It’s been a time of transition. And a time of wondering where to take this blog in future. It seemed I’d reached a stopping point, insofar as developing my case and circumstance of exile, and now is up to the cowardly German politicians to rectify matters or simply to continue to give Obama political fellatio and cover for CIA & JSOC crimes and related, incidental miscreant behaviors of MOSSAD. But somehow I suspect my case will not, cannot stay swept under the rug.  At this point, I only need be patient. The question remains however, is there any possibility I will reach a detente with the intelligence agencies? If they’d back off, I would quit burning them, a message even the most moronic should be able to absorb and act on. So what to do in the meanwhile?

I have plenty of interest in composing folk stories, as well my interest in translation of ancient concept to modern and would prefer to turn my attention to these interests … but I am well aware I have readers looking for politics and satire [both gag me] and feel there is some obligation to appreciating loyalty to my unfortunate brilliance in these matters. So I will wind back burning the criminal agencies, to a point. If they behave well in relation to my personal circumstance, I will likely turn my attention more and more to those interests I prefer giving my attention, which altogether excludes the stupidities of international intrigue. So it will be a process of withdrawal, and meanwhile I’ve settled on my newer, somewhat more benign political target: EXBERLINER [the magazine]

Why EXBERLINER? The magazine is about Berlin, it is in English, caters to expatriates, is largely intelligent, somewhat interesting to me and has a total moron for a political commentator.

“Werner’s Political Notebook” has earned EXBERLINER the savages of this lampoonist and former intelligence professional’s political pen. Congratulations! For the foreseeable future, my intention is to write a monthly column on EXBERLINER.

The October issue [#120] has a brilliant article on Salman Rushdie with extensive quotes from a Rushdie appearance in Berlin, very good reading I would recommend to anyone [who can actually read, of course.] The series of articles on alternative healing are worthwhile particularly because the writers put their own bodies on the line in pursuit of understanding. Most commendable. The sundry information on several scenes in Berlin looks to have entertaining possibilities, and then…

… there is [Konrad] Werner.

Werner’s smug, sideways glance from his black & white photo is set to reassure his narcissism in the mirror, as he pontificates on Merkel & Syria. DO NOT read Werner’s column, if you’d like to discover anything close to truth. The petty Bibi Netanyahus of this world, whose policies Werner embodies with his ill-informed moralizing on Syrians dying in their beds on account of the Assad regime, overlooks a small reality; were it not for western democracies intelligence agencies having facilitated, arranged the arming of, and stimulated the armed rebellion in Syria, Syrians would not be dying in their beds. Oops! Werner’s pushing the USA-Israeli-Saudi alliance in Syria (originally initiated as a stepping stone to taking down Iran before Obama got cold feet) in the guise of a moralism: “The decision the German government makes every day not to shoot down Assad’s scuds means families die in their beds” … makes one wonder whether there will ever come a day ordinary people of European cultural origin can competently assess humanitarian violence, sans ego (it is this cultural ego, a form of chauvinism, drives humanitarian violence and idiots like Werner.) In the alternative, perhaps Werner is merely a pontificating moralist of small mind who has sucked up and re-spewed Netanyahu-AIPAC originated propaganda per the many information operations tossed at the general public by intelligence agencies (intended to spread like memes.) Oh, and Werner managed the otherwise intelligent people at EXBERLINER to give his ill-informed political gibberish print. And the invigorating of al-Qaida (al-Nusra) as a side effect of the western/wahabi alliance effort to oust Assad is to be overlooked as a case of c’est la vie?

Uh, Werner, I hate to inform you (and the people at EXBERLINER) ‘democracy’ has murdered more Syrians, by far, than Assad, left alone, ever would have… and insofar as the purpose in this malignant social phenomena you support with lobbying Germany to become militarily proactive in Syria, I recommend to you a small but informative reading project: ‘The Least of All Possible Evils‘ (Humanitarian Violence From Arendt to Gaza) by Eyal Weizman





Post Modern Teutonic Vision (a.k.a. Werner blogged me!)



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