Written a year ago, this is especially relevant to the power struggle we see playing out today. Neither camp has the American people’s best interests prioritized. Both camps (Trump/Netanyahu/neocon, Hillary/Soros/neoliberal) would be willing to see the USA indelibly damaged in pursuit of raw power found in control over empire

Ronald Thomas West

The extra-constitutional order born out of the National Security Act of 1947 is when the American state finally went completely off the rails in regards to the rule of law. This is when corporations became welded to the new ‘national security state’, undermining the constitutional order so completely, the rise and entrenchment of an unaccountable shadow government was inevitable:


What few people understand within and without the USA is the composition of this dark entity. There are competing factions represented in two larger camps of neo-liberal and neo-conservative, where there is a power struggle. Both camps are criminal actors relating to there is a fusion of corporate board policy to every department of government at every level, not least intelligence agencies with actors with broad capacity to act independently of any legitimate oversight. Within this hidden framework, endless deceits and subversion play out, with each side seeking to undermine…

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