The liberal democracies phenomenon of pretending our leaders are accountable drags on:

“If there was a trial we’re talking about years rather than months down the road. We have still never seen a French President be tried, charged and put in jail” at:

The (very much) better take (my satire) on the never-ending Sarkozy scandal at:

It’s only a matter of time before everyone is part of ‘the block-chain’…

“IBM believes that within five years minute cryptographic anchors smaller than a grain of salt will be embedded in everyday objects and devices that are linked to blockchain databases to monitor supply chain security”

…and this will be a full on ‘red pill/blue pill’ world with no doubt a ‘monitoring of the anchor-embedded human supply chain security’ at:

Shoot the messenger. Well, not, or only ‘sort of.’ Following the grotesque set of historical events that culminated in Stalin, one might say there could never be sound reason to appreciate the message of Karl Marx. But, then, that whole business is riddled with paradox; after all, it was under Stalin’s leadership Russia had destroyed Hitler’s armies to a point D-Day could be possible as anything other than a colossal defeat. Just one example. Emerging from that paradox is today’s World Socialist Website pointing us to our own Hitleresque (or Stalinesque) problem with secret ‘security’ apparatus you won’t find in mainstream; Central Intelligence Agency & Pentagon penetration of Congress:

^ “In a three-part series, the World Socialist Web Site documented an unprecedented influx of intelligence and military operatives into the Democratic Party. More than 50 such military-intelligence candidates are seeking the Democratic nomination in the 102 districts identified by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as its targets for 2018. These include both vacant seats and those with Republican incumbents considered vulnerable in the event of a significant swing to the Democrats…”

Part 1)

Part 2)

Part 3)

Over at ‘shit hits the fan’ its been noticed those who would rule us are flocking to survival camps:

“Each camp has a shooting range and is equipped to handle between 50 and 500 people during any SHTF scenario. The camps will have lodges, underground bunkers, and guard towers. In the event of a social meltdown, members will be responsible for manning those towers” at:

Well, what some of us know is, rationality is in short supply where the USA’s nuclear trigger is located:

My thanks to Ft Russ…