For the people who take mainstream media at face value:

“During the 1976 investigation of the CIA by the Senate Intelligence Committee, chaired by Senator Frank Church, the dimensions of the Agency’s involvement with the press became apparent to several members of the panel, as well as to two or three investigators on the staff. But top officials of the CIA, including former directors William Colby and George Bush, persuaded the committee to restrict its inquiry into the matter and to deliberately misrepresent the actual scope of the activities in its final report”

The CIA and the  Media by Carl Bernstein

“Contrary to the notion that the CIA insidiously infiltrated the journalistic community, there is ample evidence that America’s leading publishers and news executives allowed themselves and their organizations to become handmaidens to the intelligence services”

Anyone who’d believe this is not the case today, is more than naïve, they’d have to be addicted to life in denial. Read the full essay at the above link and discover it is as real today as it has ever been with reading at the following link:

CIA busted by The Intercept:

The CIA’s Mop-Up Man: L.A. Times Reporter Cleared Stories With Agency Before Publication

^ Former DCI William Colby’s old quote “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in major media” is as true today as when he made the statement quoted by Bernstein years ago; The Intercept has published documentation catching mainstream media red handed vetting their stories with the Central Intelligence Agency, reinforcing Bernstein’s work to the power of 10-

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