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First, what I’m busy with and why the posts will slow down over the coming months; basically I’m building a ‘hobby farm’ that’s soaking up my retirement pension, on the road to (hopefully) self-sufficiency, but still a few years away from an economically self-sustaining organic farm. Last year we grew seed and continued work on rehabilitating a small field, concentrating on about half of the arable space in the first field, with another small field waiting. The second field was poor soil to begin and is totally exhausted (a future rehabilitation project.)

Bought and added 3 tons of manure to 1/2 of the first field last fall (2nd year we’ve done this), and spread it with a pitch-fork. Then, hired the neighbor to plow, disc and till. Last week I hoed and hand seeded maize and covered rows amounting to half a kilometer.

There won’t be much pulling weeds (other than when initially thinning the seeded rows) and no using chemical spray (at all.) The rows are spaced for a lawnmower to run between. What this will do is kill the weeds but not the grass (which will mostly choke out the weeds.) So there will be what appears a lawn (between rows & plots) grows that retains the soil moisture and prevents erosion (mitigating potential drought or flood rains) and get this, any season’s end when you’ve followed this procedure, if you want to give the land a rest, you just take a cutter to the base of the corn-stalks and in the spring your field comes back as a meadow.

It should be added, this had been accomplished in my 69th year with two wrecked rotor cuffs (shoulders), a hernia (never repaired since my military days or over 40 years), blown discs, compressed vertebra and worn & aching hips … and I’ll probably be able to get some real sleep when ibuprofen works again (I don’t do opioids because narcotics are mentally debilitating and long-term pain is a relative thing, you can adjust to it.)

Now the spring rains are coming. Barn on the drawing board & our own tractor in due time.

If you’re going to make a case the peasant farmers should be held up as the backbone of the nation’s food sovereignty, there’s nothing so important as setting example, that’s how I see it. Two relevant posts:



Sultan Erdogan busted again, American security experts interview a high ranking Islamic State ’emir’ and get the story from the horse’s mouth: Erdogan is bent on retaking Ottoman territories and sleeps with the devil in the process:

Related stories at


Russia stuff updates:

John Brennan behind ‘Russiagate’ ? Probably.

The alternative Skripal narrative:

Former intel officer Patrick Armstrong on Mueller’s bs:


My stuff at Ft Russ, I put out the provocative idea of Russian state media colluding with Wikileaks to prop up the DNC ‘hack’ lie, but setting that aside, the question remains of why Wikileaks refuses to state the obvious and these days even colludes in covering up the little doubted fact Seth Rich leaked the mails:


Donald Trump: “Between Russia, China and us, we’re all making hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons, including nuclear, which is ridiculous”

I defy anyone to google the preceding and find any Western mainstream news platform reported it. What should that tell you? War is good for the Western oligarchs? It’s certainly not good for the economy:

Related at, what sort of paradox are we in where war is damaging to the economy (see preceding link) AND ceasing the sales of weapons would collapse the economy:

Dryly noting Donald Trump’s observation is at odds with his Iran policy (i.e. giving the Israeli war-party some very sloppy political fellatio.)


Mucking about where humans don’t belong. Asteroid Bennu is ejecting matter and NASA scientists have no idea how or why. Probably because they have no idea how or why we exist to begin with … while screwing around where they have no idea what’s going on. Suppose, just suppose for fun sake, Bennu is a sentient being as as opposed to an ‘object’

If you believe in the tooth fairy, you probably have as good a grasp of reality as anyone at NASA. Related at


AND FINALLY… It was Marilyn Monroe once famously said “I have sucked my last cock” when she’d signed her fat FOX movie contract:

And this:

“Lewinsky testified to using the cigar sexually and to Clinton then putting it in his mouth…”

Following on with a metaphor, was it Vernon Jordon’s ‘cigar’ attracted Lewinsky to the White House?

Little different to Monroe blowing her way to stardom, the Lewinsky skank can hardly claim she’d been coerced, and moving on to the present, as ugly as Trump’s behaviors might be to the morally upright, at least he has the class to hire prostitutes (e.g. Stormy Daniels) as opposed to coerce sex per the numerous #MeToo claimants, but now, just wait a minute. The numerous actresses alleged to have spread their legs for a certain infamous maggot named HARVEY, I mean, man, who would fuck any of those women after they’d given themselves up to this…

Pompeo - 1

…and having known what creeps they work for, because denial just doesn’t fly, Hollywood is the most socially incestuous, gossiping planet out there, the faces seldom change, mainly the couplings. These women certainly could have walked out and looked for an honest job as opposed to PROSTITUTING themselves, right? Why’d they keep their mouths shut, er, I meant didn’t complain? Ahh, those $$$$ (millions) that come with the contract. A case of #MeToo is the world’s oldest profession…

Wrapping this up, I’d once met two very drunk Germans, they were lost when visiting Berlin, and asked me directions. When I’d inquired what was their profession, one replied “we’re actors.” I replied “Oh, you’re professional liars, but not so bad as lawyers.” The drunker one of the two looked offended but the other started laughing. I’ve changed my mind since, and it was Meryl Streep convinced me actors are the worse liars:

And the (it just seems obligatory) satire with a #MeToo shout-out:


A former Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence for Special Forces, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald is published in International Law as a layman (The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole) and has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.




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  1. Shocking the idsappearance of back-to-the-land common sense is these days-so more power to you Ron!


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