Intelligence links:

Borderland Beat reporting on drug cartels

Bild Interviews Vladimir Putin English translation

Public Intelligence Website

Bilderberg Attendees 2015

SOMO News anti-corruption site

Electric Universe Western science in denial

A short history of our modern dystopia Woodrow Wilson to Obama

The authentic cause of Islamic extremism Simple as pie

EU Failure in Ukraine History sans Nazis (see next story)

Czech President on Nazis: “Something is wrong with the EU”

STRATFOR on Ukraine “The most blatant coup in history”

Spy Craft for Hacks FBI veteran’s tips on clandestine meetings

Unlimited ‘spy on the citizens’ authority Congress acts

Faked Evidence CIA & FBI framed Libya for Lockerbie

CIA ‘ghost’ Prisoners ‘Disappeared’ (murdered) persons

DoD & electronic voting Department of Defense counts your vote

Drug Cartel Parties Hosting Rick Perry’s buddies Keeping track of EU machinations

Narco-killer Enrique Prado CIA outsourced assassinations

Military Sock Puppets, NSA Trolls & CIA Shills Your facebook friends

The Secret Team Analysis of the CIA by L. Fletcher Prouty

C Street The ‘Christian Al Qaida’ behind the scene

CIA & The Vatican Study of a partnership, WW II to 1982

The Christian Mafia Wayne Madsen’s excellent article

Drone Strikes for Jesus 28-34% of US military “Christian Dominionist”

Blackwater Holy Crusades Prosecutions derailed by ‘state secrets’

The Last Lie of an Air Force Cadet indoctrination

Liars for Jesus The rewrite of American history by neo-conservatives

What Do Putin’s Adviser’s Know? Watch & listen at youtube

Operation ‘Gladio B’ ongoing NATO based ‘deep state’ terrorism

21st Century Gladio in Spain Church at Rome’s modern militia

Guardian/BBC Arabic Exposé Gen Petraeus’ torture centers & more

Conspiracy of Silence White House pedophilia (banned documentary)

Hacking Democracy Diebold computer vote fraud

Fear of Minor Debris Engineering experts on 9/11 WTC Building 7

Gorilla Conservation & Guerilla Warfare USAID in Central Africa

Kerry’s neo-nazi Snipers Leaked conversation bombshell

JFK Was making amends with Castro against CIA wishes when shot

2013 Secrecy Report by Open Government (

Intel Veterans on 9/11 41 informed voices dispute the official narrative

Intelligence Agency Dissident Voices Rejecting policies & more

Dirty Wars The war on terror is “a self-licking ice cream cone”

Military Religious Freedom Foundation on our Pentagon Taliban

Our Men in Iran? USA trained Iranian dissident terror group

The Mojahedin-e-Khalq A lethal pawn in geo-politics

The Fraud of Amnesty International Front for MI6

CIA Front ‘Freedom House’ Rogue CIA officer Phillip Agee

CIA uses corporations for spy cover Phillip Agee

Council of Europe on Renditions Breakdown of flights & countries

USAID in Ethiopia U.S. Department of State egregious (official) lies

Militias & Genocide On the employ of extra-judicial military

When Heads Roll Assassination/Decapitation study (pdf)

A Time to Kill? State sponsored assassination & international law

Israeli Intelligence & Security CIA Analysis in the Public Domain

The CIA & Non-Violent Resistance  Stuart Bramhall on Gene Sharp

On Edward Bernays & Propaganda Breakdown of control method

CIA and the Media Carl Bernstein’s investigative report

Transcendent Warfare Assessment US Marine Corps War College

The BCCI Affair Unredacted senate report

Dissent or Terror Analysis of USA corporate/police fusion

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