I very seldom read fiction but there have been a few exceptions over the years. These reviews are short studies in understanding points of view on intelligence by veterans or other persons purported to be well informed on matters of clandestine operations. As well, my own dabbling in the genre can be found here:

GLADIO on ‘Deep State’

Machine Pistol Paris attacks ‘Made in the USA’

Profits of War Israeli intelligence officer Ari Ben-Menache

Invective by Andrew Owen. A UK veteran’s take on counter-terror

David Ignatius’ Body of Lies Langley’s premier propagandist

John Le Carre’s A Delicate Truth Refuting Ignatius’ neo-conservatism

Robert Littell’s The Company A CIA revisionist history (book of lies)

No Snowflake in an Avalanche Mikey Weinstein’s exposé on extremism

Dirty Wars Jeremy Scahill

Should I be a Spy Novelist? Probably not

A Cheesey Detective Story My jabs at a few morons

Guest Reviews

To The Far Right Christian Hater Non-fiction, on bigotry

Other Reviews

A Report to an Academy On Kafka’s short story