Samuel Alito authored Salinas vs Texas


The Salinas vs Texas ruling states that a suspect’s silence can be used against them if they did not voluntarily invoke their Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, in order to be protected by the 5th amendment. I can only imagine what George Carlin would do with this one-

Police to suspect: “You have the right to remain silent AND we can use your right to silence against you”

After all, the Supreme Court says the 5th Amendment reads “nor shall [any person] be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, if they have read and remember what this clause is about” because when writing the Constitution our founders employed a crystal ball to know the ‘Miranda’ decision requiring police tell a suspect of their right to remain silent would be in the works 200 years down the line ..

.. oh, but wait, the Miranda decision is oxymoron because its required warning is read to inform you of your rights but if you actually have to be informed of your rights, the Supreme Court says you have no rights .. 

We could try calling it the ‘if you’ve been to law school and passed the law twisted beyond logic bar exam, you get your rights because you’re a lawyer’ rule…

Failed breathalyzer suspect George A. Custer Esquire to Police:

“If you read my rights, I’ll Sioux”


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