Truth is seldom pure and never simple -Oscar Wilde

What never ceases to amaze is the flat-out stupidity of the White identity groups rank and file. Consider Germany, where the real Nazis keep their identity concealed and rise to the very top of the pyramid (governance) all-the-while making a great (and believed) pretense of outrage at anyone from the street who dare make a bit of a nostalgic show for German fascism. Meanwhile, German chauvinism has been dominating Europe and economically bleeding ‘fellow’ European Union member nations to death. All thanks to Allen Dulles’ CIA rescuing war criminal Reinhardt Gehlen from justice and putting him at the top of a reconstituted Gestapo intelligence apparatus (staffed with Gestapo & SS veterans) then handed this resurrected monster over to the post-war Federal Republic of Germany as it’s own CIA: the BND or Bundesnachrichtendienst. You can read a bit of this ugly history, impacting today, HERE.

On a larger scale, the USA’s Dulles legacy has behaved much the same. If the German elite will now have the ‘Arab’ problem to exploit in a renewed push for a police state, the USA elite already have the Black/White division that can be exploited to the same purpose. Make no mistake, when the USA’s street violence has risen to a level ‘justifying’ police state tactics and solutions, White identity groups will discover they had been used and discarded like the ignorant stooges they are.

In the American Black experience, this controversy is (with absolute historical validity) perceived as “white privilege.” Outside of Africa (e.g. the USA), I don’t recall any incidence of Blacks owning White slaves.

Insofar as those high profile neo-liberals ‘nominally’ backing the Black Lives Matter and other Black identity movements, these movements should educate themselves in history (other than the history provided by the organs of state) and understand their political backers are derived from a long legacy of elites exploiting Blacks; when given ‘opportunity’ such as a chance to get ahead by abandoning their self-sufficient farms in the rural south to work ‘high paying’ jobs in the industrial north … only to be abandoned in what became ghettos when the elites were no longer profiting from Black labor, factories closed and ‘opportunity’ moved elsewhere. This process repeated, again and again.

Concerning Charlottesville, General Lee is an ironic historical figure to exploit for purpose of civic strife. It was Robert E Lee, through the force of his personality, wide influence over the southern Whites and principled stance he took, post Appomattox surrender, prevented possible decades of Southern guerrilla insurgency from 1865 into the future.

In the American White Experience, General Lee is (for many) about much more than Southern heroics, or alternatively, in the North’s historical revisionism concerning Black slavery and racism (Lincoln would have settled for slavery continuing prior to a political decision taken in the Summer of 1862.) The American civil war was not over some simplistic casus belli but was a complex circumstance that ultimately pit the competing forward visions for the USA by the Federalists and anti-Federalists, perhaps best represented historically in the persons of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. This was unfinished business and the Federalist heirs absolutely gained the upper hand with the North’s victory. When the South, and by implication, the anti-Federalists lost, it opened the door for future unscrupulous persons to exploit all Americans. You can read a bit on this American tension HERE.

The result of the Northern ‘victory’ had some positive aspect but was not entirely positive. America’s Blacks realized emancipation (if painfully, with decades of Jim Crow to follow), but today the North’s and South’s White progeny, both, are well down the road to economic and civic slavery together with America’s Blacks, Mexican-Americans and all the rest, with the loss of the anti-Federalist authored Bill of Rights, particularly with the loss of the 1st through 8th Amendments to the American Constitution, effectively canceled by the National Security Act of 1947. With that patently unconstitutional law came the CIA (backbone of the deep state), secret courts, warrant-less searches and a general degrading of civil liberties for all. It were never a ‘black & white’ world.

When slave owning Southerners disingenuously took on the anti-Federalist mantle of ‘States Rights’, exploited Southern patriotism and lost, we all lost our future to unscrupulous Northern Federalists, whether we are White, Black, Southerner, Northerner or post-war immigrant.

At the end of the day, it’s all about greed and consolidating power for those who would own us ALL, regardless of race.

One caution I should mention is, however the ‘deep state’ might play racial identity groups off each other, while sincerely not caring about casualties on either side despite the pretense, where they will welcome ANYONE, regardless of race, is all of those who will come over to where the neo-con and neo-liberal converge; in support for modern Federalist feudalism or the power structures propping up the contemporary elite. It’s not only White politicians aligned with Trump and his elite ‘owned’ Ben Carson. It is both sides of the aisle in Congress, it’s Paul Ryan, it’s Nancy Pelosi, it’s Mitch McConnell, it’s Chuck Schumer and, it is the system’s elite servants Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton with their ongoing and abject failure to honestly educate, inspire and effect change.