12 September: Landed on my feet, into my apartment, getting settled in and back online but having internet issues (too slow to download my mails!) I have several projects ready to move forward from the back burner, I just need to catch my breath and get some decent sleep… and will use wifi cafe signal to upload work if necessary-

2 August: A time of transition; I’ll be offline (mostly), on the lam (per usual) and expect to land on my feet (always an ‘iffy’ proposition but I’m good at it.) If all goes to plan, I should be resettled and online regularly again come mid-September, and of course, there is much reading at my page to preoccupy the curious, anyone looking for outrageous humor putting our world’s madness into perspective, and also for those seeking insights into the rampant criminality of the culture/society we live in…

Wishing you all a lovely rest of the summer!



^My life in a former incarnation (1990s)