I can pick out 10 (TEN) generals in this photo of Trump in a meeting at the White House. That’s without being able to determine the military or civilian history of everyone in the room, for the fact of obscured view of some of the participants:

Trump's_Generals - 1

Trump is flanked on his immediate left and right by two generals in civilian clothes, John Kelly and James Mattis (respectively.) Now, someone tell me, why do they need their names propped up in front of each meeting participant? Is it because our military is largely too senile to remember their colleagues names? Is it so Trump has some  idea of who is convincing him ‘we can do it’ in discussion of blowing up North Korea or Iran? Is it to be certain no one ever (EVER) violates their strict male hierarchy worthy of a chimpanzee troupe?

Perhaps it is simply ‘innocuous’ (pardon the oxymoron of combining the ideas of generals & harmless) as a meeting of Trump with his generals and they’re all generals excepting the one who looks like a ‘spook’ to General Kelly’s immediate left and the ‘bouncer’ standing by the door. Then, notice not one woman is seen in the room, not that it’d matter, if there was one, she’d be either ‘eye candy’ or a psychological male diagnosed with ego-priapism, check out Raphael’s Paradox, if only to understand the militarized ‘western world’ is a ‘queer’ place to be.

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