In a perfectly-politically-correct world, every woman named Irma would join a class action libel suit against the National Hurricane Center for defamation of character and damage to reputation.

The antithesis of political correctness, particularly for the USA as a “do unto others” so-called ‘Christian’ nation, would be to name the hurricanes for USA personalities initiating catastrophic events abroad; ‘Hillary’ for Syria, ‘Susan’ for Libya, and the current storm ‘Nikky‘ for what’s likely to happen in Korea.

The ‘boy’ storms? Alan Dulles, John Brennan, Mike Pompeo…

How Dumb is the CIA, part five

Mike Pompeo has an aversion to negroes, towel-heads, queers and ‘wimmin.’ In fact, Pompeo has instructed that he never be scheduled to attend or speak at a CIA ‘diversity’ event; as people inside the CIA are watching that organization rapidly morph into a religiously ignorant, ‘good ol’ boys’ network (as opposed to the ivy league fascism of yore), a ‘Catholicized’ White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant criminal leadership model somewhat resembling a severely dumbed-down Allan Dulles era.

Now, as much as that might please the peasants of America’s ‘double wide’ honkydom, if only because White people who live in Florida’s ‘cracker-box’ communities (read mobile home parks, but with Irma, not nearly ‘mobile’ enough) are typically dumber than a box of rocks, it’s like playing roulette with an automatic pistol. In other words, about five times dumber than playing roulette with a six chamber revolver. How’s that?

For the American ‘cracker‘ with an average social IQ of 70, if you really concentrate HARD, you might ‘git’ this. Because Mike Pompeo is afraid of catching ‘cooties‘, Blacks, Muslims, gays and women don’t see any long-term prospect for advancing their career at the CIA. So, not only do they leave, they won’t join in future.

The problem with this is, example given, when you need a Black-lesbian spy, ideal to penetrate an ongoing hostile operation in Liberia, Africa, and you don’t have one, making up the CIA Director of Operation’s favorite sex-object-secretary, in blackface, just isn’t going to get the job done.

Or because, when you need a guy in Tehran and you don’t have anyone that didn’t go to Pat Robertson’s Regent University and doesn’t break out in a cold sweat in the presence of Muslims, you’re screwed.

Michael Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which represents hundreds of clients belonging  to the USA’s intelligence community, and most of those clients are CIA, states:

“In the intelligence community, we see supervisors wanting to hold Bible studies during duty hours”

Yeah, that might work, analyzing how marching in circles around Jericho, blowing horns, could be the model for bringing down Kim Jong Un:

^ at Langley, Virginia, an operation planning session

Hey crackers, if you don’t get the importance of how screwed up this is, essentially you’ll never get anything. For the CIA rank and file, it simply means the criminal leadership at the top will become more White, more male, more bigoted, more aggressive, more violent, more ineffective, and in the accumulative effect, increasingly stupid. Good luck with that –

Pompeo - 1

^ “we make sure that we pray and stand and fight and make sure that we know that Jesus Christ is our savior is truly the only solution for our world” -Mike Pompeo


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