics, he should be prosecuted for frustrating the course of justice but instead has been elevated to Attorney General of the United States and you don’t get much stronger evidence of a state in violation of its own rule of law.

Another note would be judicial forum shopping, where Holder’s Department of Justice would almost certainly choose to prosecute Snowden in the federal district most likely sympathetic to the government’s stance in this case. With a judge willing to deny any line of argument to Snowden based on his obligation as a patriotic American compelled to act on crimes against the constitutional order, his fate would be sealed, as any jury would not be allowed to consider such argument in Snowden’s defense.

How the preceding arguments can be tied to the American obligations to the International Covenant is quite simple; “no nation may go against its own acts” is an international common law principle as old as Rome, and when the USA asserts its own constitutional principles are the glue that binds its obligation to uphold the International Covenant with its ‘non-self-executing’ ratifying rationale, the USA cannot undermine its own constitutional principles in regards to individual rights and be construed to be in good standing with the treaty. It is not only going against the act of its own foundational law, it is doing this violation having bound its foundational law to the International Covenant and is therefore going against the treaty it has committed itself to, when by act of non-self-executing rationale, it entered Snowden’s American constitutional rights per se into force of international law, subject to adjudication under the general principles of the International Covenant in diverse jurisdiction.

With this preceding outline fleshed out with the copious evidence available in the public record, Snowden could retain excellent German lawyers, walk this legal argument into the German embassy in Moscow, file it with a petition for political asylum and sue in the European Court of Human Rights when or if asylum were turned down by Germany and subsequently the German courts.

Insofar as associating with WikiLeaks, Snowden cannot help Manning’s case except to provide fodder for pro-Manning political cannons, but association with and any legal comparisons to Manning’s case certainly could eventually bring Snowden’s case down in abject failure. A personal note to Snowden: you are being used by WikiLeaks, and this could be to your absolute disadvantage.

© Ronald Thomas West. This article may be reproduced in full with attribution to the author




‘Free Speech Clown’ Series


A background in study of American law and politics would be helpful to fully appreciate this satire. Dedicated to SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States) which would be better called SCROTUM (of the corporate wealthy)

A Pachuco Named Stare Decisis

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Chairman of the Federalist Society steering committee, was smarting from the victory for Stare Decisis and Obama in the ‘birther’ case of (sy)Phyllis Schafly v B.O. Now, at the steering committee’s next meeting, Robert’s proposed to eradicate Stare Decisis from the face of the earth. Steering committee member Dick Cheney outlined a plan. The strategy began with inviting Stare Decisis to address the society at the time of Decisis’ being awarded society membership for opening viewpoints strengthening diversity of opinion. 

Stare began his society speech with atypical humility, but this humbleness, of course, could not be sustained. Stare’s Mescal damaged frat brain, grounded in the Handcock U School of Law satire tradition, forcefully shoved down the throats of all affirmative action admissions, determined he would after-all, present in style, little suspecting any possible thing could be wrong… 

August members of the Federalist Society, I propose I’m least among many deserving of this award and, with this thought, I begin the evening’s presentation with a few short citations of those more deserving than myself. Please consider my following nominations for a new category of awards, the “I Knew It Was Wrong But Thought It Was Legal” Boner Awards.

My secular hero, Roger Cohen, a man I’d extolled in glory for his courageous stance as a Jew pointing to our Israel policy as a disaster, has ‘pulled a boner’ [exhibited extreme male cowardice] by jumping on Obama’s ‘don’t prosecute for torture’ bandwagon…

Roger needs a lesson in what the term “Rule of Law” is all about, and the idea constitutions make presidents, not vice versa, meaning our constitution informs Obama how things are going to be, and I will simply add to that, a Writ of Mandamus is a court ordering public officials [could possibly include a president as military commander-in-chief and most certainly any attorney general] to carry out their constitutional duties to enforce the rule of law and it is a huge embarrassment to American democracy when that particular legal weapon must be employed… second only to a consent decree… thought I’d note that before I consigned Roger to the booby hatch of legal ignominy with the distinct sound of a flush… bye-bye Roger… (Roger might crawl his way out of the sewer if he stays away from the ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ sewage of Anglo-Saxon law, good lawyer joke, eh?  Law Ignoramus award…

FBI man Ali Soufan’s “Tortured Decision” editorial, in which he puts on his adopted country’s liberal-bleeding-White-heart sheepskin, admits keeping his mouth shut for seven years and only now speaks out because of the water-boarding torture memos release… Soufan reveals there is more as yet unclassified memos… think about it. This is the FBI concealing crime for seven years and STILL CONCEALING EVIDENCE OF CRIME… enough on this bit before I aspirate my puke… a sort of self-simulated drowning… Soufan earns torturer/traitor/coward awards combined…

Renown ‘civil liberties’ lawyer Harvey Silvergate argues against torture prosecutions, claiming they will make bad law, he appears to rationalize/justify “terror and pain” short of “disfigurement and death”, making the case that Bush did not go as far as the Nazis, so it doesn’t seem so bad… now, going to his legal ignorance on top of his criminal ethics… his idea that; because the torturers supposedly did not know what they were doing was illegal on account of the [fuck] ‘Yoo Principle’ legal memos, they cannot be charged under our Anglo-Saxon laws heritage requiring criminal intent… sorry Harvey but you get the law proverb “a man who represents himself [in his editorial] has a fool for an attorney” award…

Because Harvey ‘nincompoop’ Silvergate goes on to mention the case of the Nazi trials where Americans at Nuremburg convicted people for crimes that seemed perfectly legal in a criminal regime, going to the primal International Law principle “no nation may go against it’s own acts”, also known as, ‘what is good for the goose is good for the gander’… more to this point, we convicted Japanese of war crimes for waterboarding, perfectly fitting this International Law rule which now consequently holds our own people accountable despite the Anglo-Saxon ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ principle of law which is now history, past, had been, was the case, in fact legally dead in cases like this, because of the precedent we set for ourselves in the prosecution of others… additionally, under ‘the Silvergate nincompoop rationale’, a certain Nazi camp guard following orders in his assigned duties likely could not have been recently deported to Germany to face criminal charge. Silvergate also earns a Nincompoop award…

Nancy Pelosi admits she knew the Bush administration was spying on (wiretapping) Rep Jane Harman and kept the treasonous secret (for the Bush people), from Harman, notice none of these people ever takes responsibility or shows courage? Pelosi: “I was not allowed to tell [Harman]“ .. so, what was to stop Pelosi telling the entire congress from her podium except cowardice? Pelosi awarded torturers trash the 4th amendment AND friendship ‘Judas’ special award…

Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy ‘get out of jail free’ Geithner meets with President of Switzerland Hans Merz in apparent negotiations to excuse the Swiss bank UBS from having to fork over the names of 52,000 wealthy American tax cheats with secret Swiss accounts… anybody up for a game of “Monopoly?” Timothy just drew what should be a “Go to Jail” card… as he is giving out “Get out of Jail free” cards. Can’t be torturing the wealthy tax cheats with prosecutions… Torturer administration’s Equal protection clause Traitor award…

Robert Gates’ fundamentalist Christian led military had been flaunting the legally binding security agreement Bush made with Iraq, conducting multiple illegal raids, killing and kidnapping Iraqi innocents… several operations had been busted by the Iraqi government, the USA admits a ‘mistake’, the abductees had to be set free… the USA’s ‘Campus Crusade for Christ’ had been intensively continued on the Iraqi front, not only escalated in Afghanistan, under Christian Dominion Central Command’s General ‘Tortures for Jesus’ Patreaus… who’d just as soon kill as torture. Federal death penalty eligible treason award…

Harper’s Magazine cover story “Jesus killed Mohammed” is out, detailing Robert ‘tonton macoutes’ Gates’ Christian military’s religion inspired hate crime against Islam, Jews, Blacks, Women, kids, cartoons and the author of this speech, but particularly noting constitutional law professor Obama, who swore on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible to uphold our constitution and enforce our laws, has abdicated taking on the constitutional crimes against separation of church and state in our military in his role as our commander-in-chief… meanwhile Obama is photographed in the International Herald Tribune together with Gates, evoking Tammy Wynette… “Stand by your man… give him two arms to cling to…” prior to allowng Gates to retire un-prosecuted. Loving Christians torture of Muslims for Jesus award…

Former Attorney General Robert Kennedy had written a legal memo recommending lifting the travel ban to Cuba, noting the travel ban was unconstitutional, he was correct, American’s have a right to freely associate and travel, he was over-ruled by our torturing CIA infested Department of State which kept his memo classified as a state secret for 46 years… State Department gets a corporate service tortured law and treason award [unit citation]

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen takes a stride out of the cesspool of Anglo-Saxon law and the ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ no criminal intent defense, by continuing to write on other subjects, maybe soon he will have access to a shower and change of clothes… in his editorial ‘Of loos and language’ (in almost excellent ‘dry’ British humor, yuck) Roger points out the most notable difference between Bush and Obama to now is, it would appear Obama can actually speak English… Kudos Roger!! Of course Roger’s title for his editorial could easily be pointed to this speech, no problem, ‘we’ (you know, the British royal use of ‘we’, as in I admit I’m being a royal asshole) welcome ratings, my noting here Roger had pointed out he’d begun his journey out of the Anglo-Saxon ‘loo of law’ with a key title word in a previous editorial: ‘pirouette’…

A Spanish judge has opened the fourth investigation in Spain going to Bush administration torture… two of the investigations had been previously dismissed or shelved, either for lack of evidence or because of political pressures from the USA. The two investigations opened since Obama taking office are now ongoing, the weaker one previous to this most recent had been opposed by Obama and the USA who have pressured Spain, and this new investigation poses the largest threat yet to his administrations ongoing ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ [fuck] ‘Yoo principle’ attempts to give the Bush people and his CIA criminals a get out of jail free card… the judge: “an authorized and systematic plan of torture and abuse of people stripped of liberty, without charges and denied the basic rights afforded detainees” and the court will “seek personal responsibility in the different structures of execution, direction and design and authorization for this systematic torture plan” which of course upon the judicial investigations completion I predict must include American leaders I will name in this presentation, not only Bush and cronies but notably Nancy Pelosi… Obama given a treasonous torturing coward’s campaign star for having opposed these efforts…

Russia is retiring 23,000 military officers in a force ‘modernization’ reorganization, a course of action I highly recommend to Commander-in-Chief Obama (Torquemada?) who should have already dumped the 19,000 USA armed forces officers belonging to the Byzantine Pentagon’s ‘Officer’s Christian Fellowship” that actually believe if you are not a fundamentalist Christian, every motivation you have, no matter how noble, is a subversion of humanity “spearheaded by Satan”- torturers holy inquisition resurrection award…

The cognitive dissonance of a case dismissed at our Justice Department’s prosecutors request… some lobbyists for Israel that probably really deserve to go to jail for treason (espionage) can’t be prosecuted because the judge refused to go along with some of the prosecutions demands for state secrecy in evidence… now our crooks can get off the hook by demanding typical evidence discovery rights of defendants, something judges rightly should not deny, with defendant likely knowing there are so many worms in this particular case’s can of ‘justice’, the Justice Department dare not produce the can… our tortures the law Justice Department gets a treasonous ‘can of worms’ award…

Retired British spook gets it, MI6 man Alastair Crooke (are all financiers are in some sense crooks?, Crooke was a banker who left the industry because he did not like the greed before he was a spy), founded “Conflicts Forum” which seeks to establish the validity of opposing points of view for adversaries so they can honestly negotiate instead of “talking past each other.” Brilliant!! Now, to the disturbing thought his ‘Conflicts Forum’ raised when I read the article and discovered it includes “former spies, diplomats and peace activists…” is the reporter/writer a moron or did he actually mean “former peace activists”… (context, dude, should have been ‘peace activists, diplomats and former spies, although ‘diplomat’ and spy’ are synonyms…  journalism’s moron award, but bringing to mind:

One of our human rights organizations has been staffed by CIA in executive position, information I could be arrested and jailed for if I were to go so far as revealing ‘state secret’ identities… who are your CIA? Think about it. These are highly educated people who do 20 years or 30 years and retire to a sailboat or second job or both, depending on the USA retirement plan. Meanwhile, in the operational sector, they chill out under cover when not needed or even use straight jobs AS their cover. Not just a few of them are highly paid professional assassins. They are your diplomats, corporate board members, lawyers, educators (the pretty much out of the closet Rice/Chevron/Hoover Institute/Yoo/Stanford relationship can be seen), cops, FBI agents, pastors, human rights executives and journalists (that is just SO wrong), military officers, diverse corporate executives and employees, doctors, etcetera, normal seeming people afforded frequent vacations or travel often relating to their work… all cover for CIA. This criminal organization penetrates every aspect of society and should be disbanded, as easy as shutting off their (international narcotics trafficking sourced) money… Amnesty International earns the ‘we declined to meet with Ronald West and rather wish he was dead’ human rights front for intelligence agencies award…

Hillary goes to press saying “I loved my job” which actually can only mean ‘I loved jobbing the millions of women who voted for me on social issues’, reiterating Hillary could have had any cabinet position she liked but chose one far away from any reality of insuring honest (single payer?) health care reform or putting forward an American ‘women’s rights’ stamp on this administration… rather burning women alive around the globe with ‘humanitarian’ interventions. Woman Judas award…

My buddy Roger Cohen at the New York Times reads the Harper’s Magazine article “Jesus Killed Mohammed”, poops his pants and pirouettes on his honest column of the previous week accurately depicting Obama as differing from Bush only in the fact Obama can actually speak English… now Roger does journalistic fellatio on Obama’s foreign policy, ‘dripping’ praise for Obama’s differing approach contrasted to the factual “War on Islam” … neglecting to note the Harper’s article and Obama’s callow inability to take on the Pentagon’s religious extremist generals… in which case the Bush/religious-right “War on Islam” actually continues as a Obama policy… Bozo Boner award to Roger [male cowardice]

Roger returns to sensibility, on Israeli dishonesty dealing with peace in the middle east, recovering the pseudo of his manhood, but from here out I am going with Maureen Dowd over Roger’s PMS and mood swings, you just can’t know what to expect from Roger, I’ve been checking out Maureen and she is HOT! A better writer altogether, she has superior courage and took up the theme Roger had abandoned in his panic attack, Maureen, in her much more direct editorial “Cheney grabs a 3rd term” writes how it appears Cheney and Rumsfeld are making policy for their “boy toy” Obama (good one) Maureen Dowd earns a beauty, courage and truth award…

Hamas leader Khalid Meshal on Obama: “His language is different and positive” earns Meshal a honorable mention ‘a sucker is born every minute’ award (by now Meshal has to realize this)

Meshal (who the Obama administration will not include in any mid-east peace process at the insistence of Israel) and Ronald West share the dubious distinction of having survived bungled intelligence service assassination attempts, Meshal poisoned by MOSSAD on the orders of the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu.. multiple attempts on West on the orders of the MOSSAD/CIA/Department of Defense combined ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ rogue intelligence agents ‘in the service of our religious extremist super-friends alliance’… MOSSAD/CIA/religious extremist super-friends alliance earn a Corporate-Star-Chamber/Curia-Borgia bungler assassins award…

“As long as they don’t exclude any option, let the United States select the order of things,” Nobel Peace Prize winner/Israeli President Shimon Peres states while dictating terms it’s banana republic USA may employ in exploring any relationship with Iran… Peres making the point a bombing Iran “option” belongs to the USA first and then Israel will start the war the USA will have to fight [with an American army on the flank of Iran] if the Americans won’t blow up the ayatollahs… after an Israeli dictated ‘what the USA policies will be’ meeting on nuclear weapons with Obama and we all know Israel will be using American weapons and money and any Israeli attack would be no different that the USA initiating hostilities from Iran and the entire Islamic world’s point of view- Nobel Peace Prize selection committee gets ‘pulled a boner’ award [made a stupid mistake]

USA hog farming giant Smithfield Corporation murders ‘Wilber’ of Charlottes Web, since they have moved into Romania, Smithfield has run roughshod over environmental laws ill equipped to deal with the new mega-hog’s super-barns… as well in a mere decade they had driven the number of Romanian small pig operations from half a million to less than fifty thousand… with the impact felt as far away as African pig farmers who cannot compete with the sharp and sudden influx of cheap pork. Shareholders swine flu off-shore-tax-haven award, meanwhile, speaking of some real pigs:

The United States Air Force ‘open fly’ boys, piloting bombers sporting JESUS SAVES logos on their ‘cock’pits, shred scores of kids and women in Afghanistan, like Mickey Mouse taking on 7 giants at a single ‘blow’, AGAIN… even as the Pentagon’s religious extremist generals are busted by Al Jeezera TV for lying about concerted effort in command structure promoting Christian proselytizing of Afghans… led by the U.S. Army Chaplains and fundamentalist friends working on saving the souls of those Muslim “children of Satan” in a military that consequently blows the idea ‘Jesus loves the little children’ to bits with air strikes when the kids say ‘no thanks’…

Now, considering United States had planned, authorized and implemented torture, violating treaties we are signed to (never mind just how creepy that is) and that torture will now be altogether excused by our Department of ‘Just Us’ fundamentalist Christians, no problem with the cover-up and denial of the USA’s ‘holy war’ crime that goes on, eh Commander-in-Chief Obama? Any guess why the Afghans might prefer the theology of the Taliban to the ‘liberation’ theology of your military?? Commander-in-Chief Obama gets a ‘I’m still standing behind my Christian Crusaders’ war crimes award…

It’s come back to ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ no criminal intent Anglo-Saxon law at Attorney General Holder’s Justice department… where water-boarding is torture but there is no crime involved… The Department of Justice, investigating itself, the same method the Israeli and American militaries use to insure they cannot discover evidence of war crimes or religious extremists and hate crime that exist in it’s ranks… the Justice Department internal inquiry draft report found ‘lapses but no crimes’ relating to the people preparing the ‘torture is legal’ memos, Obama’s Justice Department is determined EVERYONE will get off the hook, includes those who systematically planned, authorized, and implemented war crimes in the treatment of captives… welcome to the United States of Mugabe, Robert ‘tonton macoutes’ Gates’ led CIA in the service of Godfather George H.W. Bush family’s criminal-syndicate-secret-government in charge, all of Gates’ harem ‘boys’ curtsey to their polyandrous spouse… Gates: earns a Bugs Bunny in drag ‘gay wabbit’ award (that is a cruel rabbit, just ask Elmer Fudd)

‘dark queen’ Condoleezza (mirror, mirror on the wall) tells a student at a forum torture is: “legal by definition, if the president authorizes it”, and you just have to wonder at the Israeli philosophy of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ because theirs has become a case of ‘with friends like these, who needs enemies?’ It is likely gonna be déjà vu for American Jews, not only the Jews in Israel, the AIPAC initiated American knee-jerk support for Israeli policy, no matter how self destructive, is looking more and more like a case of the chickens headed home to roost when these “perfected in God’s sight Jews” [Ann Coulter, citing St Paul] fundamentalist Christians’ coup is complete and the “Christ killers” [the U.S. military’s Officer’s Christian Fellowship ‘passion’ theology sobriquet for Jews] are told on ‘the water-board’ to convert because Mel Gibson’s Latin ‘rite’ wing Pius X “pray for the Jews” is back in vogue at Rome where water-boarding makes sense, because the church can save the Amazon this way, which a recent Pope had said is equally important to saving the world from homosexuals, rather than waste wood burning the Gays, Jews, Secular Humanists, Witches, women generally, kids that don’t behave, especially alter boys that talk, people who sue the church..  Condoleezza awarded the ‘president authorized it’ ‘Gangrene Heart’ lapel pin…

Another spook gets it, ex-CIA Kabul (Afghanistan) station chief Graham Fuller writes the 40 million ethnic Pashtun divided between Pakistan and Afghanistan are turning to the Taliban more as an expression of Pashtun power and independence under pressure from American military policy of “drone bombings and assassinations” rather than any great love for Taliban politics… pointing out “Pashtun are among the most fiercely nationalist, tribalized and xenophobic peoples of the world.” Obama must only read the Chevron’s Center for Strategic Studies General James ‘the reverend jim’ Jones  and ‘dark queen’ Condoleezza’s briefing papers … while negotiating to keep nine military bases in Afghanistan, when actually Obama needs to think about the modern day number of FORTY MILLION of the same Pashtun people Alexander the Great could not defeat with superior weapons and training, and since Alexander had failed, no one has ever defeated the Pashtun, Soviet Union included… Fuller wins a rehabilitation to truth award, a rare honor for CIA:

Speaking of CIA “drone bombings and assassinations”, I’d neglected to mention awhile back the Zirdari photo in the New York Times, Zirdari grinning like the cat that ate the canary with his wife out of the way, flanked by photos of Benazir Bhutto as though those photos were feathers of a bird clinging to the corners of his mouth… Zirdari had sucked up to the CIA in ways Benazir never would have… Zirdari wins a ‘sucks up to the CIA at any price to bring me to power’ award…

Obama’s former National Security Advisor, Chevron poster child General James ‘the reverend jim’ Jones, continues useing the national ‘prayer breakfast’ circuit to praise the Pentagon air strikes that kill scores of kids and their moms… “we can’t fight with one hand tied behind our back”… gee, he just admitted we can’t nearly as effectively kill kids and women without air strikes… meanwhile our ‘Campus Crusade jihad for Jesus’ Pentagon had appointed a “one star general” to ‘study’ the air strike massacres “problem”, you know ‘one star’ only has to please fellow Christian extremist generals and ‘one star’ will become two… while a Pope who had rehabilitated the anti-Semitic extremist ‘passion for pius x’ calls for tolerance even as the ‘passion’ inspired American special operations generate holy war… as the Bush family criminal syndicate’s commander-in-chief  Robert ‘tonton macoutes’ Gates had engineered a major revamp of our military to beef up those very special operations forces which are ideal for committing war crimes under cover… Bonanza of torturing Bozos award…

Constitutional law professor Obama takes the coward’s moral midget road and moves to block the release of war crimes photos ordered released by TWO courts, on behalf of his recent bosom buddy, the war criminal Defense Secretary Robert Gates, oblivious to the ONLY means of defusing holy war with the Muslim world which is: to come clean and prosecute… while the New York Times reporters continue to suck up to the incompetence in Afghanistan, writing on the war as though it were not yet the total fiasco it is, giving the war credence by quoting generals who make an un-winnable war even more un-winnable than necessary… no one is asking the hard questions, ignoring how to win peace, like clearing out the religious extremism… meanwhile Congress “grumbles” as it prepares to ante up the hundreds of billions upon wasted trillions to keep it all going downhill… cluster of tortured boners award…

The homophobic Boy Scouts of America’s “Explorer Scouts”, some as young as 14, are given anti-terror SWAT training by police who have to take online anti-sexual abuse courses, as though that would stop a pedophile, on account of past civil and criminal cases concerning police sexual abuse of the Explorer Scouts… Boy Scouts earn a closet-pedophile ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ award…

Supreme Court Justice Scalia says he does not believe in legislative intent… now I really hate to spill scalding coffee on the bulge in Scalia’s lap, but if this is the case as he states, Scalia has a problem. There is this ‘thing’ in our Constitution called “un-enumerated rights” and if Scalia can only read the language of the law itself without taking into account the legislative intent, those “un-enumerated rights” must be forever “un-enumerated” in which case they can never be “rights”… congress sent an idiot to the bench award…

Sociopath CIA Officer Sabrina De Sousa is wanted in Italy for kidnap and delivery to torture… this dufus 57-year-old-4-year-old-in-denial sues the USA for diplomatic immunity she is not eligible for in her former consular work (lawyers will try anything for money, in this case the dufus Sabrina’s money), denying she was a CIA agent, the case draws the media’s attention and they of course go to their sources who are also CIA and the sources blow it for her by saying Sabrina is CIA… HOW STUPID WAS THAT SABRINA? The interesting thing here is the State Department (Sabrina’s cover) sources saying they had been trying to get the Italian case involving Sabrina shut down, hell yes, they were because this is the case where an Italian intelligence agency defendant brought out the information Condoleezza Rice was in charge of the USA’s delivery to torture program called ‘extraordinary renditions’ .. interesting, Ronald West states he recognizes Sabrina from her photo, their paths had crossed in Germany? (remarkable, a perfect stranger SMIRKS at you in Wiesbaden, duh, says Ronald) Sabrina gets CIA bungler’s award…

Which brings us back to Obama shutting down the photographic evidence of abuse by Americans ordered released by our courts… Obama’s statement (parroting the denial of Bush era) indicating isolated incidence “carried out in the past by a small number of individuals” is a bald-faced, through the teeth lie. This is Constitutional law professor Obama’s assault on the rule of law in the tradition of John [fuck] Yoo, because we know now this photographic evidence reflects only a few instance of a several agencies wide (CIA, Justice, Defense and State) program involving many hundreds of people and thousands of cases of war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, Black Sites and proxies, which in part have been described by a judge in Spain as “an authorized and systematic plan of torture and abuse of people stripped of liberty, without charges and denied the basic rights afforded detainees”   .. there is ONE WAY OUT of our war with Islam begun by Bush/Cheney, and that one way out is: GOOD FAITH PROSECUTIONS to stop the ONGOING religion motivated crimes:

NOW…. Here are the CIA briefed American leaders who approved, initiated and/or pursued carrying out the torture program.   CIA briefers were then director George ‘torture’s’ Tenet and deputy director John Mc-Laugh-lin

Briefees included George ‘baby doc’ Bush, ‘big dick’ Cheney, ‘dark queen’ Condoleezza (mirror, mirror on the wall), Don ‘tin man’ Rumsfeld, and John ‘Muslims are the children of Satan’ Ashcroft, no surprises there

Colin Powell? Oops, his claim he was duped into presenting false intelligence info at the UN, justifying Iraq’s invasion, I think just turned into the kid run over by the ice cream truck-

Senate hawks Bob ‘cracker’ Grahm and Richard ‘confederate general’ Shelby, Florida and Alabama respectively, ok, perfectly straightforward right wing honkies, to be expected, no surprises there either…

Congressman Porter ‘former Director of CIA’ Goss, I’d be surprised if he had NOT been named, and whadda-ya-know:


If ever there were a doubt Nancy suffers ‘acquired ego-priapism syndrome’, I think it is safe to say now the diagnosis has been confirmed… AEPS, pronounced APES, as in ‘apes’ cowardly male behaviors…   Nancy is the surprise add to the list of war criminals the USA is obliged to prosecute according to our constitution’s ‘supremacy clause’ …“any treaty made shall be the supreme law of the land” unless of course Obama is going to jettison either our constitution or the torture treaty the USA is signed to (he jettisoned our constitution, no surprise, now that he is a guilty party himself)

So, constitutional law professor Obama, as Attorney General Holder plows through his medieval Anglo-Saxon medicine chest, looking for remedies to treat the migraine of a plausible ‘writ of mandamus’ in his forced grand jury referrals and preparation of criminal indictments under the torture treaty, did you really want to protect Pelosi from war crimes culpability like Pelosi protected Bush from impeachment (suddenly, totally understanding Pelosi was covering her own war criminal ass)

And to the question of pardons, how fortunate a person is innocent until proven guilty under the USA legal practice, meaning Obama cannot constitutionally pardon anyone prior to a trial and conviction…

House Republican leader John ‘the boner’ Boehner has described a report pointing to the dangers of right wing soldiers as a future threat to domestic security offensive and called on the government to apologize to veterans. As a veteran, I call on Representative ‘Boner’ to apologize to all Americans for the acts of our future Timothy McVeighs represented in un-prosecuted special operations war criminals being released back into our society…

My ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ awardees, whose political lies and/or rhetorical stupidities can often be found in my blogs, in order of lie or stupidity’s magnitude: Barak Obama (to Turkish Parliament “USA is not at war with Islam”), George Bush (”People who are allowed to worship freely in society, are people who are going to be peaceful citizens” as our Christian extremist led military pursues holy war he started), Supreme Court Justice Alito (”Marauding Indians” in a firearms decision, OMG, Geronimo!), Senator Kit Bond in a Senate hearing, (”you can’t believe what you read” about CIA torture), Attorney General Eric Holder (too many to recite), Nancy Pelosi (self-serving political lies), Sarah Palin (for posing as Jack Kerouac in drag in real life) and Hillary Clinton “We came we saw, we murdered” Gaddafi (because I think the ‘girlz’ who behave like ‘boyz’ deserve to make the ‘boyz’ list)

Closet republican morality disclaimer, also known as the Senator Larry Craig clause: for the purposes of this thesis, the term “boner” is the first (1) given in the Oxford Dictionary, however any Barney Frank-o-philes are permitted to imagine it is the second (2), in which case any prurient lampoons should be ‘tasteful’

boner |ˈbōnər|


1 informal a stupid mistake.

2 vulgar slang an erection of the penis.

ORIGIN after House Republican leader John ‘Boehner’ the quintessential prick

Here is how a ‘Barney Frank-o-phile’ (‘hitting’ on the liberals) lampoon could work:

Instead of walking out on Iranian President ‘mouthy’ Mahmoud, at the UN forum on racism, when ‘mouthy’ truthfully called Israel “cruel and repressive”, why didn’t one of those western diplomats, instead of disappearing like cowards, stand up and shout out “Fair enough, now, what I want to know, is there a ‘boner’ involved when Iran puts it’s women to death, for adultery, by stoning?” Of course that would make worldwide headlines and Iran would realize it had REALLY ‘pulled a boner’

Here is how a ‘closet republican morality’ (‘nailing’ the conservatives) lampoon could be ‘pulled off’

The UN Rapporteur on racism has stated “defaming religion” should be dis-allowed, wow, I suppose that means the office in Rome called the congregation for the doctrine in the faith will be ‘coming out’ of the closet, to be called the holy inquisition again, and anyone who stands up to torture will be charged by the prosecutor Gonadius [worse than ‘pig’ Latin, eh? gonad + ius], with the crime of having ‘pulled a boner’ (of course that can only mean ‘made a stupid mistake’) Subtle difference, you think?

And of course, there is always the morality neutral or ‘ethics free’ example (getting digs into the ‘I’m in it for me’ sociopath public figure), in this case a ‘half-truth’ :

Rahm Emanual: “The Republicans are the party of no ideas”, neglecting to mention he was the ‘wormtongue’ (wet tongue?) in the ear of a Democratic president with brain-dead ideas…

And so it all goes to: “Know thyself” –the pedophile Socrates, executed for “corrupting the youth of Athens”

Now, it seems fitting this should degenerate into a legal treatise designed to constitutionally box in the ‘boyz’, and as such, is apropos to pick on Chief Justice John ‘boy’ Roberts, who went from ‘Waltons’ family lawyer to chief executive at the violent pornography industry of Anglo-Saxon law;

John ‘boys’ court had been recently accused of ‘pulling a boner’ [a cowardly legal decision] by much more principled conservative judges than the dwarves on the conservative wing of this Supreme Court… who have been accused by those more principled men of legal ‘mealy mouth’ in a recent ‘right to bear arms’ or 2nd Amendment case, and called it a right wing Roe v Wade for mincing around the ‘hard’ facts…

Just like the all male Roe court could not ‘bear’ to give women the 4th amendment’s protection of “privacy in their papers” :

‘Dear diary, today I had to choose between raising a child in poverty for a father I’ve discovered would never be there for us, or terminating…’

No differently, John ‘boys’ court could not call a spade a spade and admit the founders meant “the right of the people to bear arms” to be a clause against a coup of the power corrupt over our rule of law… this could have been intelligently addressed by BEING HONEST and calling the right to bear arms what our constitution meant it to be, a militia of the people that does NOT shoot “marauding Indians” at casinos, giving states a bit of control over assault rifles (that actually cannot be constitutionally taken from the people so long as the 2nd Amendment and a modern arms military both exist), like one assault rifle per militia member which is any person of good legal standing in the community, no record of domestic violence and with brains enough to pass an 8th grade constitutional ethics test, weapon stays locked up in the home… and use of ANY firearm in a crime could consequently be made a statutory case of domestic treason for violating a fellow citizen’s civil liberties-

But naw, self serving cowards can’t pull their heads out from where the sun never shines, because the idea I just proposed would preserve our constitution AND DRAMATICALLY REDUCE the number of assault rifles and ALL other firearms on our streets as well as shut down the weapons exports to Mexican drug cartels, too bad that would hurt the gun lobby…

Now, where do you suppose John ‘boy’ will come out on torture? Will he allow prosecutions of his corporate class peers?? Since now days the 4th Amendment appears to only protect the privacy of the papers held as corrupt corporate class state secrets concealing crimes, the prognosis is not good, but I have an idea!

Uncle Sam has this Latino dude named ‘Stare Decisis’ in his honky law library, he’s been the bouncer, all his work is about is, there should be stability and quiet in the case-law or, that had been the way it worked and so that is the way it generally should be.

Now John ‘boy’s’ honkies have been ganging up on this Latino dude recently, so Stare Decisis brings a knife to work to defend himself. Returning to the Silvergate nincompoop’s  ‘let’s all duck responsibility with a honky defense’ rationale, I do believe this Latino dude can take out a certain Anglo-Saxon’s ass, that is, the whole idea surrounding ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ as a legitimate ‘no criminal intent’ defense-

Here is how it could work: Anglo-Saxon right wingers (includes dark rye ‘cracker’ Clarence ‘anita’s bad hair day’ Thomas) like to kill people, that is easy to see in John ‘boys’ conservatives putting retarded and insane people to death… and honky states like to force anti-psychotics into defendants so they become fit at trial to understand why they are going to die for something they could not understand when they did it…

So if John ‘boys’ ‘boss-hog’ federal court has let those state decisions stand, bingo, suddenly Stare Decisis, this Latino dude, whips out his knife! And he goes beserk from being picked on!!

The Supreme Court takes anti-psychotics to understand what is happening in the real world and the Anglo-Saxon no criminal intent ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ defense is knife wounds like the slashers in the movies make (oh, our lovely 1st Amendment!) across their blindfolded bitch’s Anglo-Saxon body of no criminal intent law, Stare Decisis just cut her to pieces!!!!!

Your averaged IQ of 90 could puzzle through the shit in this process’ result- Whoa, check it out, THAT BITCH IS DEAD!!!!!!!

With eyes mere slits, Chief Justice John Roberts proposed Stare Decisis had passed the Federalist Society rite of initiation and be awarded membership. Stare, feeling his ingratiation with the fascists would further his career opportunities, and therefore smugly pleased, sat for his official photo on a tall stool wearing the borrowed Federalist Society member George W Bush’s dunce cap, which was actually a modified Klu Klux Klan headdress, presented by a Grand Wizard.

With Stare’s middle finger shoved up his nose as though digging deep for a booger, the preferred pose of society members for photos, John Roberts, Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito pulled from beneath their robes Thompson Sub-Machine guns, stolen for the occasion at Dick Cheney’s direction by Federalist Society house niggers Clarence Thomas and Condoleezza Rice; from the Al Capone exhibit at the FBI museum.

The Thompson drum clips having been filled with unjacketed aluminum alloy hollow point 45 caliber ammunition provided by Academi Corporation, as Anthony Kennedy watched via live feed at the Citizen’s United VIP lounge, the three justices fired precisely 150 rounds, at point blank range, into the biggest buffoon ever to claim expertise in law as a member of the American Bar Association.

A few hours later, the night shift janitor with a ‘four zero’ security clearance who’d been told to bring a body bag to work, was grossed out. Stare Decisis had been basically pureed, his remains little more than a large congealing puddle with a few big chunks.


“There’s an old saying,”In the days of slavery, there were those slaves who lived on the plantation and there were those slaves that lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master … exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him.

“It is my personal feeling that plantations exist all over America. If you walk into South Central Los Angeles, into Watts, or you walk into Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, you’ll find people who live lives that are as degrading as anything that slavery had ever produced. They live in economic oppression, they live in a disenfranchised way. In the hearts and minds of those people, and millions of others, you’re always looking for hope, and whenever somebody within our tribe, within our group, emerges that has the position of authority and power to make a difference in the way business is done, our expectations run high. Many times, those expectations are not fulfilled. But when such an individual is in the service of those who not only perpetuate the oppression, but sometimes design the way in which it is applied, it then becomes very, very, very, very critical that we raise our voices and be heard” -Harry Belafonte


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