Today the Dutch will release a deliberately falsified report on MH 17 that ignored some evidence and concealed other evidence to make the MH 17 downing into a geopolitical propaganda weapon framing the Russians for the purpose of demonizing Putin; recalliing the Dutch national character:

Ronald Thomas West


Dutch closet morality ^

“I would much prefer to win a very ugly game than lose a beautiful one” -Netherlands footballer Arjen Robben

When it comes to the geopolitical ‘Great Game‘, a Dutch player might as easily say:

‘I would much prefer to win a very ugly game than to lose a honest one’

As the EU and the IMF prop up Ukraine, a bankrupt nation drowning in debt, while Kiev pours money into a neo-nazi integrated military employed against its own citizens, the EU and IMF are strangling Greece. These are truly NASTY people, constituting an international gang of criminals. Today we feature the Dutch:


Who among you might remember the school playground where a gang of miscreant children, surrounding and propping up a bully’s rule, had that exceptionally nasty, and small, kid whose business it was to provoke and egg on a…

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