Guest Editorial by Richard Black

Several weeks ago, NATO powers warned that Syria was going to use poison gas against East Ghouta—site of a massive, ongoing battle between Western-backed terrorists and the Syrian Army. [1]

The West knew full-well that terrorists in East Ghouta had all the necessary chemicals in place to stage a false-flag attack that the West could blame on the Syrian Army.  This ploy has been used repeatedly by the CIA, British MI-6, and Turkish MIT throughout the Syrian War.  Unfortunately for them, the Syrian Army advanced so fast that they overran the Sarin gas laboratory and captured it before the terrorists could execute their assigned plans. [2]

Consequently, no Sarin gas attack has yet occurred in East Ghouta.  However, you can be certain that Western intelligence services are working feverishly to resupply the terrorists with new chemicals to formulate poison gas that can be used to impugn the Syrian government.  That is a major reason for the Syrian Army’s haste in overrunning the final 20% of East Ghouta remaining in terrorist hands.

Every time al Qaeda and its ilk have their backs to the wall, the U.S. led coalition ensures that the terrorists fire a few poison gas shells and kill some civilians.  Not one journalist has ever asked the obvious question:  “If Syria is compelled to employ poison gas, why not fire at the enemy, instead of civilians pushing baby strollers?”  They won’t ask the question because it can’t be answered.  And the Mainstream Media know there are some questions that you must never ask–if you know what’s good for you.

Despite the government’s solemn pledge, the U.S. has not only put “boots on the ground,” it has unlawfully occupied two major regions of Syria.  American troops have been ordered to steal Syria’s national oil wealth and seize the precious waters of the Euphrates River.  We have established many bases on sovereign Syrian land, and bombed Syrian soldiers who attempted to enter American-occupied Syria. [3]

Our occupation of Syria is immoral and a disgrace to our nation.

Senator Richard H. Black
13th District, Virginia

 Senator Black is a retired colonel who was wounded during fierce fighting as a U.S. Marine Corps officer in Vietnam. He later served as a senior JAG officer on the Army General Staff at the Pentagon. His comments do not represent the views of Department of Defense.