Stories we all should wish were an April Fool’s joke

The only people not mentioned are Rastafarians; in Israel’s proposed drive to recruit people to Zionism:

Heating up Kosovo to raise the temperature in the Balkans: The USA deliberately looked the other way or this would never have happened:

Of course the USA propaganda arm doesn’t mention the meeting of ethnic Serb leadership had been crashed by armed thugs in black uniforms, but then if it were the Kosovars the ones being told to behave, EU strong-arm puppet Mogherini would have traveled to Pristina first, rather than Belgrade:

Followed on with:

“In an attempt to occupy the northern part of Kosovo by Albanian special forces or a new pogrom against the Serbs, Russia will immediately send significant military assistance”

Facebook added to socially transmitted diseases (STDs) list:

Speaking of socially transmitted diseases, France & ‘clap’ (also known as ‘French disease’) find its way back into colonial possession:

Is the forgoing because Trump thinks he’s pulling the USA out?

Doesn’t make sense with the Pentagon piling in:

The generals versus Trump at the White House is a game still playing out: