Spengler Couldn’t Smell a Pogrom (to save his life)

To begin, by his own admission, Spengler couldn’t smell his way free of the eugenics infected Lyndon LaDouche lunatic bin for one full decade. For someone of Jewish heritage, that is ‘short-bus’ SLOW. Then, skipping forward a few decades, it would seem Spengler had jumped from the frying pan into the fire, when he’d become a Steve Bannon apologist. What is it about Bannon that Spengler couldn’t smell? The Catholic hard-right hardly has a Jewish friendly historical context…

…and Bannon is right there in the modern scene. His Catholic mentor? Vatican fashion queen and sometimes Knights of Malta (crusader) boss…


…and hard-right-closet-fag-cum-homophobe Cardinal Raymond Burke


…who profiles as identifying with the present day Catholic Church Nazis the open and honest gay theologian David Berger had blown the whistle on and I somehow (sense of smell) strongly doubt you’re going to find any sincere friendliness towards Jews in this mix:

Self-supressed Catholic priests - 1

“Hitler was praised for having interned and murdered homosexuals in concentration camps

“They talk about a supposed Jewish global conspiracy or about how to keep emancipators, freemasons and gays out of the church

“The fiercest homophobia in the Catholic Church comes from homophile clerics who desperately suppress their own sexuality

“the Vatican is .. relying increasingly on reactionary troops. It is closing ranks with evangelists, bible fundamentals and extremely reactionary forces”

The last preceding quote then brings us to closet fascist Mario Bergoglio meeting with Doug Coe:

Coe meets Pope - 1

Who is Doug Coe? The spiritual guru of MIKE PENCE. What is Doug Coe all about? In his own words:

“You know Jesus said ‘You got to put Him before mother-father-brother sister? Hitler, Lenin, Mao, that’s what they taught the kids. Mao even had the kids killing their own mother and father. But it wasn’t murder. It was for building the new nation. The new kingdom” Doug Coe

Can you smell that shit? Spengler can’t. How do I know that? It’s because I emailed him and he replied. But before we get to that, it was Mike Pence attended the meeting where Donald Trump was introduced to Doug Coe:

Coe meets Pence - 1

“Every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953 has spoken at the breakfast, a point made at the meeting to Trump by the evangelical lay minister Douglas Coe, a leader in The Fellowship religious organization, according to Coons. Also attending the meeting with Trump was Boozman, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, and several of Trump’s faith advisers”

Here is Doug Coe in his own words, the spitting cobra speaks for himself:

Beginning at minute 5:30 of the above video:

“Jesus said you have to put me before other people. And you have to put me before yourself. Hitler, that was a demand to be in the Nazi Party. You have to put the Nazi Party and its objectives ahead of your own life, and ahead of other people”

Coe goes on to say:

“I’ve seen pictures of the young men in the Red Guard… They would bring in this young man’s mother. He would take an axe and cut her head off. They have to put the purposes of the Red Guard ahead of their father, mother, brother, sister, and their own life. That was a covenant. A pledge. That’s what Jesus said”

And then:

“If you’re going to have any movement that moves men and nations, you have to have that kind of commitment”

Yep. Pence’s guru just stated you need make a commitment to following the principles, and emulating the behaviors, of History’s biggest mass murderers, to move their ‘Christian’ agenda forward. If you keep listening, it doesn’t get any better, and Spengler can’t smell a problem.

Who are the ‘Navigators’ Pence’s long time spiritual guru had been addressing? An elite right-wing international Christian proselytizing organization with a 100 million dollar (+) annual budget. Probably it should come as no surprise the Navigator organization Coe preached to has for its registered symbol a neo-Nazi cross that also features in the Klu Klux Klan decor kit:

Coe-Navigator - 1

“Each part of The Wheel® Illustration represents a crucially important component of a vibrant violent Christian life” [quote correction RTW]

When compared to the contemporary neo-nazi at duck-duck-go:

Navigator_Circle - 1

Or compared to today’s Klu Klux Klan symbols at Google images:

Klan-Navigator-hate - 1

Still, Spengler can’t smell a problem. Is this because he has a clothes-pin holding his nose closed? Or, because his common sense olfactory is dead? The former should indicate a mental disorder, the latter is the almighty delivering a social handicap to someone too stupid to understand they’re stupid, perhaps the cruelest of fates. Or is this in some sense of metaphor a Bannon-Spengler case of the ‘Anti-Semites Who Loved Jews…And the Jews Who (Sometimes) Loved Them Back

Spengler love? - 1

^ ? (how nucken futs is that) ? ^

Then, we’d have to consider whether Spengler is merely an academic narcissist and consequent snob blindly marching himself and progeny off to whatever will pass for future Nazi camps and brings us to conclusion:

The gist of how this all sums up is, I’d read Spengler’s outrage (not entirely unjustified) at Wolff’s “hatchet job” on Trump. Subsequently, I’d emailed Spengler and gave him a ‘heads up’ on the dangers of a Pence elevation to the Presidency with referral to an expert who could have filled him in; and Spengler actually replied! Oh, but that reply was a polite, ivory tower-esque equivalent of ‘f**k-off, I don’t want to hear it.’

You see, Spengler explained he knows people who know Pence and that makes everything just hunky-dory, never-mind the dangers he can’t be bothered to be made aware of. That’s more than just a dead olfactory.

Finally, considering former Central Intelligence Agency-National Intelligence Council Vice Chairman Herbert E. Meyer saying:

“Ask anyone in the intelligence business to name the world’s most brilliant intelligence service, and we’ll all give the same answer: Spengler”

Well, I could have a lot of fun with that and, pending a possible part two (very tempting but no promise) I’ll simply leave it off here with the CIA’s ringing endorsement of Spengler together with these:

How Dumb is the CIA (all episodes)


Disclaimer: For those Hillary partisans reading who’d experienced moments of near spontaneous ejaculation in their pants, guess what? Doug Coe (died February 2017) had been Hillary’s spiritual guru of decades as well. Suck off that.


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