All kinds of new publications are hitting the shelves to mark the 50th anniversary of the JFK hit. The most telling (revealing) of these has been a newspaper story in Mexico’s ‘La Journada.‘ One thing you can count on is, USA mainstream news will not pick this story up. Why? It is as simple as the USA’s media has been co-opted by a fusion of corporate boardrooms and intelligence agency personalities.

What La Journada has broken the story on, and the excellent intelligence blog ‘UNREDACTED’ has provided the English original, had been a well kept secret for fifty years; the fact our CIA had been vehemently opposed to a secret initiative pushed into play (over CIA objections) by President Kennedy, to make peace with Fidel Castro and normalize relations with Cuba. This was the last major initiative of Kennedy’s presidency, unknown to now.

The ‘silver oxide’ (as opposed to ‘silver lining’) in this story is, it ties together known facts of the past and provides motive enough to point out it WAS INDEED corporate boards, with United Fruit and Zapata Oil particularly complicit (these days known as Chiquita Brands & Harbinger Group respectively) in their incestuous fusion with heavily invested CIA personalities. Open source intelligence analysis clearly points to these parties behind the CIA invested corporate ‘Deep State‘ murder of JFK.

What do you suppose this has to do with CIA not even beginning to process 50,000 pages of JFK documents which must be released by 2017 according to act of Congress passed in the 1990s?

The CIA resistance to declassify keeps the JFK killing in the realm of ‘conspiracy’ theorists. My own position is, when the paper trail (Warren Commission) doesn’t match the facts on the ground, follow the facts on the ground. Jesse Ventura is a showman but he is not stupid. He has convincingly demonstrated with live fire the piece of junk Carcano (Mannlicher) model of rifle purportedly used by Oswald to shoot Kennedy could not have performed to expectations in the hands of the most expert shooters, and Oswald was not close to expert. One of the many holes in the official record.

Aside from corporate boards, who jumps out as individual personalities in the murder of JFK? Heavily invested individuals (to the tune of millions) would be recent Director of CIA (at time of JFK assassination) Allen Dulles (United Fruit boardroom) and rising CIA star (and future CIA director) George H.W. Bush (Zapata Oil founder.) Suddenly longtime CIA operative E. Howard Hunt’s confession to involvement in the JFK hit, gains a lot more than mere credulity. Having the just dismissed CIA Director Allan Dulles sitting on the Warren Commission (cover-up) would be about equivalent to asking United Fruit to adjudicate the overthrow of the Arbenz government by the CIA on behalf of United Fruit:

“It will be impossible to produce evidence clearly tying the Guatemalan government to Moscow, but the United States might act anyway, based on our deep conviction that such a tie must exist” -Allen Dulles

Meanwhile, those corporations benefiting from the ‘rapacious side’ of capitalism, have been able, in the fifty years since, to point to the (CIA created) Castro ‘boogeyman’ as rationale for American military interventions keeping Chiquita in the business of taking bananas throughout Latin America at gunpoint, as Castro had been pushed into a corner and further radicalized. So, need union sympathetic personalities eliminated for the sake of profit’s bottom line? No problem, simply provide cash and machine guns to designated terror groups as Chiquita ‘security’ personnel. Need to keep this all swept under the rug and out of the public eye? Simply buy in Chiquita lawyer Eric Holder as Obama’s Attorney General (he damn sure won’t reopen an investigation in the JFK murder) as boardroom efforts go on to keep Chiquita crimes concealed.

And we know how ‘junior’s’ subsequent Bush/Cheney oil partnership has fared around the world, the profits in billions have been quite tidy.

Allan Dulles, George H.W. Bush and ‘friends’ must’ve laughed all the way to the bank with their newly minted Kennedy ‘half dollar’ coins.


I think we know who “GOD” is..

..with Bush & ‘friends’ (like Holder) still laughing their way to the bank

Allen Dulles’ brother, John Foster Dulles, was legal counsel for United Fruit for decades.

John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles were major shareholders in United Fruit.

Robert Cutler, head of National Security Council, was former Chairman of United Fruit Board.

Thomas G. Corcoran was paid consultant for United Fruit when working for CIA.

John Moor Cabot, Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American affairs was major shareholder in United Fruit.

Thomas Dudley Cabot, Director of International Security Affairs in the State Department, had been United Fruit president.

John J. McCloy, president of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, was a former United Fruit board member.

Walter Bedell Smith, former CIA Director, was on United Fruit Board of Directors during retirement.

Robert Hill, Undersecretary of State, was on United Fruit Board of Directors during retirement.


Presidential ‘National Security Adviser(s)’ with corporate umbrella & intelligence ties, all who have contributed to, or benefited from profits over peace, from JFK assassination to present. Each of these individuals has played ‘God’ in the pursuit of western corporate colonialism, and had a direct hand in the literal murder of peoples legitimate aspirations for national sovereignty with policy making for the president. All made possible because a single president who had sought to break this cycle had been murdered by those who most profit from it-

McGeorge Bundy, Carnegie Corporation, Ford Foundation, Council on Foreign Relations (+ Skull & Bones), served Kennedy and Johnson

Walt Rostow, OSS, CIA, served LBJ

Henry Kissinger, military intelligence, National Security Council, CIA, Rand Corporation, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, International Chamber of Commerce (and too many associated world-wide crimes, in Latin America particularly, to count.) Served Nixon and Ford and has advised presidents from Nixon to George W Bush

Brent Scowcroft, Council on Foreign Relations, Kissinger Associates, served as National Security Adviser to Ford and George H.W. Bush and has advised presidents from Nixon to Obama

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, International Chamber of Commerce, served Carter and since has been a major instigator of the policies that eventually resulted in the rise of al Qaida

Richard Allen, Hoover Institution, Council on Foreign Relations, Heritage Foundation, ties to Oliver North and Iran Contra money laundering (and by clear implication, George H.W. Bush) served Reagan and advised Nixon

William Clark, military intelligence, pushed for Iran-Contra pardons, served Reagan

Robert McFarlane, un-prosecuted Spy for Israel, National Security Council, Iran-Contra, United States Energy Security Council (with former Director of CIA James Woolsey), served Reagan, pardoned by George H.W. Bush (for role in Iran-Contra)

John Poindexter, Multiple Iran-Contra felon (Reagan) pardoned by George H.W. Bush. Served Reagan and subsequently worked in the George W Bush administration on ‘total information awareness’ and defense contractor in Iraq

Frank Carlucci, CIA assassin (Patrice Lumumba) who rose to CIA Deputy Director, General Dynamics, Westinghouse, Ashland Oil, mentored by Donald Rumsfeld, served Reagan

Colin Powell, CIA military liaison to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), 2nd tour assigned to investigating the My Lai massacre and attempted a cover-up, intelligence and assessment of invasion of Grenada, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (venture capital), Council on Foreign Relations, served Reagan. Under George H.W. Bush was promoted to Joint Chiefs of Staff, moved on to Secretary of State under George W Bush where he knowingly presented the false evidence of WMDs to the UN

Brent Scowcroft, 2nd tenure, served George H.W. Bush (see prior Scowcroft entry)

Anthony Lake, CIA (under cover of Department of State, Vietnam), Carnegie Endowment, concealed from Congress allowing Iran to arm Bosnia (Clinton administration), founder of Intellibridge Corporation, foreign policy adviser to Obama presidential campaign, served Clinton

Sandy Berger, National Security Council, American Oil Company (AMOCO) stockholder conflict of interest, theft of classified materials, caught lying to investigators, resigned his law license to avoid disbarment, served Clinton.

Condoleezza Rice, CIA, Hoover Institute, Federalist Society, Rand Corporation, Chevron board director, CIA renditions, attempted assassination of the author of this blog, served George W Bush

Stephen Hadley, CIA, Scowcoft Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Institute for Public Policy, Ratheon board director, served George W Bush

General James ‘the reverend jim’ Jones, National Prayer Breakfast, Chevron board director, Boeing board director, NATO Allied Supreme Commander, Marine Corps Commandant, Chamber of Commerce, Condoleezza Rice associate, served Obama

Tom Donilon, Fannie Mae, Council on Foreign Relations, served Obama

Susan Rice, National Security Council, Rwandan genocide, Intellibridge, Brookings Institution, handed the president-elect of Nigeria the poisoned cup of tea that killed him, presently serves Obama

Michael Flynn (Trump’s designated National Security Advisor) CIA liaised Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Defense Intelligence Agency, founder Flynn Intel Group; his Intel Group took money from a Turkish client company based in the Netherlands and Flynn turned 180 degrees when assessing Turkey’s support for Sunni militants in Syria (includes Islamic State) from complicit to calling Turkey an invaluable ally in the ‘war on terror’