Reuters reports today:

“An independent Russian newspaper on Wednesday published what it said was a report by Russian military engineers suggesting a Malaysian airliner shot down in Ukraine was hit by a Russian-made surface-to-air missile fired by Ukrainian forces”

If this (Reuters report, not the actual facts of MH 17) is accurate, it points to Russia trying to defuse the circumstance surrounding the downing of MH 17. In fact it may be the Russians have concluded it would be a much less volatile geopolitical aftermath if Ukraine were to blame for the downing of MH 17 with a BUK surface to air missile rather than with (the almost certain) shoot down with a combat jet.

Why it would make sense: This offers a face saving scenario where a BUK can be claimed to have ‘mistakenly’ or ‘accidentally’ have downed the Malaysia passenger jet. However it would not allow Ukraine off the hook for the downing of MH 17, it would allow for those Western nations (Germany particularly), who’ve backed Ukraine, to save considerable face; if Kiev is ultimately forced to ‘admit’ responsibility for MH 17’s demise, there is a  world of difference between having backed a clumsy regime with incompetent military as opposed to backed a regime that set out with a purpose of premeditated murders of nearly 300 innocents.

Why it would be a mistake: The ages old geopolitical game of false flag attacks needs ended and our world’s medieval geopolitic in regards to this necrotic habit of intelligence agencies must be changed. The case of MH 17 is our best opportunity to put a stop to the practice. On top of the CIA backed putsch employing snipers on the Maidan, an event becoming more certain with accruing evidence and passing time, the overwhelming circumstantial evidence MH 17 had been brought down deliberately, and by a combat jet, is clear case of politics trumping the rule of law on a scale calling for citizens demands reigning in rogue intelligence agencies of corrupt democracies in the West. The truth of MH 17 could do that.

The Reuters report going on to state..

“The report, which the newspaper published in full, said the military engineers’ calculations, largely based on open sources, suggested the plane was fired on from a position where Ukrainian government forces’ BUK missile systems were stationed”

..also suggests the possibility the report is not authentic. This proposed scenario closely follows leaks (face saving disinformation) attributed to the CIA, and what’s more, why would a professional Russian military analysis rely on open source as opposed to have access to Russian military radar data? That makes no sense at all to the professional analyst however it might wash with the public. The paper releasing the report, Novaya Gazeta, may have been set up to leak a faked document (another false flag.) Or, in the case of providing a face saving exit to certain nations backing Kiev, it would follow the Russians would not produce the military radar records indicating it was an Ukrainian combat jet shot down MH 17, which happens is information that has been made public previously by Russia, at odds with this new assertion by Reuters & Novaya Gazeta (noting Reuters is not a neutral news outlet.)

This new information is at odds with the professional report of Russia’s Union of Engineers and statements by Russia’s military general staff.

It will be interesting to see how Russia reacts to this ‘leaked report.’



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