Today a predetermined (fixed) investigation result will be released covering up facts and concealing perpetrators of nearly 300 murders; recalling:

Ronald Thomas West

This article sorts through the initial waves of disinformation in the days immediately following the downing of MH 17. The ‘BUK’ surface-to-air missile shoot-down scenario is closely scrutinized and ultimately discarded as a propaganda ruse; by the end of July, 2014, inside of two weeks of MH 17’s demise, media should have foreclosed on the surface-to-air missile story and redirected their efforts, instead of parroting what clearly are official and egregious lies.

My thanks to Ron Unz of the Unz Review for promoting this article in his coverage of  the shoot-down of Malaysia Flight MH 17

‘Noise’ & the shoot-down of flight MH17

Propaganda |ˌpräpəˈgandə|
1 chiefly derogatory information, esp. of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.
• the dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy.
ORIGIN Italian, from modern Latin congregatio de propaganda fide ‘congregation for…

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