Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton outed as a member of the trans-Atlantic deep state group ‘Le Cercle’

A long term trend in the news cycle, Americans with ‘incorrect’ (read wrong political orientation) stories must resort to Russian news outlets to get their information out; in this case former Bush administration security official Michael Maloof:

Senator Rand Paul flat out states there is a ‘deep state’

What United Press International won’t tell you about the arrest of Ukrainian ‘Maidan revolutionary’ Savchenko…

…is Savchenko is just one more in a growing list of credible witnesses stating the people the USA backed coming to power in Ukraine are the same people who massacred the protestors and police:

The German conservative political establishment arrests Catalan separatist Puigdemont on behalf of the neo-Francoist regime ruling Spain, recalling Nazis siding with Franco in the Spanish civil war:

Think that’s a harsh interpretation? Have a look at what German intelligence has been up to under Merkel: