On the 48th anniversary of my arrival in Vietnam, the USA’s aggressive posture of world empire through occupation continues unabated –

Generals vs Trump continued, the generals essentially give Trump the finger, no way the USA will leave Syria anytime soon:


Following on recent Kosovar provocations (see April Stories (1)), Serbia ‘arms up’ and prepares to meet threatened aggression on its territory:


70th anniversary of USA supported, radical Christian massacre of Korean innocents, pointing towards the war to come:


Diplomacy of empire:

“As of March 2018, the Trump administration has appointed only 70 of 188 U.S. ambassadors. At the same time, it has increased the deployment of special operations forces to 149 countries – up from 138 during the Obama administration in 2016. So while U.S. ambassadors are operating in one-third of the world’s capitals, special operations forces are active in three-fourths”


A lesson for our time?

“In ancient Roman times … Christians were the intolerant minority that pushed their views on the Roman majority. That’s how Christianity eventually became the official religion of the empire in 323 A.D. Times and players change but the principles of human nature remain the same”


The new mass brainwash opportunity:

“More than 82% of students could not distinguish between an advertisement labeled “sponsored content” and real news on a website, according to the study


He sees you when you’re sleeping, he know when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been  bad or good so be good for goodness sake… Department of Homeland Security  puts out a tender for a (we’re watching you) contract:


Man attacks actor to save Jesus in ‘passion play’ production (yes, this actually happened, you can watch the video even if you don’t care to take in the attending satire)