Neo-liberal Nick Clegg has taken punishing Russia to a new low, demanding Russian be stripped of the World Cup in 2018:
Of course that can have nothing to do with English Football’s dismal World Cup record of recent decades, you think? I think Clegg is 1) in bed with the wrong people and 2) he’s merely jealous 😉

Ronald Thomas West


Were England’s World Cup aspirations a test of national character, the British body politic should take note, as the UKIP insurgency has based itself on the continent

Some people, the Anglo-Saxon race particularly, it would appear, never learn. Blair’s gay relationship (think Bugs Bunny in drag) with Bush and torture (that was a mean wabbit) for the sake of modern corporate empire (money, it’s a drag- ‘Pink Floyd’) bleeds the taxpayer, for the sake of Canary Warf jet setters, a true case of ‘English Setters’ don’t dare think the ‘Bulldog’ Lennon had honestly castrated with a song


Now, ‘peace envoy’ Blair plays Middle East contracts like Rooney the striker, thinking himself a step up from premier play, but his closet neo-liberal fascism is entirely ineffectual, this grimace-grin legacy of failed policy smiling for the paparrazi from Silicon Valley to Tel Aviv.. oh and he embraces ‘popery’ like a Guy Fawkes…

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