^ Convicted international criminal Robert Seldon Lady

CIA Officer and convicted kidnap felon Robert Seldon Lady has asked Italy’s president for a pardon. Lady claims “he had been advised they were in accordance with US, Italian and international law” when carrying out a kidnap and delivery to torture.  But in a 2009 interview with Italian magazine Il Giornale, Lady stated “When you work in intelligence, you do things in the country in which you work that are not legal. It’s a life of illegality.” Clearly he knew his actions were illegal. It’s should be no surprise how easily CIA people lie, it’s a criminal lifestyle’s nature.

Lady should have to come clean on his career of crime to be eligible for a pardon, but this is something a man who has lied to the president of Italy in his pardon application would never do.

My questions for Robert Seldon Lady are quite simple; were you working Wiesbaden in the Summer of 2008, when your fellow Italian court convict and CIA colleague, Sabrina De Sousa, had been a member of the team that tried to take me out? When she gave up her cover to sue for diplomatic immunity in the Italian case, I was able to positively identify De Sousa from her photo as involved in the operations aimed at myself in Wiesbaden. In Italy, the operation you worked with De Sousa was personally approved by Condoleezza Rice, a woman with a very personal axe to grind in my case .. considering I can tie her to a criminal ring in government (includes ‘torture is legal’ lawyers John Yoo and Jay Bybee) counterfeiting compliance to laws to push through CHEVRON ‘permit to drill’ applications where CHEVRON had no right to pursue development. Since when is it the business of CIA operatives to take out American citizens on behalf of CHEVRON?

No dungeon is too deep, dark, dank and damned for Robert Seldon Lady and his associates. Why should any CIA criminal kidnap convict be pardoned and be able to freely travel abroad, when I cannot come home on account of the impunity exercised by international criminals he is directly tied to?




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