Precisely per Tulsi Gabbard’s lawsuit against google, as of this update, google’s algorithms appear to bury this post when using google search:

google-algorithms - 1

When compared to the identical search terms used at duckduckgo:

google-algorithms - 1 (1)

For both searches the precise search terms were this post’s title “Russian Election Meddling? Naw. It’s Google” and the tags remained the same as they are now: “elections, GOOGLE, meddling, Tulsi Gabbard.” Google buried the post whereas it is the top hit at duckduckgo (I’d posted this piece here at my blog 25 July with Tulsi’s embedded lawsuit, let it sit overnight and did the search on 26 July and took the screenshots posted in this updated version.)

In the meanwhile, it certainly wouldn’t hurt the ‘curious’ (merely risking ‘curiosity killed the cat’) to examine how (Buchanan Report podcast) the US government has used algorithm manipulation against its’ own citizens as well as the Insurge Intelligence investigative report “How The CIA Made Google.”

The stretch John Brennan’s CIA resorted to in regards to pinning election meddling on Russian intelligence looks like a fairy tale authored by clowns compared to what’s up with insider manipulations at google.

Relevant to the preceding, read Tulsi Gabbard’s lawsuit: